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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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michelle: first, a woman vanishes on the way to a christmas party and the police say someone else's driving her car. earlier this evening and online effort to find tricia mccauley went viral. in the past hour, the police released a picture of a man who they believe is driving her car.
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developing story in northwest d.c. tim? audio] michelle: a lot of police activity. i believe we have tim now. tim, can you tell us what you are seeing now? come back to this top story because there are details we are uncovering. tim barber is live on the scene. right now, we turn to the weather. a lot of changes on the way. josh knight is looking at the temperatures that are on the rise tonight. josh: that's right, things are going up. there is a cold front on the way. the temperatures still managed to get into the 60's. these colors really tell the story.
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pittsburgh right now, trying to move into the 40's around the dmv. 65 pittsburgh, 66 charleston, west virginia. the warmer air moves in for us overnight. chicago right now 30 degrees. 47 indy. the cooler air moves in, but we have to wait until wednesday. along with the warm-up, we have rain moving in tomorrow morning. this will try to cross the mountains of west virginia, working into the shenandoah valley. a lot of that is coming down, having a tough time making it across. we will watch for spotty showers tomorrow morning. not in issue right now. futurecast, we7 will see showers as early as 3 a.m. a lot of this coming down over and i come not a big problem for most of us. 6:00 a.,
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things get really nice. a closer look at that and the next drop in temperatures coming up. michelle: now to the effect the weather problems to the west are having at the national level as people try to return home from holiday vacations. lindsey mastis is following the story. : the problems are stretching coast to coast. there were alone, series of multiple crashes in foggy conditions that shut down the roadways. withpales in comparison the conditions in the northern plains. tonight, travel for millions coming back from the holidays. over a foot of snow mixed with powerful wind causing near whiteout conditions on this 500 miles of interstate. -covered roads near grand fork
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roads. in salt lake city -- >> lost control and drifted over. lindsey: a driver died after drifting into oncoming traffic. gusts up to 70nd miles per hour, flipping the semi on its side. a rear christmas day tornado leveled a building in kansas. in minnesota, the wind knocked down power lines. and hundreds of flights grounded in minneapolis. across the country, more than 3000 delays and hundreds of canceled flights. >> i've been here since 4 p.m. yesterday. forcedy: thousands may be to spend another night away from home. and there is more severe weather possible in the southeast parts. in the northeast, already dozens of cancellations
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and delays nationwide. michelle: get the latest on the weather and road conditions any time by going to the wjla news app. to the developing story we mentioned at the top of the newscast, the yoga teacher who disappeared in d.c. the police say that some of the else's driving her car. tim barber is following this developing story. a lot of activity. tim, describe the scene for us. tim: we are at the center of this investigation at north capital and v street. the investigators are lining the street. they also have crime scene investigators here. they went into the second floor apartment at the center of this investigation. detectives believe the man and a picture they just released may be driving mccauley's white scion, but they are not cli
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a man on the phone said he was her brother. knownd her last whereabouts were on facebook last night. she did not show up at a christmas party. she missed a flight this morning. she was going to utah to visit family. there is a better picture of the vehicle that is missing. actor and yoga instructor. her friends are taking to social media to try to bring her home tonight. we are talking with investigators and as soon as we get details, we will let you know. that's the latest here live in northwest washington. tim barber, abc 7 news. stages of that investigation, thank you, tim. two children rush to the hospital after possibly suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning in silver spring. their mother may be under investigation. the woman and her 10-year-old son went into the whi
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afternoon and left a two-year-old and three-month-old alone in the car. when the mother and older son came back, the younger children were visibly ill. all were rushed to the hospital. no word tonight on their conditions. only on 7, an exclusive look inside the ec's gun recovery unit. -- d.c.'gun recovery unit, getting illegal weapons off the street. tim barber looks at the unusual firearms they are confiscating with surprising regularity. tim: you might expect to see these guns in a war zone. but they are on our streets until this team confiscates them. >> what type of chaos would we be dealing with today if these were still on the streets? tim: former police chief cathy lanier started the gun confiscation unit in 2007.
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related arrests and seized tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition and thousands of guns. discovered the unit has consistently increased the number of guns it has confiscated. sent credit toll tips, trading, and technology, such as the shot spotter system, which uses radar to alert law enforcement to gunfire. they helped prevent a 17-year-old from attacking at his school with an ak-47. >> the impacts that we come across a fax us. tim: he knows that guns continue to pour in, but he also knows his team is making a difference. >> it's the ultimate satisfaction. we look at it like this -- we saved a life or probably prevented a shooting. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news.
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sheriffs office is investigating after a serious crash in waldorf. it happened on crain highway. the police say they tried to pull over a car for a routine traffic stop but the driver kept going. the car crashed into a pillar and the driver was ejected. the police say the driver is in serious condition. new information in a deadly and bizarre crash in laurel this afternoon. the police are not sure what caused the driver to smash into a tree outside of a home. we know more now about the woman who was killed and who was behind the wheel. tom roussey has that part of the story from laurel. tom: michelle, a very sad story. the woman who was killed had just become a grandmother to twins. she was being driven by her son on sandy spring road. near the sign, the car left the roadway and went that way until it crashed into that
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clap of thunder i could have ever imagined. tom: the day after christmas accident happened at 1 p.m. we know that it claimed the life of 58-year-old sonya smith of baltimore. an aunt describes her as a wonderful wife and mother to three sons who are just become a grandmother this year. their vehicle left old sandy spring road, across the double yellow line, jumped the curb, and crashed into a tree. paramedics struggled to get one of them out of the car. >> they were having a hard time. they were working on both sides. tom: this goes into the carriage hill neighborhood near i-95 in laurel. >> it's a busy road. either you are going home or going to work. tom: smith and her son were
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in laurel to visit family when the crash happened. aith's son, she says, is careful driver, especially with his mother in the car. why he suddenly left the road is a mystery. the police say the cause of the accident is under investigation. her niecent tells me was a woman of deep christian faith and they are leaning on that faith as they pray for her 31-year-old son. he was taken from the scene and take it to prince george's hospital. he got out of surgery tonight and was still in critical condition out of surgery. live in laurel, prince george's county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. michelle: arlington police are working tonight to figure out what killed a man found dead inside of the bathroom of a steakhouse. a cleaning crew made the discovery three hours before the restaurant was set to open. there were no obvious signs of foul play. so far the man's identity has not been r
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things the tsa found in carry-on luggage. plus, it is not just returns bringing people to the stores. driving many to brave the post-christmas crowds. a towna sinkhole forces to declare a state of emergency. what is
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a state of emergency outside of detroit over a sinkhole. it forced people in an entire neighborhood to leave. by the way, this is the second time a sinkhole has threatened homes in this neighborhood in the past 12 ears. adding to the problem this time, the hole is filling with raw sewage. residents grabbed what they could and ran. >> you can see the entire basement was shifting. >> we don't want to become a tragedy. areelle: city leaders looking at all options to fix the mess, inclung
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there is no timeline on when that could happen. when theydo not know will be allowed home. donald trump is firing back after president obama's claims that if he could have run for a third term he would have to feed it trump. the outgoing president made the comments in an interview for his foreign advisor david axelrod's podcast. confidentobama: i'm in this vision because i'm confident if i -- if i had run again, i think i could have mobilized the majority of the american people. michelle: the president-elect responded on twitter saying obama, "should say that, but i say no way," citing jobs, the rise of isis, and obamacare in defending his win. trump set his sights on the united nations, calling it a club for p
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talk, and have a good time. busy day at stores across the area, people taking advantage of the federal holiday to return gifts that were unwanted or the wrong size. as jay found out, for many, somethin else brought them out on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. old town alexandria was abuzz monday night with shoppers searching for good deals. >> it's a good day to find things on sale. jay: on this day after christmas, retailers braced for a flood of returns but it is also prime time for savvy post-holiday shoppers. >> 60% off, 80% off. it's a lot. then you wonder what the original prices were and if they mark them up to mark them down. jay: according to the national retail federation, one like shopping is pushing people to return items more often
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brick-and-mortar stores, giving retailers and opportunity to sell again. in the case of the shops in alexandria, a chance to find discounts. in. sign lured one passerby >> yeah, it was the sign. no: she said she had interest in shopping on this night, but could not say no to the possibility of 80% off. she walked out with a bag stuffed full of clothing. jay korff, abc 7 news. josh: after all of the holidays and returns, people leaving the d.c. area heading back home. on the map tomorrow if you are traveling across the country, the cold front is coming through. after about 10 a.m., we are dry around here. rain continues further into texas with a cold front. most of the middle of the country's dry with lots of sunshine, seasonal temperatures, high pressure in the middle of the country. the next batch of what weather
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-- what weather is to the southwest. now, southerly breeze working to bring temperatures up. we have gone from 45 to 48 in the next couple hours. we should be mid 50's by tomorrow morning. upmile-per-hour wind d.c., to 20 miles per hour luray. that is where the warm weather is coming from. it is just the warmer air moving in from the south. zooming out, cloudy skies around here, the rain pushing in off to the southwest. that takes over overnight. about 3 a.m. we bring in showers. anybody who has to get back to work tomorrow, from about 5 a.m. until 7 a.m. is the most likely time for the wet weather. showers ending between 8:00 and 10 a.m. where we are starting out in the morning, warmer than we are used to this time of year. once time things a
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nice. at temperatures about 60 1:00, 61 through the afternoon. the high temperatures around the entire area, just pointing out especially closer to fredericksburg, the temperatures almost 70 degrees tomorrow. 57 closer tod.c., frederick. a little cooler further to the north. outlook, the temperatures work their way up into the 60's tomorrow, back down as we head into wednesday. by thursday we rebound somewhat. friday will be the coldest day of the week. the windy weather brings wind chill's feeling more like the 20's. saturday night, right now looks like the rain holds off until after midnight. a better chance of showers as we get into sunday, new year's day. michelle: as long as the rains start after the parties. josh: exactly, and that's how it looks. michelle:
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weirdest items found in carry-on luggage. plus, celebrating 50 years of kwanzaa.
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>> ♪ happy kwanzaa day ofe: it is the first kwanzaa, the week long celebration marking 50 years. betweenlit everyday december 26 and january 1, each one assigned a meaning. in the district today, several spots kicking off the cultural celebrations. are not always educated about who we are. kwanzaa is a time to learn who you are and where we come from. >> it's a holiday where we can really talk to ourselves. among the principals
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, economics,endence purpose, creativity, faith, and self-determination. is wrapping up 2016 by sharing some of the strangest things agents found in carry-on bags. among them, a bladed dragon claw. this was founded a security checkpoint in atlanta. that is a no-no, of course. how about this -- a fancy, goldplated gas mask covered in bullet casings? very strange. surprisingly, that is legal in carry-on's but not really advised. a set ofprises, martial arts knives. who knows why. i'm just trying to get my fruitcake through. and shampoo. robert: seriously. michelle:
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an issue, football. robert: the redskins are doing very good tonight. michelle: isn't that strange? robert: yes, things are working out for the residents playoffs. and the
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart.
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n ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and now the toyota sports desk, brough
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local toyota dealers. wiz neededps, the redemption after losing to the box by 27 on friday. early in this one, but they fight back. john wall, shaken bake. the dish and slam. bucks make a fourth-quarter run, but tonight the wizards made play. otto porter had that three. wiz win, 107-102. it all comes down to three things for the redskins -- cowboys, liens, and packers. right now, the cowboys are playing the alliance. if the cowboys win, all the redskins have to do is beat the giants and they are in. if the lions win tonight, they need the lions to beat the packers.
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win. maryland and boston college. 16-0 b.c., up gut, 62 yards for the score. terps on the board. 16-7. b.c. in control most of the game. check out the trickery. double reverse. 20-yard score. maryland makes it interesting, but loses, 46-30. they finished the season at 6-7. and right now the cowboys are winning over t
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michelle: final check of the weather? josh: we start off with showers early tomorrow morning. we are in the 60's by the afternoon. i lunchtime, looks good. holder the last half of the week.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- from "mr. robot," rami malek. espn's samantha ponder. and music from gucci mane featuring travis scott. and now, let's put it this way -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. very nice. i'm glad you're in good spirits.


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