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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 29, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," a family tragedy, legendary actress debbie reynolds passing away only a day after her daughter, carrie fisher, emotional reactions coming in mourning the loss of both women. twin tragedies raising the question, can somebody die of a broken heart? we'll ask an expert here life. the winter wallop working its way into the northeast, the same storm that dropped feet of snow in the west, and now millions are bracing for the same. then punishing russia. the obama administration set to make good on a promise to retaliate for computer hacking during the presidential campaign. and debbie reynold's view about the breakup of the century. >> you love somebody, if you care for somebody, you want them to be well, and not be unhappy. she loved life, and elizabeth loved life, and i know because
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>> a reference to elizabeth taylor breaking up her marriage. we'll have more on that talk on "the view" later on this thursday, december 29th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> easy to see where carrie fisher gets her sense of humor. >> great to see her there late in life with that personality there and frank talk as you mentioned on "the view." that part of the story later. we'll start with the tragedy, the irony, all of that, devastating loss for hollywood, the actress there, debbie reynolds, dying a day after her daughter, carrie. >> she rose to fame in the 50s, landing role at 19 years olding and died yesterday at 84 years old. todd, her son, said she suffered a stroke, adding, quote, she's now with carrie, and we're all heart broken. we are
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with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: more heart ache for the family within nearly 24 hours of carrie fisher's death, debbie renl's passing. todd telling abc news, quote, the only good thing about is that my mom wanted to be with my sister. this morning, we take a closer look at the hollywood legend's life. the star, debbie reynolds, could sing. she could dance. and she could act. >> decided to have a big wedding, and in two days, my best friend hates me. >> reporter: from early on, studios recognized her appeal. audiences were impressed by the cute, perky entertainer. who held her own with the biggest of stars. ♪ good morning ♪ good morning >> reporter: and recorded a number of hit
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this one from tammy and the bachelor went gold. ♪ i wish i knew if he knew what i'm dreaming of ♪ >> reporter: reynolds earning a oscar nomination in the unsinkable molly brown. she powered on, working into her golden years on tv. >> no panty line because no panties. >> reporter: and in the movie -- >> you know i don't like to look back. your father always said never look back, they might be gaining on you. >> reporter: her personal life not so successful. >> don't you think marriage is just the most important thing in the world? >> reporter: there were three failed marriages, including one to her costar. >> would it interest you to know i'm not the mother. >> reporter: who walked out on her for elizabeth taylor. she lioutlived her daughter, suffering
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died tuesday morning. she stayed by her side until the end and rushed to the hospital the next day. she was 84. todd fisher said he's comforted knowing his mother loved taking care of carrie. the nearly separateble mother-daughter now joined in death. abc news, los angeles. diane, kendis? >> all right. thank you. many people believe reynolds died of a broken heart saying the stress was too much for his mom. >> we go to the medical unit for a look at science behind it, dan, good morning. is it possible to actually die of a broken heart? >> setting aside debbie's situation for now, because it's hard to tell exactly what role that might have played, but we know that losing a child is about the most stressful event any parent can go through. certainly, there are physiological effects to this emotional stress. you have certain increases of high blood pressure.
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in the body. now, most of the research done so far has to do with chronic, long-term stress and effect that can have on the heart and the cardiovascular system, but what's clear is that, obviously, debbie reynolds was affected by her daughter's death, and the timing of this is actually quite coincidental. >> it appears she died from a stroke. what physical effects does that have, then? what brings along a stroke like that? >> well, there's different types of stroke. there's a stroke where you have a block of a blood vessel leading to the brain. there's other strokes as well, and one interesting point about debbie's situation is that she does have a history of stroke. we know that when carrie fisher was interviewing with "people" magazine she mentioned last year her mother experienced a stroke, so already we're dealing with someone who has a history of this complication. could it be tha
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this event was what kind of triggered that and pushed thing over the edge? it is possible. it's hard to say at this moment, but, certainly, this was a devastating loss. >> the common credo this year is that 2016 needs to go away and that it's taken so many. that being said, if the stress of losing someone can contribute to something like this, how do you manage that stress to try to prevent more tragedy begetting more tragedy? >> whenever there's a tragic loss like this, if someone experiences something like that, it's not just the immediate physiological effects, but also the way you react to them. oftentimes when we deal with something this traumatic, we forget to take care of ourselves. there's so many things to deal with and couldn't be dealing with a situation where we're supposed to take our medications and forget to or we're supposed to eat, sleep, and we forget to do that. all these things have real effects on your health, and
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you're already ailing from something else or if you're dealing with a lot of other things, this can bring to the forefront certain health problems that might have been unnoticed before. >> 2016 has taken so many people, blaming it on the year itself, but, you know, life expectancy is down, a lot of contributing factors, and the people were fairly young. is there anymore useful lesson we can glean from this other than saying, go away, 2016? >> we've seen dozens and dozens of celebrities this year that lost their lives, and some of them, certainly, it's due to what's called natural causes, and there's other situations that are not so natural. if there's any reminder here, social security that there are sometimes certain things that we can do to prevent -- to improve our health and to prevent certain things from happening. in other cases, there's simply thing beyond our control and deal with those things as best
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>> to be honest, debbie reynolds had a long life, carrie's cut short, but such is life. dan, thank you. >> thank you very much. coming up later in this half hour, the eye-opening interview reynolds gave on "the view" a few years ago. we'll have continuing coverage of her passing all throughout the morning. do stay with us. moving on to the other big story. donald trump taking credit for bringing thousands of jobs back to the u.s. >> last night, the president-elect announce the sprint and one web adds 8,000 jobs to the economy, though, no time line for when it happens. speaking at his estate, and touched on the transition of power with president obama saying it's going smoothly. that came hours after trump tweeted the president is creating roadblocks. >> tsecretary of state john kee ree and benjamin netanyahu exchanged angry words. the u.s.
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vote, a move seen as going against one of america's biggest allies, and benjamin netanyahu suggested he's done dealing with the obama white house. trump told israel to hang on until he's in office. addressing concerns russia hacked the election, and nobody knows what's going on, but says we have to get on with our lives. this comes as the white house plans to reveal plans to punish russia later today. officials are expected to add more clarity as to why they believe rush is is to blame. two u.s. soldiers dead after their apache helicopter went down. they search the waters in hopes of retrieving the bodies. the victims, members of the texas army national guard, on a routine flight, but the chopper fell apart before the crash. >> nine eastern states from west virginia to maine are bracing right now for wintery weather as the storm makes its way across the country. the same storm sys
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snow to colorado and dakotas yesterday making driving dangerous. accuweather's paul williams has more on the track of the storm. paul? >> good morning, kendis, diane. the big story is cold air and dramatically cooler conditions. high pressure system will drift to the south and just yank all cold air from the north to the deep south for a cool breeze, really for temperatures, folks in the deep south they are not accustomed to. we could see strong storms and isolated thunderstorms prompting warnings own the coast. the other big story, big time snow in the northeast. 12-18 inches of snow on 91, along 90, springfield and the west hartford area, just shy of boston. a low pressure system sits right off the coast, rapid intensification bringing blizzard conditions in maine. kendis, diane? >> paul, thank you. coming up, amazon versus the authorities. we'll tell you about the fight over possible evidence i
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dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. . check out the water main break creating a geyser in boyle heights, a los angeles neighborhood. the whole thing reeked havoc for commuters flooding streets and
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the break likely caused by a driver knocking the top off of a hydrant. crews responded quickly, though, and cut off water and then reset that hydrant. the brother of john bennet ramsey is suing cbs and others for $750 million. they said the multipart series that aired on the network last september falsely accuses him of murdering his sister. >> he was 9 when it happened, and the case captivated the country for years still remains unsolved. demands for information from a murder suspect, and police say the smart speaker's audio recordings could help in the investigation. >> the retailer refusing, fuelling a debate over privacy concerns far beyond this case. here's more. alexa. >> reporter: from the moment you wake up -- >> alexa, what's on the calendar today. >> reporter: until you go to
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>> reporter: the amazon echo delivering music, news, weather, and more. police in bentonville, arkansas could prove their case against this man, james base, accused of killing his coworker, mr. collins, found dead in his hot tub after a night of partying. when owners talked to alexa, it records the conversation. the question is, was it recording that night? the case brings new legal questions about high-tech devices that are always on. >> as much as we love the convenience, i think customers are legitimately concerned about their privacy rights. >> reporter: base pled not guilty and mining his data is an invasion of privacy. >> amazon will not release data without a legal demand and, quote, objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands. they turned over some account information to the authorities, but not
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echo. the case is set to go to trial next year. abc news, new york. all right. coming up next, we go into the abc news vault for a revealing interview with debbie reynolds. >> how she and her best friend, elizabeth taylor, married the same man. you're watching" world news n " now". "world news now"
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i think your conduct is the worst i've seen. >> denying your own child. >> hollywood's "it" couple in a bundle of joy, 1956 comedy, was the only movie they made together, but off screen, they had their own real life soap opera. >> more dramatic an the on screen action between the two of them. fisher dumped reynolds to marry her best friend at the time
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elizabeth taylor, and reynolds talked about it several years later a few years ago on "the view." >> you were married to eddie fisher, and elizabeth taylor was married to mike todd, the great -- >> singer? >> yeah. and then mike todd died in a plane crash, and debbie's husband took up with elizabeth and dumped poor debbie and ma y married elizabeth. take it from there. >> these things happen. best friends should stick together. elizabeth and i went to school together. i was 17. she was 17. and then through the years, i met fisher, and i married, and we were young and fell in love, and he was really cute. he was very cute. >> he was
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>> and, anyway, he saw elizabeth, after he married me, and he thought she was really cute. >> yes. >> well, you can't make a man leave a woman unless he wants to go. >> don't i tell ya. >> i'm telling you. up to him where he wanted to go, but it's up to every man where he wants to be. >> you spoke to her two weeks before she passed. >> she's. very sick, you know, we're happy she's in a better place now. she was so ill. she loved life. elizabeth loved life and i know because she took part of mine, and -- >> debbie -- >> i'm completely over it. >> interesting stuff. >> no, no, no, i just, you know, you have to forget. you have to forgive it. it doesn't mean you forget it. >> so
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you must see her on the stage, though. >> carrie, the best impressionist. >> everything. >> sing for us. ♪ feeling better better there, i can sing. >> i said to hell with it. >> all right. >> you want to do hepburn, i can do that too. >> you must stay. >> oh, my god. >> one of the people that just controls the room because she's so charming and engaging. you hang on every word she says. >> such a performer. many interesting aspects to her life, but she got hired for singing in the rain when she was 19, and, of course, carrie fisher at 19 years old starting in "star wars," so much in common of two of them. >> what a great sense of humor, clearly, she got that from her mother as well. >> total
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time now for the mix, and we start off with -- >> stress. >> the best places to spend new year's eve. >> yes. it's stressful. where do you spend new year's eve? >> do you have a hard time with this? >> yes. >> do you know where you're going yet? >> no. trying to figure it out. >> you have plenty of time. you're fine. number one? >> best place, aruba? oh, in the u.s. >> orlando, florida. >> why? >> best place overall for new year's eve. >> why do we say this? >> by wild hub, comparing 20 cities on 20 indicators, and they say your best bet for new year's is orlando, florida. i have spent new year's in orlando. >> based on a number of factors.
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durham -- >> you didn't want to hear about my trip? >> no, go ahead. >> durham, north carolina, this i want to hear. >> because it's the lowest in price for tickets, but orlando, overall? >> yes. they also have the whole disney thing. they have fireworks. >> yeah. >> a castle, it's a big thing, i'm not just saying that because they are our parent company, even though they are, and we should remine you of that. but i've done orlando before, and it's fun. what's the worst? las vegas. >> that does not surprise me at all. expensive. hard to get in. >> most expensive? new york city. not a huge surprise there. >> understand. go to times square, i hear it's not popular during that time of year. >> lots of room. >> another new york story, this is popular yesterday, this video that was posted on the twitters. this kid was walking a crosswalk in new york, and a young lady
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on, one-on-one basketball. guess who loses? >> oh, no. >> so that's jillian jordan who lost that little one-on-one with the professional basketball player, professional dwarf basketball play e and she hurt her ankle. >> looked like she was trying to get around him, but went for that ball. >> obviously, a good sport posting it, and it was a lot of fun. >> yeah. >> and, by the way, we may not have known this, but americans have been suffering a huge injustice. >> oh? >> taco bells all around the world had nacho fries available this whole time except here. >> what? >> great news. they are coming. 2017 is bringing us nacho fries. >> i knew there was a reason i hated 2016. >> uh-huh. >> this is a reason to usher it in. >> what's better than fries?
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this morning, twin tragedies, legendary actress, the mother of the late carrie fisher, died one day after her daughter did. we'll take a look at their relationship and the bond as well as the reaction still pouring in. president-elect donald trump speaking out during several appearances at his florida estate. one with boxing promoter don king by his side. what trump is saying about bringing jobs to america and how he thinks the transition is going. and new this half hour, the survival story at sea. a group of teenagers cling to their overturned boat trying to get help. hear how they managed to finally get a rescue. quick thinking. an effort to keep betty white safe after a series of celebrity passings. some tongue-in-cheek steps to ensure the forr


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