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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  January 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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trump and a cnn reporter. and now the president-elect is slamming u-s intelligence agencies about an unsubstantiated report involving russian operatives. what this means-- as we count down to the inauguration. good morning washington. - spring-like' today (60s!) - cooler tomorrow through the weekend - wintry mix likely saturday (snow, sleet, freezing rain) - few showers for mlk day
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- early look at inauguration: dry; mid 50s today: partly to mostly cloudy. unseasonably mild and breezy. highs: 62-67 winds: sw 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. stray shower. lows: 42-50 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy. more seasonable. highs: 45-50 winds: n 5-15 mph
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breaking overnight. congress takes a big step towards
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affordable care act. late last night- the senate passed a non-binding budget measure that removes the threat of a filibuster on a future repeal bill. the house will vote on the matter friday. the vote happened along party lines-- and only pertains to repealing the affordable care act. but republican lawmakers have not publically announced any plan to replace the program. president-elect donald trump said wednesday that repealing and replacing the law should happen "essentially simultaneously." a tense exchange between a reporter and president-elect donald trump-- during his first news conference in six months. trump took aim at the media and the intelligence community-- over unsubstantiated reports of compromising information and secret ties with russia. but overnight, the nation's top intelligence official got on the phone with the
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abc's karen travers has more. script: donald trump?blasting the us intelligence community trump sot: script: donald trump?blasting the us intelligence community trump sot: i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. the president elect confident that even though the fbi is investigating the unsubstantiated allegations about his ties to russia... trump sot: there's nothing they could come back with director of national intelligence james clapper spoke with trump wednesday evening...saying they both agreed the leaks are quote "extremely corrosive and damaging " to national security. gfx defending th
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tillerson will be back on capitol hill for day 2 of his confirmation hearing. tillerson broke with donald trump several times during wednesday's proceedings.
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exxon-mobil c-e-o said he supports the trans-pacific partnership' and said the u-s should play a role in combatting climate change. and he didn't stop there. tillerson went on to call russia a "danger", but refused to call vladimir putin a "war criminal". developing this morning. police make an arrest after two people are fatally stabbed inside a popular mall. the suspect-- just 17 years old. tom roussey has more on the attack that has an entire community on edge. an update now on a story we've been following all week. 17 people arrested
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following all week. 17 people arrested in france in connection to the armed robbery of kim kardashian. now-- french police say several of the suspects have confessed to their role in the attack. last october-- masked men broke into kardashian's hotel room, and held her at gunpoint before escaping with millions of dollars in jewelry. a big night on the ice alexander ovechkin as he further cements his legacy as one of the best to ever play the game. alex the great scored his one-thousandth point last-- as the capitals took on the against the penguins. he didn't waste any time... beating marc-andre fleury for the goal, just 35 seconds into the game. the caps go on to win 5-2. ovechkin becomes the 84th player in nhl history to reach the mark. he is already the capitals all-time leader in goals and points. coming up. storms rock the
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west coast-- triggering widespread flooding. and the danger is far from over. what residents are doing, as they brace for another blast of severe weather. plus, thieves use an interesting tactic to break into one family's home. and that wasn't even the worst part. what they did when they left-- that really ticked the homeowner off.
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day - early look at inauguration: dry; mid 50s today: partly to mostly cloudy. unseasonably mild and breezy. highs: 62-67 winds: sw 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. stray shower. lows: 42-50 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy. more seasonable. highs: 45-50 winds: n 5-15 mph
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coming up.
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new mexico.
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a tragic mystery in new mexico. 5 relatives found dead, in the middle of no where. the latest on the investigation into what killed them. plus, he was just trying to do some sight-seeing-- now one man is in seriously hot water. the details.. coming up.
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west coast forcing
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closures and dangerous conditions. storms are dumping massive amounts of rain and even snow in parts of california, oregon, and washington state. maggine rulli following the very latest conditions. a developing story out of new mexico..
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members including three children were found dead. and right now their are countless questions as to what happened. a white truck belonging to the family was found on tribal land days after authorities issued an alert that they were missing. investigators say the truck was damaged and it appeared the airbags deployed. the bodies of all five were found near the truck. police do not suspect foul play and are awaiting results of autopsy reports. a big change for epipen users. a leading health insurer says it will no longer cover the
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soaring retail prices. cigna says it will only cover a lesser-priced generic version that launched last month. the epi-pen is used to help stop life-threatening allergic reactions. the drug company, mylan, has been under fire for raising the price of epi-pens more than 400 percent since 2009. a two-pack currently costs more than 600 dollars. the generic version costs half that. in arizona, a pair of thieves are caught on camera using a doggy door to break into a home. one of the robbers managed to climb a wall and bait the homeowners dog with treats. moments later he makes his way into the house through a small dog door. and out front, his partner was waiting for him. they then escaped with thousands worth of electronics. the also left the front door wide open, and left the family dog wandering the streets. the homeowners dog was later found by a neighbor. police are still searching for the
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at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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operator may be in some big trouble this morning. here is video from the drone as it slams into the top of the structure. space needle security opted to give the device to the police instead of it's owner. it's just one of several drone accidents recently across the country including one in 2015 where one crashed near the white house. the f-a-a's drone advisory committee will meet later this month to explore drone regulation nationwide. there is more ahead on good morning washington. still ahead.. we continue to follow the confirmation hearings happening today on capitol hill. what is happening today.. and who is taking the hot seat..
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a first step to repeal and replace. the voting marathon while you were sleeping - and what it means for the affordable care act. plus - a killer in custody. the new developments in the deadly mall stabbing in wheaton. and leave those hats and gloves at home. temeperatures warming up even more today, making it feel like spring! good morning washington. toss to eileen - spring-like' today (60s!) - cooler tomorrow through th


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