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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 1, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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♪ >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> breaking news involves president trump's choice for u.s. attorney general. the senate judiciary committee approved jeff sessions' nom ination. it went along party lines and now it will go to the full senate. and tensions are rising on capitol hill as republicans and democrats dig in for a fight over the cabinet nominees, democrats boycotting
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to lead health and human services, as well as the treasury. and republicans using a really and goaw to suspend -- to a senate vote. and then looking at the supreme court nominee. norman is in northwest with the latest. >> the federal appeals court judge heading to capitol hill for his nomination for the highest court in the country. >> i think he made an outstanding appointment, we are all thrilled and looking forward to the confirmation process. >> optimistic about the judge, president trump saying that he has earned bipartisan support before. >> when he was nominated the tensor -- 10th circuit court of appeals, he was confirmed unanimously. also, unanimously, can you believe that? reporter: it does not look like it will happen again for him, while republicans hear the pit, democrats
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battle. and chuck schumer announced serious doubts about the nomination, saying that democrats will not simply allow, but require a robust and comprehensive debate. [chanting] reporter: protesters flocked to the supreme court steps to speak out about the nominee. he could end up deciding cases on transgender rights, police use of force, and the rights of disabled children. >> with this nominee, there is too much at risk. the right for who you love, the right for a woman's access to her body. >> if i'm concerned, i will do all my power permits to be a faithful servants of the constitution for this great country. reporter: unless republicans pushed a big change for the senate rules, this could be tough as democrats were upset that republicans blocked the nominee from obama ever getting a hearing. amy:
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says they are considering legal action against president trump's executive order on immigrants and travel. cook says it is affecting hundreds of employees and he has reached out to very senior people in the white house to ask that the order be repealed. these comments come after amazon and expedia announced plans to challenge the travel ban. and the president marking the start of black history month today in the white house with leaders of the african-american community. events will be held throughout february. today, it was called a listening session. and the white house press briefing today will be the first of its kind, the cap administration says it will use -- to take questions of those journalists outside the beltway. some members of the press or have expressed concerns that this is diluting critical options from veteran journalists -- questions from veteran
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search for ollie, the bobcat that escaped from the national zoo. we are live with the very latest. sam, did they find that cap? -- cat? reporter: good news, they think that cap -- cat will be ok, but the value, she is still out in the wild. they are confident she will be fine in the area. they have gotten a number of tips over the last blow days that she is in the woodley park area, possibly near the national cathedral. dozens of tips, but they have not come up with anything. and they have spent the last couple of days searching with teams from the zoo, but today they announced they will scale back the search and only respond to people who call with tips, saying that they are possibly seeing ollie on the street or in their yard. if you do see r,
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will take off and they will be back at square one. is not that she will not be ok, it is that she will be just fine out there and she is not going to be out looking for help. so other animals that escape sometimes, you are thinking, that animal will be easy to spot because it will be hungry and easy to get. is going to be different, she will be fine in the environment she is an and that will make it harder to get her back. last last night -- sam: night they got a tip that she was under a car here, but by the time they arrived the cat was gone. there are some unique characteristics for her, she has a white belly, and a very short tail, only 4-6 inches. and white spots behind the ears. contact the hotline if you do se
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you. jummy: hopefully she shows up. taking it back outside right now for a look at the forecast. the u.s. capitol, plenty going on. so far, the morning has been filled with clouds. we are taking a look at the forecast. doug: most of the day should be on the cloudy side, temperatures above average for this time of year. and we're kind of gray. here is a look at the sky from the vantage point of the camera at national harbor. number wise as we go into the midday, 43 at reagan national airport. and the wind direction will be boosting the temperatures as we go into the upper 40's for most places this afternoon. and considerable cloud cover and as far as precipitation, we have snow showers across pennsylvania and sprinkles we will keep an eye on through the afternoon. you may have an isolated shower as we go through the afternoon. this model has for 5:00, widespread
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but it does give you an idea of timing. and it will remain cloudy through tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow, more sunshine coming back. and then we are looking at the forecast for the overnight. skies will be mostly cloudy with a sprinkle into the late-night, with temperatures into the 30's. tomorrow, here is what the plan on. cloudy skies and sunshine for the morning, upper 30's and eventually reaching 45 in the afternoon. we will look at the weekend and next 10 days in a few minutes. jummy: thank you. there is a big economic story for northern virginia, you could say it is a sweet deal. the governor says nestle has it is based in california but the company is looking for a $150,000 -- 150,000 square foot space in this location. an announcement will be made
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there, having more on what this means for you starting at 4:00. and over to maryland, happening right now in annapolis, the governor giving his third state of the state speech. hogan is delivering the speech before members of the general assembly, which is controlled by democrats. he is expected to propose measures for the session, already has proposed creating an optional contribution for savings plans for state employees. also in maryland, a federal judge hearing about baltimore's consent decree with the department of justice. the hearing is meant to show the reforms outlined last month that are fair and reasonable. once the judge enters the decree, it becomes court enforceable. and the degree stems from the investigation into the death of freddie gray in baltimore. endocrine miller, from -- and
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a crime miller, this photo of a man with a gun aboard the blue line. this was saturday night at 9:00 near the arlington cemetery station. if you saw anything, call police. and developing this afternoon, a car slamming into a home overnight. it is not the first time the homeowner has dealt with this. john gonzalez as the story. john: it was around 2:00 this morning, the driver came down the sale, jumped -- hill, jumped the curb, and you can see the tire marks through the yard. the car ended up right there, crashing into the bottom floor of this home . gets it on the corner of the road. says he will go up to the loud crash and came downstairs and saw the silver honda, the front of it, in his living room. get this, miller says this is the fifth
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a 1971. police say it is unclear whether driver lost control. take a look. the damage is extensive. the driver left the car, taken by somebody else in another car to the hospital. >> it is 30 miles per hour, but people come over the hill and what happens, they are speeding and they hit the curb. from that point on, they are coming down. not: the homeowner was injured and the condition of the driver is unknown. an inspector says there is no structural damage to the rest of the house, so miller is staying here. he was offered a place overnight, but says he did not want to leave this exposed. it will be boarded up this afternoon. jummy: taking a look at news around the nation, the u.s. army corps of engineers has been ordered to approve the final steps to complete the
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dakota access pipeline. this comes days after president trump signed an executive order to advance the approval of the pipeline, it would move about 470,000 gallons of crude oil daily from the dakotas into illinois. supporters say it would mean less dependent on foreign oil, but critics say it could harm the environment. coming up on abc seven news, we have to show you this. a puppy into a tight spot, we will tell you how rescue workers were able to free him. and first day on the job for the new leader of d.c. public schools, we will check in on the new chancellor. later, with hillary clinton is planning to do next after losing the presidential election. she will not be out of the public eye just yet. and it cap -- check of traffic. >> thinking. roadidday ride, mostly maintenance operations, especially around the capital.
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very much red. in the district, heads up on georgia avenue, a serious crash around hamilton street. we are closed in both directions. here is the beltway around river road. not bad. and once you go into bethesda and potomac, there will be a zone set up near bradley and also on capital beltway, smooth sailing in and out of route near the baltimore washington parkway. and crash cleanup northbound as you go into the county. and set up inside the beltway, between 450 and 410. and in the chantilly area, doing ok for the most part near interstate 66. as you get closer to sterling there is a work zone northbound. and you will lose the left lane. and on 66, going into the areas, getting closer to memorial bridge, there will be
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traffic. for the most part, through falls church, this is moving smoothly from the double connector. it is -- that is the latest for traffic watch
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♪ >> you are watching abc seven news at noon, on your side. jummy: it is day one of the new d.c. public schools chancellor, and on wilson -- antwon wilson, and we were there for his first day on the job. >> the new chancellor with his first day on the job. reporter: he is visiting a number of d.c. public schools, getting to know people and he is excited. >> we want to see students
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coming to school, being taught by teachers that care about them, led by leaders that believe in the teachers and support them, in a system that is geared toward making sure students graduate my ready for success in school and in life. reporter: it will be a big first day for the new chancellor, we will tell you all about that, coming up this evening. sam ford, abc seven news. jummy: as the search continues in our area for the bobcat ollie, hoping she did not get herself into the same spot as a curious puppy. a rescue crew in montana was called to help this puppy that got its head stuck in a tire wheel. fortunately, with the help of coconut oil and a lot of tugging, the puppy was freed -- [laughter] and is doing all right. those big floppy ears, i can see how they would get caught in the wheel. doug:
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see what was on the other side. [laughter] doug: that is good. i like the happy endings. jummy: me too. doug: today is kind of blah, you go outside and sometimes it is sunny and you are energetic, but today it was like -- yawn. sunshine is back tomorrow with some gusty winds, so there will be a rush of winter tomorrow. here is a look at the campus, this is located in prof barry, maryland. they have some snow showers and wintern -- and a weather advisory. they could get a couple of inches. and this is the first day of february, and with that, the average temperature is around 45 for the high temperature and we will be at a couple of degrees above that. we might have a light shower briefly or sprinkles for the afternoon or evening, that is about all. and this is about the
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and snow continuing into the higher elevations. dropping into the low 30's tonight, then in the morning, the brees will be picking up. temperatures still in the 40's. it will be difficult early february weather for groundhogs day. this time tomorrow, we will tell you what happened. it will be around 7:30 a.m., we will see about the rest of the winter. 39 degrees in the morning, 45 in the afternoon. a fair amount of sunshine and it will be chilly. wind gusts from stormwatch 7 on the computer says around 19 mile-per-hour wind gusts by tomorrow afternoon. and it will continue through the evening. there will be a chill in the air. then it will turn colder as we go through friday and into the weekend. the weekend outlook calling for partly cloudy, about 40 degrees on friday. sunshine on saturday, 38
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degrees. it will be cold on sunday. 30% chance of some sprinkles or snowflakes, not much of an impact for sunday. and the next 10 days, we will see the numbers turned down a little bit over the weekend. it will be upper 30's. early next week, we have a turnaround as we are looking at 38 on sunday, 50 degrees on monday, 60 degrees on tuesday with a warm front coming through . 62 on wednesday and above average temperatures through the end of next week. you like those numbers? jummy: i do. you know me. i do not like real winter. we are already three january. we can make it through february. doug: we will see. jummy: your favorite residence -- rodent, and people are willing to shell out big bucks take a look at punxsutawney phil. they revealed the average price for a one night stay in
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around $450 a night. by comparison, a hotel room in houston for the super bowl, this is $340. joey votto -- trivago says it will fall $300 a day after groundhogs day, of course. coming up, i do not know if hillary clinton has gotten over her loss, but she says she is
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houston is ony of super security with the super bowl four days away. more than 5000 officers will be patrolling the downtown area and the nfl senior vice president of security says a three mile perimeter will be enforced.
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verizon, using smart cameras to monitor for abnormal behavior. >> we had an object left behind or a vehicle in a place it should not become a cameras can flag it as an abnormal event and trigger an alert to take a look at it. jummy: the game is being called a top-tier security event and officials have been working on security for this game for the last several years. the former vice president, joe biden and his wife, have launched a nonprofit foundation that it will be into providing equal rights and opportunities, a platform they say they have been passionate about. joe biden has said, that the foundation aims to enter that withbody is treated dignity. it will be run by tax-deductible donations. and hillary clinton is ready to step back into the public eye. she will write a book reflecti
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it is scheduled to come out in the fall. and she is slated to give paid speeches again and will be giving a speech at her alma mater in massachusetts. we will check in with
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jummy: mcdonald's is trying to make fast food faster, it tested a new burger dispensing machine on tuesday and hundreds lined up to
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touchscreen. >> we do everything fresh out of the line come a we put them inside the machine and in less than five minutes you have the opportunity to choose a great burger and you can do it in a different way. jummy: the concept may not become the wave of the future. this is a view of the of big macs. doug: my first job was mcdonald's and we sold fish sandwiches and hamburgers and cheeseburgers. jummy: no french fries? doug: we had five. but it has changed over the years. we have the upper 40's today, comfortable weather. tonight, cloudy and maybe a sprinkle later this afternoon. for five degrees tomorrow -- 45 degrees moffett and over the weekend, maybe some sprinkles. jummy: ok. thank you for joining us. be sure to watch the news at 4:00. have a great day.
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