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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alison: right now at 4:00, a father grieving his son murdered in accokeek yesterday. jonathan: the victim is an amtrak employee and also a lyft driver. michelle: he was about to become a father. police tonight searching for leads. alison: new at 4:00, q mccray with the investigation and more from the emotional plea for someone to come forward. q: that father is living every parent's worst nightmare. he will have to bury his child. as it stands he has no idea who to blame for that. >> all i want to know is who did this to my boy? who did it? he cared so much about his family and friends.
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like that. he would go to work. come home. take care of himself and his pets. he was loving and caring. it's hard. i don't know. q: now this is a picture on 28-year-old timothy sherod. he was found dead in his car in a quiet neighborhood in accokeek yesterday. as it stands right now police are still searching for his killer. they need leads. we will have more on the investigation in the 5:00 hour. you will hear more from the father grieving and pleading for help. he will tell us more about how special his son was to him. stay tuned for that. reporting live from the prince george's county police department, i'm q mccray. back to you in the studio.
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that is heart-breaking. thank you. now developing at 4:00, a plea for police for a missing teen in fairfax. let's get to stephen tschida with this. stephen: yeah, alison, 15 minutes ago we heard from fairfax county police. they told us they believe this teenager, 17-year-old venus romero irahata is in danger. they have realized she is acquainted with the 15-year-old who disappeared from montgomery county in december and whose body was found just this past saturday here in fairfax county. they also believe there could be a nexus between venus and the teenager who disappeared with her baby but who returned home safely under mysterious circumstances days ago. they talked to numerous individuals who believe there may be a gang connection to the cases. several individuals and
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face charges with gang activity but so far no charges with the disappearance of venus nor of the death of the 15-year-old from montgomery county. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: right now at 4:00, the driver of this semi-truck. the cub is there. the cab is down there. he is lucky to be alive. he is in the hospital recovering. the cab separated from the trailer, flying down the hill. this developed in frederick this afternoon. this morning i should say. richard reeve is on the scene with what witnesses saw. a wild scene, rich. richard: even the police investigators are shaking their head about this one. he veered off the embankment, it sheered off the cab, the cab went down the embankment and the driver survived. you can see the destruction of the crash. >> i heard a
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out, a lot of noise. richard: he heard and saw what was left. the truck cab sheered from the chassis. the driver strapped in as it slid down the embankment. >> very lucky. show down, pay attention and wear the seat belts. richard: they are arresting the report that the driver 31-year-old matthew black fell asleep, the rig veered left and the impact tore the cab from the chassis. >> if you look at the cab, the transmission, the front wheels on top still. it shaked you up. richard: police calling at it miracle black wasn't killed and no one else was hurt. the authorities are investigating to see if charges should be brought. coming up at 5:00, we will go back to the scene and show you the
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down. richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: developing tonight, police are asking for your help identifying a man suspected of sex abuse. this is surveillance video. the suspect runs across the street, turns and runs down the block waving his hands. this happened in the 1800 block of connecticut avenue in northwest sunday night. alison: the search is on for a trio of thieves who attempted to steal an a.t.m. from a gas station. they believe they may be behind another theft hours before. maryland bureau chief brad bell with what stopped them from getting away with the cash. brad: in the new carrollton surveillance video, they arrived in a big white van. one of the thieves walks in with a big chain. wraps it around the money machine and then has the van give it a tug. it doesn't work. the a.t.m. tips over but doesn't come free. this i
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thieves came in. they came to this a.t.m. and wrapped the chain around it and tried to pull it out the door. the crooks seemed to have planned for everything, except for the massive bolt holding the a.t.m. to the concrete floor. this was the second caper of the night for the trio. this is the same truck in laurel, 45 minutes earlier where they had more success smashing in this exxon station and swiping a.t.m. these photos provided by the angry store owner show the dodge -- damage done. in laurel they got it in the van but didn't have it for long. in the new carrollton station, the thieves tried three times to get the machine and flee as police arrive. there is a chase. at one point the bad guys pushed the a.t.m. they took from laurel out of the van in front of the pursuing police. they abandoned the van. they got away. but this time without anything to show for it.
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in new carrollton, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: prepare for more weather whiplash. we are switching from winter to spring preview. we have the cooldown and the warmup in the forecast. doug? doug: this weekend is the seventh or the eighth spring preview we have had this winter. each gets sweeter and warmer temperatures. get you started. it's nice now. finally sunshine outside. looking at the camera at the national harbor. as far as the temperatures go, with the cloud cover and not as warm as we hoped. expected 45 in washington and dulles park. 50 in luray, warrenton and manassas at 49. 47 at patuxent river naval air station. the temperatures will pretty much hold steady and will drop in the 30's tonight. if you have plans outdoors tonight for valentine's day, it will be sweet. temperatures only slowly going to drop in the 40's. the winds are light. the skies will be clearing through the midevening hours with the clear skies. clouds return
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will watch as the cold front will come through the area tomorrow. the moisture will stay south of the area. we will have late night clouds tonight. cloudy skies, breezy with the clearing skies and colder heading through tomorrow afternoon and everything and thursday. then we get ready for the next big warm-up. a spring fling coming our way this weekend. we check out the next ten days in nine minutes. jonathan: thanks. less than a month. that is how long michael flynn lasted. controversy swirling over controversies he had with top russian diplomat before president trump took office. chief political correspondent scott thuman joining us from the abc7 capitol hill bureau. this resignation raises more questions except for democrats who are asking for an investigation into this. scott: you are getting loud calls from both side of the aisle on this one. the white house stance on this is that general flynn did nothing illegal but certainly in those controversies no
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closed doors eroded the confidence of president trump. that is why he had to get the resignation from him. you mentioned an investigation, there is plenty of people from the left calling for one. on the right, the senator mitch mcconnell is saying he would like to see ran investigation into what role russia played in the election and the kind of conversations took place with this administration representatives of it and russian officials. there are three names bandied around as replacements. lieutenant general kellogg who is retired, national security adviser currently. you've got vase admiral bob harward who is a former naver i have seal. then former central intelligence agency director and best known name of the three david petraeus who had his own controversial history. we will see if he emerges from the top of 2 candidates. is this the first of the other shakeups at the white house? other staffers have come under fire f
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target of perhaps further investigation. there should be repercussions they are saying when she pitched ivanka's clothing line. prieb -- reince priebus is also under fire. but trump is denying that. jonathan: what is the likelihood that congress could sign up to go for a full fledge investigation as just accepting flynn's resignation and moving on? scott: there is likelihood. there is an appetite from both sides which is unusual, right? you are republicans saying was there some influence on the election? the democrats think it would be great to go after somebody that donald trump put so highly in his cabinet and seeing the fall from grace. many people think this is the start of a
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out wouldn't be shocking to see an investigation. it doesn't mean it will go far but they want it. jonathan: thank you. up next the new blow to trump's travel ban in virginia. michelle: and "7 on your side." how to pick the best data plan in the price war. alison: also this. >> you can have two gemologies grade the stone and get different results. alison: you might know the four c's but how to get what you are really buying if you are in the market. jonathan: crews are working around the clock to repair a california dam. you have seen it. the huge dam. the new threat for 200,000 people who have been evacuated downstream.
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jonathan: frantic work continues to shore up the oroville spillway as 2,000 people remain evacuated from a potential flood zone. the last time we checked with you they were talking about dumping rocks in the hole in the dam. any luck with that? reporter: we are told that the crews are making progress but how much is unknown. they have been picking up concrete blocks and the massive bag of rocks to
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the spillway. there is still no timeline when the work will be finished. >> crews working around the clock and one of another endless progression of the dump trucks carrying boulders to the spillway. they warned state officials in 2005 about the problems with the spillway to suggest i be armored. nearly 200,000 people under evacuation orders wondering when they will be able to go back home. >> i'd like to know everything that they know. even if it's bad news. tell us. give us hope. >> i don't know how safe it is. that is my issue. now that i see everything going on there is a
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might be gone when we get back. reporter: the water levels are dropping but they still fear the worst. saying if the spillway fails a 30-foot wall of water would be unleashed on the communities below. i'm sure you can hear behind me the helicopters picking up some of the bags we were talk about earlier. police are now saying there has been a handful of homes and businesses that have been burglarized since the evacuation orders have been in place. in oroville, california, danya bacchus, abc7 news. john that? >> thank you. michelle: construction work on an $11 million amtrak stop in roanoke is underway. amtrak's plans to connect d.c. and roanoke include daily trips to and from each city. tickets are not yet available. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. good news if y
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volkswagen. money is coming back. it covers roughly 78,000 luxury vehicles rigged to cheat the testing. the deal is worth $1.2 billion. but it could go up. michelle: wow! alison: mazda is recalling 174,000 small cars in the u.s. so the seats can change angles suddenly. and make the cars hard to drive. the recall covers 2011 sub compact. 2010 mazda three and speed three compact. they will inspect it and maybe replace the entire seat. abc7 son traffic and trenice bishop has a look at the ride home. trenice: we have a ride in store for you. you may find a slowdown this evening if you are heading home to celebra.
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66 corridor. we'll take a look at the map. i can change this quick enough to show you 29 at lee highway. there are not report of issues. they had a gas leak for a while and the crew is still there. you will get delays this evening north and southbound. watch for lane closures. it's looking good here outside the beltway if you make your way to fairfax county. back to you. >> uconn makes it 100 consecutive wins. michelle: my goodness. the uconn women basketball team makes history again winning their 100th game in a row. they beat south carolina last night. they
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national championships. alison: is that incredible or what? jonathan: huge. hope springs eternal. the nationals are back to work. pitchers and catchers reported to west palm. so we know that the cubs won the world series and why can't the nationals? jonathan: this is their year. this will be it. doug called it. doug: i call it every year. one of these days it will happen. i am excited. i get excited every time this year. can't wait for it to start. the weather is shaping up nicely. cloudiness to deal with. it will turn colder and warm up over the weekend. warm days after that. that is the pattern. this pattern will repeat and repeat. i'm getting older and i start
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in any way. there are breaks in the overcast. cloudy skies. temperatures are chilly without the sun. we never hit the 51 forecast today. i apologize for not hitting 51. it was more like 45. but it is nice. winds are nice. 45 with a light breeze out of the south at 3-mile-per-hour. the forecast through the evening will continue to see the clearing trend that started late in the day. if you have outdoor plans it's beautiful. the clouds return after midnight. we have areas of rain we are watching but it appears to stay south of us. the clouds in the morning and we will get back as the cold front passes through. colder air tomorrow and then we
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the high pressure center will move out and the warmup will begin. the future cashows rain to the south in the morning hours. western slopes of mountains get snow. everywhere else gets clouds. through the day it should clear out and approach 50. northwest winds and the snow will stay at the higher elevations and the mountaineds to the west. clear out late tomorrow night. thursday and friday look good. showers in the morning well south and east of the city. cloudy to start. becoming sunny and breezy in the afternoon. highs near 50. a cold day on thursday. 40 for a high. friday is partly cloudy and 45. look at the big jump. sunshine, 60 on saturday. there could be clouds on sunday. 63. we get to monday, tuesday, and there we go. a nice string of mild days through next week. jonathan: thanks. abc7 diamond test coming up. how do you know when you put down serious money for one
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getting what you pay for? "7 on your side." that is coming up next. michelle: lessons learned. six months after a deadly explosion in a silver spring apartment complex. the things that city leaders say they have to tackle in the wake of
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jonathan: diamond are the third most popular valentine gift but it's a huge investment. michelle: do you know what you are getting when you buy the stone? alison: our troubleshooter horace holmes found surprising facts when they put diamonds to the test. horace: it comes down to the four c's. color, clarity, cut, carat or the weight of the stone. >> this is a brilliant cut. >> this is mark, certified gemologist. he says it's difficult for someone with an untrained eye like you or me to look at a diamond and tell what it is worth. it's difficult depending on the stone for the professionals. >> to grade the stone and come one somewhat different results. >> to prove a point, "7 on your side" went under cover to several jewelry stores and pawnshops to see how they would rate a diamond that belongs to a staffer. >> the retail is $3,000. horace: that i
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the independent jewelry stores and then we went to a pawnshop that offered us $to 0. then to a major retailer in a local mall. the values range from $200 to $4,500. how do you know what you are really buying? ours says -- >> it's probably dealing with the person you trust and feel comfortable with. >> that is why you should be color where you buy the diamond. be careful of buying off the internet. with the expensive diamonds make sure it comes with a certification or report on the stone from a gem lab. g.i.a. is a non-profit lab that comes highly recommended.
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>> that range is insane. somewhere in the middle there. [laughter] michelle: thank you. alison: see you lateer. jonathan: coming up next at 4:00, a virginia judge deals a new blow to trump's travel ban. what it means for someone trying to get in and out of the dulles. >> what do white boards and building explosion have in common? that's ahead. alison: it has been a while since you could take a tour at the white house. the first tours of the trump presidency when i come back at 5:00. st did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. and right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: montgomery county is putting itself under the microscope looking for way if improve the way it responds to large scale emergencies like the one we saw there six months ago. michelle: this is after a natural gas leak obliterated the flower branch apartments in august, killing seven people. kevin lewis just left the council briefing and he is live in rockwell with more. kevin? kevin: montgomery county says this is the largest mass casualty incident it has handled. the officials are proud of all they accomplished but they compiled 14 lessons learned. on the list,
4:31 pm
purchase white boards which will help visualize a employer command structure for -- visualize a clear command structure for future emergencies and want to improve wi-fi at all front line shelters. they also suggest that the first responders need a visible triage station with clear signage in english and spanish. they plan to routinely conduct full-fledged emergency drills and they want to better control the flow of the news media and the overall message. on that fateful night, 39 people injured. seven killed. 160 residents displaced. >> one overall observation that became evident to us in the review there was a disconnect in terms of diffs"ering expectation levels among community partners. some public officials and county government regarding the level and the scope of services to be provided to
4:32 pm
impacted residents. kevin: another goal is to maintain a pool of volunteers that speak spanish. being bilingual was a huge asset in days and months following the explosion. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you, kevin. if you want to see all of our reporting on the flower branch explosion and stories of survival go to and search "flower branch." doug is joining us again. we talked about the weather out there. so many people have snow and inclement weather. here we are. we have a little bit of a breeze and a little chill. that was it. doug: you just have to drive two and a half hours north of here and you see snow cover in canada. here we have rain and gusty winds more than anything else. it's below average but comfortable. 45 at reagan national. the numbers will hold steady for the next hour or two and drop in the 30's. stay in the 30's overnight. 46 i
4:33 pm
44 in annapolis. 45 in woodbridge as we speak. as far as what will happen tonight, if you have outdoor plans, traveling for valentine's day, it will be fine. we'll have partly cloudy skies. temperatures will drop in the lower 40's later tonight with no strong winds. the future cast gives us a clue what is coming as we get clearing to come in here. through late tonight. the clouds will roll right back in, during overnight. the rain we are watching well west and southwest looks like it will stay south. extreme southern maryland, northern neck, south of east of fredericksburg and kings burg will get a chance. but otherwise it's cloudiness. tomorrow a cold front comes through and the gusty northwest winds. temperatures climb to 45 to 50 degrees. bright and sunny. then thursday, coldest day of the stretch. near 40. breezy and partly sunny skies. friday, 45 and partly sunny. when we head through the weekd,
4:34 pm
lower 60's with clouds on sunday. steve rudin will check out the ten-day outlook coming up. michelle: thank you. today, we have a look at what the ruling means in virginia and why it is different from another court ruling on trump's executive order of the travel ban. >> last night we got incredible victory over president trump's travel ban. >> he filed suit against the travel ban days after it was signed by president trump. last night, a federal judge sided with the argument saying that the executive order was not motivated by the rational natural security concerns, it exaggerated fear and promoted religious prejudice equal to religious ban that he promoted in the campaign. >> he tried to dress it up to make it look lega
4:35 pm
ruling by ninth circuit court of appeals that suspended the ban. he believes that ruling focused on the procedure and the wording of the executive order he believes this one centers on the intent. >> this was received out of religious big tri. it made our american forces less safe and less security. >> the general does not want to sue the president. but if a new travel ban is written and if he believes it's unconstitutional he will take action. the ruling last night focuses specifically on virginia schools. some strong reaction to that from a george mason student university right here on campus. until then, live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: a valentine's day love for an american ally. the tanks are heading to romania. right now 500 u.s. troops arriving today. tanks are coming in. part of an american operatio
4:36 pm
concerned about what russia has been doing of late. the u.s. ambassador to romania says the presence expands the country's capacity to maintain peace and security. michelle: hundreds of new child sex assault charges could spring up in cleveland after more than 70 went unattended. review by the office of the county prosecutor shows they were shelved for months, even years. as a result, three lawyers were forced to resign. another four facing discipline as well. more than 1900 cases are under review. officials in malaysia are investigating the death of north korean leader kim jong un. kim jong nam was attacked at the airport and died on the way to the hospital. the brothers never met and he lost favor when he was arrested trying to sneak in tokia, disneyland use -- tokyo,
4:37 pm
documents. they have not commented on the death. jonathan: $100 million lawsuit against lance armstrong is moving forward. this stems from the united states postal service sponsorship of armstrong's team. the feds claim they never would have paid $32 million to sponsor armstrong's team if they knew he was cheating. >> this is a devastating turn of events for a man who used to be an american hero and now seeing one bad thing after another happen in his life. jonathan: this case was initially brought by armstrong's teammate turned whistle blower floyd landis. armstrong argues he brought them more value in the years of good publicity. i don't mean to get personal but if you are single today, a reminder. one bakery is making it better. we'll show you the anti-valentine's day messages baked in sweets coming up next. michelle: remember this guy? >> this is everyone's favorite felon. he is out
4:38 pm
modeling. see who and what he wore in the preseous fashion week next. now autria godfrey has a look at wednesday wakeup with "good morning washington." >> all right. thank you, michelle. tomorrow on "good morning washington," new moms unable to breastfeed turning to strangers. but at what cost to their baby's health? >> plus founding member of the supremes mary wilson back on the scene here live. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 on "good morning washington."
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jonathan: everybody's favorite congress victim. well, convicted felon. he is now a fashion icon. michelle: this is jeremy meeks and he got to hit the runway at new york's fashion show, fack -- fashion week. he was jailed for firearm possession and gang activity. he signed his modeling contract while still in prison. jonathan: like him? michelle: he is turning his life around so we like that. jonathan: well don. michelle: valentine's day is for lovers. but for those flying solo it can be a drag. jonathan: it can be. but a wisconsin bakery has your back with sweets that are
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the came guru is selling anti-valentine's day treats with phrases like "love sucks." and "netflix is my bay." coming up next, "playboy" finds out it's not just about the articles. michelle: but first, data wars. more companies offering unlimited mobile data plans. we crunch the numbers from the biggest service providers in our area for you so you don't overpay. that is next.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. do you go over the data usage and get hit with a crazy bill at the end of the month? michelle: that probably happened to all of us. verizon is offering to help with the new unlimited data plan. scott taylor is crunching the numbers to make sure you make a wise choice in today's data wars. >> i'm pretty sure mine is unlimited. >> why? because you use it so much? >> yeah. i'm on it all the time. >> if you are a huge data
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user, verizon's unlimited plan might be what you look for. it gets you one phone with unlimited text, calls, data for $80 on one phone. $180 for unlimited on four lines. at&t is close to verizon's price but you have to subscribe to directv or uverse and it costs $100 for one limited line and four lines for $180. t-mobile is less expensive for $70 at one line and $160 for up to four and it includes taxes and fees. who has the cheapest unlimited price in town? sprint. but there is a catch. they run $50 for one unlimited line. and five lines cost you just $90. but here is the catch. the price only lasts another year. mark cooper says the companies offer better plans but they won't. >> how about a r
4:47 pm
how about people only pay for what they use? it turns out a lot of people leave a lot of minutes on the table they never use. so if you don't use more than 10 gigs a month, spend your money on a limited plan. >> why you have limited? you never go over? >> i just feel it's more affordable, i guess. >> after you use 22 gigs in any of the unlimited plans your data will slow way down. so if you never go over why pay for extra minutes? that's what i say. michelle: especially if you only use 3 gigs. >> but if you soak it up with the netflix -- >> go unlimited. got to go there or pay big bill. jonathan: good advice. thank you. michelle: if you are one of the millions who love the idea of turning off the house lights or ordering dinner with a simple voice command, then the google home or the amazon echo might be in your future. what else does the future hold with the devices
4:48 pm
for starters, every word you say is listened to. only the manufacturers know what data is transmitted. don't miss us to warn you about the privacy dangers and make sure the device isn't eavesdropping if you except want it to. animal rights groups are demanding answers about a whale that dayed last month. the krupes want to know how the whale got the infection and if it had any other injuries but it may be hard to find out. detail about whales and dolphins in captivity have been shielded since 1994. jonathan: i want to show you something. this the mississippi gopher frog. it's going to the supreme court. not this one. all of them.
4:49 pm
attempt to keep the federal government to lift it as timberland, essential for the frog. it's only found in one small corner of mississippi. there is billions of development held up from the frog. some in southeast say we have the frog in louisiana, too. we'll be watching. "playboy" featuring nude models again. michelle: they got rid of the naked photos for a year. lindsey mastis shows us how the readers are reacting. lindsey: we are not showing the cover. it's risque. they admit that the pictorials were outdated but removing nudity entirely was a mistake for the magazine. he writes, "we are taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are." some readers are pleased. "a warm return to form. i canceled my subscription. i'll wait to see if it's back to normal." others are s
4:50 pm
encourage readership again. i hope it doesn't get in the way of the articles i read." others don't think bringing back nudity will help the magazine because people can get free porn on the internet. a lot of opinions. even some jokes. that is playboy. back to you. michelle: spoiler alert. the newest "bachlorette" making the big announcement before she has been eliminated off the current season. the first "bachlorette," the first african-american to take on the role already getting a lot of love across social media. >> welcome the next "bachlorette" -- rachel lindsay. >> on the valentine's day, a major announcement on "jimmy kimmel live." the newest "bachlorette" looking for love. >> this is a spoiler. you are still on the show. >> it is. but we are a couple weeks out from filming. ready to get it started. ready to find love, find a husband. >> an attorney from texas getting the first impression
4:51 pm
>> hi. >> how are you? >> now as the newest bochy, she is making headlines. >> you are making history. the first african-american "bachlorette." how does it make you feel? that added pressure do you think? >> i don't feel added pressure. i'm honored to have the opportunity and represent myself as an african-american woman. i hope that people rally behind me like they did in nick's season. the way i hope they will in my season. realize majorny, -- realize my journey, i'm trying to find love but it's no different than any other "bachlorette." >> the next season premiers in may. amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: let the cat out of the bag of that one. >> not going to win this time. >> maybe the second time. michelle: love is in the air. so are warmer temperatures. steve: we have to wait for this weekend. instead of sticking around for the weekend, they will stick around to next
4:52 pm
a nice change on the way. turning the corner. we are in the middle 40's at reagan national airport. the forecast temperatures this evening we'll fall in the 40's. i will stay -- it will stay chilly. this is what it looks like on future cast. no worries 1:00 tonight. the skies are just beginning to fill with the clouds moving in the early morning hours. we have a cold front that is on the way. we are looking at the showers that are just going to security extreme southern maryland in the daytime hours. the morning hours tomorrow. the frontal system will move on out and then we will see the temperatures fall and the wind gusts begin to increase. nothing like we saw yesterday but still on the breezy side tomorrow afternoon. the forecast tomorrow, highs should make it to 50. wind gusts, 25 to 30 miles per hour. not out of the question. saturday and sunday lower 60's. a nice mix of sun
4:53 pm
presidents day, a lot of folks have the day off on monday. temperatures around 65 degrees. don't forget about the george washington parade in old town alexandria. a lot of fun there. the ten-day outlook we will fast forward through presidents day to next week. upper 50's by thursday and friday of next week. check what is going on, on the rush hour commute for tuesday afternoon. trenice bishop? trenice: this afternoon everything is clear in frederick. in the last 30 minutes the travel lanes reopened on 15 northbound just before west 7 street. previously everything was shut down due to a gruesome accident but all lanes are open and all is well there. we have volume picking up. you can see on the map. inner loop headed to university boulevard. earlier crash off to the shoulder through your delays through montgomery county. there is heavy volume on the left side but that is typical for any tuesday in the d.m.v.
4:54 pm
jonathan: all right, trenice. thanks. coming up -- mike: i'm mike carter-conneen in northwest washington. coming up, you think you love valentine's day? wait until you see how some washingtonians decorate for the holiday. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift.
4:55 pm
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michelle: halloween and christmas are the g
4:57 pm
mike carter-conneen found this valentine's day in one d.c. neighborhood, residents are spreading heart-felt holiday love. mike: roses are red. violets are blue. nothing says valentine's day like barbies in a pool. >> i love the diversity. >> it's super quirky but it's clever. mike: the barbie pond in front of the row home is a big attraction. but this year visitors are supposed to post messages what and whom they love. john, sasha. blue skies and frem -- french fries. >> this is amazing. >> they change the display throughout the year for different holidays and artistic express. >> it is break for the fourth of july. flags and stuff. >> it has its own instagram page but the homeowner keeps a low profile. >> it's bizarre but so what? mike: the love must be contagious. around the corner
4:58 pm
street there is another big display with crate full of candy for visitors. >> the barbie pond is racy. we're a little more family friendly. >> there were smiles here last week when the front yard was site of a proposal. >> the gentleman took his girlfriend there and said i can't afford to take you to france but i can propose to you in front of the eiffel tower. >> some might see an eyesore but most neighbors love the displays. >> we have one on every block. don't you think? >> they love the neighborhood. even leaving behind this valentine. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: tonight, a grieving mother speaks out after her son is run down in a shopping center parking lot. why she called it murder, and not self-defense. and the overpass and the cab down below. how the truck driver ended up there. a marriage master. local clerk of the court reaches a remarkable milestone on
4:59 pm
announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: a mother watches in horror has her son was run over and killed. larry: this is the scene in upper marlboro. the driver behind the wheel said he struck the man in self-defense. alison: but the mother tells a different story and she told her story to brad bell. brad? brad: so tonight police are telling us they are still investigating what happened out here to determine if it was justifiable. as you said, we talked to the mother of the man who died here and she says it most certainly was not. >> he was a good kids. brad: jones is in grief over the death of her 21-year-old son nate mckinnon. she was walked yesterday as he was struck and killed by a driver in the upper marlboro parking lot. >> put his foot on
5:00 pm
son. brad: we reported on the tragic incident yesterday. we saw park jones in grief as her son lay dead feet away. we also showed you the high-caliber assault rifle nathaniel mckinnon seemed to have tucked in his clothing. a gun scene by multiple witnesses. he has a gun! brad: we have learned from official documents a weapon of the same caliber fired the night before in an incident involving the daughter of the man who struck mckinnon. park jones says before the fatal encounter her son admitted something happened the night before involving the girl but claims she was unaware her son had a gun. >> there was no gun out there when i was rights there. i was on top of my child. brad: she says all she knows is the girlfriend of her son's friend and her father were suddenly following them. when she pulled off to find out why the man hit and killed her son. she says there can be no justification. >> i want him to be ind


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