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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] breaking news, reports of police officer has been shot on the 1300 block of moore street northeast. we are hearing it was actually two officers shot. we do not know their condition yet. morses a huge response on street northeast, trinidad neighborhood. , twominary information officers were shot, also a suspect. we were getting ready to do a different story not far from here and the number of police cars we saw was unbelievable. that was just on one road. you can see down tre
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scene going on right now. two officers have shot. we do not know their condition at the time. .lso, one suspect the police helicopter has been flying over as well. we are going to stay on the scene. we will certainly bring you updates. leon: our thoughts to the department. hopefully it is not serious. more information as soon as we get it. police officers running toward a burning car last night, pulling in and out. alison: tonight, the victim has watched that video. as he awaits surgery, he asked his wife to deliver a message >>. >>they literally saved his life. reporter: we introduce you to the officers who pulled a man from a car. the man they saved is michael smith.
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anything. reporter: he is diabetic in the family things he may have passed out before crashing into a pole. he shattered his leg and his pelvis. friday, he will have another surgery. body camera release video, his family did not realize how close he was to losing his life. >> he saw the video yesterday for the first time. he wanted me to express that he is grateful to the police officers. is outr: he says what he of the hospital he wants to meet the officers in person. >> i consider them angels. the nature there was nobody else in the car. sure there was nobody else in the car. i am so grateful to them.
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him. jonathan: right now, a woman killed by a car in reston. we were over the scene on reston parkway. the driver stopped at the scene and investigators are try to figure out the cause. alison: a health alert, nine pregnant women are suspected to have zika virus in washington dc . last week, a laboratory is retesting hundreds of samples last summer.r the jonathan: mosquito-borne virus has been linked to poor defects. jonathan:there is a search out there for one or perhaps more gunmen behind a string of robberies in the northwest. in an upscale neighborhood near american university. we have the very latest on whether or not these are connected. reporter:
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are but all the people who gave a description gave a similar description. to of the robberies happened buzz down the street from the police department. three robberies, two nights, one area. last night, lucca vaselli was walking home and somebody put a gun into his face. >> everything disappeared. i looked to the ground and pulled everything from my pockets. reporter: criminals stole his phone, headphones, and sandwich. two other people were also robbed. one on glenbrook road. >> i have never been in such a situation. that is scary stuff. reporter: we looked at crime statistics for the last two years. crime is down the robberies involving guns have doub
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4-11. >> it was pretty scary but i kept my cool. you can count on us to follow this case if they catch these guys. new video of a house fire in mount airy tonight. there were heavy flames and smoke. it was bursting out of the windows. no reports of any injuries. the challenge, the street does not have fire hydrants. jonathan: george washington parkway reopening tonight. it added he shut down for hours because of this accident. struck a tree and a driver is listed in serious condition. no word on what caused the crash. a client overnight, mainly clear skies right now. that mea
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early tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to be above average for this time of year. highs will make it into the middle to upper 70's. to upper 70's. we could even break some records at the local airports. more on that coming up. alison: meanwhile we have developments and new charges against a police officer who accidentally shot a woman to death during a training exercise. latest onwe have the this one. a lot of people want answers -- reporter: this is a story that you may recall from august in florida at a citizen's police academy. a 73-year-old librarian was shot during a drill. the gun should have been loaded with blanks but had a live round . now, the officer who fired the shot is charged with manslaughter, facing up to 30 years in prison. the police chief is charged
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negligence. the woman killed does have a local connection, mary knowlton graduated from george mason. three young women sexually assaulted and murdered. this case happened nearly 50 years ago. the trail to catch the killer had gone cold until now. and a new video are adding urgency to the case. police say it will not be easy but they will not rest until it is soft. news, the white house has asked the fbi to knocked down reports about talks between donald trump's russians andd some the agency refused. this is according to cnn. a white house official says the fbi told the administration it did not think reports of the communications or trip. for that reason the white house was asking the fbi to share that with reporters. the fbi has said no. jonathan:
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donald trump will be addressing, this speech -- mike pence addressed the crowd words for thed full >> of the administration, the media. themedia, the elites, insiders, everybody who profits of the status quo -- they dismissed our president. in dismissing him, they also dismissed millions of hard-working forgotten men and women who make this country great. they are still trying to dismiss them. say that he went on to president trump assembled the strongest conservative cabinet in his lifetime. alison: here are the stories we are following from the white house tomorrow. expect more enforcement of marijuana laws. the white house says that the feds are going to step up efforts. federal agencies are working to legally justify the president's controversial travel ban. he has assigned a department of on the security to work
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president trump is talking about deportation happening in the united states" it is a military operation" jonathan:. taking matters into their own hands, our first look at an underground network preparing homes to hide immigrants. this is happening in los angeles person owns or run by faith leaders. one reverend says that groups across los angeles county could i'd 100 undocumented immigrants today and that number could be in the thousands. to god the end of the day, that is he like going to see when i die and i hope that we can live up to our -- who we are -- jonathan: in private homes fall under fourth amendment protection and need a warrant before authorities can search. alison: only on seven tonight, shopping,dding dress a special time for a mother and daughter. one family is refusing to let a terminal illness and then went am i worried
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pick her daughter's wedding dress at a charles county bridal company helped you to stream come true. anna-lysa gayle was in the living room when she said yes to the dress. is whatng out a dress every girl dreams -- reporter: for allyson wilt that dream was in jeopardy. her mother mary mcknight-wilt entered hospice with colon cancer. last week doctors told her she may only be alive a few more weeks. >> it hurts. aredy ever dreams that they going to find them and they're going to marry and cannot have their mother be there. toldter: when friends serendipity bridal about her condition they stepped in to help. >> if you put off too long then you end up maybe not having this moment. reporter: she is hardly able to speak but when she saw her
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beautiful dresses, she had suggestions. >> a lot of room for the carter -- reporter: she even tried on her mother's wedding gown but it was this stress that got two thumbs up. >> two thumbs up. there you go. reporter: it is the dress that she plans to wear when she walks down the aisle, address filled with memories that she will hold onto forever. really happy to be able to have some part of my wedding and have her be a part of it. switching gears turning back to our breaking news that we are following a northeast d.c. and we have confirmation, two police officers have been shot. we do not know their condition at the time but these are live pictures of the active scene. another person not an officer was also shot perhaps a suspect that we are still working on
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reporter: we are on the scene of where to officers have bn
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officers were conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. we do not know their condition but that is a good sign. there was aearing suspect shot, as well. we do not know is condition right now. a big scenearently here between officers and the suspect. release confirming two officers were shot. this happened on the first day with the department has a new official leader. he was just named from being interim police -- this happened on his first day -- tubing officers shot in the trinidad neighborhood but they were apparently alert and breathing and conscious. , tomting live in trinidad roussey, abc 7 news. alison:
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if you are a parent you probably did not know much about them by your children likely know about them and our regular users of online streaming apps. jonathan: anybody can easily install them. when young children go live the question is who is watching? alison: we have a warning for parents from law enforcement and what you are about to see will leave you stoned. yourter: -- will leave stunned. what you are watching did not come from canada website. it was captured from -- this is wildly popular with kids as young as 7-8. prohibit -- the he is from children good [indiscernible] reporter:
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bryson is 13. >> i got a lot of views. reporter: that is the point. >> she is a gymnast. reporter: homeland security is worried others are being exploited. >> children are online, streaming. >> friends of mine have to thousand followers. >> dolls are trying to prey upon children. reporter: madison wants her identity kept private. , caney are like you bend over? reporter: her mother was vivid when she was alerted by an internet watchdog group. >>
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undressing for predators all over the world. they remove clothing. they insert things into their body parts. meanwhile, they are on the other side of the screen that they cannot see it as a pervert recording and selling on the internet -- >> i did not know -- bad, or something -- reporter: those images often the child pornography trade. only security officers arrested more than 2600 editors last year all operating in the shadows on these live streaming apps. -- no clue that it goes to this extreme and 99% of parents do not know either -- >> it is online, it is on the internet -- somebody is touring that. these children will be victimized for the rest of their lives. alison: the makers of these apps remi
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settings which the limit who can broadcast. weathan: they said definitely encourage parents to talk to their children about internet safety, use the app themselves and monitor usage. alison: tomorrow, additional information parents need to know about keeping their children safe. we broke the record today at dulles international airport, 77 degrees. we shattered the record and 73 degrees shy of the record at reagan national. one do a shot at bwi marshall. another chance tomorrow. if you have been sneezing, if your eyes are watering, tree pollen is now i. hi -- all ofg those trees -- that is what is givingh you the. problems. temperatures across the area around 60 degrees downtown -- [indiscernible]
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sure you stormwatch seven satellite and radar. not a whole lot going on. skies expected overnight hours -- temperatures fall into the 50's. keep in mind our average daytime high at 49 degrees and we are going to start our day tomorrow in the middle of 50's much of the area. this is our futurecast waking up tomorrow morning beautiful sunrise. as you head out the door a light jacket relay them that you are not going to needed very long midday hours. across southern maryland, charles county, waldorf, leonard, town -- however [indiscernible] tomorrow, wind out of the southwest. highs tomorrow in the lower to the middle to upper 70's. a lot of sunshine on the way in we could tie records at all three local major airports. a strong cold front is on the way as we move through the day on saturday. take
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afternoon if you plan to be on they b. -- onay the frontal system this are -- to be on the. bay -- -- to be on the bay . -- 70 early on the day on saturday. over 40's z29kuz zstz
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alison: we continue to follow breaking news a northeast d.c., two police officers have been shot. we are told right now that they were conscious and breathing when responders got there. jonathan: another person at the scene also shot. it is believed to be the suspect. this scene is very active. whonderstand peter nugent was just named the acting police chief -- he was interim police chief -- he is on his way to the scene right now and perhaps he'll say something if he does. stay with abc seven and for updates. you can always signed up for text alerts at our website.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. >> mike rizzo said he expects the nationals closer to come from within the organization rather than a trade. -- most seem to believe the competition is between these guys, blake and shawn kelley. i asked ziemann in what he thinks about either of them taking over. >> either of them is capable.
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a long time. he knows what it takes. blake, some of the best stuff i have ever seen. everybody thinks there is a problem because you do not have a guy called a closer to we have plenty of guys that can get the job done. >> george washington hosting umass, what a game. transfer with a career-high 26 points slimming to home. later, finding tyler cavanaugh. with 20 one for the colonials. they come out on top, 83-67. cavaliers in index, -- cavaliers and the knicks. looks angry after that one. turn that frown upside down. cavaliers went 119-104. the cavaliers are playing
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two police officers have been shot. let me show you any investigation seems to be focused at this point if you look in the distance there. beyond that you see a door that is open -- that is where a lot of the investigation is being focused right now. when the officers were taken to the hospital, they were conscious and breathing. on thepect was shot scene. the police response has been incredible. the police chief is going to come out here in a short amount of time and give us an update on everything that happened in what is going on with the officers but they were conscious so that is good news here in northeast tonight. alison:
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beginsrning washington at 6:20 4 -- 4:24, rather. jonathan: thank you for watching.
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thank you, so much. i couldn't be happier. i'll meet you there. i'm leaving in five minutes. come in! the limo's on its way right now. >> hey, neil patrick. great job. unbelievable. you killed it. the oscars are dead now. nobody can host them again. >> you're so sweet. thanks. and good luck to you tonight. are you ready? >> well, almost, almost. one thing i got to do beforehand. hey, do you remember the first time we met? >> ah -- >> it was at a party. >> christmas party. >> that's right. >> that's right. in 2002 -- >> 2003. white elephant gift exchange. you brought something to the white elephant and i wound up with it and i was going through my hope chest today and i hung onto it. recognize this? >> wow. that's crazy that you still have


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