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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  February 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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live, it's theet final countdown. we are a matter of hours away from the academy awards. we will be live on the red carpet with a preview. governor mcauliffe meeting with the department of homeland security. what they are discussing about president's halted travel ban. and, what season are we in? realeather has been a roller coaster, not ending anytime soon. the stormwatch 7 forecast coming up next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> governors from all over the u.s. converging on d.c. for a white house ball. governor terry mcauliffe asking tough questions before coming face-to-face with the president. he met with th
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the hall to travel ban and what could come next. the whites is live in house for us with what came out of that conversation. i would like to be a fly on the wall for that one, ryan. that's right. this comes on the third day of the annual national governors association meeting, and it comes after governor mcauliffe wrote a letter to secretary kerry with a list of questions after several latino men were arrested outside a shelter in her effects county. -- fairfax county. some the governor getting of those answers. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has been an outspoken critic of president donald trump and his controversial immigration ban, and this morning he met with the department of homeland security secretary john kelly, demanding details about new procedures. told by theen director himself, the secretary, that they are not going after anybody who came in this country illegally. only if you are involved in a criminal e
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mcauliffe meeting comes during the winter meeting here in d.c., and admits the growing fear of immigration rates happening across the country. on friday, president trump vowing to build a wall and close the borders during his speech at cpac at national harbor. president trump: we are getting bad people out of this country, people that shouldn't be, whether it's drugs are murder or other things, we are getting bad ones out. they go first. house says the president's plan to more immigration enforce plans is expected soon. mcauliffe taking advantage of the meeting with rick perry secretary kelly at his words. i explained i think they need to do a better job at immigration plans is expected soon. mcauliffe taking advantage of the meeting with rick perry kelly to address that secretary kelly to address his concerns. >> i took dhs to explain what the procedures are. people are scared. topic beingr big discussed this weekend is repealing and replacing the affordable care act. we are told tomorrow those
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president to talk about health care. life tonight outside the white house, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: things for the update, ryan. governor mcauliffe is here in d.c. presiding over that winter nationalt the governors association. at least 40 governors understand is is will attend tonight's governor possible. touliffe is giving a toast the president as well. it's a first social event the president and first lady will host at the white house. right now, a rare sunday night town hall in silver springs. this meeting to challenge trump's agenda is simultaneous with the governor possible. speakers include congressman ben cardin and chris van hollen. thousands are expected to attend tonight's question-and-answer session. we will have the latest tonight after the oscars. new tonight, white house secretary sean spicer --his own staff personal and government issued cell phones in a crackdown on embarrassing leaks. spicer
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he wanted to make sure staffers were not communicating with supporters using encrypted apps. the white house lawyer approved the searches. spicer reportedly warned staffers about quote, problems, if news of the phone searches leaked. this just in, vandals have desecrated a jewish cemetery in philadelphia. at least 75 gravesites damaged, with dozens of marble headstones knocked over or smashed. anyce have not made arrests. there are still no arrests in jewishdalism of another cemetery outside of st. louis. local leaders may create a database of hate crime offenders in the wake of the vandalism. youing now to the weather, might be feeling a bit of whiplash. much colder now than this time yesterday. we are going to warm back up, writes josh? josh: that's right. temperatures going to be headed back into the 50's. ultimately mid-seventies in this extended forecast and we've had clear skies
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bit of light in the sky. we are getting ready for things to cool off pretty dramatically for you tonight. a lot like it was last night, they stew that clear sky we have had out there. not a whole lot going on, we zoom in nice and close, pretty empty. with that in mind, temperatures able to tumble easily. the one nice thing, the wind finally starting to subside, just three miles per hour for the shenandoah valley. eight miles an hour in d.c. we don't have too much going on as far as wind chill. your feels-like temperature about 40 24 d.c., close to 37 and frederick, hanging near 50th we get a bit further to the south. we are going to see those temperatures drop down to the freezing mark for most areas tonight, but then that big warm-up on the way. it bring some rain with it, so i will time it out for you coming up. kimberly: developing now, the search is on for who opened fire at a sports bar last night tracy people were shot outside for far trace injuries are not
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police are trying to determine what led up to the gunfire. happening tomorrow, kids at sublevel elementary school are headed back to class after a pretty gross bedbug infestation kept them out. for weeks now the kids have been attending a different school. cleaning crews were brought in to take care of the rodent and bed bug problem. happening right now, awaiting the arrivals of hollywood's biggest stars. the oscars get started in just a few hours. who's going to go home a big winner? kidd o'shea is live in los preview of the powerhouse movies up for most awards this year. kidd, you are live on the red carpet. i imagine the excitement is really brewing at preview this . good evening, kimberly. very exciting here printed to thei p. henson just walked red carpet great tons of cheers. it was super loud when she walked by.
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behind me you can see the crowds of people that are here. a little earlier they asked the crowds to cheer when they named all of the best actor, best movie nominations. i will tell you, the loudest cheers went to "hidden figures" and "la la land." i truly believe that anyone could win. we have been hearing a lot from the get-go that it was going to be "la la land," that we will have to wait and see. it could be a big night when it comes to vest picture. -- best picture. it's oscar sunday, and hollywood is ready. it's time to find out who will take home the big award for best picture. first came land" out, i sat down with emma stone, who was hesitant to believe it would be a big award season for the film. you are on stage, accepting millions of awards. it's going to be like one after -- you will not know what to do with all the awards. "hiddefi
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office. nominee -- was there a part and process in making the film where you said, we are part of something special here? >> i would not have signed on if i do not think it was special. ryan: the actor is had no problem getting used to the red carpet. do you like getting dressed up? [inaudible] easy for me to admit that i've been standing in the same place for 18 years. ryan: denzel washington and viola davis crowd favorites to take home the nomination. could it also sneak in and grab the best picture? chris connelly seems to think so. >> and you are thinking -- forgetting about "moonlight." i think if you were going to bet -- ryan:
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oscars, i'm kidd o'shea. live withre back nominees for best original song. how are you? >> very excited about performing tonight, for a very important movie. probably the most and port nomination i've had. to be singing aut jim foley, the young american photojournalist who was murdered i isis in 2014. its not exactly la la land, is something different, but we are very proud to be representing here. it is an important story. >> an exciting night. there are films all over the place. >> there's room for everything. have a good feeling tonight going into the evening? >> i think we have a good feeling because we can bring the
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everyone needs to take a page courage.s' he gave his life to make sure the truth of the syrian refugees made it as far around the world as it can go. kidd: excellent trait i wish you the best of luck. have a great night. the stars are starting to arrive very it has been drizzling here, and only 55 degrees under cloudy skies. it may look beautiful and glamorous here, but it's actually kind of silly -- chilly you're an author sunday. we will have much more tonight at 11:00 on abc 7. kimberly: thank you. we have a sad headline in the entertainment world to tell you about as we head into tonight's oscars. actor and director bill paxton died at age 61. he is best known for movies like "titanic" and "alien." he died yesterday from complications from surgery. we expect tributes and memories to be shared at the academy awards tonight. at ng up on abc 7 news
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into a crowd at a mardi gras party in new orleans. what we now know about that driver's blood of the whole
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kimberly: new developments tonight from breaking news from last night. police in new orleans say this driver who crashed into a crowd watching a mardi gras parade had a blood alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit. paramedics took 21 people to area hospitals, including a three-year-old child and a police officer. that washe dump truck parked in the street on the other side. if it had not been there, it would have been way worse than he was. kimberly: the new orleans mayor said none of the victims' to bees appeared life-threatening creek the 25-year-old suspect surrendered right there at the scene. we
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coaster. temperatures took a major dip today. they will rebound, but not without rain. josh knight is back with us with a complete stormwatch forecast.
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josh: good evening. i immediately just josh knight. after a chilly day but nothing too bad for the end of february, temperatures are cool enough to play. down to 40 degrees forest in, rockville. this is temperatures compared to where they were this time yesterday. all of this at least 10 degrees cooler and even more so as you get further to the south. that translates for us overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning.
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a lot of us will be making up in the 20's tomorrow morning. getting the dog out for a walk later on, 41 at 7:00. closer to bedtime, 31 degrees straight back to more of a winter night for us as well. overnight lows, we will see that spread from the upper 20's into the mid 30's around the majority of the area. cold again for us but not too far off from average for this time of year, right around the freezing mark great today we got stuck right around 49, 50 degrees. tomorrow we're up to 57. you will have a lot more cloud cover, and we are going to bring this chance for maybe an isolated shower. most of us will stay dry. the chance of rain is much better further up to the west. here's what happens, after our 50 degrees today we get our 57 tomorrow, back in the mid-60's on tuesday. mid-70's for you by wednesday. warming right back up to well above average temperatures, and we will cool off after that heading into the end of the week. in general, a nice warming trend on the way. with that warmer weather
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come some rain. keep in mind, it is close you down early this week, we are still in moderate drought. we can use any rain that's going to show up. for thursday into friday, and if you look closely at friday, 30% there, that is a couple of snowflakes showing up in that little picture. for-snow mix a possibility us. it's really like, it won't amount to much of anything. after being in the mid 70's for row last week, still talking about some snow as we get into march. temperatures by next sunday, we are back into the next -- mid-sixties. kimberly: row last you have somr winners to talk about. >> lady terps win a big title against minnesota. washington,, george they battled it out. the outcome next in sports.
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toyota sportse desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. washington have had george mason's number for a while now in college basket altered the colonials have beaten mason eight straight times. another battle today. jenkins, down low. went 6-7 from the field. forr kavanaugh, a big day them. game high 22 points. gw puts it away in the second half. the dagger came from utah. chipped in with 18 points. dw gets the win. 83-74. happy colonial punch after the game. -- bunch after the game. >> you have to enjoy the beef. we have to learn to enjoy the beef, the toughness of these games and having to close it out
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>> they are a good team, they are well coached and we're fortunate enough to come out on top. markey's more and jenkins played well today. it's a big win for us. they were ahead of us in the standings and now we are even. women withhe terp their best start in school history. that is before they lost to ohio state. maybe it's good they lost now rather than later in march. today they had minnesota. kimbrel playing their last home game in maryland, both played over and for more as a regular season winds down. inside.oring she had 27. second half, you see the pass. inside.
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2-24. maryland wins2-24. maryland wins 93-60. they clinched a share of the big ten title, their third straight. >> in our trade, it is far from over. >> it is seeing how all our hard work over the past 4 years played out. reporter: daytona 500 today with whoecial celebrity guest apparently is not at the oscars right now. >> drivers! start! your! engines! reporter: that was owen wilson. favre ---- a, a five-car pileup. days were pretty much done. on the final lap, a great move. getting to the front of the pack. he holds of everyone to win his first daytona 500. the nats lost to the tigers 5-1 in grapefruit league action. so there we go. kimberly:
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kimberly: taking a live look at the red carpet trade you just missed jessica biel. there is justin timberlake. not a bad replacement. live red carpet coverage starts next on abc 7. the actual awards kickoff at 8:30. . kidd o'shea will be live after the awards with a wrap up a wrap up. he just interviewed sting live on our air. interviews with more celebrities on abc 7 news right after the awards. seems so underdressed after looking at those guys. kimberly:
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we need the scarves admittance for tonight. josh: temperatures back in the 20's for a lot of us tonight and heading into tomorrow morning. back to work, back to the bus stop. we warm up to around 60 and culpeper tomorrow afternoon, 57 for d.c., and cooler, hanging around 54 closer to hagerstown and winchester tomorrow. the extra cloud cover moving back into the picture, and with it some rain showers. most likely date for the rain will be wednesday, as our cold front moves in the area. keep in mind, we are technically under a moderate drought. that does slow you down a bit earlier this week. keep this in mind. here it is, all 10 days together. we will go from the 50's to the 60's back to the 70's on wednesday. it is cooler friday and saturday print little clipper comes through on friday. a few snowflakes coming through. much better by sunday. kimberly: keep it locked right here. we are your oscar station. thanks for joining us. see you tonight after the oscars.
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from honda. [clarinet music] good evening. the biggest celebrities in hollywood are already making their way onto the most famous red carpet in the world. there's bigger stars. just justin timberlake and his beautiful wife, jessica biel. he's nominated for best star tonight. how about felicity jones, looking stunning in that gown. they're all here for the 89th annual academy awards. and we're bringing it all to you live, so, what do you say? let's get it started right now. >> so, how much glamour, wonder, breathtaking style can one red carpet take? well, we're about to find out. live. >> and


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