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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 27, 2017 2:30am-3:57am EST

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on doubt wednesday on cbs. >> coming up, the wild extra take over. >> west side guys. >> then -- >> renee's off the rails interview with the ladies of the talk. what do they really think about the sports illustrated cover girl. >> sports illustrated. >> that's coming up.
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when it comes to the cure for the tv blues he has just the right prescription. >> west side guys. calm down guys. calm down. >> bringing the crazy with us trying to keep calm on his abc hit show dr.
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>> i hope this isn't uncomfortable for you but i'm going to have to look. >> probably our funniest episode. >> do you say that every episode. >> no, i don't. >> telling me about last week's emotional episode based off his wife's breast cancer discovery. >> she is cancer free. doing great. to execute it the way we did it was comic and heart felt a lot f tears shed. >> working on this show and also now one of the wrierts on the show it has been so much fun. >> i imagine you don't have to wear all of those hats. why do you want to? >> that's a great question. >> thank you. it wasn't even on the prompter. >> it's just like life. you want to maximize every tun you have. >> i want to play the world according to ken. >> trump's presidency so far. >> it's great. it's great. >> thoughts on the snl sketches. >> it's amazing. to me everybody on any side
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the coin can just take comfort in that. obviously comedy is what unifies. i'm like an eternal optimist. >> he isn't the only star that always comes o play. the ladies of the talk gave me an ear full about everything from clooney's baby news to plus size super models. >> they're always a blast and always getting candid about the >> everyone is still buzzing about it. >> open my big fat mouth but i kept my mouth shut for three weeks. >> that's good to know you can keep a secret. >> once you tell one person you have told the world. >> were you surprised? >> happy. >> people were
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married. i looked at her and i was like he's going to change his mind on babies too. >> don't count out you still got it like that. >> the machinery is still operational. >> these ladies also loving snl's take on team trump. >> melissa mccarthy is amazing. >> all right. any other questions? >> and i love the fact that you got the female come ix really stepping up their comedian game. >> the lady that does kellyanne. >> yes. she is hysterical. >> i'm not going to be ignored. >> the new sports illustrated cover came out with kate upton. what do you think? >> she's gorgeous but i don't understand all of this fuller figure business. >> she's not a full figure. >> she's gorgeous. who says this crap. >> it underscores how unattainable and unreasonable our expectations are of women's bodies. >> well wait a minute now.
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since they're saying full digit, need to be on the cover double size. you got to have two numbers to be full figured. >> catch the big and funny conversations on the talk every weekday on cbs. >> all right. well believe it or not spring break is less than a month away and if you and your buddies are still searching for the perfect place to stay, play like hollywood stars look no further. >> when you're looking to roll like the rat pack in the original oceans 11 or the golf pack in the hang over, there's only one place to be for the ultimate guy's weekend. just like they famously declared in swingers it's -- >> vegas baby, vegas. >> if you're not coming here you're spending too much money flying anywhere else. >> this
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to be the first stop where he strongly recommends the bacon mac and cheeseburger. >> when you're going to kick off your adventures in las vegas that's a burger you want to start it with. >> for dinner with your boys, book a table at palms casino resort or executive chef says. >> you're going to get the greatest stake you have ever had and i promise you that head to top golf or just one of dozens in the city. when the sunsets in the dessert catch a bite or take in a show like fantasy, blue man group or reunited. >> grown men acting like they're 8. >> cap your night off at seize czar's palace and then head for some of the best night life options in town but remember
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reserve a table. >> and call the hotel. they'll put you in touch with a host that can taylor the entire weekend around what you go to do. >> go to las >> up next, so sexy, so dramatic, so cosmo. >> i know. >> extra's behind the scenes of tv's high fashion, high drama reality hit so cosmo. >> it's fun,s sexy, it's deep fabulocity. >> plus drops by universal for a live performance. ♪ >> that's next.
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welcome back to extra. now the box office hit the devil wears prada gave audiences a look inside the cut throat world of a high fashion magazine. now a new reality show is taking us behind the scenes of real life fashion mag cosmopolitan. >> they're leaving the dream in the cut throat magazine biz. >> it's great to have the job but they're always coming up behind you. >> editor and chief is letting cameras inside the doors for the new e reality series so cosmo. >> our office is different in that people pop up at the door. >> can i offer you -- >> yes. >> or that time they got to sit in on magic mike
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>> and of course there's plenty of drama. >> you don't know me enough. >> keeps get crazier and crazier. >> like the first episode ending with the new editor and chief. >> it's fun, it's sexy. >> drama, fashion clebts and shake ups. it doesn't get my more glamorous than that. catch so cosmo wednesday on e. >> time to get you caught up on the stories we're following this week. here's this weekend. >> extra. >> nick cannon is out as america's got talent host. is seacrest in or could it be sno snookie. >> bringing this news at the fashion show benefitting the make a wish
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the show celebrities and their mini mes victor cruise and ice t, coco and baby chanel. >> this is the first time. >> proud momma and papa. front and center for their daughter's second cat walk ever. >> i'm excited. i feel so pretty. >> 18-year-old delilah bell one of the models. >> she's been delightful. >> presenting her fall line launched the careers of today's top models including kendall jenner. moonlight hoping for oscar gold this sunday. 8 nominations including best picture and best original score for composer. >> the world of the film is the score. >> these two guys bring the world of star wars to life. nominated for their achievement in visual effects
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a star wars story. >> this recognition comes here and it's particularly meaningful. >> and when the fans are happy all the better. >> you really want to do justice to their universe and get a good response from them. >> marie osmond joining jack nicklaus and his wife in miami. >> when you have a child you're a blessed family. >> heading to the hospital's new advanced pediatric pavilion. >> and that's this weekend's -- >> extra. >> now what is the celebrity secret to looking red carpet ready? always put your best face forward. >> sienna miller or penelope cruise giving you serious skin envy? going straight to the source. >> what are your three. >> really
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clean the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. we want to use something really hydrating. do not use oils but instead use things that are going to help. thirdly use an spf. because as you know the sun ine causes premature skin aging. >> even if it's raining. >> even if it's raining. >> those are the dos. these are the do notes. >> gluten, dairy, sugar and wine. those are to four things to stay away from at least one to two weeks before a big event. i talk about wine face in my book and it's not a good look. >> saggy. >> skin goals for more tips and tricks go and check out the book. available now. >> i just had the opportunity to watch this next artist perform live and she killed it and you know her parents
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but she is making her own mark on the music scene. so nice to see you. at 22 emily is already a musical force. her new album take whatever you want is climbing the charts. she runs her own record label and writes all her own music. songs like rains every night. ♪ >> purple money. >> and undone which she performed for us live at universal studios hollywood. >> i remember seeing some videos of you with drumsticks as a little girl and stuff. so was it something that your parents strongly encouraged. >> they never pushed me. if i told them i wanted to do something else they would equally support him. >> emily had a rare opportunity to get to know the most iconic artists as her parents friends. >> my parents were friends with him when i was born and quincy was like
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father. and my mom is like did you, go for it. >> nice. >> and yes she has learned a lot from her parents but her favorite piece of musical advice comes from her idol stevie wonder. >> he said the things in life that matter have to come from compassion and love. not from business. he was passionate about the fact that if more people laced their intentions with love and compassion that, you know, the world would be better. >> words to live by for an artist carving her own path with her debut album. >> take whatever you
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now. >> closed captioning and other consideration for extra provided by -- >> that's going to do it nor weekend's extras. for the latest entertainment headlines head to
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>> now more from emily. from her album take whatever you want. >> just take it. have a great weekend everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪
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hello, earn. welcome to this very special edition of "the right side" with your host, armstrong williams. i will tell you this story before we introduce our guest. many people remember the time in 2004 when i went through no child left behind. it was really a very tough moment in my life. i will tell you the first person that called me, the first person to call me was our guest today, out of the blue. some people see me on the right and they see him being balanced, but more on the left. it didn't matter about my politics. he called and continued to call until he felt i was okay, and for that i will never forget this man's het
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he is. it is an honor for me toe univee colleges and universities. you know who else was there kurt scmmoke who was the first mayor of baltimore. being a road scholar and then going to law koll. he inspired me to study in england at t
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cambridge where i got my phd, sheila jackson lee, congresswoman. and this young geeky pre-med dude. i didn't know him well. what is his name? oh on, carson. and candy his wife. they have been friends for a longtime. let me tell you something i learned. loenstein was friends with bobbie kennedy. he was assassinated, it was horrible. he was assassinated after bobbie kennedy was assassinated. somebody walked in his office and blew him away. we all used to watch -- my partners and i used to watch william f buckley on "firing line." he was witty and he went to yale . he used a lot of big words, and his son went to yale with me. i
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buckley was a keen intellectual and i like how he took on the left. there was a famous interview he did. it was like two duelers like a sword battle. it was great. it was exhilarating. what do they have to do with each other? opposite ends of the political spectrum. we were shocked when lewenstein was assassinated. i remember reading about his funeral. the person who gave his eulogy was william f buckley, his best friend. at that moment i knew that the power elite was more complicated than the cartoons and the stereo types we in the black community were circulating about who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. it was black like me. your afro had to be so big and you had to l
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swahili words or you weren't really black. or you had to be like the black panthers or the nation of islam. ideology was the most important thing about you and then you look at the white power elite, the people who run this country. they fratter myselfed with each other all the time. people arguing on cnn and then go out to dinner together and their kids go to the same school and they get married and play tennis together. they tran send ideology. ideologies change and friendships are forever. i have never forgotten that lesson and never abandon my friends. i thought you were not getting a fair deal, but more than that, i didn't even know the circumstances. i just wanted you to know that i would be there for you. this too would pass. >> you know, on that note because you are taking me to a place that i had not considered in sitting down with you. what we are talking about now is above ideology.
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>> above it. why do you think particularly among blacks the attacks are so harsh against those that do subscribe to a different fill loss -- philosophy whether they support trump or mccain or romney or bush, it is seen as a betrayal of an oath. i tell you, i don't get that. i don't get the harshness. i think it is because we do have a national platform. i think people have gotten to understand who i am, and i have been this way all my life. there is respect, but there is dialogue. yet with others it is just so vicious. i just say why? >> i think i can explain that. i have seen you with crowds. i had the pleasure of inviting you to martha's vineyard to our on annual panel last summer chaired by my dear friend, the great
2:58 am
figure charlene hunter gault. you were representing right wing opinion within the spectrum and on the spectrum of black opinion. that audience, you know, they were taking you on, man, and they were standing up -- by the end you got the loudest applause. you know why? you took it. you responded. you were witty. you didn't take it personally. people admire that in the black community. i think we have a generation today that is ahystorical. i don't think they understand the ideological understanding we have had. i teach with my great brilliant lawrence bovo. and it is called african, african-american studies 110. introduction of african-american studies, what the kids call blackness 101. we start with the
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century. the whole class is built around debate that the black people have had over what it means to be black. there never was one way to be black, never, not one time. >> hold on. professor luis gates is our guest. he has a series called afri
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>> this program is brought to you by
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>> welcome back to the armstrong williams show. i was reading a recent -- >> can i ask you a question? >> sure. >> i think it is important for people to under that it -- to understand that it hurts you when you are attacked. it hurts you when -- >> it doesn't bother me at all. >> come on. really? >> when people are vicious. >> why? >> i tell you why. >> protect yourself. >> i have learned from being in that laboratory every night at sirius radio is that people don't know you. i found through dialogue and discussions that people who used to say those
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apologized that i didn't know you and when people talk about you, they say you don't know him. so i give people the benefit of the doubt. they just don't know. when people operate out of a lack of knowledge and a lack of understanding and they lash out. >> what gives you the sense of self-confidence. >> because i know who i am. >> that's something all of our children need to understand. you have to be rooted and you have to be centered. my parents gave me a sense of myself and my brother's sense of ourselves beyond -- you know, some people say you need to put fred lick douglas' picture on the wall and booker t washington and martin luther king when your child is born in the nursery. give them black history lessons. and i make my living dark dash that's -- that's my day job teaching african-american studies. the most important thing is having a mother that says you are bea
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and i will be with you forever and having a father who says that and being nurtured in the community. no matter what happened in the world i can always go home. no matter what happened. >> knowing who you are and realizing that when people really say those things they are not talking to you. they are talking about a caricature that they have developed in their own brain. it is never personal. i want to come back. i think you have done something that is extra or -- extraordinary with your african civilization series. africa's history has been tied to europe. there has been a narrative that africa never really had a history of its own. you are going back to these places to do the research and you have come away with extraordinary conclusions and people today who c
3:04 am
don't understand the legacy of literature of art and science and medicine that originated. >> we were deprived of those stories to justify, first, the enslavement of our ancestors. 12.5 million africans wer enslaved. new shipping records count the slaves. we know they were boarded on ships to the new world and 10.8 million got off the boat. 15% died in the passage. to justify that evil institution where race and class were fused in the body of the black woman or the black man called the slave, they took away the dignity of our history, access to our history. and slavery when it was abolished was fold by colonialism. european powers and king leapold sat down in berlin and
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africa like it was a piece of meat. you want the pepperoni? you want the saw -- uh -- sausage? what do you want on your pizza? they had to create a stereo type of our ancestors that they were ignorant, prim ma tiff and -- primitive, no development and no movement in africa. george hagle said that in an essay called "the philosophy of history." it says africa is the land of the undeveloped. there was no movement. that means if we were in a time machine and went back to 1,000 ad or 1,000 bc our ancestors were living the same basic life in a mud house and hoeing with a dirt floor and herding animals or whatever. we had contributed nothing to, quote, unquote, civilization. this is not true.
3:06 am
more fascinating is that europeans knew that. the example i like to site is a man whose mentor -- he became the duke of tuscany. his tutors prepare a summary of world leaders. this is about the time shakespear is writing hamlet. queen elizabeth the first and you know who else? king alvaro the second, the king of the kongo. the mythical king of ethiopia, they knew about the european world. african kingdom like kongo, ethiopia -- they said sent ambassadors to the vatican and other courts in europe. they sent their kids to be educated. the king of kongo convert to roman catholicism and then sent his son to portugal to be educated. he comes back and the v
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the congo in 1517. a power move on the king's part. they knew each other and they dealt with each other as equals and not in the saw -- saw board net way. when i was growing up, we thought nothing good or complicated or interesting had come out of africa because that's what we were taught. we thought africa was tarzan. it is just not true. they took away our history. you don't have to be a black nationalist to believe this. this is just the way it was. there was a queen. amani rinas beat the row fans fans in 24bc. she was the queen of maraway which is nubia and in a battle with the romans who were trying to take a kingdom. she not only defeated them, but her
3:08 am
augustus casar himself. after the battle she confiscated a bust of augustus caesar and put it next to her throne so everybody who came to see her had to step on his head. >> hold that. professor luis gates is our guest. i am armstrong williams, your host.
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welcome back. thank you. as a man reminds me of you. the richest man in history was a black man. he was the king of the empire. most of us don't know that most of the goal that europe received between 1,000 and 1500 came from west africa. he was a king and took so much -- he took 10,000 slaves. some count 10,000 and some count 12,000. 1324 and 1325 and he had so much gold when he went through cairo.
3:11 am
and he is still considered to be the richest man in the history of the world. thet worth is -- net worth is $400 billion. bill gates looks like he is on welfare next to him. >> we will take his welfare. you know, you are really doing dab dash you are really company touring here a 200,000-r journey in the mill -- millenia and in the war and in the famine to where we are today. >> look, it is not only about the good guys. there were bad guys. the african elites in the shame trade. the image we had that white showed up and your ancestors and mine were out on a picnic and a white man jumps out of the bushes and throws a net on them and they ended up in a plan station in mississippi. it wasn't like that. it was big business. it was big business. my colleagues
3:12 am
least 90% of the africans enslaved were the result of other africans who captured them in wars or kidnapped them or bargained for them or something and then sold them to european factors along the coast. the safe trade was enormously complicated. there were no god guys. it is not like our ancestors were innocent and the evil white people showed up. there were two sets of evil people who were capturing other human beings and shipping them to the new world for great economic profit. >> what happens in futuristic when many on the continent of africa really come full circle with their full potential, unleash their human capital and unleash their economic engine. >> africa will be back and it will come.
3:13 am
renaissance is coming? >> we are recover from the congress of berlin. we are recovering from all of those years between 1884 and -- well sudan becomes independent in 1956. 1960, the year i turned 10 years old. we are recovering from that period of suppression and repression from european colonial governments. the only places untouched, though affected was liberia, sierra leone and ethiopia which has been independent for a swrl swrl -- zillion years. did you know ethiopia, the king converted to christianity in 350ad. the third nation in the world after rome and ar mean yaw to convert to christianity was ethiopia. who knew that? it is true. when we realize our lost glory -- here is what my goal
3:14 am
contributions of people of african dissent a normal part of the school curriculum. that's where your attitudes are shaped. i love black history month. a harvard man, phd, 1912, he created negro history week which became negro history month and we all know that. as important as the month of february is, the month we are in now, that's not how you naturalize information into the curriculum. when i started elementary school in 1956, my teacher didn't say today is civics day and i will teach you how to be an american. it says my country tiz of thee , land of the beautiful, george washington chopped down the cherry tree and never told a lie. all of those facts and myths were told to us as a normal part of the school
3:15 am
i want amani renas' victory over the romans. i want the pilgrimage to mecca. i want the existence of the black pharaohs of the nile between 750, bc. i want every child in america to know that and not to think it is extraordinary or special. i want them to know about the history of the world. i want them to know about fred rick douglas and booker t washington. i want them to know about george washington carver and not only knowing them about it in the coldest, darkest, shortest month of the year which is february. >> hold that poimt. we will come back to the final thoughts of professor l
3:16 am
welcome back to the broadcast. people are talking about
3:17 am
expense of your white brothers and sisters. because you have built some of the best relationships. you just believe without minimizing anybody or marginal liesing anybody, you just feel there has been a void in the history of africa being told in the world. >> when we in the 90s fought fore -- for the equality of african-american literature and people on the right, conservatives, say you are trying to get rid of shakespear. you are trying to get rid of milton. no. only an idiot would do that. there are forms of excellence in thought and in art and in literature just as sublime as any you will find in the western tradition, in the european tradition, in the tradition, quote, unquote, of white people. you have to understand our geniuses too. we have black genius. we just want them to move over a little bit.
3:18 am
am a can of maker and not a can of breaker. affirmative action is letting inferior people into places they don't deserve. yale, ben carson, she will law jackson lee, kurt schmoke, inferior? to whom. yale had a strict race quota. look at your franchises. i don't know what the proper word is, but for your -- >> television broadcast station. >> yes, your station. 50 years ago it was impossible. 50 years ago. why? there were not black people smart enough to -- of course there were. >> opportunity. >> it is opportunity. there was a white only sign on on -- in the media world. >> i want to say this in the close. what would your parents think of you today if they could just see the extraordinary success, the lives you have enriched and how you are willing to just put it all on the line to tell the story of the ancestors?
3:19 am
would be most concerned about? they would be concerned about how i interacted with the people i grew up with when i go back to piedmont, west virginia. the one thing that would have embarrassed them -- they would have stood by me no matter what. if i went back putting on airs they would have said -- skip -- sip -- skippy, they called me, never forget where you came from. i would like to think i honored that value. >> professor gates, it has been a pleasure and an honor to have you in our house, our broadcast house. keep up the great work and keep representing us. you know where. >> you do the same. >> thank you, everybody. thank you for joining us. i am armstrong williams.
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>> yes. midnight blue. >> very nice. >> yes. >> and am i right? sweet heart cut off the shoulder? yes. >> next. >> and ryan gosling was wearing this beautiful ruffly situation. he changed already. he changed before he came over, but at the award show he was wearing this ruffle thing with some edging in it. >> it looks like he's starring in a western. >> he looked beautiful. >> even for him
3:22 am
disappointing. >> it's not ruffly thingy. that's not the technical term. the mix is next.
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okay. the mix is going to have sort of a movie theme in essence. on a sad note you may have heard bill paxton passed away. he's well known for a number of movies. "aliens" and "titanic" but twister back in 1996. and so storm chasers who learned so much from him over the years and in -- and that movie inspired so many of them. they made this for him specialispecialling his initials. they share third down on facebook. the unique way he and his colleagues remembered this celebrated actor.
3:26 am
that? >> they didn't have much time. he passed away over the weekend. at the young age of 61. that movie made a difference for so many people. >> kudos to them for pulling that off. >> makayla wright shared a story after she decided to mess with her little brother. she put makeup on him, a wig, eyelash extensions, a dress. she even added a final touch with a plate of strawberries on top of him saying no one wants to go to bed hungry. i'm just curious at what she gave her brother beforehand to make him sleep through this, and can we have some? >> that is awesome. >> how funny is that? >> it looks beautiful. >> speaking of having too much time on your hands. one of our producers responsible for some of the
3:27 am
we've done, well, he's also a dad, and he produces his own little sort of award show. take a look at it here. >> he makes these videos for his son. here's his latest creation. >> and the oscar goes to daddy. [ applause ] >> thank you. i'm sorry. i wasn't expecting to win. well, leo, we did it. we blocked the baby from winning an oscar. >> cash is outraged. >> before i go on -- >> his one-year-old son cash, there. >> chris makes these videos for cash, and cash prefers to watch his dad's videos over tv. and we love third down much so one. chris sent it around the show off his handy work. we
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the mentionup at the oscars. the biggest award of the night first goes to the wrong movie. what happens? we'll go live to hollywood for the latest. and investigating the russian connection. the growing calls for an official probe from both sides of the aisle into alleged russian interference into the presidential election. what one lawmaker is now saying. >> and later we'll show you what happened when we sat down to watch the red carpet and got an exciting knock on the door. it is a surprise guest coming up on this oscar monday, february 27th. >> this is "world news now."
3:31 am
>> no words. we have no words. >> by the way, here's what -- i want to describe my perspective for a quick second. i had been waiting to go to the bathroom, watching the award show. they announce "la la land." i think it's over. i get up, go to the bathroom, i come back, and the cast of "moonlight" is on the stage. >> we're going to break that down. hollywood is known for great scripting, amazing cliff hangers, emotional endings. some explosive plots. >> the show was running well for most of last night until this unexpected plot when it come to best picture. >> we want to play it all. you said the honor fell to warren beatty and faye dunaway. there was a pause. he's trying to find the correct envelope. and she's like come on with it.
3:32 am
because he knows he has the wrong envelope. >> she thinks he's trying to the funny? >> yeah. >> she's like come on. >> "la la land." >> she looks over and all she sees is "la la land." >> he's showing it to her like what do we do with this? >> then this is the producer. >> there's a mistake. >> before all of this, the interesting thing is as they were talking you saw a tech with a headset. i was looking at it live on tv like why is this guy up there? did somebody crash the stage? what's happening. you see the tech walking around, and it turns out what was why. >> so much chaos, that it's hard to make out what happened until justin hurwitz comes out and tries to explain, and then warren beatty explains. >> i opened the envelope, and it said emma stone "la la land." that's why i took such a long
3:33 am
look at faye and at you. i wasn't trying to be funny. >> well, you were funny. >> thank you very much. >> wow, this is -- >> you remember the elizabeth taylor moment at the golden globes where she walked on and was like -- but this wasn't a senior moment. >> this was just a mistake that happened. everyone is now resurrecting steve harvey's mishap. let's check in with lesley messer. what was the reaction where you were? >> reporter: just shock. you could not have scripted a more dramatic ending to an awards show. it was unbelievable. >> aside from the mistake, was part of the surprise that "moonlight" won at all or was it just the confusion? >> i think it was the confusion of it.
3:34 am
and the director of the film and mahershala came back. they were saying how shocked they were. they said they loved "la la land." they accepted they won, and mahershala said he felt bad going up on stage. he said it was hard to feel joy at a moment like that. you felt bad all the way around for both of them. >> lesley, you're back there, backstage right there just steps away from where all of this is playing out. take us during the moment. what was it like? >> reporter: there was a lot of confusion as i'm sure you felt. you were wondering what is going on? is this a joke? this is a weird joke if it's a joke, and then there was a gasp that went through the room. no one could believe that this was happening. because this doesn't happen. this has never happened before. >> i mean, you can tell by the number of times jordan has to say this is not a joke and even holds up the card. how unexpected this all was.
3:35 am
>> reporter: yeah, and actually, emma stone backstage after said part of the reason she was confused was because she actually had her best actress card. they gave it to her as a keepsake. so there was a lot of confusion as to what might have happened. were there duplicate cards. i think we'll be hearing about this for a long time. there's a lot more we don't know about how it went down. >> apparently there's duplicate cards. there's one on both sides of the stage. emma got hers for best actress. maybe warren and faye picked up her other duplicate card when they went on stage which is why he saw "la la land" and emma stone and created that moment and pause. >> at the end of the day, mistakes happen. it's just you hope something like this doesn't happen. and you feel bad for everyone involved. >> i think the positive thing to find in all of this as you were
3:36 am
even the guys from "moonlight" couldn't believe it because they love "la la land." i think both of the parties involved could not have been more gracious to each other in all of this. you heard the "la la land" cast talk about how happy they were for "moonlight". emma stone said how much she loved the movie. and the guys of "moonlight" sung the praises of "la la land" as well. >> reporter: totally. this is why you can't go to the bathroom. >> this is why some of us should not have gone to the bathroom. >> lesley messer live backstage at an oscars for the ages, no doubt. >> will not forget that one. >> we'll have more oscar coverage throughout our show. we didn't get dressed up for nothing. so stick around with us. >> and lesley, thanks again. let's move to the morning's top stories. the white house insists it's
3:37 am
premature to call for a special prosecutor to look into the alleged russian intervention into the presidential election. >> a prominent lawmaker is weighing in. >> reporter: president trump battling the reports that members of his campaign spoke with russians to help win the election. tweeting russia talk is fake news. put out by the dems and played up by the media in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks. this can comes amid growing calls for an official investigation. a prominent republican calling for a special prosecutor and that the attorney general should recuse himself. >> you're going to need to use the special prosecutor's statute and office to take not just to recuse. you can't just give it to your deputy. >> reporter: both the house and senate have already launched investigations. marco rubio underscoring the need for a nonpartisan probe. >> i think it's very important that the work of the senate intelligence committee be credible. >> reporter: corey lewandowski echoing the president's denial.
3:38 am
>> never did i or anyone i know of have communication or contact with anyone from russia or the russian government. >> reporter: the president dined with his daughter and her husband. with the vocal proponent of brexit, this just showers after announcing he will not be dining with his sworn enemy, the media at this year's white house correspondence dinner. when asked for jeff segs recusing himself from the nvlgs, the white house said we're not there yet. >> the new details into the frightening crash over the weekend into the heart of new orleans mardi gras. what we're finding out about the driver. and last half hour you saw how great we are at judging fashion. see what happens when we're joined by the most fashionable person we could find. >> who is it? >> you'll have to wait and see. first, here'
3:39 am
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brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. this four-mile ice jam on a river in new hampshire caused a sudden flood catching dozens of students at plymouth state university by surprise. look at these scenes. they were told to move their cars immediately from a parking lot which ended up flooding. a local highway was closed for a while. >> and nearly more than two dozen charges are expected against a drunk driver at
3:43 am
gras. prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was nearly three times louisiana's legal limit when his truck plowed through a crowd. 28 people were hurt. one victim described the moments right before the crash. >> the truck lost control. came barrelling toward us. pretty fast. some of friends were run over. i got hit. i was just clipped. i'm all right. everyone has been released from the hospital. everyone seems to be doing all right. >> that's the good news. he's being held on $125,000 bond. if he makes that he'll be placed on house arrest and required to wear an ankle monitor. hollywood was stunned to learn that bill paxton passed away at the age of 61. he was in dozens of movies and television series. including a tv series that premiered earlier this month. he was never nominated for an academy wd
3:44 am
during his career. his family said only he died from complications due to a surgery. and the star of the people's court is dead at age 97. in his 12 years on the bench inspired decades of other courtroom shows. he was an actual california judge before he presided over the people's court. we're waiting to hear from judges on a world record attempt in mexico city. there was a monument of the revolution. who knew there was a world record for english bulldogs in one place, but there is. >> another record attempt this weekend fell flat. flat. as a pancake. as part of the russian folk holiday in siberia chefs attempted to whip up the biggest crepe ever made in the country.
3:45 am
because the pancake wasn't flipped properly. but everyone got a piece, and the celebrations continued anyway. they still have crepe to last for days. >> the old rolling method -- >> no. it was a technique. >> i see. >> yeah. >> next time. there's always next year. and still to come, hollywood's most fashionable night called for our most fashionable guest ever. >> wait until you see this person. next. ♪living well come on up, grandpa don't let joint discomfort keep you down. come play with us! i'm coming. upgrade to move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility, and flexibility. it also provides 20% better comfort than glucosamine chondroitin, all from one tiny mighty pill.... get in there with move free ultra, and enjoy living well. ♪living well
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3:47 am
[ kn [ knocking on the door ] >> come in. >> i'm here. i'm here. i'm ready for the oscars. >> you know this is a pajama party, right? >> yeah. i'm wearing my pajamas. >> are you ready? it's about the start.
3:48 am
celebrities in hollywood are already making their way onto the most famous red carpet in the world. >> it would be perfect if gio benitez was there. >> reporter: oscar winner octavia spencer. >> octavia? oh, she looked stunning. >> she looked fantastic. >> she does. >> the lower part looks like a tornado. >> it kind of looks like a muppet. >> they should have saved the feathers for just the bottom of the dress. >> she's wearing vertical blinds. >> she really is. >> isabelle. >> that's so exotic. that is a beautiful gown. i had draperies in my living room that looked like that once. >> i think you need a show a little more skin somewhere. if you're going to have long sleeves, it needs maybe a v neck. to have a high neck, long sleeves and a long skirt i think is too much. >> it's kind of like a beaded
3:49 am
>> justin timberlake and jessica biel. wonderful to have you both here. >> wow. she looks like an oscar. >> she dressed the part. >> she does. that's way too much gold. >> maybe she's trying to bring him good luck. >> i have her doll. >> you can never go wrong with gold. >> i feel like i want to ask him what table i'm sitting at. >> best justin timberlake song? >> "sexy back". >> that's great. i have to agree with that. ♪ how to act >> i like "can't stop the feeling". ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ to just dance dance dance >> you don't know that one? >> not really. >> it's halle berry. >> she went to my hairdresser. >> thank you, robin. i'm here with janelle monet. >> what the hell is that?
3:50 am
her in glue and rolled her around in beads. >> emma stone. wait. stop. >> ryan gosling. >> we were wondering what the noise was. ryan, ryan. >> wait, ryan reynolds. >> no, gosling. >> what's with the ruffles? >> ryan gosling can do no wrong. >> except that. >> no. >> the ruffles. >> handsome. >> except ruffles. it's very over the top. >> and we're drinking to ryan gosling. >> it's a nod to the 70s. i like it. he looks like a hipster in brooklyn. >> that's an insult to that hipsters and brooklyn. >> i guess it is. in a hipster in brooklyn met grizzly adams. >> oh, it's a mull let dress. and it's a bathing suit top. >> that's bad.
3:51 am
it looks like the underbelly of a fish. >> i'm here with viola davis and her husband. >> viola davis. cheers. >> cheers. >> thank you for stopping by. good to see you as always. back to you. >> who are you wearing? >> i don't know. >> who am i wearing? i don't know. i think it's jcpenny. >> she was drunk. >> speechless. >> by the way, what was in her cup? >> every ten seconds -- >> it wasn't diet coke. >> no, and every ten seconds we looked over and she had a new piece of food in her hand. a corn dog, a turkey leg, a box of donuts. >> including the pizza from somewhere in long island. >> this is a pajama party. those were aunt barbara's pajamas. i talked about showing skin and
3:52 am
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3:55 am
start your used car search at the all-new ♪ ♪ >> that is sia on the red carpet. >> there's sarah silverman. >> jennifer aniston looking great. jimmy kimmel gave us a lot of smiles host. >> there was one at least one guy who didn't seem so amused with kimmel's optics. >> he's going to keep you off stage. do you have any plan? he's not watching right now. >> i don't know. he's talentless himself, but unfortunately he has an incredible group of writers who work for him, so i'm afraid, i think i'm in for it tonight. it's going to be a little rough. >> tonight in spirit of bringing people together, i would like to bury the hatchet with someone i've had issues
3:56 am
matt damon. now, matt, i've known him for a long time. i've known matt so long when i first met matt, i was the fat one. okay? true. i also want to take a moment tonight to acknowledge our musical director, the great herald wheeler.
3:57 am
>> wrap it up. we want to go home. >> so incredibly brilliant. i laughed the entire time. >> they also played one of matt damon's worst movies ever. >> in all the clips, all the good ones -- >> great movies. >> they played "we bought a zoo". >> you were about to add an
3:58 am
>> i was.
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- >> there's a mistake. >> "moonlight," best picture. >> the surprise ending at the oscars, the wrong winner announced for best picture. we have the latest explanation on what went wrong. plus, the big winners. >> we have the only profession that shows what it means to live a life. >> the big moments. >> when donald trump hasn't tweeted at us once, i'm starting to get worried. >> the tourists who unknowingly wandered into tinseltown's biggest night and the red carpet fashion, live to hollywood. >> jaw-dropping moment. >>


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