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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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thly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home... and here's the best part... you still own yohome. call now! take control of your retirement today! announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. jummy: happening right now, that desperate search for a missing teenager in montgomery county. we want you to take a good look at the picture you are about to the. this is 18-year-old angelica rivas, last seen in her home in gaithersburg. and we understand she is related to a teena
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last month? >> that's right. this missing woman in montgomery county is the cousin of the 15-year-old girl who was found murdered last month in fairfax county. we are live in gaithersburg in wokt of the wik express -- express chinese restaurant where she had been working. she left early, saying she was not feeling well. there are a lot of surveillance cameras. these cameras captured her leaving the restaurant. that is the last time she was seen. take a look. this is the surveillance video. timestamp on the screen. this is believed to be 18-year-old angelica. she matches the description of wearing.ce say she was she was carrying a pink purse. ath
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carefully, a man in a ball cap on his cell phone standing on the corner. he looks around the corner once she passes. he appears to look three times while he is on his phone. she walks out of frame. it is unclear whether she gets in a car or where she goes to. family and friends say they have not been able to contact hearst hersaturday -- contact since saturday. disturbingcome a trend, missing girls in our region, many of them connected to gang activity. missingear-old who went was found in a park near springfield. 10 people have been arrested in that case, some juveniles. others connected to missing persons cases in the area. it is unclear if this is connected to that death. but police
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live in gaithersburg, john gonzalez, abc seven eyewitness news. you may: well, it took longer than expected, but students at this elementary school are finally back in the classroom after an infestation of bedbugs. it is back to class at their home school for 350 students here at savoy elementary in southeast washington. parents and school -- students returned to the school after a three-week facility cleaning program. the school had a problem with rats and bedbugs that came to a head earlier this month. authorities say they have replaced all office materials, cots and blankets, thoroughly cleaned classrooms, and blocked places where rats could get in. >> one of the challenges we face is that we want to make sure our families feel comfortable and that our teachers feel comfortabl a
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we have done all we can to get this building ready for them. hopefully, it is under control because my child is back. >> both the health department and the department of child services have inspected the building and say it is safe for students and teachers to return. suzanne kennedy, abc seven news. complaint district board has released their assessment of police behavior during inauguration protest and the women's march the next day. some officer activity was questionable, including use of force, using spray, and arresting people who were not involved. from the women's march was that officers wore pink hats, showing support for the march.
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cleanup continues after a tornado. take a look at the damage done. the ef1 tornado knocked down trees and power lines and damaged roofs. no injuries were reported. februaryornadoes in are rare. this is only the third in maryland since 1950. inhave seen a big change temperature after topping 70's several times last week. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the forecast. upg: it is going to warm today and tomorrow, and especially wednesday. wednesday, we could be looking at thunderstorms. but first, let's take a look at what happened on saturday. the tornado touched down and was on the ground for 11 miles. it hadin
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there were no injuries reported, but there were some trees knocked down and other structural damage. intend to get tornadoes southern maryland. the wind went away and dissipated. hail was reported. the wind was strong, but not nearly as strong as i would expect of a storm of that intensity. temperatures will get to the middle 50's this afternoon. our hourly forecast pushes us close to 57 degrees. tomorrow, mid 50's, maybe afternoon showers. wednesday, we will be headlong into a warm sector. temperatures will be in the mid 70's with a chance of severe thunderstorms. right now, a slight risk. we will talk about that potential in a few minutes. jummy: now we turn to what may
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academy awards in history. amazing performances and a few political punches, but nothing top to the end of the night when the wrong winner was announced for best picture. day, which the mistake was worse, the oscar mixup or steve harvey's makes up at the miss universe contest last year? go to abc to vote now. there was thate, big mistake last night at the oscars. prior to that, a lot of big moments. last night's show started with the right field. ♪ from music to laughs. i first met matt, i was the fat one. [laughter] were the expected political jokes. jimmy: remember last year when it seemed like the oscars were racist? >> jimmy kimmel also took a
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jimmy: if everyone of you took a minute to reach out to one person you disagree with, the one you like, and have a positive, considerate conversation -- >> and something that probably hasn't happened before at the oscars. a wedding. dens l: i now pronounce you husband and wife. oh, and a few awards were handed out. >> viola davis. affleck. >> manchester by the sea. >> emma stone. >> but the biggest night in oscar history will go down as this. >> there has been a mistake. moonlight. you guys won best picture. this is not a joke. i am afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke. moonlight has won best picture. moonlight. best picture. >> as you can see
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here, moonlight already up on the board as the winner from last night. as you leave the dolby theater, of pastother wins oscars are listed below. the red carpet has been picked up. now just remnants of a red carpet. and an oscars we will never forget. speaking of never forgetting, steve harvey had a few thoughts on the mixup last night. he tweeted this morning, "went to sleep early last night. what did i miss?" to help warren beatty, saying he could help him get through this. i am sure he could. he knows all about making a mixup. , areas you need to look out for today. plus, donald trump is standing
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his ground, but how close are we to an investigation into his campaign's ties to russia? mostquiet mid-day for the part this afternoon. it is going to be pretty good around the beltway you can see from the traffic map. everything is looking fairly light. no major worries. this is 95 in maryland south. a lot of volume here. right lane heading to the beltway. crash reported on the outer loop. over to 66 in virginia. very clear. that's all from the traffic center for
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house a prominent republican is calling on the attorney general to appoint an independent special prosecutor to review if russia had any influence over the election. notell issa said he does trust jeff sessions to look into the matter. >> you cannot have somebody who is a friend, who was on the campaign, who was an appointee. >> let this play out the way it should. jummy: president trump called the allegations fake news in order to mask the election defeat. ago, a judge ruled that a juror from a nether county will be seated for the cosby trial. -- from another
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will be seated for the cosby trial. cosby denies all allegations against him. starting today, parking prices in certain areas of the district are changing. some of you will pay more. others will pay less. it all depends on what time you park. >> surge pricing for parking is coming to downtown washington. is in demand, prices will be higher. during off-peak times, prices will be lower. of thein the shadow verizon center. vdot tells us they are trying to make parking easier for everyone. they say the streets from third to 11th and e through eighth will be affected. they want people to do less
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everybody else. so, depending on where you park, the price will be different, and rates will be set for each hour based on past history. the city will reevaluate rates every three months. we set out on the streets to see what people think. >> that's reasonable. >> i think that's ok. >> it will help the city and probably help keep the system going. muchthink it will be harder to attract people to come down here. sense.s common >> only time will tell to say if this program is successful. right now, the question is what are the rates? the most expensive right now is $3.25 an hour. reporting in northwest washington, i'm sam sweeney. basically, if you park around the verizon center during high rush-hour time, you are going to be payin
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let's start with a couple photographs viewers sent in. this is from north beach, day.peake kyle took this picture. his back is at the waterfront. this is the storm that produced the tornado about 20-25 minutes later. we have another shot of hail from stafford. this is the same storm before it ic.ame tornad now we have clouds rolling in. we started this morning in the 30's in some areas. now into the 50 degree range. be aafternoon, there could shower west of the metro, west of the blue ridge. shower chances here and there for the next couple of days. wednesday is the day we are concerned with because then
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will be flooded with a lot of warm air. on wednesday. then the approach of a strong cold front. now, the storm prediction center has parts of tennessee, kentucky, and alabama with a moderate risk of severe weather. we are in a mild risk. slight risk at the moment for severe weather on wednesday. futurecast shows a few showers here and there possible. clouds back and fourth. that is the story. tomorrow evening, a better chance of showers northwest of the city. wednesday, everything starts to converge. gusty wind and the cold front lines up. depending on what the atmospheric conditions are, that will tell the tale of whether we have a severe outbreak or garden-variety showers and thunderstorms. in the meantime, let's you view an extended look for the next
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days. a warm up after a little bit of a chill. mid 60's tomorrow. mid-70's at least on wednesday. thursday, the cooler air comes in. easy, chilly, 42 on friday. sunday, we go from 49 back into the 60's. next week, another little chill. still getting the roller coaster up and down, but the temperature is not as extreme on the lower side. jummy: and that's because it's almost march, and march means it's almost spring. doug: absolutely. coming up, meet the fa grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years.
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jummy: in the past five decades, unlike any other social group, lgbt americans have seen a change in how they are viewed. much more actives see work ahead tackling bullying, discrimination, and so on, but this report celebrates how far they have come. the 1969nessed stonewall riots, said to be the start of the gay rights movement. >> what led up to stonewall was constant harassment by the police. anin 1975, he became activist, willing to risk arrest. he attended gay pride in the early years when many were still closeted. unlike today's festival
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over laws and work these protections. >> -- workplace protections. this reporter covered the demonstrations. >> i do think marriage crossed many people's minds back then. >> at that time, civil rights leaders like marion barry began backing gay rights, and these like washington became's eighth havens. ids, and devastation. suddenly, the community was gone. >> i could have three friends die in a week. >> i never would have imagined we could have come this far, this fast. rightst w
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dramatically because of the diversity in the community. >> it supercharged us in a lot of ways. >> there were allies and historic moments. in publiced a shift opinion after president obama announced his support for marriage equality in 2012. received arump standing ovation after promising to protect lgbtq americans. still, many are concerned about his cabinet appointments and recent actions revoking protections for transgendered students. activists say they must be vigilant as they reflect on how far they have come and how many lost along theve way. in dupont circle, abc seven news. jummy: this report is one of several abc is doing today throughout our newscasts in
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"when we rise," which tells the story of the modern gay rights movement. we invite you to join the roundsion during a live table tonight from 8:00-9:00 p.m. rise"ne of ope "when we premieres at 9:00. at 11:00,
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jimmy: you know we are on tv, so you don't need to do that. >> i know, but i want to. i want to. of several was one people on a bus who thought they were going to a down exhibit and ended up at the academy award. l washington jokingly married gary and his fiancee live on tv. he will be on jimmy kimmel tonight. does.that's what he no big weather story today. clouds and mild temperatures. we will be in the 40's tonight. tomorrow, afternoon showers. the potential for heavy thunderstorms wednesday. we will talk about that a lot at 4:00.
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>> welcome to newlywed week, coming to you from our home here at bally's las vegas. today we're playing our game with some very excited newly-married couples, and i would love nothing more than to give one of them a million-dollar wedding gift. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey everybody. welcome. it's newlywed week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] so let's get going. having gotten married after just ten months together, our first newlywed had no problem taking a risk on love. will she take some chances today? let's find out. from indianapolis, indiana, please welcome kaitlyn colby. kaitlyn, how you doing? good to meet you. >> how are you? good to meet you.


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