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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they are truly frightening. three bomb threats in one day in the metro area. we learned the congregation of the day school in annapolis released a threat about explosive device today after the gesher jewish day school in fairfax got a call shortly after 9:00 this morning. and moments later, the charles e. smith upper jewish day school in rockville also received a bomb threat via telephone. >> saying there was a bomb on campus and saying that jewish souls would be destroyed. stephen: the head of school at charles e. smith said the rash of back threats, though apparently pranks are terrible and anxiety-provoking. for parents they are trying. >> i have five kids in schools here in d.c. it's disturbing. stephen: gesher evacuated until the police cleared the scene. at charles e. smith the substitutes remained in class until t
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they have already beefed up security in place. >> being south african we grew up with a lot of violence. it doesn't bode well for the future. stephen: no explosive devices were found here. meanwhile, the f.b.i. is trying to track down whoever is behind the threatening phone calls. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: the white house which has been criticized for lack of response to the other antisemitic crimes was quick to respond today. >> that kind of behavior and activity is wrong and won't be tolerated. the highest levels of governments denounce it. michelle: the f.b.i. is investigating all the antisemitic incidents reported today. jonathan: a man's face bitten in what police are calling an anti-muslim attack. tonight an arrest has been made. fairfax county police say robin mcgreer made anti-muslim slurs at a man in a parking lot at tysons corner center in november. a fight broke out and mcgreer apparently bit the man's face and then ran off.
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arrest was all because of a thorough investigation. scenes of chaos and more than 200 people arrested. remember all this? a lasting image from inauguration day. the d.c. police complaints board says it will take a closer look at things because in a report a group says overall officers performed well. but it also faults officers that says use nonlethal weapons like pepper spray and sting balls without permission or without warning. they found incidents where arrests happened without required warrants. the complaint boards want the instances investigated further and they found problems in how police found the women's march on washington the day after. most of the concerns focused on a lack of officers at some intersections making it dangerous as far as pedestrians crossing the street. michelle: more money for defense. less money for everything else. that is a snapshot so far of president trump's first budget proposal. the spending plan is expected to
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defense spending that would be cut from other parts of the budget. the full budget will be revealed next month. the budget rollout comes amidst busy stretch for the president. this afternoon he met with the nation's governors. then he met with the health insurance industry leaders to talk about the repeal and the replacement of obamacare. tomorrow night he will address a joint session of congress for the first time and will take an in-depth look at all of this in a special town hall. that is tonight at 7:00 on the sister station newschannel8 and jonathan: there is a growing dispute between metro and the union. passengers stuck in the middle. at issue is a metro directive to stop union employees from working serve straight days. metro says to avoid tired workers at the controls. that is what they are trying to do. the unions responded by threatening to have workers stop working voluntary overtime. the two sides appear to be headed to court. michelle: savoy elementary school in southeast d.c. reopened
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bottom cleaning. bed bugs and rodents forced the district to close the school for three weeks. workers scrubbed the building and replaced everything from carpets and floors to pillows and blankets. jonathan: there is no good option. that is what parents are saying at a d.c. public school. they say many walk out of the building to find right there, parking tickets under the windshield wiper. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is joining us from seton elementary school. sam, parents say they are being penalized from protecting their children to make sure they make it to school safely. sam: yes, in fact, jonathan, right now it is after school is ending. parents are coming to pick the children up and take them home. the other side of the school day is a problem. they say the requirements defy and if they aby a them they would -- obey them it would deny common sense. they have
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school and they are being penalized. >> i got a ticket and my car was towed. >> i have two tickets now i need to right. two tickets right here. sam: if you live in d.c., pickets are part of life. parents at seton elementary school say one ticket-writer -- >> the fact there is a ticket-writer that rides around and prey on the parents who are trying to drop the kids off. sam: we did not see the parking enforcement worker the day we were there but we heard from parents and grandparents. >> yeah. i have about $500 of tickets. >> the parking enforcement waits there. you run in for five minutes and people get $50 tickets. sam: the school is located on busy rhode island. opposite the busiest inbound traffic in the morning but one parent who bikes to school -- >> it creates dangerous situations here with the crosswalk. so, i'm pro-tickets. sam: however, most tickets who drive -- >> she is 3. we can't let her go in by herself.
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park and drop my kids off. sam: you want to walk them in. >> you have to. with the pre-k student you have to walk them in classroom. you can't drop them off. sam: mayor bowser's communication director kevin harris issued the following statement today when we asked him about this -- the administration is made aware of the i.r.s. and is committed to -- aware of the issue and is committed to finding a resolution to promolt pedestrian safety and allows parents the time they need to safely drop off their children. certainly this is good news for the parents and we will stay on top of this to tell you how it worked. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: sam, thank you for that. a car burned. a child inside murdered. why the mother did it and the sentence she will now serve. michelle: remember this? it captivated the world watching on tv and online. ahead the sentence for the virginia teen arrested after climbing trump
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doug: the next warming trend urnway. 60's and 70's and maybe severe weather on wednesday. a lot to share with you still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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jonathan: she drugged her 5-year-old son, faked a crash and torched the vehicle with her son's body in the backseat. now narges shafeirad will be
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prosecutors say in june of 2015, she force fed her son daniel a lethal amount of cough medicine. prosecutors say shafeirad was seeking revenge against her estranged husband. >> this was an horrific crime. this was a mother killing her own child. jonathan: shafeirad apologized in court and asked for mercy. the judge dismissed the apology citing the evilness of the crime and a total lack of remorse. michelle: a case of a missing montgomery county teen. family members of angelica barahona-rivas tell abc7 she is with an uncle in new jersey. we are awaiting confirmation from investigators on that. police were concerned about her whereabouts because her cousin damaris rivas was recently found murdered. jonathan: remember this
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the virginia guy, teenager with climbing skills. the problem was he was criming trump tower. he pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and disordinarily conduct. 19-year-old stephen rogata avoided jail time. as a part of the plea deal he must avoid contact with the president including via social media for one year. rogata must continental health treatment and go to school or work. michelle: now to a show-stopping moment at a parade leading up to mardi gras in new orleans. watch what happens here with the police officer. what he had planned that roped in the colleagues. [cheering] michelle: he is popping the question in a crowded street there in new orleans in the midst of the fun and the festivities there. she says yes. kicking off a party that even included the city's police superintendent. but the new bride quickly learned a
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married to a police officer. two minutes later the party ended and he had to go back to work. jonathan: that is how it works. congratulations. in preparation for tonight's "when we rise" mini series, we will take a look at the adoption process for gay couples from heartbreak to full hearts. >> unbelievable that anybody lived through that. >> miraculously. look. michelle: a teenager crashes his car and plunges seven stories and then walks away. then things got complicated.
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michelle: look at your tv screen right now. images of a terrifying ride and a shocking survival in texas. you are looking at the aftermath of a crash involving a teenager and a parking deck. the car landing on the roof seven stories below. amazingly he walks away. >> he was covered in debris and soot. like dust. >> unbelievable that anybody lived through that. michelle: it just defies logic. it's incredible he is okay. the car ended up lodged in the roof of a business. i took hours to untangle the mess and haul the car away. police sa
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the gas for the brake pedal. jonathan: enforcement for the mercedes. a tough car to survive that. michelle: wow! tonight, abc7 airs the first part of a mini series "when we rise" when the -- which is a struggle of the gay rights movement. jonathan: one of the issues is the frequency of gay adoption. we look at a local couple. fatherhood came naturally but not easy. >> the saying is "little girls are made of sugar and spice." if only it was that easy. grant and sean started seeking an adoption three years ago. completing the piles of paperwork, dealing with the moments of heartbreak. one potential birth mom twice stood them up. >> each year we have a discussion is this something we want to continue to try to do? >> finally in late april they were matched with alexandra's birthday in new york state. >> a week
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and she had gone into labor. >> the daughter they spent years dreaming about suddenly arrived, ten weeks early. >> holy cow! >> they dropped everything and rushed to new york. spending two months in a neonatal care unit. >> every time an alarm goes off. you are seeing a three-pound little girl. terrifying. >> but little alex grew strong and healthy. the young parents were eager to travel home. >> our friends surprised us employering out the room, painting it and setting up furniture for us. >> they live here in frederick, maryland. far outside the liberal bubble of washington, d.c. but sean and grant say overall they have had a positive response from neighbors and everybody strangers with a few teachable moments here and there. >> it's almost like coming out of the closet all over again. you have to establish here is a family unit. we are her fathers. >> they are still adjusting to the occasional questions, unsolicited advice and many assumptions made about them. >> the
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must be two guys raising a girl. do we wish you had a boy instead? no. we love her so much. >> alex just turned 9 months old. one day soon they hope to give her one, maybe two siblings but for now alex is the star. their sunshine. in frederick, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: she is so sweet. you want to pinch those cheeks. jonathan: beautiful. michelle: this report is just one of several abc7 aired today in anticipation of the airing of "when we rise." we invite you to join the discussion in a wjla facebook live round table tonight from 8:00 to 9:00. part one of "when we rise" from 9:00 to 11:00 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. we have an exclusive interview with a brave teenager. well, gavin grimm's emotional and hard-fought battle for transgender rights and the legal challenge before the supreme court. that is the special we have tonight on abc7 news at
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weather. it was amazing this weekend. beautiful. then boom, it was cold. michelle: we went through all the seasons. doug: that's the story all season long. way up and way down. we are in the process of climbing up. we may have severe weather in the area by wednesday. a front coming down. i want to start with this. throwback to the tornado. ef-1 tornado formed on saturday afternoon just northeast of la plata in charles county. i was on the ground from 11 minutes from 3:06 to 3:17. ef, top winds at 90 miles per hour. minimal damage. some but compared to other tornadoes not so much. no injuries. so it was on the ground and it made a move to the north east for the 11 minutes. it lifted up and dissipated across route 5 at st. peters church road to the west of cedarville state park. interesting. only the fourth tornado in the month of february since 1950 according to records. tonight is kind of calm. cloudy. patches of the light rain going through he
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southern maryland, northern neck may get a brief showers. our somehow e chances in -- shower chances increase tomorrow afternoon and especially on wednesday. we drop to the 40's tonight. we talk about the isolated shower. we start off tomorrow in the oh's but we make a quick climb to the upper 60's. the future cast has includes coming in. souther wi winds. break in sunshine and more clouds. tomorrow afternoon and evening band of showers is likely to come in the area. we get to a wide-open warm sector for wednesday with the stronger winds. temperatures pushing through the mid-to-the upper 7 -- 70's. then a strong cold front coming in through the warm and unstable air mass to set the stage for thunderstorms. some could be severe. they should push through our area about this time wednesday. some showers will depend if they train, whether they come one after another or in a line
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and can't rule out tornado. we are under a slight risk already wednesday afternoon and everything throughout the entire viewing area. what we expect potential wise on the storm threat index. damaging winds in the moderate concern. large hail, isolated tornadoes also a possibility as well. talk about the next ten days. we will get through the warmth. we turn cooler and breezy on thursday. 46 on friday. maybe a snow flake or a rain drop in the morning with a disturbance going by. it is turning sunny in the afternoon. chilly on saturday. warmer on sunday. early next week is mild. turning cooler but not tremendously colder for the end of next week. that is it, guys. michelle: thank you, doug. great weather to kick around a soccer ball. jonathan: and building a stadium. robert: a fancy stadium at that. breaking ground on the stadium in southwest and why players are calling it a place for hope next
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robert: d.c. united has broke ground today on the new 500,000 square foot stadium officially titled "audi field." it will be a beauty. team was joined by mayor muriel bowser for the groundbreaking. the stadium is scheduled to open in 2018 and will hold 20,000 including 31
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it will built in southwest d.c., something for the neighborhood. a place for hope. >> it will mean a lot to the kids playing soccer in the d.c. area. there are so many youth soccer clubs for boys and girls from richmond to baltimore. so many kids have the passion. only one professional team with the following support that d.c. united. now that we have that, it gives experience to the kids to come out and enjoy a new environment. i can't wait to put smiles on their faces. >> let's go to uper, florida. top of the fifth. the game tied at one. turner, it's 2-1 nats. the cards score four in the eighth to take it. the final was 5-4. the deadline is getting closer. the red lion hotels the redskinl march 1
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cousins. a quick note u.v.a. is hosting north carolina tonight. maryland is now out of the top 25. they have had tough losses. jonathan: they have. kirk wouldn't mind getting franchised? robert: i'm sure he wouldn't. i wouldn't mind by franchised. jonathan: you can franchise me for a month. doug: the story, we are warming up. we tell you about that tomorrow. we see the temperatures in the upper 60's. showers late in the day. afternoon thunderstorms. cold front wednesday. some could be severe. join steve rudin about the big warmup and tracking the cold front and the way it could affect the weather and the chances for severe weather part of the fresh updated forecast at 11:00. michelle: very good. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. we will see you tonight at 11:00. have a good night.
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tonight, several developing stories. president trump on repealing and replacing obamacare. once promising a quick fix. now saying nobody knew health care could be so complicated. the early clues tonight about what stays and what goes. and a major increase in defense spending. other agencies now facing sweeping cuts. also breaking tonight, school children evacuated from their classrooms today amid bomb threats. another cemetery desecrated. the fbi investigating the increasing number of cases of hate across this country. storms coming across the south, and the east coast bracing next. the major announcement later today. a moon shot. could there be a private mission around the moon as early as next year? and what happened? tonight, that moment and the


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