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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jummy: trump just signed a revised order. we have coverage for you from the airport and the newsroom. what it calls for and what it means for you. the president signed this into executiverd
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hour. it serves as a revision for the controversial travel ban put in place on genuine 27th. this new order removes iraq from the bam list. we have heard from rex tillerson . he explained that i rock is a strong ally in the fight against isis. he made it clear that this administration believes i rock can provide the information necessary to vet iraqi nationals to come to the united states. the ap is reporting that this executive order allows anyone from the six nations on the list to come to the list if they currently have a valid visa but it says no new visas will be issued. let's listen to secretary tillerson. >> the american people can have a high confidence. we are identifying people -- we are identifying ways to increase the vetting process. allies and partners around the world,
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part of our joint effort to thatnate vulnerabilities terror tests -- that terrorists will exploit. the state apart and will work with other agencies to them cement these restrictions in an orderly manner. sam: we understand this will become effective in 10 days but it isn't stopping lawyers and immigration activists from making themselves available at dulles airport. jeff goldberg is there live. what is the atmosphere like? jeff: this is the international arrivals gate and it is pretty slow here. take a look around the terminal. not much activity here although we do have advocates and lawyers on the scene. after the first travel ban was implemented, dulles did become a hub of activity as people came
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and you had a lot of supporters out here cheering them on as they came in. is differentn because the travel ban will not be implemented for another 10 days. visas, they can come into the country. to beexpect activity taking place here through the afternoon at dulles international airport. forre standing by to watch whatever happens. and we will have more for you on numeraledition of abc seven news. jummy: thank you. follow today from president trump's explosive twitter accusation. the director of the fbi is asking the justice department to publicly refute the claims because he has provided no evidence of the wiretapping. president trump's explosive wirepp
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a tweet, calling obama a bad or sick guy. us that james comey wants the justice department to go public to call the allegations false. did trump accept the fbi director's denial? >> i don't think he does. >> ben rose responded to trump, protections are put in place to protect citizens from people like you. >> i think he firmly believes it has been believed by a few outlets. >> every single article you just theioned does not back up president's claim that obama had him wiretapped. >> it is still unclear what prompted the tweets but he appears to be lying on questions raised in a frocks
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news report. the director of national intelligence went public to do announce the claim. >> the apparatus that i oversaw, there was no such wiretap thevity mounted against president elect, as a candidate, or against his campaign. the president can't simply order intelligence agencies to give them answers. jummy: just into the newsroom, the supreme court has decided not to rule on a transgender teenagers case. the teenager from virginia want to be able to use the boys bathroom. justices are sending that case back to a lower court in the commonwealth. the high court's decision follows the trump's decision over advising schools to allow to use the bathroom.
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are keeping up again, i guess you could say? it isn't too warm out there. >> it isn't warm just yet but we are headed in that direction. we are checking in at 49 degrees. especially when you consider where we started out this morning, 20's and it was a cold start. only eight days away -- we have clouds headed our way. covere a lot of cloud building in here. it is vague cloud cover building in this afternoon. upper 40's from quantico and leesburg and 52 in luray. as we head through the afternoon, temperatures will rise into the mid-50's. an overcast drive home. i don't think this happens until after midnight.
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to the west. timeout when that will arrive. it isn't snow -- we will touch on that, coming up in a minute. jummy: check out the must-see video. police released an attempted robbery video at a gas station in northwest. authorities are looking for two people. try tonth, the pair steal from a car. the victim fought back. he ran after the crux and grabbed one of them and that is when the fight in suit. moneyolice are offering for any information you have in regards with the arrest. right now, a fire from arlington that killed one person -- we know it was the husband that died.
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firefight was especially difficult. are: fire investigators still here in arlington. they are trying to figure out what caused the fire. has extensive damage and from the street, we can also see what looks like an excessive amount of possessions. you can see all of the books there on the staircase. fire officials telling us it was a hoarding situation and because of the stuff in the house and around it, firefighters were unable to move around easily and it took a while. was a two alarm fire, about 50 firefighters and it took half an hour for them to put out the flames. neighbors tell us it was a couple in their 70's. >> very sweet and from new england. they used to always let
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my daughter pick their beautiful roses. >> the hoarding situation slowed the process of them getting inside. john: one person was pronounced dead. at aroundstarted 11:00 last night. the cause is under investigation. up this boarding exposed home. back to you. jummy: we will stay on top of you with all of the news happening near you. head to to sign up for alerts and you will receive a message on your phone whenever something happens. traffic.t a check on how do the roads look? we have quite a bit going on. we are dealing with two beltway accidents. through the alexandria area, we cleared the crash but we have to
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up on the outer loop. that will cause a problem for you towards the wilson bridge. and through the prince george's side of the capital beltway, the kenilworth avenue and the parkway, we have thr lanes blocked. the innerp and go on loop of the beltway. 295 has midday construction. north and southbound delays towards the capitol street. jummy: tensions are high after north korea launched missiles. we will tell you where they landed. a woman writes a column requesting that someone marry her husband. the touching story you need to see.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. on your side. developing now. it woman is dead and the man police believe killed her is on the run. officers in anne arundel county found the 28-year-old dead in her home after receiving a call for domestic violence. authorities believe ryan holden murdered her and ran away before police got there. police say the tube were in a relationship and the attack was not an accident. police were not able to find him. overseas, a show of force on the korean peninsula. officials confirming north korea fired four ballistic missiles this morning. a fifth missile failed to launch.
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economic zone. country's actions indicate they plan to deploy nuclear weapons to its military unit. an emotional story that will tug at your heart. a woman with terminal cancer encouraging her husband to find love again. good morning america featured this story of the author today. she has been battling terminal ovarian cancer and doesn't want her husband to live without love which he is gone so she has penned a dating profile for him. the column is called "you may want to marry my husband" and it sheribed all of the things loves about her husband. >> i'm going to create a profile for jason here based on my aperience of coexisting in house with him for 9000 400 days. he has salt
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hazel eyes. a sharp dresser who enjoys keeping in shape. he loves listening to live music. i have been married to the most extraordinary man for 26 years. i was planning on another 26 together. the most genuine gift i can hope for is that the right person reads this to find jason and another love story begins. abc news thatold he was shocked by the beauty of her words and was slightly surprised and emotionally ripped apart. he said he wasn't a gifted like his wife but if he could write about their love story, he would. facebook is cracking down on fake news. a label rolled out over the weekend with links explaining why stories aren't disputed. the tag shows up under stories that are deemed false. facebook has promised it would do something about the fake news. this is an fake -- happening
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extend their franchise with the home winning streak. this weekend's overnight -- overtime went -- they have not left the phone booth and that went into a shootout. get this. 67-21. . it is that time of year when people are planning their trips here to the district to see the cherry blossoms. how are they looking? eileen whelan has your cherry blossom update. collects all eyes are on the cherry blossoms. last week, it was predicted that be so webloom would have to give you an update. especially how the blossoms fared. right now, they are in the second stage. see them. they are looking a little bit better than they did last week.
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until wehave four more reach peak bloom. we aren't as mating warmer than average temperatures today, tomorrow and wednesday so that will probably help aid with the process. as we head into the weekend, back to weed to her -- back to winter like temperatures. to bloom by next tuesday. so we will have to see how all of that fares. but we are your bloom watch station so stay with us for the latest. back to you. cold weather out there. >> the blooms are doing ok. we will see upcoming if there is the potential for winter weather. don't get alarmed. but look to the week ahead. stage two.ady in last year, the bloom was march 25. and this year they are talking about anything from march 14.
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a march 14-17. nextbly as early as tuesday. the earliest it has ever been is march 15 so personally, i would like it to be early so we could have a new record but we will see what happens. typically, it could happen later in april. stage three, keeping an eye for that. let's talk about what is happening on the weatherbug. 47 degrees. was one of the milder early morning lows. take a look out there. st. john's regional catholic school, 21. the riverbend golf and country -- we are seeing a nice southwesterly flow. at for the looking next couple of days is the milder days returning.
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that is what we've got. rain is possible with a sprinkle later tonight. the best chance is tomorrow night. the upcoming weekend, it could be more of a winter like feel. as we look at the forecast for cloudsernoon, we see increase. there are showers lapping at the far western suburbs right now. but i don't think that is really getting in here. through the evening, some of these may hold together to bring moisture across the mountains. a couple of late sprinkles and showers tonight but the best push comes tomorrow night. outside, not much happening. as we go through the evening, a couple of sprinkles here and there tonight. by tomorrow at bedtime, a few sprinkles. the bulk is dry and pushing 70 but by tomorrow
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rain could be on our doorstep briefly. the extendedt forecast. temperatures running well above where we should be for this time of year. even since thursday, breezy. showers friday to the weekend with a lot of cold air moving in here. winter weather on sunday. this is also the weekend we switch our clocks. jummy: why can't march be more like february? thank you. we will be right back but first, here is a look at what is coming up. news at 5:00, the you can count on the 7 on your side call for action team to alert you to scams and ripoffs. today, they change it up a little bit. an alert about an expensive family vacation gone wrong and kelly credit card saved the day.
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jummy: a look now at the stores. best and worst the american satisfaction consumer index is out and cosco and dillards are tied for first place among discount stores and specialty retail stores. 83 out of 100. walmart scores jumped 9% but it's still ranked last. abercrombie & fitch came in last in 2015 and had the biggest increase. 76% but it ranks just above walmart. coming up, a cold weekend. temperatures are climbing and we're going to see rain. the final chec
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to spring brought to you by
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jummy: they don't get a lot of appreciation but without them we wouldn't look our best. dentists. when was the last time you thanks yours? day sos national dentist show your dentist
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want to do before you go to the dentist is eight and oreo and today is national oreo day. grab your glass of milk and indulge. the product was originally fromd the oreo biscuit 1912. today, there are a dozen split to from banana watermelon. this morning, we tried the new peeps one. >> i am a traditionalist. i will stick to the regular one. let's talk about the next couple of days. claudia this afternoon but mild. the best chance of showers tomorrow night. pleasant monday through friday. watch the weekend for possible winter weather on sunday. jummy: have a great day.
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>> i can't say for sure that someone's going to win the million dollars today, but i do know that if they do, you're not gonna wanna miss it. so stay tuned. from bally's las vegas, it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. so last week was newlywed week, and we had so much fun that we ran out of time in the middle of our returning contestants' game. so we have some unfinished business. from virginia beach, virginia, please welcome back chris crosthwait. [cheers and applause] how you doing, chris? welcome back. >> hey, chris, how are you? [cheers and applause] >> so let's recap here.


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