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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 14, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, escalating tension. will north korea test another nuclear weapon? president trump's warning. u.s. forces on high alert. our martha raddatz on the korean peninsula. plus, the powerful explosion unleashed by the mother of all bombs. new video of the blast site, dozens of isis fighters believed killed in afghanistan. fugitive captured. heavily armed, threatening elected officials and churches on easter. mailing his manifesto to the president. tonight, we talk to the farmer who confronted him on his property. school scandal. one of america's most famous academies, attended by jfk and ivanka trump, admitting dozens of students were sexually abused by trusted teachers for decades. sky-high offer. how much would it take to give
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flight? the major airline willing to pay you thousands of dollars to avoid scenes like this. and, "america strong." the retired air force mechanic fixing anyone's car for free, getting them back on the road and on their feet. good evening on this friday night. i'm tom llamas. in for david. we begin with the rising tensions. north korea and the united states, backed up by powerful arsenals, exchanging dangerous threats. tonight, new images of the 22,000-pound bomb american forces dropped on afghanistan. and an aircraft carrier
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strike group headed that way. martha raddatz in seoul, south korea, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, amid mounting tensions with the united states, north korea's unpredictable leader kim jong-un greeted with thunderous applause by his nation's military brass. tomorrow, the hermit kingdom celebrates the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder, kim il-sung. crowds already gathering in pyongyang. events like these, typically marked with a show of military might, weapons on parade. and also missile launches. tonight, fear something even more sinister may be in the store, that north korea will conduct an underground nuclear test. it comes during an escalating standoff between kim's regime and the white house. today, a top north korean
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official tells the associated press the trump administration is "more vicious and more aggressive" than its predecessor. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: "trump is always using aggressive words," he says, singling out the president's tweets. "it is the u.s. that is threatening us." >> ooifr i've had meetings on north korea. he's acting very, very badly. i will tell you. he's acting very badly. >> reporter: president trump has often tweeted about the, quote, "menace of north korea." "north korea is looking for trouble," he wrote. "they have been playing the united states for years." he has promised to, quote, "solve the problem." yesterday, when the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on isis caves in afghanistan, the president was asked if it was a message to north korea as well. >> i don't know if this sends a message. it doesn't make any difference if it does or not. north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> reporter: the u.s. now sending the aircraftar
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the "uss vinson" into the region. american troops conducting military exercises on the border. north korea now reportedly calling the administration's words and actions "maniacal military provocations." and this threat, "we will go to war, if they choose." adding, they could destroy major american military bases in south korea "within minutes." tonight, china warning of, quote, "gathering storm clouds," saying, "we urge all parties to refrain from inflammatory or threatening statements or deeds." hoping a war of words doesn't escalate into the real thing. >> and martha joins us now. you mentioned china's warning in your story, but they're also offering assistance? >> reporter: that's right. china is hoping to help resume a dialogue with the north, and vice president pence is arriving he
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tom? >> martha, leading us off tonight. thank you. as the tensions with north korea ratchet up, president trump is back with mar-a-lago. david wright, how will the president monitor developments in florida? >> reporter: the white house tells us he's getting regular updates, but he's here without virtually all of his top advisers. and there are questions about whether mar-a-lago is secure enough to handle a crisis. remember the pictures taken by club guests? last week, a very different picture. the president and his advisers in a makeshift situation room. bottom line, the president is able to monitor
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needed from here. tom? >> thank you. next to the fallout from the u.s. strike in afghanistan. the largest conventional weapon the u.s. has ever deployed in combat, targeting isis. and now assessing the damage, and searching for information. tonight, the questions, what did the strike accomplish, and at what cost? terry moran in london tonight. >> reporter: the pentagon video shows the immense destructive power of this weapon, devastating an entire mountain valley. the boiling plume of smoke quickly turning into a mushroom cloud, rising over the massive blast area. take another look. the quiet valley, then you can see the bomb falling there, guided by internal gps right to the target. the tremendous explosion. and you can actually see the blast wave radiating across the landscape. afghan villagers miles away said they could feel the earth shake when it detonated. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: "my house was shaking after the blast," this
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fire." "we are very happy" with the bomb, said another local resident. "we ask the kabul government to use even stronger weapons against them." the bomb, officially a massive ordnance air blast, is 30 feet long, weighs 20,000-plus pounds, and is dropped from a cargo plane, and delivers in a single explosion the equivalent of 11 tons of tnt. the most powerful weapon the u.s. has used since the hiroshima atomic bomb. afghan officials initially saying 36 isis fighters were killed and no civilians. >> if you look at that terrain, if u.s. forces would've had to have climbed up those steep hills, that high altitude, and had to have dug those isis fighters out of those caves, it would've been a great danger. and so using this weapon here and now inevitably saved american lives. >> reporter: out on the campaign trail, then-candidate donald trump made point-blank promises about isis. >> bomb the hell out of isis. i'm would bomb the [ ble
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>> reporter: u.s. forces are on the ground in the blast zone. they're gathering intelligence and assessing just how effective this weapon, the mother of all bombs, is. tom? >> terry, thank you. back here at home, one more note from the white house. visitor logs will now be kept secret. the trump administration breaking from an obama-era practice of making the logs available on a website. the white house saying security concerns drove the decision. next now, a nationwide manhunt for a wisconsin fugitive has finally come to an end. accused of robbing a gun shop, seen mailing a manifesto to the white house. tonight, the threat is over. alex perez on how that manhunt came to an end. >> reporter: tonight, the man
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ten-day manhunt, paralyzing parts of wisconsin, finally in custody. joseph jakubowski brought into federal court this afternoon. >> today is truly a very good friday in rock county. >> reporter: the dramatic lead-up to his capture starting around 7:00 p.m., when a farmer called police to report a man camping on his property in rural kickapoo, wisconsin, 120 miles from jakubowski's home in janesville. >> i mean, the one thing he said over and over is, no one listens to me. >> reporter: he talked to the man for an hour, but didn't realize he was jakubowski until he called authorities. authorities creating a large perimeter. armed officers dispatched to nearby homes to protect residents. >> revolution. it's time for change. >> reporter: jakubowski on the run since april 4th, after stealing 18 firearms from this janesville gun shop. the self-declared anti-government, anti-reli
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carry out attacks at churches, and police say seen mailing this rambling manifesto to the white house. nearly 11 hours after zeroing in on him, police move in, the suspect captured without incident. >> i'm just glad it's done with, the situation is being taken care of, and we can proceed as normal. >> reporter: police say jakubowski had five guns, a bulletproof vest and a helmet when he was captured. he now faces federal gun and burglary charges. tom? >> alex, thank you. next tonight, the desperate call for help from an elementary school. a gunman making his way past the front desk and into a classroom, where three people died including a child.
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here's whitworth. >> reporter: tonight the terrifying call for help. >> we have an active shooter at north park elementary. one of our teachers was shot. >> reporter: gunfire sending children rushing from the san bernardino school. the caller knows exactly who the shooter is. >> do you have a description of the shooter? >> he's a black male. he's our -- mrs. smith's husband. >> reporter: police say cedric anderson firing ten shots, even stopping to reload, killing his estranged wife karen smith inside her classroom in a murder-suicide. >> i'm scared. i'm in the office. >> reporter: teaching assistant jennifer downing inside that classroom, racing to get students out. >> at that point, pure adrenalin. i had the two with me and the best i could do, with just my voice, get out. and they listened. thank god they listened. >> reporter: tragically, two innocent boys caught in the line of fire. 8-year-old jonathan martinez killed, 9-year-old nolan brandy recovering in the hospital tonight. new details now emerging about anderson's troubled past. abc news learning a previous wife filed for a restraining order against him in 1997,
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kill her during their divorce. people are gathering tonight at a prayer vigil for karen smith. and a memorial for jonathan martinez is planned next week. tom? >> kayna, thank you. next tonight, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in a moment of truth. sharing the results of its own investigation that found a history of sexual abuse for decades. here's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: it's the elite connecticut boarding school boasting prominent alumni like ivanka trump, president john f. kennedy, and michael douglas. tonight, at the center of a sexual abuse scandal. a new report finding "substantiated instances of sexual misconduct" at connecticut's choate rosemary hall boarding school. spanning five decades from the 1960s to 2010, a dozen former teachers implicated by 24 students, including at least one se
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the report also finding, despite years of accusations, "sexual misconduct matters were handled internally and quietly," and never reported to the police. in some cases, teachers were allowed to resign or retire. and some were even given recommendations for new jobs. >> we've seen a lot of these private schools have had problems because the issues aren't being reported to authorities. they're dealing with it internally. >> reporter: now, the school says, "we profoundly apologize. the conduct of these adults violated the foundation of our community. we honor and thank the survivors of sexual misconduct who came forward." the findings don't involve any current teachers or students at the school. five of the teachers in the report have since died. tom? >> thank you. next to the severe weather watch. flash flooding swamping these cars. and this funnel cloud from a
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the storms headed to the center of the country. and heat for the northeast this weekend. rob marciano, tracking it all. >> yes, of immediate concern tonight, the severe thunderstorm watch across the texas panhandle. tomorrow, the cold front moves to oklahoma city, kansas, and ahead of this, over the east coast, widespread 80s, up into new england, it will be a very summerlike easter sunday. tom? >> thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the airline industry under fire. the new offer for passengers. the major airline, willing to pay you to give up your seat. plus, new images tonight. the deadly highway blast, the
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new tonight, the new airline offer, delta now willing to pay up to almost $10,000 in compensation to passengers willing to give up their seat on overbooked flights. amid outrage over united's violent removal of a passenger. here's david kerley. >> reporter: fallout is spreading through the industry tonight. tonight, another airline, delta, is giving its employees the ability to hand out more money to bumped passengers. the airline tells gate agents, they can offer up to $2,000. and a superv
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patriots player aaron hernandez not guilty of killing two people during a drive-by shooting in boston in 2012. the defense claiming the prosecution's star witness was the actual killer. hernandez already serving a life sentence in another murder case. next, the deadly blast on the highway. new dash cam video showing a tanker truck exploding into a ball of flames in louisiana, seconds after the driver hit a dump truck in front of him. the dump truck driver was killed. the crash is under investigation. and, fire over the vegas strip. flames breaking out on the roof of the famous bellagio hotel. some employees forced to evacuate. but of course the casino remained open. part of the strip had to be shut down. it was packed with visitors. the fire, under investigation. and the first trailer for "star wars: the last jedi" released
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finally tonight, "america strong." the retired air force mechanic fixing anyone's car for free. helping to repair more than just what's under the hood. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: for 15 years now, david mccoy has been doing brake jobs, transmission repairs, replacing radiators and fan belts, for free. >> i get hugs and kisses. and it's just -- i get the best part of the deal, i think. >> reporter: it's his ministry, helping people who can't, with a lug wrench in one hand and an oil pan full of compassion in the other. >> people that oftentimes can't afford to put food on the table, but they need transportation to get to doctor's appointments, to work. but they can't afford the repairs on their cars. >> reporter: with the help of two methodist churches in powder springs, georgia, this retired air force mechanic who now works for delta airlines has turned
6:58 pm
repair shop. >> lady came in, was having trouble getting back and forth to the doctor, and she was undergoing chemotherapy. >> reporter: last year, they fixed up 180 cars, and gave away 24 free vehicles. >> to be able to see somebody go out here with their life in better shape than it was when they came in, and it is part of the blessing i have received. >> thank you for watching on a friday night. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. have a great easter weekend. for david and all of us here, good night.
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