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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> every visitor i have asks what is wrong with him? kevin: a blue latex glove rests on the stairwell outside the ground floor apparent where he lived alone. parents are panicked. >> the police charged him with attempted abduction. and indecent exposure. the detectives are fearful there are more child victims out there. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital but gaining strength. he has pneumonia again. he was taken to the hospital on friday for what started as a persistent cough. they are adding it is a mild case. but a couple of months ago the senior bush was in the hospital for the same illness. michelle: president trump
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opening more healthcare options for veterans. the veterans choice program allows those waiting 30 days or living 40 miles away from the medical facility to seek the care outside the veterans administration. aaron hernandez, the former new england patriots tight end convicted of murder is dead. larry: guards say he committed suicide and this broke this morning. jonathan elias has more. jonathan: people were surprised about this. he just got off with a double murder case. there are reports that his agent believes the death was not a suicide. no matter how you parse this, this is a tragic end to a saga that saw downfall of a football player part of a championship caliber team. here at the shirley, massachusetts, prison aaron hernandez ended his life. the prison guards found him at 3:00 this morning. he
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a window to hang himself. blocking the cell door to the inside jamming it with items. >> guilty of murder in the first degree or guilty of murder in the second degree. >> not guilty. jonathan: his death coming days after he was found not guilty for the 2012 murder of two men. hernandez wiping away tears as they read the verdict mouthing, "i love you" to his fiancée. hernandez was still serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. for the shooting of his friend odin lloyd, semi-professional football player dating his fiancée's sister. hernandez rose to fame as an all-american tight end for the university of florida. winning the 2009 national championship. he played for the payry yots. he was cut from the team in june of 2013 following the arre
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patriots coach belichick was asked about him the other day. >> tragedy. jonathan: a sad twist, this is a day that many of the former teammates were in town invited to the white house to celebrate the past super bowl win over the falcons. trump honored the patriots today. larry: thank you. swat teams are training tomorrow from 10:00 to 3:00 at the wilson building. this is in arlington and not to be confused with the d.c. building. nancy: jason chaffetz is not going to seek re-election when his term is up. we have a decision from a key leader on the hill. amy? he said he won't be a candidate for any o
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any ulterior motives. he has been against the d.c. statehood and made headlines locally when the people in d.c. work to raise money for people running against him. at time he and the ranking party member elijah cummings had heated exchangings in hearings -- heated exchanges in hearings. don't count him out for good. he is it not ruling out running for office in the future but not next year. nancy: thank you. the democratic candidate to fill tom price's seat got the most votes but he didn't win. he will go up against the republican in a runoff june 20. they will then represent the district in atlanta. so,
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yesterday but don't worry, it will change. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the forecast. a big rebound coming our way. doug: we see it indeed. go back to the early summer weather pattern. looking out on udvar-hazy center, cloudy and damp. a lot of the mitt atlantic with cloud cover. but in west there is clearing. there will be fog in a few spots. tomorrow morning the models suggest a brief shower. in the future cast an interesting feature developing for the morning. few showers that will pass through early in the morning. partly sunny. warmer and probably 80 for the temperatures. afternoon showers. on friday a repeat pro
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afternoon showers and the storms. more noticeable weather changes for the weekend. i will have that and a look at the next ten days in 12 minutes. larry: thank you, doug. nearly two years of construction in the district coming to an ends. a new ramp connecting massachusetts avenue to 395 via the third street tunnel is supposed to open this weekend. this will be a help for the commuter when it does open. >> that is the hope. as the new portal opens at the intersection of mass and fourth northwest, the existing ramp at the third street closing at the same time. we got a tour of the portal. a closer look at it. this is everything you will need to know about what is happening here. there are only two ways to get on the ramp. either driving eastbound on massachusetts avenue or making a left off the fourth street. since the third street onramp is closing, eighth street drivers will have to keep
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street onramp. if you are traveling westbound on mass avenue -- >> traveling westbound you will travel down k street and take a left on fourth to d street or you will travel westbound mass and make a left on fifth street to travel to the d street entrance. this only affect drivers on 395 southbound. there is another project going on. i'll tell you about that coming up. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. construction set to begin this fall on a plan to reduce bottleneck and the delays for the drivers on i-270. larry hogan
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details about the products to have lane, cameras and the sensors on the road. the governor warned they are not a max call fix but he says they will provide noticeable relief from congestion. but some say more needs to be done. you can't be done. you have only just begun. nancy: others were critical saying hogan's plan was not innovative. next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- bill o'reilly's vacation permanent. fox news firing the host. inside the decision after the network stood by the main anchor for so long. that is coming up. jonathan: stewed over a confederate statue. the unique solution that has a group suing the city ahead. >> if you like to catch, cook
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going to want to see the next story. nancy: at the bottom of the hour, the u.s. warships cruising to the peninsula. the mission at 5:30.
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larry: serena williams is pregnant. she posted the caption 20 weeks. she was pregnant when she won the australian open a few months ago. she got engagedded in december. nancy: good for her. bill o'reilly will not return to fox news. today's announcement comes as we learn another woman has come forward accusing the former fox news host as harassment. they are calling the parting mutual. >> fox's biggest star is out. >> often this time of the year i grab vacation. >> and he is not coming back. a statement from the 21st sen thurry fox says after a thorough and a fairful review of the allegations the company and bill o'reilly agreed he will not return to the fox news channel. the decision comes weeks after a "new york times" article
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$13 million in the settlement. >> he got hostile quickly. >> a former guest came forward and said he turned down the advances. the former fox employee called the anonymous tip line. accusing him conduct in 2008 saying he grunted and called the african-american woman hot chocolate when they were alone. >> he said no one calls in the hotline. we took him up and called in on the hotline. >> the pressure was mounding to take action. there was an advertiser revolt. tuesday dozens of women protesting outside of fox headquarters calling for o'reilly to be
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>> he denied the allegation saying he is targeted because he is prominent. >> crest into the river. nancy: dash cam showing this as they were going after a truck and the driver veers off the road into a freezing river. >> the water is too cold to be in there. i don't want that. no. c'mon. >> after that, the man had a change of heart and told the officers he ran because there was a warrant out for
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arrest. they were able to pull him out unharmed. larry: the a.c.c. canceled ten championships in north carolina after the so-called bathroom bill. they will compensate them as a host. the conference game moved from charlotte to tampa. nancy: robert e. lee may have lost the battle but will a new lawsuit win the war? charlottesville city council voting to sell the statue but a lawsuit is hoping to stop them. a hearing will be held in two weeks. larry: "7 on your side" consumer alert. there is good news in the friendly skies. airlines are canceling fewer flights and the complains are
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dealt the had the best ontime rating. the airlines canceled the flights in weather down from 1.6% the previous february. they filed complaints in february that is down from 1100 in if same month in 2016. >> maybe hay should do it again. >> now that it is spring and we have warmer days ahead you can't help but think of a crab feast. nancy: but how is the bay forecast looking? brad bell is on the docks and there are mixed results out there? >> that is right. a lot of one grab and not a lot of the other. every year the scientists use a
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they scrape through the mud, they dump them in the basket and they count them. what they found this year was a lot of female grabs ready to spawn and not too many others. chesapeake version of "deadliest catch" a waterman in the bay near annapolis throws the traps overboard and hopes something will crawl in. he may be in luck. >> steady and resilient. >> this tracks the mid-winter chesapeake crab survey and show the number of the adults females. >> this is good news for the female. that is not the whole story. the overall population is down slightly. so is the count of the smaller grabs which will
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the chez peek bay foundation means the work remains. >> in the times we are seeing the variability from year to year, that is the time to stay the course. >> there is a lot of pressure from crappers who are catching commercial harvest of crabs. they want more and smaller crabs. these results will go to commission. decisions will be made. brad bell, abc7 news. >> hopefully he can bring crabs back. i like mine with butter. larry: she is getting the crabbing tips. nancy: yeah! doug: life long marylander. crabbing my whole life. blue crabs have a place in my heart. >> your s
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let's start with a look at damascus, maryland. only 58 there at the moment. there are patches of the light rain. i wish we had rain this morning. this is a high range again for the tree pollen. weeds are low. moderate range. when we see the tree pollen go down, the grass pollen numbers will come up. sunshine in cumberland. 62 in baltimore and 62 in washington. this is a big range of 5 to 16
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cloud cover and because of some of the light rain. rain across michigan. we could see the light southerly winds in the 50's. we could see a repeat from 7:00 to 9:00. we could get another chance of the showers and the thunderstorms in the afternoon. friday morning sunshine and then storms in the afternoon. both have large temperatures in the 80's. however another change on the weekend. saturday we start with sunshine and then cloudiness and chance of the rain by saturday evening. sunday a cool, cloudy, rainy day. there is a chance some could be
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what seems to happen is you get rain over the weekend and then monday the sun is out. that will happen for us. warmup for tuesday and saturday. steady warmup to mid-70's. >> look at this. iceberg in the shipping lanes off the coast an attraction. this is a large one visible from the shore. this is a problem. they have had to adjust the course. don't hit one. nancy: those are gorgeous to look at. but quite the sight. she has been with the d.c. police for nearly a decade. coming up, assistant chief is leaving but not done yet. the new job to keep d.c. safe ahead. larry: but first, children health for the center stage outside the white house. protest and is it
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weekend? that is coming up. first a look at what is ahead in prime time at abc7 show information, details about the contests. much more in the inbox signing up for fan blast at back after this.
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nancy: the trump administration has been under fire to drop out of the paris accord and gut the environmental protection agency. today a group of protesters gathered outside the white house ahead of the planned march for science. richard reeve is live to explain. >> he is dangerous. >> crowds outside the white house -- >> do i feel they have responsibility? yes. >> dissent. >> hogwash. >> on the issue of climate change and what the administration should do. >> we should be good stewards of the earth we have. the resources are limited and this is our planet. >> the protesters urging him to ta
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seriously. >> i won't be here to see it. future generations will suffer. >> mr. trump and the advisers are considering there to join in on the paris climate accord. this allows country to set their own goals. there are skeptics. >> this is trying to restrict the use of the fossil fuels that provide affordable dependable energy. for a change that is undetectable. >> some air pollution levels are dropping and drought and wildfires up the ante. >> with climate change it gets worse. >> we have an impact and a responsibility. >> the debate continues. the march for science expected
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saturday. larry: thank you, richard. next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a show of strength. a group of warships headed to the korean peninsula and the mission for crews aboard up next. >> one of the postpopular cops at the d.c. police headquarters announce she is retiring. but she has a big job coming up. i'm sam but she has a big job coming did you know slow internet i'm sam can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. nancy: breaking news from the metro transit police. they arrested one of the four people wanted if connection with attacking and rocking a man on a redline train over the weekend. 21-year-old marcus lee arrested and he is awaiting to be extradited to maryland to face strong-arm robbery and assault charge for unrelated case involving a bus driver. metro looking for the other suspects. larry: diane groomes has been a fixture on the force as the d.c. assistant chief but she is stepping down. sam ford has a look at the new job. sam? sam: at a ceremony at the police headquarters where assistant chief diane groomes announced her retirement, she
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announced she is taking on a job at $2 billion develop in the the city, the office, retail and residential. the police brass crowded in the command center to say farewell to the head of the m.p.d. patrol and the school security. diane groomes. >> this is not goodbye but see you later. >> thank you. she was going to floor. but i got bless and an opportunity came my way. >> the wharf southwest water front asked if she would take over the security force and she said yes. >> he sells the newspaper and he knows her. >> the community activist. >> i love the rumpalled hair. >> retired
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>> very compassionate and efficient. officer's office. >> a lot of good community among the cops. >> to the community thank you. >> on a new mission. >> i hope to make them proud. i will work my butt off to make sure it is the safest water front in the nation. if you had any community group or activist in the city you have had the dealings with her in the past decade. her last day is april 29. sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: we wish her well. thank you, sam. aaron hernandez is now dead apparently of a suicide.
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the priss guards say they found him hanged in the cell but his agent disagrees and says he did not do it and the family wants an investigation. he was found not guilty in a separate double murder case this past friday. larry: montgomery county police arrested a man saying he tried to grab young boys on a playground on easter sunday. they were able to run home. they told the parents who called the police. nancy: jason chaffetz will retire from the politics at the end of the term. he led high profile investigations will not seek le election in his district in utah. the uss carl vinson and the other warships are on way and the tensions are escalating. kenneth moton has mission for the troops on the way. ken in the: where in -- kenneth: where in the world is the uss carl vinson? today the aircraft carrier and
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korean peninsula to join a show of force against north korea. president trump: we are sending an armada. powerful. >> it turns out president trump statement on fox business news last week not exactly true. the u.s. warship was actually headed in the opposite direction. for a military exercise with australia. james mattis in saudi arabia tried to clear up the confusion saying that vinson is now on its way. >> i will determine when she gets there and where she operates. >> the white house down played saying the commander-in-chief was not misled by the department of defense. >> we have an armada going to the peninsula. it's happening. >> remain over the 500 political positions still open. secretary mattis isn't getting help while he tries to run the department of defense. >> mike pence calling north korea a dangerous and an urgent threat. >> the united st
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peace. burr the shield stands guard and the saturday stands ready. >> the carl vinson is expected to arrive in the see of japan next week. no word how long it will be there but the pentagon extended the seven-month deployment to august. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. larry: cold air era tack ticks returning. they are flying close to air space in alaska. they intercepted them off the aleutian islands. it's been years since they got this close but military describes it as ordinary. nancy: white house press briefings have seen it all. then rob gronkowski shows up. the entertaining gronk popped through the door. in the middle of spiceer's delivery offering to help. surprised spicer politely declined. moments before trump honored the 2017 super bowl champions on the south lawn. larry:
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it is better to be safe than sorry. maybe not. crampton prepping have him facing multiple charges after they found 36 guns and 35,000 rounds of ammunition in his spokane home. he told the family members he was getting ready for the zombie apocalypse but the problem is he is a convicted felon and isn't allowed to own a gun or ammunition. still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- dueling banners on the sleigh. the landlord has them threatening to put the money where the mouth is. >> life changing. when you go from one country to another. it change you and the family and how you look at things. nancy: inspiring journey from ethiopia to the united states. larry: growing problem at 6:00, e-cigarettes exploding causing serious bur
5:37 pm
the steps that the f.d.a. is taking as the doctor breaks down when
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steve: we move closer to the weekend and the chances of rain will increase, thursday, friday. saturday is a 40% chance. later in the day. look at sunday. looks like a washout for much of the area. daytime high saturday around 65 degrees. there are period of heavy rains at time. the better of the two-day weekend go with saturday for the outdoor plans. the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. when we get through the unsettled weekend, back to sunshine. middle 60's and the 70's by the middle of next week. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". back after this. ♪
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michelle: coming to america was a dream but in tonight's inspire report how she is excelling and helping others. >> i reme
5:41 pm
i remember the plane ride. >> she came to the u.s. when she was 8. she learned to speak english watching pbs. >> my dad thought if i give her the opportunity to go to america and get a quality education, she will be able to take the different tests. have an opportunity to succeed in life. >> she shares that belief and says the urban alliance had her stay on track. >> i worked to pay for my schooling and i came out of it debt free. >> graduate of the james madison university she encourages young people to focus on education. she encourages underaged student to go to college. journey from ath opennia to d.c. is the focus of the promise alliance. now she dedicates her spare time to equip students with the tools for better future through the non-profit, project
5:42 pm
>> that has expanded. working on a curriculum to teach young people to run their own business. they are not alone. if they have a dream they can achieve it. minnesota she says so many people hemped her along the journey. on her way. nancy: to go learning english from watching pbs to introducing the first lady of the united states. michelle: a huge achievement. nancy: incredible. great story. larry: share the stage with her as well. wow! how cool is that? inspiring. thanks.
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the nats game. how they had to get the final out twice. how could the umps miss it? >> only in washington with the hanging flags on balcony of apartment building become passive aive political fight. coming
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larry: it's the 22nd anniversary of the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in u.s. history. hundreds of people visited the memorial site of the oklahoma city bombing to pay their respects. nancy: residents in a d.c. apartment building near nats park having a political fight with the flags on the balcony. it has escalated to the point where the annandale sense management is involved. >> a mild south of the capitol building a political battle. >> i don't see people getting riled up. this is d.c.
5:47 pm
>> a rainbow flag and a black lives matter sign, trump sign and recent through this sign below. >> a simple message. i didn't feel like i needed to write a lot. >> her sign got a lot of response including from the nats fans at the ballpark across the street. >> i stepped out to the balcony and they were cheering and waving at me. >> first reported by "washingtonian magazine" they e-mailed the residents instructing them to remove all flags and the other items from the balcony at the end of the month. warning it's a lease violation. >> it is unclear when the flag and then they got political. >> they were up for years then overnight you can't do
5:48 pm
>> the neighbor turned the trump flag to the hillary flan, she took down her flag. >> i had a got response. >> now some of them are disappointedment mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. >> ahead tonight at 6:00, ahunt after two men, armed money hold up armored truck in the district. >> the humane res try to figure out who set a cat on fire in southeast. coming up, reward offered for an arrest. larry: doug, a cool day coming to a close. >> it's gray but it will warm up soon. doug absolutely. 80-degree mark in many areas tomorrow. 58. if you go to hagersto
5:49 pm
they -- in cumberland they have sunshine. 62 in warrenton, washington, baltimore. 61 in andrews. the temperatures won't change much for the next couple of hours. plenty of clouds. there is more across the lake. we are in the middle where most of the rain will miss us north and south. >> when you wake up tomorrow it's cool. fog in mid-50's everywhere. we will turn partly sunny. there will a chance of the late afternoon or the showers or thunderstorms. friday a similar pattern. one commuter model suggests tomorrow morning we will see a shower but generally the days are partly sunny thursday and friday with the afternoon storms. saturday is
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night and 65. sunday plan on rainy day. look at the next ten days. temperatures are way up and then way down and then they climb for a good portion of next week. nold through saturdaynaryry a rain drop -- saturday, nary a rain drop. larry: did you see how the nats game ended? they strikeout but ron washington wants the ump to see if the ball was tipped and they rule it was tipped and it's not reviewable at that point. it was clearly not. six inches away. the grounds crew mowing the field but they had to leave. kelly back on the mound with two strikes. this time he strikes him out for good. the guy behind him is buckner, controversy for baseball and the controversial umpire behind the plate. nancy: the con
5:51 pm
continues. they are cleaning it up. nancy: this is a huge sports night for local teams. a big night. >> i'm a little nervous. robert burton joins us live for wizards and the hawks in game two. nancy: -- robert: hopefully we don't have controversy tonight. game two. working out over my shoulder. half of the dynamic duo. john wall is not here yet. but the team goes as he goes.
5:52 pm
>> one down, three to go. the wizards up 1-0 over the hawks thanks to wall's career performance. 42 points with 14 assists. that is over now. they do it again. >> we know they will come out. make adjustments. make a few more changes. >> there is revenge on their mind after roughhousing from the wizards. >> are you ready for at least three more games of this physicality? it won't be easier. >> we expect it to be physical. heavily focused. play with the energy. get off to a
5:53 pm
the bench play is stellar but the back court tan gem allowed to come alive again. >> we understand that the team won't move unless we do. we have to show up each and every night. >> the wizards might not be as nervous as the caps. they are in toronto for game four and hopefully they will get a win tonight. we talk about that at 6:00. nancy: robert had a panic button. just let the game with what it is. right? >> i agree. it is okay to have the panic button close. larry: are there m.m.a. fighters there? >> i don't see anybody. nancy: the night is young. robert: normal people. nancy: relative term.
5:54 pm
thanks. we have a preview of what "good morning washington" is on tap for thursday wake-up. >> tomorrow on "good morning washington," the most important thing you can do to help a victim of a sexual assault and the four myths commonly thought were true about concept. is there a right way to talk about infertility? we set the record straight. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:25 on
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jonathan: express lanes like the ones we have here are a product of public-private partnerships. nancy: we know they save drivers time and also cost them money. are the partnerships the future to take over other projects? northern virginia chief jeff goldberg taking a look now. jeff: drivers across northern virginia got used to the high cost of the 495 express lan
5:58 pm
>> i like that they put it on the highways. >> it hurts the pocket but there is no choice. >> many supporters believe the success of the public private partnership project government and the industry could serve as a model as president trump calls for $1 trillion infrastructure plan. >> even with the high cost express lanes have been a success in our area and other big cities like l.a. and atlanta. but less dense part of the country could be a different story. >> opportunities are limited. jeff: transportation analyst an adviser to the white house on the infrastructure plan says they will only invest in the areas where the traffic is heavy and the drivers will pay. >> you don't see it in wyoming and montana and north and south
5:59 pm
this is not the answer. >> he says it will only fix 5-10% of the need. >> but others are happy to pay for life in the fast lane. >> got some place quick lu. >> in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> right now at 6:00, unexpected turn, turns a police chief to a water rescue. >> c'mon, we'll help you out. the washington is too cold to be in there. jonathan: the man's admission to police once they fished him out of the river. michelle: plus armed an dangerous. the man waving a machete at the police and how they stopped him. jonathan: a cat survives being set on fire in the district. the big incentive to catch the person behind this. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side.
6:00 pm
first look at a major roadway change that will affect tens of thousands of commuters. don't count on the g.p.s. to get through it. it's the opening of the long-awaited onramp for the i-395 tunnel at massachusetts avenue but it includes another ramp closing. q mccray joins us now live with what drivers out there need to know. q mccray, a big change? q: a huge change. you said it. whether it's good or bad depends on the direction that you are driving. athbound you are in luck. westbound, not so much. this will change howl people drive in d.c. the on-ramp to i-395 southbound to mark a major milestone in the $1.4 billion third street tunnel project. they have been working on the project for 12 years now. essentially the workers a


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