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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 29, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this morning, 100 days. donald trump's milestone. >> the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country's history. >> what he's accomplished -- >> i, neil m. gorsuch -- >> and the battles that lie ahead. >> we'll build a wall. don't even think about it. plus a road trip to a key battleground state. voters handing out their progress reports. failed launch, north korea's missile test. a short to medium-range weapon breaking up just minutes after takeoff. tensions between washington and pyongyang ratcheted even higher. our bob woodruff in neighboring south korea with the mood on the ground.
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attempted cop killer with a 100-year prison term now on the run. >> a white male in a jumpsuit. >> the all-out search to find him on the ground and in the air. severe storms. flash flooding hitting parts of the nation's heartland. cars floating down the street. torrential hail pounding cars and roads. what's still to come for the 40 million americans in the danger zone. good morning. sorry, i was talking to rob about whether he was going to wear a three-piece suit this morning. anyway, let's get to our top story. you are looking at a live shot of the white house where donald trump is waking up on this day 100 of his presidency. >> if you do the math it's only 6.8% into his presidency and he's dealing with an unpleasant gift from the north koreans in the form of
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overnight. >> trump is going to spend much of this day in pennsylvania where he will hold a rally capping his first 100 days skipping the annual white house correspondent's dinner back in d.c. >> the president has called the 100-day mark a ridiculous standard while boasting about all that he has accomplished. >> let's look at the score card here. the president has scored wins on installing a new supreme court justice, neil gorsuch, and pulling out of the controversial trance pacific partnership. >> the tpp. however, his attempt to repeal and replace obamacare went down in flames as did his travel ban and one of his marquee promises, building the wall, that remains in progress this morning. >> so much to talk about. we have team coverage with reporters from korea to the u.s. capitol and kick it off with david wright who's at the white house. >> reporter: 100 days is the unofficial
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donald trump entered office with a splash and the seas are still choppy. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: this morning in his weekly address, the president gives himself top marks. >> i truly believe that the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country's history. >> reporter: plenty of others might dispute that, but not the national rifle association. on friday, they gave him a warm welcome. >> as your president, i will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. never, ever. >> reporter: trump has certainly changed the tone here in washington, but he has yet to pass a single major piece of legislation. his budget and his plan to repeal and replace obamacare -- >> obamacare is a disaster. >> reporter: -- stalled at least for now. back in the hands of a republican congress. >> i'm disappointed
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>> reporter: trump's biggest victory -- >> i, neil m. gorsuch -- >> reporter: a new conservative justice to fill the 9th seat in the u.s. supreme court. >> and i got it done in the first 100 days. >> reporter: he signed 29 bills into law but his journey has been turbulent, too. his temporary travel ban on seven predominantly muslim countries blocked by the courts. his promise to build that mexican border wall in limbo. >> we'll build the wall, don't even think about it. >> reporter: trump was critical of president obama's use of executive orders, calling them major power grabs of authority. but he signed more than obama did in his first 100 days. 30 executive orders so far. >> i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. >> reporter: speaking to reuters, the president had this to say about his first 100 days. >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> reporter: tonight as the white house
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its annual black tie correspondent's dinner, the president is headed to harrisburg to tour a lawn mower factory and hold a campaign rally, clearly hoping for that split screen moment, the press that he loves to bash living it up in fancy dress while he's out there amongst the people. dan, paula? >> it will be an interesting primetime split screen tonight. david, thank you. the president has signed more than two dozen bills into law in his first 100 days but that includes no major legislation even though his party controls both houses of congress. let's bring in abc's mary bruce who's also in washington and covers the capitol for us. mary, what gives? >> reporter: dan, over these past 100 days, the negotiator in chief has been struggling to seal the deal with congress even though as you mentioned the republicans are in control of capitol hill. the president has yet to win a single legislative victory. that doesn't mean there hasn't been plenty of activity. republicans have been busy but their goals keeping running into a harsh political reality, the divisions within theirwn
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they've been working for weeks to gain enough support to fulfill their pledge to repeal and replace obamacare, but they keep coming up short. the divisions so deep they're threatening the president's legislative priorities. >> so what comes next here? how does the president navigate this relationship with congress and get his own party to come together and move forward? >> reporter: despite the slow start, republicans insist the best is yet to come. on health care there have been signs of progress recently, and if they can manage to get that done, their hope is it will create a path for tax reform, some of those other big-ticket items. now, the president says he's disappointed that things aren't moving more quickly and he notes this system is tough. even house speaker paul ryan admits after 8 years in the opposition party under the obama administration, republicans are having growing pains. >> mary bruce, thank you very much. president trump is revolutionizing the way the commander-in-chief communicates with the american public,
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twitter to bypass the traditional media. we've crunched the data around want to share some interesting insights. his most popular tweet so far, in response to the massive protest at his inauguration trump wrote, quote, peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. i recognize the right of people to express their views. it was during his third week that this was tweeted the most, mentioning his nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. secretary of state rex tillerson being sworn in and attacking the judge that blocked his immigration ban. but his most popular tweet was, make america great again. so what does he tweet about the most? these words, democrats, fake news, media, russia and obamacare. we have a great interactive feature on our website that lets you filter tweets by topics, time of day and even the ones he has written in all caps. again, these originating from the real donald trump account, over 470 tweets, dan,
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>> i thought we would have seen the words sad and bad more prominently in that list. >> you would have been wrong. >> not the first time, not the first time. paula, thank you. overnight the president was tweeting about the story that high school transfixed much of this planet, the crises with north korea. the north koreans have attempted another missile launch and abc's bob woodruff is in seoul, south korea covering it all. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this missile was launched overnight and clearly this was once again kim jong-un flexing his muscles. despite the growing pressure from both the u.s. and china, today another show of force. this time a short to medium-range missile believed to be a new type, a kn-17, that broke up just minutes after launch, according to u.s. military officials, it exploded on north korean soil. president trump treated that the failed launch disrespected the wishes of china and its highly respected president. but trump has also
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over kim jong-un who has never met china's president, and there is no indication that that will change. >> i have a lot of respect and i really like president xi. i don't know that he's going to be able to pull it off. it may have to be a much more difficult ending, to be honest with you. >> reporter: on thursday, trump said anything could happen. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> reporter: as for south korea about the launch, investments reaction this morning. i asked these people what they think about the missiles and north korea, they say a few words, but what they care about the most is who's going to be the next president in the election on may 9th. the sound in seoul is just politics, campaigns to win the presidential election ten days from now. now, south koreans also told us that it's not
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anger. they're angry about what trump said yesterday, $1 billion for the launchers that could stop the north korean missile. in the newspapers today, here are some of the words in the headlines describing the reaction as bewildered, puzzled, shocked, betrayed and also describing president trump incomprehensible, quote unquote, but no response yet from president trump this morning. >> bob woodruff reporting from seoul this morning. thank you. joining us now from washington is retired kornell steve ganyard. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> this launch is significant because the u.s. has an aircraft carrier in waters nearby but this is their third launch this month alone. what can you tell us about this particular missile? i believe they're dubbing it a carrier killer. >> paula, this is interesting because this is a missile that we saw for the first time in that parade a couple weeks
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in pyongyang. one of the things they noticed is there were guidance spins. as this parade went by they could see that it had guidance spins. analysts think this is intended to attack u.s. aircraft carriers. kim jong-un has been very careful here not to launch a long-range missile or to do a nuclear test in a way that would be provocative to the point that the trump administration would put new economic sanctions in place. so they will continue to test. they'll continue to develop these missiles, but this missile in and of itself was not especially provocative. >> steve, interesting noises coming out of the trump administration. on the one hand you have the president warning of a potent l potentially marriage conflict. and then you have secretary tillerson say yesterday that maybe the u.s. will engage in talks with north korea. do you see that happening? >> that's one of the things the u.s. has resisted for years, both democrat and republican pr
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i think what you saw yesterday from secretary tillerson is a little softening. he was clear to say we don't want regime change. we just want something that would look like a freeze. they'll continue to ramp up diplomatic pressure. the military pressure continues to get ramped up. the real cards that the administration and all of the u.n. has to play are the economic cards, and we should see those rolled out in the days to come. >> china a key part of that. steve ganyard, thank you very much for your analysis on this saturday morning. we want to talk more now about the president's first 100 days in office. we've got a pair of wringers with us this morning. abc news political commentator cokie roberts and republican strategist alex cats yan knows. cokie, how would you grade president trump's first 100 days? >> i'd give him a gentleman's c which is probably what he got in
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delivered on those promises and the promises were bold, the wall and repealing obamacare. but he has succeeded in getting the supreme court justice confirmed, and he has rolled back some of what he would consider government overreach in the obama administration through his executive orders. but it has been such a sort of chaotic 100 days. now, a lot of voters seem to like that, but it is a little distressing when you look around and see that hundreds, i mean hundreds, of federal officials have not been named -- not confirmed, not named. so it's kind of home alone at the agencies and it's hard to get something done under those circumstances. >> alex, cokie paints a bit of a rocky picture there. how would you grade these first 100 days? >> i think it's understandable if you're a washington insider and you think
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legislating, you're going to give donald trump a harsh grade. but if you look at the impact he's had on the economy, america's place in the world and on washington itself, you're going to give him an a. if you're russia and you got bombed in syria, you have renewed respect for america. if you're china you have a better relationship. if you're north korea, your missiles are blowing up. if you're a defense contractor, your worry about what you charge the government now because the president of the united states will renegotiate that in public. if you're a business thinking about taking your jobs to mexico, you're thinking twice. if you're concerned about the supreme court legislating instead of just calling balls and strikes, you're happy with a new supreme court justice. so he's had quite an impact. not legislatively. >> a gentleman's c from cokie and a from alex. cokie, what do you think has been his best moment? >> i agree with
7:15 am
moment of the president bombing syria, whether it was a one-off or whether it means something, we don't know. but it showed a sense of action and i think that one of the real hits against obama was that he was very cautious in that situation. clearly people rallied around trump in that moment. but again, we don't know what that means for the long term. >> alex, what do you think has been the president's not so stellar moment thus far? >> i think when the president realized that he didn't have enough children to run the family businesses and the entire federal government, that was a big eye opener. i think there have been moments when the president has felt slighted and perhaps his ego bruised and it became more about donald trump than about leading the american people. in the inaugural when there's a debate about crowd size and not about economic size, those moments i think donald trump suffers.
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roberts we thank you very much for your analysis on day 100 of the trump presidency. my quick math shows we've got 1,360 days to go in this first term. >> or 93.2% left. >> exactly. >> we're really good at math this morning. my mind hurts just thinking about that. all right, thanks, guys. we want to turn to the dangerous weather that is hitting the central part of the country. the national weather service saying the flash flooding could threaten lives and rob has been tracking it all for us. >> impressive math with you and impressive storms exploding here with numbers that are going to be piling up. look at these storms exploding from oklahoma city all the way back through louisville. take a look at what happened in southern indiana last night and some of the rain creating flooding to where this car is actually spinning down the roadway. so we'll see more of this and this as well. hail last night in
7:17 am
oklahoma. oklahoma city, winds over 70 miles per hour. widespread damage. nearly 20,000 people without power from a storm that just went through there. could see life threatening flooding across parts of arkansas arouar arkansas and southern missouri. strong winds, maybe a tornado and this presses off to the east during the day tomorrow. >> a summertime feel for today. a daytime high of 91 degrees. we could break records. we are already feeling mild this morning. it is quite humid. maybe comfortable as you step out the door. today, itgame later is going to be hot. stay hydrated. if a
7:18 am
enough, there's a lot of snow on the backside of this system, including denver and other places. we'll talk more about that in the next half-hour. >> i got chased out of denver by that snow yesterday as a matter of fact. >> in the nick of time. >> thank you, robert. let's get it over to robert for a look of the day's other headlines. what's happening? >> dan, good morning, paula, adrian and robert, good morning, everyone. good morning, america. we're going to begin overseas in egypt with pope francis celebrating a mass after two christian churches why bombed. terry moran is in cairo this morning. >> it's been a remarkable day for pope francis. this man of peace preaching tolerance but surrounded every step of the way by bristling security in a land torn by conflict. francis motorcading through the locked down streets of cairo to the
7:19 am
him to hold an open air mass. helicopters buzzed overhead. only about half the seats were filled. there was a festive atmosphere when the pope entered in his golf cart, a rare moment for christians to share their faith in this muslim country. in his homly, the pope spoke to them and all those throughout this region who might use faith as an inspiration for violence. he said the only fanaticism believers can have is the fanaticism of charity. do not be afraid to love everyone, your friends and enemies alike. he returns to rome this evening. ron. >> terry moran in cairo, thank you. now to maryland and a manhunt for a prisoner who escaped. david watson somehow got out of his handcuffs, overpowered a guard and ran into a wooded area. he was serving a 106-year sentence for the attempted murders of several police officers. the pentagon i
7:20 am
investigating whether two elite army rangers who died in afghanistan this week may have been killed by friendly fire either from the u.s. or afghan forces. sergeant joshua rogers and sergeant cameron thomas were killed at a nighttime raid on isis forces in a remote part of afghanistan. in philadelphia, a setback to the defense of bill cosby. a judge has ruled the jurors will be able to hear testimony about him giving the drug quaaludes to the women he was pursuing but the judge is barring references made to his comedy routine to the after deez yak spanish fly. a cashier at a jimmy john's eatery keeps his cool while an armed robber points the gun in his face. the worker even taking time to remove his gloves beforehanding over the cash. that alleged robber w
7:21 am
facing charges of possession burglar and foegs of a firearm. elon musk and his vision for the future. underground tunnels. car would attend to a platform and travel on the platform at speeds of up to 124 miles per hour. musk has already started digging in los angeles. not musk himself but employees hired by musk. no completion date has been set. >> thanks for the clarification on that. >> can't accuse that guy of lack of ambition. >> how about that. >> 124 miles per hour. >> yeah. i don't know why not 125 or 130. >> that's the maximum for underground tunnels. >> is it? >> i don't know. it's the speed limit. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, festival failure. how plans for a huge concert featuring star-studded performances
7:22 am
some people who shelled out big bucks stranded. plus the couple who disagreed to vehemently during the donald trump campaign that it nearly tore him apart, how they're doing. coming up in "pop news," george clooney and movie classics, all in search of a good cup of coffee. >> did he find one? ♪ (cover of chainsmokers 'don't l♪ me down') ♪ ♪ the issues we care about can weigh on us. so lift the weight of caring, by doing. visit state farm's to volunteer in your community.
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>> we are going to feel warm and humid. daytime highs in the low 90's. we could break records across the d.c. area. a summertime feel to this afternoon. this morning, temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's. very humid through the afternoon. if you are
7:28 am
heading to the nationals game, the first pitch is out 1:05. a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon or evening. for the nats game with a high of 84. watch for an additional shower or thunderstorm. here is a look at your forecast. the umbrella will be needed. windy, the daytime high of 81 degrees. we clear out tuesday into wednesday. daytime highs get back into the low 70's.
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. welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, 100 days. donald trump hitting that milestone, boasting about all that he has accomplished in this short period of time while the democrats point out what he has not done. the president is going to spend much of this day in pennsylvania where he will hold a rally tonight, skipping the annual white house correspondent's dinner back in d.c. >> he'll probably go next year. also right now, back home, former president george h.w. bush is waking up in his own bed this morning, released from a houston hospital on friday after spending two weeks there recovering from mona ya. he will be 93 in june. netflix is under attack. a hacker is demanding ransom, claiming to have access of the new season "orange is the new black." yes, this hacker who goes by the na
7:31 am
threatening to distribute the shows before the official release date of june 9th if netflix doesn't pay up. can you imagine the precedent this would set? apparently netflix said a small production company is responsible for the breach. >> i hope they don't do that to house of cards. i would be upset. >> you would actually try to watch. >> i would never do that. we start this half-hour with a real fiasco at a festival. >> revellers who shelled out thousands of dollars to attend a coachella style event in the tropics now stranded and gio benitez joins us with more. >> reporter: a soldout event, 3,000 tickets sold. what was called the fire festival was instead going viral with the hashtag dumpster fire. right now organizers are still trying to get people off the island of exuma. it was supposed to be a festival like no other, promotional videos showing off the island of
7:32 am
instead -- >> basically these are disaster relief. >> reporter: concert goers finding an epic nightmare. >> it wasn't beachy at all. >> chaotic. >> the exact opposite of everything we were promised. >> reporter: rather than domes and swanky yachts, accommodations were tents. the concierge desk, an empty shell. concert goers left scrambling through shipping containers to find their luggage. the kitchen scene here, stacks of styrofoam containers and plastic utensils. a $500 getting you this sandwich. >> no showers, bathrooms, running water, nothing. >> kendall jenner and bella hadid, some of the social influencers touting the event. but even trying to get out was a problem. >> we have to deplane everybody. >> reporter: people stuck at the airport withoutoo
7:33 am
locked in for more than ten hours. the event's co-founder, ja rule says he's working to get things right but insists this was not my fault and that this was not a scam. but the ministry of tourism points the finger at the organizers. >> they did not believe that they required approval and permits from the government of the bahamas. that is not the case. >> reporter: but one organizer still looking ahead, telling the hollywood reporter, we were a little naive in thinking for the first time we could do this ourselves. next year we will definitely start earlier. >> i think they need to be held responsible because they basically abducted us. >> reporter: and this morning ja rule promises in a tweet to refund everyone who bought tickets. the event of course is now being postponed and now we're learning red flags were reportedly raised weeks ago even before caterer pulled out. you heard right there, that hashtag dumpster fire. i think a new hashtag, what a
7:34 am
doing it next year. >> they are. >> so they're optimistic. >> some people paid how much? >> some people paid as much as $12,000. >> incredible. yeah, i'd want my money back too. >> thank you very much. let's get it over to the weather and rob marciano who was talking about the opposite of a dumpster fire, snow. >> we have snow across parts of eastern colorado and if you live in new york city you felt it last night. thunder and lightning. this shot downtown. there's one world trade. looks like this might be hitting the brooklyn bridge. here's the snow in denver. i think this is the broncos practice facility and it is just completely white. can you believe this? it's still snowing there. we could see six or seven inches of snow in parts of downtown denver. winter storm warnings posted, oklahoma winter storm warning the west side of the state, flood warnings on the east side. this line of severe storms expected to go through dallas by 10:00 tonight into little rock 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. these are areas that have already seen heavy rain, so flooding on top of damaging
7:35 am
well. this popping up the heat, record breaking heat across parts of the florida, 93 in naples, lower 90s today in washington d.c. >> it is going to be a mild saturday. we could be breaking records, a daytime high of 91 degrees. starting >> this weather report is brought to you by brio. we are proud to announce that our parent company, disney, is expanding its work with the national park association in the upcoming year by supporting parks in all 50 states with grants totaling $1 million. of course the benefits of play are well known. we know them. that's why disney and nrpa have teamed up with the goal of providing 1 million kids and families with
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it is no mistake that donald trump will be marking his 100th day in office with a rally in pennsylvania tonight. that state really helped him win the white house, but how are people in that battleground state feeling about president trump now that he's been in power for 100 days? i recently went on a road trip.
7:41 am
>> reporter: donald trump fought hard to eek out a victory in pennsylvania. the state was so important that he came here shortly before the election to lay out his agenda for his first 100 days. >> on november 8th, americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our country. >> reporter: now that day 100 is here, we traveled to pennsylvania to take the pulse of the voters. we talked to voters in bucks county. >> how are you? nice to meet you. >> reporter: a battleground county within a battleground state. >> this is a four-year term and we're 100 days. nobody starts out hitting the ground doing everything. >> reporter: pat and milo voted for trump. lauren and robin voted for clinton. and brian, a college student, is a never trumper. >> i thought the campaign for both sides was kind of an embarrassment. i really disliked both candidates quite a lot. >> if you had to give a grate, what would you give? >> i don't give grades. i'm not a
7:42 am
>> b plus. >> c minus. >> f. >> reporter: the issues that concern them the most? >> foreign policy is huge right now. >> russia keeps me up. it needs to be investigated. >> do you think president trump is doing enough to address the divisions in this country? >> i don't think that's his job. i think he's being fair. i think he's being -- what i hear and see, he's been very cordial to the other side. >> reporter: we're going to visit jeannine and brian. when we last saw them, i went to their home shortly before the election. >> this one thinks he's funny. he says would it be funny if i put a trump sign on the front lawn and you put two or three hillary signs. i said there's nothing funny about that. there's nothing funny about that. >> reporter: i'm very curious to see what kind of impact this is having on their marriage. >> i'm not relieved. i'm annoyed. >> are you fighting over whether he's doing a good job. >> he's horrible. what's to fight over? >> do you agree? >> no, he's not
7:43 am
and he's not a politician. breathe, right. he's not a politician, and i think that's the problem. >> reporter: as you can see, they're still fighting over trump. it's really not as bad as it was during the election. this couple really sums up america's divisions and microcosm. they tell me that their neighbors, they have a deplex, their neighbors are tired of hearing them fight through the wall. >> adrienne, you were talking about how did they get together. >> how did they not fight about something else before this. >> i think they've done their fair share of fighting. they met when they were really young so maybe politically -- >> they have a great sense of humor about it too so that also helps. >> i should say that to you once in a while, just breathe. >> wow, you're my counsellor, my spiritual leader, all of it, my co-anchor. >> all for nothing. diet doctor to the stars sharing secrets on weight loss, what and what not to ea
7:44 am
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welcome back. in today's weekend download, getting you that beach body. dr. fred pes ka tore ree, thorpe of t author of the hamptons diet. he has a new book out called the a-list diet. welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. >> you say it's really important to know your dieting type in order to lose weight. why is that? >> because i think what people don't understand is that when you're 20, you're going to be dieting differently when
7:48 am
40. then there are those people who have tried everything before. there are different types and you need different foods for those different times of your life. >> what should we concentrate on besides the ranch dressing which i want to dip those vegetables on. >> in the a-list diet, the a stands for amino acids. the body builders have been doing this for a long time so they know how to get lean and get lean muscle mass and lose fat. when you incorporate amino acids into your diet and the best way to do it is through supplement form, studies show that you can lose 20% more fat and gain 15% more lean muscle. >> all three that amino acid supplement. real quick, what should we eat, what should we stay away from in. >> eat more lean meats, more lean protests, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, all sorts of things like that. >> check out this new book,
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by lowes. it's "pop news" and it's adrienne bankert. let's talk about harry styles. >> i like that start. >> we're excited because harry and all of his thongs of female fans are chasing him down now because he is set to launch his world tour to support his studio album called "sign of the times." have you heard this song? >> great song. >> the former one direction singer
7:54 am
the north american leg begins september 19th in san francisco. also stopping in d.c. and phoenix before going overseas. tickets on sale may 5th before his self-title release on may 12th. >> does he have any male fans? >> i'm sure he has a lot of male fans. i was speaking to the women because i am one. >> fair enough. >> fair, right? okay. >> young and old, everybody loves harry styles. speaking of another man that a lot of women are hot for. george clooney going the distance to find a good cup of coffee. he's starring with danny deveto. look at him with burt reynolds. going ocean's 13. he was in "psycho" clips there. all to go in search of coffee. john candy. he's on the back of peter fonda's motorcycle,
7:55 am
biscuit about being amped about coffee. look at this. >> i remember when i was a kid sneaking a cup of my dad's coffee at work when he was doing a radio show. it was probably 1969 or so in cincinnati, ohio. 8-year-olds really aren't supposed to be drinking coffee. >> but he gets his coffee. you'll have to watch the ad. it's pretty fun to see him in all those -- >> i love george clooney. >> i love coffee. oprah, one of the most famous women in the world of course arguably, but not everybody knows who she is. >> what? >> we have proof. the legendary talk show host running into a staffer's son during take your child to work day. watch what happens. >> ophelia. oh my my. oprah! >> yeah, the boy did not know who she was. she finally gave him a high
7:56 am
>> if it was elmo. >> i hope he doesn't know who harry styles is. >> you never know. >> that's true. good point, good point. >> thank you, adrienne. >> not a problem. >> we all know who you are. see you right back here tomorrow morning on "gma." have a great, great saturday, everybody. >> last day of april tomorrow. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> we are already off to a mild start and we are not stopping yet. forecasting daytime highs in the low 90's and we could tie if not break if you records by this afternoon. average for this time of year is low 70's. if
7:57 am
thunder near winchester and hagerstown. this threat will stay with us through this afternoon but not a complete wash. we have high heat and humidity and if you isolated thunderstorms are possible past 1:00 p.m. through the evening. the national forecast looks dry. your pet, makeng sure they are taking lots of water at the park today as we will be very steamy. a little cooler for sunday and sunshine mixing with us -- with a spotty showers thunderstorm. looking at your extended forecast coming keep your on bella on hand monday as wet weather moves through the area -- keep your umbrella on hand monday is wet weather moves through the area. on tuesday mid 70's but nice so enjoy the sunshine. it looks like a great middle part of the week. by thursday and friday, we will get cooler with temperatures back in the mid-60's. it looks like the mild weather is not sticking around t m
7:58 am
chance for additional showers thursday into friday. into next weekend, it looks more seasonable as the temperatures should get back around 70 degrees. through today, it will be very warm and feel like summer and don't forget your sunblock and timeasses if you spend any outdoors. enjoy your weekend.
7:59 am
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