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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 3, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this wednesday morning, take two, the trump administration's plan to repeal and replace obamacare possibly in trouble this morning. the big sticking point turns away some republicans and how many more noes before the new plan is dead. we're live in washington. overnight president trump responds to hillary clinton after she blamed russia and fbi director james comey for her election loss. >> new video showing the moment a plane hits power lines before crashing onto a road. how the pilot saved lives and the people who cheated death in the cars below. an officer jumps into a pond and pulls a child to safety. we have some new video of that dramatic rescue.
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a good wednesday morning. we begin with another busy day on capitol hill. lawmakers are set to vote on a trillion dollar spending plan to fund the government and they're still battling over a bill to replace obamacare. >> oh, yes they are. republicans are struggling to find common ground on how to cover people with pre-existing conditions, but for now they still don't have enough votes to push the bill through. abc's kenneth moton joins us now from washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. the white house is hoping for health care vote before the house goes on a week-long recess tomorrow. today president trump making another play on health care. >> how is health care coming, folks? we moving along? i think it's time now, right? >> reporter: the president more like a coach in front of lawmakers while honoring the u.s. air force academy football team. by our count two noes can tank the new house gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we're excited about this policy and making very good progress with our members. >> reporter: at issue,
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pre-existing conditions. states would be allowed to opt out of covering them. a move that satisfies the hard-line freedom caucus but not moderates like representative fred upton. >> this amendment torpedoes that and i told the leadership i cannot support this bill with this provision in it. >> reporter: upton now working on an amendment to provide a billion dollars over five years to help people with pre-existing conditions pay premiums. the spending bill to keep the government running expected to pass. now, there's a dispute over who won in negotiations. >> no money for the border wall. not one plug nickel. >> reporter: president trump who didn't get motion of what he wanted angry that democrats are claiming victory. >> the president is frustrated with the fact that he negotiated in good faith with the democrats and they went out to try to spike the football and make him look bad. >> reporter: he is expected to sign the spending bill but not happy with democrats tweeting a threat that the country needs a good shutdown in september to fix the mess. diane and kendis. >> oh, good, we have something
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kenneth moton there. president trump and vladimir putin agreed to work together to end the violence in syria. >> they spoke by phone for the first time since russia was angered by the u.s. strike in syria. the white house says they discussed setting up safe zones for syrians forced to flee their homes. the two leaders agreed to try to set up their first face-to-face meeting in july, the g-20 summit in germany. former acting attorney general sally yates set to testify before the senate committee investigating russian hacking during the election. yates is expected to tell lawmakers that she warned the white house about contact between the national security adviser michael flynn and the russian ambassador. her testimony could contradict the administration's version of what happened. and one more note from the white house, this photo of a rabbi and steve bannon seems to have accidentally exposed bannon's extensive list of goals that includes items like defundal sanctuary cities with checkmarks next to policies the
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well, the president responded overnight to hillary clinton's first comments about what she believes cost her the election. clinton said she took absolute responsibility for losing her campaign. but she then went on to blame fbi director james comey for his letter saying they were looking into new information with her server as well as russian interference. >> i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were implying to vote for me but got scared off. if the election had been on october 27th i'd be your president and it wasn't. i'm now being back to an activist citizen and part of the resistance. >> overnight president trump writing fbi director comey was the best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. the phony trump/russia story was
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an excuse used by the democrats as justification for losing the election. perhaps trump just ran a great campaign? breaking overnight at least three u.s. service members have been injured in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. that blast hit a nato coalition convoy during morning rush hour in kabul. at least eight civilians were killed. dozens more injured. no group claimed responsibility for the attack but in recent weeks the taliban has increased attacks. we're getting new information about two chicago police officers shot and wounded. both officers are hospitalized in stable condition at this hour. a manhunt is under way for the suspects. chicago's police superintendent says the officers were conducting an investigation when suspects in two cars pulled up and opened fire. top airline executives can expect another grilling on capitol hill when they face a senate committee tomorrow. that hearing will follow their appearance before a house panel to address recent
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service failures including the forced removal of a doctor from a united airlines flight. united's ceo called that, quote, a mistake of epic proportions. the house committee's chairman spoke to the executives in pretty stark terms. >> if we don't see meaningful results that improve customer service the next time this committee meets to address the issue i can assure you won't like the outcome. >> the hearing took place as another violent incident on board a plane came to light. this time between two passengers. the flight -- this fight happened before a flight from tokyo to los angeles took off. that man in red was putted off the plane and arrested. now for a look at your weather. missouri is bracing for another round of heavy rain and more record flooding. that has already killed at least five people across the state. sweelen rivers are threatening nearly 2,000 homes. already washed out hundreds of roads and have even forced amtrak to cancel service across the state.
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system stretching across 700 miles, blanketing nearly the entire central third of the u.s. with heavy rain, severe storms. even bringing the threat of some tornadoes. still ahead the legroom getting smaller on one of the country's biggest airlines. >> and some dramatic new video shows a plane crashing and hitting cars as it lands on a road. >> probably the closest i've come to really thinking like, oh, this is the end. >> hear from the drivers who walked away and what the pilot says happened. plus, the duke and duchess taking the paparazzi to trial. how much the royals want after magazines published topless photos of kate middleton.
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frustration and confusion in baton rouge, louisiana, overnight. crowds gathering at the very spot where police shot and killed a man last summer. the community learning the officers will not face charges and the department of justice is considered to make that official as soon as today. no charges will be filed against two officers in the shooting death of alton sterling. you will recall they approached sterling ling outside a store after a 911 call about a man making threats with a gun and then cell phone videos of his struggle with officers quickly spread on social media after that shooting. police report at the time said sterling ling was reaching for a gun in his pants pocket. a police officer in a suburb of dallas has been fired following the shooting death of a teenager. 15-year-old jordan edwards was killed over the weekend when officer roy oliver opened fire into a car edwards was in. originally police said that car
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street toward officers. but after inspecting body cam footage they now say the car was driving away from officers. the sheriff's department is now conducting a criminal investigation. and a former police officer has pleaded guilty to federal charges in the fatal shooting of a man in south carolina. video of that shooting called walter scott was running away when michael slager shot him during a traffic stop in 2015. but for nearly two years slager claimed he was simply defending himself. he is now facing life in prison. scott's family is speaking out about slager's admission. >> today is rare. the gardners, the blands, the wright family didn't get this type of justice we got today. >> the case marks a rare conviction for a police officer involved in an on-duty killing and also concludes both state and federal cases against slager. some staggering numbers this morning. the nation's airlines collected a whopping $4.2 billion in baggage fees last year.
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but not everything was higher. fees for changing a reservation fell by 4% to just under $3 billion. some american airlines flyers will have to go with a little leg legroom. they're reducing space by another two inches. that will happen on the new 737 max jetliner. united airlines may soon follow. well, when we come back, caught on camera, a police officer jumps into action saving a boy with autism from drowning. and nick saban is here to stay making him the highest paid college coach. and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges, and in corners.
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check out this fire completely engulfing a wooden pallet facility near los angeles overnight. one witness who was driving on a
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feel the heat inside her car. now, thankfully firefighters were able to knock down the fire in under an hour and no one was injured. morning road conditions now and the threat of flooding stretches across nearly the entire central third of the u.s. with wet roads again for much of florida but dry roads pretty much everywhere else. >> if you're flying airport delays are possible in houston, new orleans, dallas and memphis. and now to that dramatic video capturing the moment a small plane crashed nosediving right into traffic. >> yeah, watch as that plane clipped power lines, hits a traffic light and erupts as you can see there into a ball of flames as it crashes into several cars. the pilot told investigators he was losing power after just taking off from a nearby airport and trying to land in a portion of highway that was clear of cars. one witness says she could feel the heat as well from this fireball inside her vehicle. >> i just said get down and before i knew it i could feel the heat on my face of the that's probably the
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come to thinking this is the end. >> unbelievably police say no serious injuries. a pilot and his passenger walked away from that crash. we're going to have much more coming up on "good morning america." >> incredible video. this morning, we're seeing more incredible video of a police body cam as that officer saved a little boy in kansas. the officer spots that 4-year-old next to a pond as the kid falls in. the officer then races over and quickly pulls that boy out of the pond. turns out the boy is autistic and one of his parents were searching for him. the boy and that parent were reunited. a trial is now under way in france over some topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. the royal family is suing the french magazine "closer" and its photographers for publishing pictures of her taken in 2012 with telephoto lenses as she sunbathed on the patio of a secluded french villa. the magazine insists they didn't cross any lines. william said the photos reminds
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to the death of his mother. football coach nick saban is going to continue rolling with his university of alabama crimson tide. a new contract extension again makes him the highest paid college football coach, the contract will keep saban with the tide through the 2024 season and could pay him at least $65 million over the next eight years. saban has led alabama to four national titles. he's present good. police in boston say criminal charges could be filed against red sox fans who allegedly used some racial taunts against adam jones of the orioles. this as jones stepped to the plate last night, fans in fenway, well, they gave him a standing ovation. >> the sustained applause was in sharp contrast to monday night's game. that's when jones says fans used racial slurs and even threw a bag of peanuts at him. and to the nhl, playoffs and the predators and the rangers were the big winners last night. >> we get nba action right now
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espn. >> good morning, america. and as always utica, nicole briscoe, john anderson. >> match-up between thomas and john wall. john wall, very impressive. 40 points. it's just that thomas was just a bit more on the impressive scale. higher up. he scored 9 in overtime because, yes, this game required that. he scored 20 in the fourth. added all together with all the quarters, 53. >> that's a lot. >> celtics win, 129-119. the west, steph curry somehow rudy gobert got a bad switch. oh, my goodness. steph put him on skates and turned him around and, again, it kind of looked like barry sanders that one time, warriors up 15. early third quarter, warriors lead is now just nine but in transition, draymond green to steph. nobody had 53 for the warriors. they didn't need that many. steph had 22, a tweak, a
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jazz 1-0. >> that's routine maintenance. >> that's what he called it routine maintenance. >> you know what i learned? >> what? >> the warriors are more rested. >> if you need to guard john wall, you should have fast shoes. good morning, america. >> it's the shoes. >> it's the shoes. we learn so much. in the meantime, must be the shoes here. because at last night's game at yankee stadium yankee slugger aaron judge taking batting practice and -- >> it is gone. so much so that he actually did some damage with that home run. the ball traveled more than 450 feet and landed in a 50-inch television inside the dining facility. now during the actual game he also hit two more home runs in the win over toronto. >> that's pretty good. that tv did not stand a shot at all. >> i don't think the yankees will mind paying for that. up next in "the pulse," the dedicated teacher
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ito treat your toughy nasal allergies... ...listen up. unlike pills that don't treat congestion, clarispray covers 100 percent of your nasal allergy symptoms. clarispray. from the makers of claritin. ♪ it is time for your wednesday "pulse". we'll start with jimmy kimmel sharing another adorable photo of his family after opening up, of course, about his newborn son. >> kimmel posted this picture of his wife molly and 2-year-old daughter jane checking on her baby brother quite literally. kimmel broke down in tears monday after giving an emotional account of how baby billy was diagnosed with heart disease. >> he had to have surgery shortly after he was born nearly tw
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like he's doing great especially with the nurse there on duty. >> yep, sister jane is there to take care of him. all right now to a mom in texas whose pictures are also getting lots of attention online. second grade teacher jennifer pope was working on a lesson plan before delivering her fourth child. >> whoops. >> we do mean just. >> exactly. her husband brought the plan to her substitute waiting outside. less than an hour later their new daughter arrived. pope hopes it shows women can have careers while being moms. i'd say so. >> most don't mean it quite like that. >> literally exclamation. animals are just like us. >> sometimes they do things just for the thrill of it which could maybe explain the behavior of this prairie dog inside a zoo near boston. so, that's a real alligator sleeping but for some reason the prairie dog decides, well, let's have some fun. jumps on the alligator's snout and -- well, the alligator as you can see doesn't like that
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away. clean getaway i would say. very lucky. >> all right now to a couple on an endless journey seepingly anyway on an escalator trying to go down, as you can see they picked the wrong escalator for that. this happened in a busy shopping center, but they seemed pretty committed to this walk. >> yeah, they kept going and going and going. at one point they appear to top to take a break, of course, this embarrassing moment was captured on video.up with good morning washington. it's may third. and before you head out-- you may want to grab a sweatshirt. a big temperature change is in store for us. your forecast is just moments away, but first some quick headlines. the clock is ticking as congressional republicans again try to pass legislation to repeal and replace the affordable care act. with several republicans and all democrats in the house already saying they will vote "no", experts say the proposal is close to falling apart again. the house leaves
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week long break. a frustrating night for washington sports fans. the wizards are on their back home after dropping game 2 of their playoff series with the celtics. the game went to overtime-- where the celtics outscored them 15 to 5. game three is back in the verizon center on thursday. good morning washington. toss to eileen - another beautiful day; cooler - clouds increase tomorrow - heavy rain friday; showers saturday - cooler than average this weekend through next week today: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 64-68 winds: nw 10-15 g 25+ tonight: partly cloudy. cool. lows: 43-52 winds: ne 5 mph thursday: partly becoming mostly cloudy. cool and breezy. highs: 65-70 winds: se 10-15 mph
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police want to know if there are
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there- after they arrested a man for soliciting a minor. derrick la marr jones of catonsville is accused of soliciting a young woman from ashburn. police say he uses social media- and meets people at comic book conventions. investigators say he uses an alias of "kano" or "lee." if you have any information - call police. some closure this morning for a grieving family -after 8 years of agony. the killer in a case that went cold- has confessed. a michigan prison inmate admitted, he killed jammie lane in leesburg in 2009. the family says the
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well, becuuase he used to be their neighbor. "it was shocking because this was our neighbor. my dad helped you, we fed you the man who confessed is already serving life behind bars for a deadly stabbing spree. lane's family says they are just relieved that jamie is finally resting in peace. buying a home in nortwest can get pretty pricey. but we are about to show you two homes that they are giving away for free. of course-- there is a big catch. the two historic row houses just off dupont circle on n street are up for grabs. but if you want one - you'll have to move it because the land they are on is slated for a new development. the homes have to be raised on blocks- in an expensive process- and that would have to be done by this summer. who says interns work for free? some- are making big bucks. thats according to a new survey by glassdoor. it found that facebook pays its interns the most. we're talking a median of 8-thousand dollars a month! that would mean
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dollars a year. microsoft, apple, and yelp also made the list of companies with the highest paid interns. it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking overnight. breaking overnight. a serious fire in maryland leaves a breaking overnight. a serious fire in maryland leaves a family displaced this morning. this happened just after midnight in rockville. firefighters tell us that two people were inside, but were able to escape unharmed. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we have a crew on the way to the scene, and will bring you a live update a little later on. good morning washington. - another beautiful day; cooler
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showers saturday - cooler than average this weekend through next week today: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 64-68 winds: nw 10-15 g 25+ tonight: partly cloudy. cool. lows: 43-52 winds: ne 5 mph thursday: partly becoming mostly cloudy. cool and breezy. highs: 65-70 winds: se 10-15 mph


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