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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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now, you have to stop them from making a three and then you have to stop them in transition because they are so athletic with lebron with the ball or without the ball. >> mark: ty lue last night had a mandatory team dinner in a local steak house in downtown toronto. and you can bet that lebron james got his message across about the immediacy and urgency of winning this game and taking care of business and sweeping the raptors and getting home to rest. they actually got together in that time and watched the warriors game against the jazz. so they are keeping a close eye on their west coast rivals. iba ibaka. >> hubie: he did not have a good look. but that opened up ibaka. he had a gre
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and loulry watching from the sidelines. derozan steps back of james and hits nothing but bottom. >> hubie: irving and james here, and a two-man game on the way. and having cleared out for irving, five on the clock. he slammed on the brakes. lebron with one to shoot. and powell with a rebound. raptors have to go quick here with two minutes to go. down by nine. derozan. boarded by korver. >> hubie: too bad. they needed one there. >> mark: under two minutes to play.
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dial up number two here. irving. lebron directing traffic. >> hubie: they wanted to give him a one on one on the left side. >> mark: knocked away by joseph. 1.9 to go on the shot clock. >> hubie: i like what derozan did. he helped out on irving, tried to discourage the pass and he rotated back quickly. >> mark: the raptors are out of time-outs. the cleveland burns one of their full time-outs here. they have a 20 remaining and one foul to give. but lebron james shooting 5 for 12 from downtown. 34 points, 9 boards, 6 assists. another typical day for king james. >> hubie: you just like the fact that in the open floor, there is no one better in basketball because of the strength and he takes advantage of the break. he will challenge whether it's one man back or two. this, the three point
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today has been outstanding for him. we know that curry and thompson and the guys up at the top of the three point line might shoot better but he's giving you the total game now with the rebounds and assists along with the excellent shooting. so that's why he's on fire. just think about this. in game one, he scored 35. game two, 39. game three, 35 and today he has 34. so he's been on top of it along with the rebounding and the assists and how about he's been on derozan now for over a quarter. >> mark: i ponder the question, the question begs with respect to westbrook and hard whon had a great year this year, lebron james' commenexcellence is almo prominent, there is a tendency to over look what he does. >> hubie: there is no doubt about it. they would have won going away in the division
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would have looked at it differently across the world. not just the united states. because we always seem to forget 215 countries are getting this game today live. tucker has been wearing his body out. >> hubie: you're going to say, talking about what a great job. he only has 34. >> mark: here's powell. raptors in a hurry. joseph with a finger roll. good. the lead is down to seven. >> hubie: all right, now you have time. this a big stop right here. >> mark: tucker meeting lebron at the line. >> hubie: they pass it up an
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>> mark: seven on the clock. james downhill. partially blocked and a foul called as james crashes to the board. >> hubie: see, they wanted -- they got what they wanted in thamp wanted tucker to go over the top of the screen. once he goes over the top of the screen, if you're going to step up -- ibaka says no. i'm going to take the angle. unfortunately, you get the body. >> mark: the good news for the cavaliers is they have been shooting free throws excepti exceptionally well here. lebron, 7 for 7 from the free-throw line. taking advantage of his time with kyle korver, a little tutorial from him time to time. one of the best free throw shooters of all time in the nba. this is lebron's first miss of the game. >> hubie: this is a sthothat sh it 75%. but plfriday night, they were 2 for 28. games three and four on the road, they shot it extremely well. >> mark:
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can the raptors remain alive. powell. rebounded by thompson. >> hubie: got a good look. and screen on the lane. >> mark: the raptors right now, it could be a question of what could have been if kyle lowry had not sprained his ankle in the third quarter of game two. the raptors team took cleveland to six games the last year in the eastern conference finals. they tailored the roster in part to try to battle cleveland in the eastern conference game. tucker from the corner, one of the acquisitions and still alive. >> hubie: it's only right that tucker got a shot of three ball and he made it. rewarding him of the fact that what a difficult day he's had physically. noeft subbing with lebron james all these minutes. >> mark: one of the best players in the world. >> hubie: you like to see the ex
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that is what basketball is all about. no matter how good the defenses are, once you get it trapped, you have the advantage. just beat the rotations with good passing. >> mark: p.j. pucker was a player who was acquired, as i mentioned, right before the trade deadline. flew overnight on the red eye so eager to play his teammates the very same night. and his effort certainly couldn't be questioned tonight. he got the start and rebonded. as much as you figure he could at both ends. >> hubie: well, any time you say we're throwing you in the lineup and we're going have you play lebron james and you have the amount of rebounds that he has had tonight, come on now. never mind trying to play lebron off the dribble and then catch him in transition. he's had a terrific game. i feel badly for lowry no bad about it. >> mark: pending free agent. >> hubie: he played on the olympic team. olympic gold
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so he's a very valuable piece that has not been available in games three and four. >> mark: raptors need a quick steal here. don't get it. irving inside, james takes it out. >> hubie: that's smart. they are burning clock. >> mark: weisisely. they get it to korver, kyle korver shooting 91% from the line during the regular season this year. >> hubie: you always try to tell your team, you are up right now, on the road. and in this situation, you are trying to run the clock. please don't hold the ball. because they will foul. the clock stops, puts pressure on you now to go to the foul line and make two. and you could just see right now, they move the basketball from the right side to the left and outside again, and across again to the left side, the clock continued to run. and that's hard for a lot of the young guys. i will take the pressure going to the foul line. all right?
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this is just -- >> mark: kyle korver made the first. he has 17 points in the game. now 18. and one of these key acquisitions by david griffen, the general manager of the cavaliers. they scored the highest payroll in the nba but, well, it's paying off in spades. as they will put the raptors to rest and move on by virtue of a 4-0 sweep. lebron james with his 11th career playoff sweep and emphatic slam of the ball to the court. lebron james finishing with 35 points, 9 boards and 6 assists. >> hubie: jonesy, the people appreciated the effort they saw today. that was a great ovation. people are standing. and they had to overcome from injuring all yearlong and this is
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you always love it when the people appreciate everything you are doing. >> mark: yeah, the fans here at air canada sncentre, they are giving a raptors chant. to applaud their home crew. and now the question that faced the raptors, free agency, kyle lowry, serge ibaka amons them. we take a look at the 9/11 numbers for lebron james and kyrie irving who really came alive in the fourth quarter. irving found his offensive rhythm and finished up with 27 points to go along with nine sai assists. 11 consecutive points at one stretch and gave cleveland the ultimate advantage. look at a couple of the best in the game, lebron james and demar derozan. derozan's season over. you will bet he will
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let's court side to lisa with lebron. >> lisa: thank you. mark. lebron, they did not go quietly. how were you able to hold them off? >> they had a lot of pride. they are coached with a lot of pride and the guys on the floor are battle tested. we knew they weren't going to lay down. we had to execute as close to 40 minutes as poss b8. >> lisa: they went up in the fourth quarter and kyrie went on a run of his own. what impressed you most about what he did? >> well, he is also battle tested. he has championship dna and the first three quarter, whatever the case may be, he is able to hate switch and get the buckets. go to the line and hit buckets. that is key for the team. >> lisa: another guy around for a long time, kyle korver. >> he is phenomenal. the biggest m pakt that he gives to the team, comes in and works ever e single day
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setd he wants to get bet interthat is huge for the club. >> lisa: moving on, gets rest. how important is that? >> well, it's important. we're an older ball club and we are nicks and bruises. and we will get on the practice court and that helps us a lot. i'm looking forward to this week and the next matchup. >> lisa: thanks, lebron. congratulations to you. >> mark: he says they're an older ball club. 32 years old. his team will move on to play either boston or washington who play tonight in washington. and meanwhile, san antonio will also take on the houston rockets, trying to go up 3-1. lebron with 35. abc "world news tonight" on your local news will be coming up except the west coast. for hubie brown and. >> lisa: lisa salters, i'm mark jones saying thank you for watching. the conference semifinals. so long frommen to me.
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thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the breaking news out of france. emmanuel macron, celebrating a decisive victory, of about 30 points, over marine le pen. tonight, president trump congratulating france's new leader. this election testing the strength of the populism that put trump in office. here's terry moran. >> reporter: at the louvre, this was the moment of victory. supporters of emmanuel macron overjoyed and filled with pride in their country. >> reporter: there's triumph and relief here. for many of these people, the soul o
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sweet. ♪ macron, at just 39, becomes france's youngest leader since napoleon. and tonight he walked into history. telling the crowd -- [ speaking foreign language ] "everyone said it was impossible, but they didn't know france." his victory is a resounding rejection of the far-right nationalist agenda of his opponent, marine le pen. projections tonight showing him winning 65% to 35% over lepen. their bitter battle drew in two american presidents. barack obama endorsing macron. >> i am supporting emmanuel macron to lead you forward. >> reporter: and president trump all but officially endorsing le pen, recently calling her the "strongest on borders and the strongest on what's been going on in france." for french voters, it was about two diametrically opposed views of their future.
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anti-immigration, anti-islam. macron, pro-eu, pro-immigration, more comfortable with diversity. for many voters, it was more about defeating le pen than electing macron. so are you happy that he won or happy that she lost, or, both? >> both. to be honest, both. >> reporter: and many looked back to what happened in the u.s. election. >> i'm happy that le pen don't pass, she's the french trump. >> reporter: in fact, macron's victory marks a halt in the march of populist nationalism that helped put donald trump in the white house, but tonight the president tweeting, "congratulations to emmanuel macron on his big win today as the next president of france. i look very much forward to working with him." >> and the president weighing in tonight. terry, the big story we were following this weekend was the hack of macron's campaign. it evidently had no effect
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nationalism in europe? >> reporter: it's a big defeat, but no question polls in many countries shows that voters remain deeply dissatisfied with political and cultural elites. they're looking for new approaches. so, le pen lost tonight, but the new nationalism lives on. tom? >> terry, thank you. back here at home, and the battle over the gop health care bill. the bill moving to the senate, where some prominent republicans say they'll be starting from scratch. millions of americans worried about losing their coverage. republican lawmakers facing massive backlash. here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, republican lawmakers under fire for supporting a health care bill that rolls back some of the key protections of obamacare. >> you're a fraud, you're a phony, and your days are
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>> reporter: moderate republicans are expressing concerns too. >> it's inadequate. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: among them, ohio governor john kasich. >> i'm worried about the future, and i'm worried about these people who are really vulnerable. >> the senate is starting from scratch. we're going to draft our own bill. >> reporter: the senate takes up the bill next. maine senator susan collins told george stephanopoulos she's concerned about people with pre-existing conditions. >> it's true that under the house bill, that a state that gets a waiver would still have to provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. but that coverage might well be unaffordable. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan was one of the architects of the bill. >> you cannot be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. and under this bill, you cannot only not be denied coverage. >> but you can charge people more. >> you can't be charged higher. let me finish my point. you can't charge people more if they keep continuous coverage. >> reporter: that's small
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survivor who has coverage now, thanks to her job. >> god forbid you should lose your job. >> if something happened where i lose my job or let's say some amazing job opportunity appeared, i can't take it. i am absolutely locked in. i like my job, but i'm locked in to my job. >> reporter: hanna stotland has a pre-existing condition and obamacare. >> this bill has placed me in fear. this bill is a threat to my livelihood, my family's plans for the future. >> david, turning back to the french election, we heard from president trump, but also a tweet from hillary clinton. who seems to be getting more and more active. >> reporter: that's right, she calls this a defeat to those interfering with democracy. not only was this a
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le pen's nationalism, but in the final days, macron's campaign got hacked. >> thank you. >> still ahead, two doctors killed in a luxury apartment. we'll be right back. oscar mayer deli fresh ham has no added nitrates, nitrites or artificial preservatives. now it's good for us all. like those who like. sweet those who prefer heat. sfx - a breath of air
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and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. next tonight, new developments in the murder mystery in boston. police identifying the two doctors killed in their penthouse, the suspect getting into a shootout with police. we're now learning he may have known the victims. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, two boston doctors brutally murdered in their penthouse condo. investigators, now closely examining the couple's final moments. 30-year-old bampumin teixeria is in custody tonight after a shoot-out with police. >> we just ran in as shots were be
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killing 38-year-old lina bolanos and 49-year-old richard field. authorities saying the two died after a "violent struggle," suffering a great deal of trauma. police rushing to the luxury condo after field sent a final urgent message to a friend. >> got a message from his friend saying that there's a gunman in the house. >> reporter: tonight investigators say the two doctors were targeted, although authorities won't say how the three knew each other. >> we got to believe that somehow there was some type of knowledge of each other here. >> reporter: bolanos and fields, both respected anesthesiologists in the area, were engaged to be married. a facebook page set up as a remembrance page contains pictures of the two together. this video posted on bolanos' employers website shows her laughing, doing the ice bucket challenge with her colleagues. tonight employers for both doctors say they are devastated. authorities confirm teixeira recently got out of jail after serving time for two bank
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if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. finally tonight, the 10-year-old girl with a life saving lesson. surviving an alligator attack in florida. attacked in just two feet of water. the gator, biting her on the leg. she got free by using lessons she learned, punching it in the nose, poking its nostrils, pulling on its jaws. she had ten stitches and is okay. thanks for watching. have a great evening. good night.
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crime.: a frightening a knock at the door. a woman answers and gets attacked. police turned to surveillance video to find the man did it. celebrations in france after a political newcomer wins the election. plus, an amazing story. a young man listens as heroes of the greatest generation share there were stories. why he says he is crisscrossing the country to record them is worth it all. now, abc seven news at side. anchor: good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. in arlington, a woman attacked after answering a knock on her


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