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setting? i mean, the spin is the president revealed the name of the city and that gave away information that undermined an ally? >> okay. so all of you are very familiar with the threat from isis and the territory it controls. if you were to say from where do you think a threat might come from territory that isis controls, you would probably be able to name a few cities i would think. so it was -- it was nothing that you would not know from open source reporting in terms of a source of concern. and it had all to do with operations that are already ongoing and had been made public for months. >> sorry, back to my question, sir. was this information that was shared with the russians also the same content that was shared with our allies? and specific to this threat which the president says was in relation to airlines is this an imminent threat, was
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did the president share classified information with the russians? >> we don't say what's classified and what's not classified. what i will share is it was wholly appropriate. the story combined what was leaked with other information and then insinuated about sources and methods. so i wanted to make clear to everybody that the president in no way compromised any sources or methods in the course of this conversation. reporter: senator, you say national security has been put at risk by the leak of this. do you have any idea how this got out and what steps were taken by virtue of discovering this as you did to try to limit
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leaks of national security information? mr. mcmaster: as you know there are a number of instances where this has occurred and i think it's important to investigate these sorts of things and make sure that we have trusted organizations across our government that allows for the free sharing of information and collaboration. i mean, in terms of national security, what is critical is that you can assemble the experts you need. you want a bigger group for any of these complex problems because you need their expertise and the toolses they bring to bear from different agencies and departments. what you really have to do is make sure you have a very high degree of confidence in all of our organizations and all of our systems and processes so we can do what we need to do for the president which is give him our best advice and give him options to deal with these very complex problems. reporter: clearly you can't have confidence by virtue of what h
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got out and how can you tighten up the ship, as it were, to ensure from your perspective at least this stuff doesn't get out? mr. mcmaster: i think it's incumbent on all of us to bring in the right authorities and mandate to take a look at how this leak occurred and how other breaches may have occurred as well. reporter: general mcmaster, a finer point on this, is there now an active investigation into how this information was leaked and can you tell us about who is running that investigation? and i'd also like to ask you, given that president trump is now going to be meeting face to face with literally dozens of foreign leaders, is there sensitivities to his discretion and what sort of information you decide to classify, how is that something you're advising him ahead of these trips? general mcmaster: there are no sensitivities in terms of me or anybody who has been with the president in many of these engagements. he shares information in a way that's wholly appropriate. i should just make maybe
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president wasn't even aware of where this information came from. he wasn't briefed on the source or method of the information either. so i'm sorry this has got to be he last question because we do have the president coming momentarily. thanks very much. >> the questions have not been exhausted. >> that was h.r. mcmaster speaking to the public just now talking about those issues, having to do with russia and how much was revealed and what was revealed by president trump and one of the last things he mentioned was president trump was not briefed on exactly where that information came from and he also said that president trump -- it was wholly appropriate to share what he did share with the russian official. right now at noon it's a whirlwind surrounding the white house and all started with "the washington post" report claiming president trump revealed
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intelligence information to russian officials and after top administration leaders denied it, trump tweeted he did share information to russia. we're going to scott joining us from capitol hill. 5 a lot of information was revealed by h.r. mcmaster but he's standing by what was said yesterday that nothing wrong was done. scott: you heard that phrase over and over, wholly appropriate, essentially saying the president has the right to and hese discussions nothing so-called across the line. the problem was this, perhaps initiated by a report or larger narrative. i was speaking to annalist today, the damage has already been done. you have these reports something may have been shared that initiating countries who provided that information might not be happy about and if that's the case, does it prevent other nations and intelligence partners overseas from the future from wa
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speak freely with the united states and wanting to share information with this white house. whether or not anything wrong occurred, the person i was speaking to today said that was the problem. we heard from a couple legislators on capitol hill this morning, senator nelson of florida and senator ricker of kansas city, a democrat and republican, both expressing concern that intelligence sharing is going to be a problem and as a result, that could be damage down the road regardless whether or not the president did anything inappropriate. lindsey: do you think we'll see repercussions from this immediately or is this just something that comes back to bite him later on? scott: we may not and look, this may be a lot of knee-jerk reaction on both sides, both from this administration and from the media. we don't know there's going to be any issue. it may be best exemplified in the president's upcoming trip. you heard mcmaster talk about the fact he's going to be in saudi arabia or jerusalem and meeting with 50 leaders from the muslim majority cups where
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fight this ideology and try to have a relationship of peaceful islam. you know, if for some reason on that trip he gets the cold shoulder from some people, you could say that's a signal of some sort of repercussion but that would an lot of conjecture and we don't know. frankly, if there is any kickback it would be something behind closed doors we might not be privy to. lindsey: scott thuman joining us on capitol hill. lawmakers have been reacting since the story first broke. we'll head out to sam sweeney on capitol hill with what democrats and republicans are saying. sam? sam: lindsey, good afternoon. if you could stop talking in my ear, that would be great. we just heard from republicans and democrats on both sides and there's a sense of concern from people on both sides of the aisle, both lawmakers, republicans and democrats. we tald
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from louisiana and he really downplayed the report saying look, this is from anonymous sources and really the media is making more of a case out of this than it really needs to be. then we heard from senator tim kaine, hillary clinton's former running mate, and he said the president of the united states put the american people in direct danger. let's listen to what he had to say and also what senator marco rubio had to say from florida. >> he runs this whole campaign criticizing secretary clinton for the way she used classified information and he says i'm the president and can give classified information to whoever i want. i think he's saying that to assure us? no. by him saying that, that actually frightens people because if you give up classified information and then dry up a source whose information is helping keep americans safe, you just made our country less safe. what, you're doing it again? you're telling anybody you can give any information any time? >> accuracy and u
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it's fair and the right thing to do for the american people and fairness to the administration but we need to learn more about it and ask very specific questions and hopefully they'll be answered at some point today. >> a number of lawmakers are echoing that message across capitol hill. there's a first for information and they want to see the transcript of what happened in that meeting in the oval office. we just learned according to politico we expect the c.i.a. director mike pompeo to be on capitol hill later on this evening to brief lawmakers on what is happening and they'll be pressing him for answers and we'll see what happens in the days ahead with that information. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm sam sweeney, back to you in the studio. lindsey: all right, sam, thank you. this story is changing by the minute. trust abc 7 to have the latest for you on air and online at and coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a fiery crash. right now the quest to find out
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a small plane went down in new jersey. plus, miss u.s.a. taking heat over health care. the backlash she's facing on social media. and luxury cars at the touch of a button. find out where you can get your hands on these. but first, we'll also have weather and be back in a moment. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect, even when life isn't. and now with our memorial day sale - get free delivery -- -- save big on our most popular living room,
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. lindsey: right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused this deadly plane crash. it filled the sky over new jersey with fire and smoke. we're tracking down the latest in this investigation. >> new video showing the terrifying moments before a fateful flight fell from the sky. witnesses watching in horror as planes toppled into buildings in a commercial area. >> hit three buildings. they are just pieces of the plane all throughout our yard. melted cars that were parked here. it's really almost impossible to describe. >> thick, black smoke eclipsing the side of carlsbad, new jersey. the learjet en route from philadelphia to peterborough airport when it made its doomed
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descent a quarter mile from the destination. second before the pilot talking with the control tower, everything seeming ok. >> yes, sir, we're doing it now. >> but a turn for the worse. >> your request for an ambulance at the scene of a plane crash into a building. >> charred cars and burnt buildings, part of the path of destruction. the two pilots, the only one onboard the aircraft, both killed in the fiery crash. >> everyone stop taxiing. lindsey: miraculously no one on the ground was injured and the buildings hit were safely evacuated. one person leaving 30 minutes before the flight came crashing down. abc news, new york. caught on camera, a man spotted lighting a mosque on fire in florida. police are releasing this footage. the incident happened back in february. the suspect tried to light a rope on fire but when he failed, he poured
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the ground and lit it up before walking away. police are hoping the surveillance video will lead them to the suspect. well, the new miss u.s.a., d.c.'s kara mccullough facing backlash for remarks she made onstage. on good morning america she says she wants to own her responses, clarifying her remarks on health care and fem his'. -- feminism. kara: i'm privileged to have health care and believe it should be a right and hope and care that health care is a right for all worldwide. equalism is a term of understanding no matter your gender, you are still given the same accolades on your work. i believe a person does a good job, they should be credited for that but i don't want anyone to look at it as if i'm not all about women's rights because i am. we deserve a lot. lindsey: mccullough was not surprised by reaction to her comments and added america is based on having opinions.
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bad news for the american auto industry. soon thousands of workers at ford will be out of jobs according to "the wall street journal," ford it making plans to cut about 20,000 jobs. most are salaried workers who do not have union protection. the company announced last month it's looking to reduce costs by $3 billion. well, you have seen vending machines that offer drinks and snacks. how about one that serves up highive end cars. check out this 150 foot tall to youer in singapore, staffed with 60 different vehicles ranging from lamborghinis to ferraris and customers request a car for test driving or buying and sales are up 30% since the machine's debut in december. some of those car companies let you take a car home in america and kind of entices you to want to keep it. >> some of those cars you figure $100,000, how many $1 bills would it take in the machine to
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lindsey: i assume it only takes credit. >> get ready for a big change. today is the mid point and we'll warm to 80 and warm up into the 90's because it will feel like the middle of summer. a nice view, cool water in the potomac and pretty picture with clear skies and light wind, not the gusty breezes we've had as high pressure is overhead keeping the winds light. temperatures are very comfortable now, 73 at reagan national and 77 in leesburg and 77 in winchester and 74 in fredericksburg and 69 degrees in annapolis. so headed out to lunch this afternoon is just about ideal around the area with plenty of sunshine and light winds. look at the temperatures, very comfortable, 73, 75, 78 the next few hours and the humidity levels are low so it's a very comfortable day outside as well. as far as what will happen later this evening, i think we'll keep the sunshine to sunset and later tonight mostly clear and mild. lows 69-74 degrees
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light and out of the southwest. that's the wind direction that will transport in warmer and humid air. satellite and radars show areas of showers coming across lake ontario and lake erie and will stay well to our north as we finally see the high pressure center moving off the coast and will keep the rain to the north and bring in the heat and humidity here and our future heat index is one indicator what it will be like around 6:00 and 6 it will feel like in the city and similar readings elsewhere in the area. later in the week we'll get a 93 degree high and 91 thursday and could be a pop-up thunderstorm thursday and better chance friday afternoon with highs of 89 when a cold front comes through town and beyond that we'll see a bit cooler for the weekend and see what happens with the numbers and be summer in the 70's with a shower late sunday. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms monday with a high of 84 and then as we go through the middle of next week, looks like things will
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weather, a lot of sunshine and dry air and comfortable temperatures only in the mid 70's and about where we should be this time of may, lindsey. lindsey: i do like to see a bit of summer pop up. doug: it will be back with a taste of it coming up. lindsey: so much more ahead on abc 7 news at noon. first let's take a peek at what to expect tonight at 11:00. >> good afternoon, everyone. big news stories don't always have a big impact on our daily lives but that's not the case with one local family. we're going to pull back the curtain on what it's like to watch their 10-year-old transition from a little girl to a little boy. it's a unique window into a deeply personal experience and it has made them as proud as any parent could be. that's coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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lindsey: a statewide post for higher education and awareness of distracted driving. virginia's governor is taking action, signing two bills today. >> college students in virginia have greater protection of being taken advantage of by private and out of state for-profit schools. this morning governor terry mccullough was at the loudoun campus and signed into law a consumer protection bill requiring institutions to disclose information about things such as graduateation rates and financial aid and whether credit can be transfered to other schools. governor: many of these schools do great work and many take advantage of students and will have to disclose on exactly what they're offering and exactly how much it's going to cost and this is a
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effort for our students. >> the governor says many schools have slick marketing and find students to be easy targets and hopes the first of its kind legislation will go a long way towards preventing students from wasting time and money and ending up with nothing in return. in loudoun county, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. lindsey: another game 7 and another heartbreaking loss for washington sports fans and this time it's the wizards falling in the nba playoffs. last night in boston the wizards and celtics battled for the ticket to the eastern conference finals. bradley beal recording a playoff high 38 points but it wasn't enough. the celtics would pull away late to win 115-105, ending the wizards' season. the team had hoped to advance to the eastern conference finals for the first time in nearly 40 years. >> it's tough. we came out here in game 7 and gave everything we had. , just came up short and
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isappointed. lindsey: the d.c. sports championship drought continues. last time a d.c. team in one of the four major pro sports made it to their league final four it was 1998. still to come on abc 7 news at noon, it's short sleeves and shorts weather today. we'll get a final check on the forecast with doug coming up.
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lindsey: one fan loved pirates of the caribbean so much he built a replica in his back yard. a retired los angeles attorney started the project a year ago and said he made it for kids in the community to enjoy free of charge. the 500 foot tall boat comes with the captains quarters and fake cannons and a crow's nest. doug: beautiful weather. we'll look at the forecast and run through this afternoon and hit 81 and low humidity around the area as we cruise through the next few days and see the temperatures rise, eventually 93 tomorrow and 91, plenty of humidity and thunderstorms by thursday and friday. a taste of summer. lindsey: thank for you joining us this midday. watch abc 7 news at 4:00. have a great day.
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