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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  May 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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another dangerously hot day. let's start with stormwatch7 meteorologist eileen whelan. good morning washington. - code orange air quality alert today - two more summery days - storm chances return - much cooler weekend today: hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorms. highs: 91-94 winds: sw 10 mph tonight: isolated storms early. mild and muggy. lows: 67-70 winds: sw 5 mph friday: partly sunny. afternoon thunderstorms possible. highs: 89-92 winds: w to ne 5 mph another shocking development on
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the justice department naming a special prosecutor to take over the investigation into allegations of collusion between russia and the trump presidential campaign. the white house allegedly blind-sided by the news, learning about that special prosecutor, minutes before it was announced. abc's janai norman is in northwest breaking down what this means for president trump, congress, and the american people.
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so, here is what we know about the man now at the helm of
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know about the man now at the helm of this russian investigation. robert mueller is the former director of the f-b-i, and he is respected on both sides of the aisle. he served under president george w bush, and president barack obama. the senate supported him unanimously when he assumed the job in 2001. he was reconfirmed in 11
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unanimous. mueller has agreed to resign from his private law firm- to avoid any conflicts of interest. president trump has not tweeted about any of the allegations or the special prosecutor, in the last two days. we are keeping an eye on the president's twitter feed and will bring you an update if he starts posting this morning. stay up to date as we track breaking details in the russia probe. sign up for alerts at slash next. breaking overnight .. the mood is tense in tulsa, oklahoma.. following the verdict in a deadly police-involved shooting of an unarmed man. last night, a jury found police officer betty shelby not guilty of manslaughter. but the verdict sparked protests outside the courthouse. marci gonzalez has more. also breaking this morning. we are learning that rock singer
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died. the soundgarden and audioslave singer was 52 years old. he died last night in detroit just hours after performing in a concert. he leaves behind a wife and two children. no word yet on a cause of death. in maryland-- a police officer is now facing a legnthy prison sentenced after he's convicted for running a man down in his cruiser. and before we show you this video-- we want to say the suspect was not seriously injured. the video is hard to watch. it shows officer juan hernandez chasing a man who he thought had a gun... however, no weapon was ultimately found. the dash camera video shows him driving after him... and then hitting him with his cruiser in this field. a jury found officer hernandez guilty of second degree assault. the state's attorney saying -- she believes his actions were unwarranted.
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he will be sentenced in july.. and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. hernandez was found not guilty of misconduct in office. right now-- police trying to figure out what lead up to a fatal wrong way crash in annapolis. a 22-year-old woman was driving the wrong way when she crashed head on into another car on route 50 in arnold. both drivers were killed. there was an infant in one of the cars, who's now in critical condition. police say how the 22-year old ended up on the highway going the wrong way, is still under investigation. coming up-- clean up underway in the midwest, following a series of deadly storms. this-- we learn more about the technology credited with saving
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- much cooler weekend today: hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorms. highs: 91-94 winds: sw 10 mph tonight: isolated storms early. mild and muggy. lows: 67-70 winds: sw 5 mph friday: partly sunny. afternoon thunderstorms possible. highs: 89-92 winds: w to ne 5 mph coming up-- high school
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and pepper sprayed! and their parents are applauding the move. we'll tell you why.. plus, a very unwelcome surprise waiting inside one woman's bathroom. how an igunana ended up in her toilet!
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ch to the most powerful internet at the most revolutionary price. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 a month and we'll give you tv, hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years all with a 2 year agreement. so act fast. go to wisconsin after a series of deadly tornadoes across the state. it's all part of a series of damaging storms now moving east. abc's alex perez is on the ground with the latest. an update on tuesday's fight
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ambassador's residence in d.c... the state department is condemning the attack.. calling it an assault on free speech. supporters of turkey's president, including his government security forces, violently attacked a group of
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11 people were injured, including a police officer. nine people were taken to a hospital. two secret service agents were also assaulted. some g-o-p lawmakers are calling for turkey to apologize. right wing radio host alex jones is retracting statements he made against chobani yogurt. he said the company, which employs refugees, was linked to the sexual assault of a child.. and a rise in tuberculosis cases. chobani filed a lawsuit against jones in twin falls county, idaho, where it has a factory. and it asked for 10-thousand dollars in damages. jones now says he mischaracterized the company. chobani wouldn't comment on the terms of the settlement, but says the case is now resolved. video of some ohio high school students being pepper sprayed is going viral.. and sparking a debate. the students "volunteered" to be pepper sprayed for extra credit.. as part of a criminal justice class. they also received permission from their parents. the instructor is a former police chief. a popular law enforcement blog criticizes the move.. calling the effects of pepper spray "torturous."
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says-- she completely supports it. officials at barberton high school say school police provided extra supervision. and they say the students were never in danger. well most people don't like uninvited house guests. and for one florida family-- this house guest showed up in a very unexpected place. they started recording earlier this week-- after a woman lifted the lid of her toilet.. and found a foot long iguana! she was terrified.. and called her daughter, who then called 9-1-1. but it was quickly apparent that no one knew what to do next. police eventually arrived and grabbed the baby iguana. they think he may have actually swam up into the toilet, from the water pipes. the little guy is now
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center. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - code orange air quality alert today - two more summery days - storm chances return - much cooler weekend today: hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorms. highs: 91-94 winds: sw 10 mph tonight: isolated storms early. mild and muggy. lows: 67-70 winds: sw 5 mph friday: partly sunny.
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highs: 89-92 winds: w to ne 5 mph
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the russian investigation in new hands this morning. we're tracking the latest developments in yet another washington bombshell. breaking overnight - anger in oklahoma. protests after a verdict in the shooting death of an unarmed black man by police. and the heat wave continues. how much more of this hot weather we'll have to endure. good morning washington. breaking right now - - beltway shut down .. toss to julie - code orange air quali


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