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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 26, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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meteorologist doug hill. hi doug. doug: it's off and running to a holiday weekend. get a look at the maryland beaches. getting off to good start. it won't be terrible at the beaches. cooler in the 70's but it has nicer moments. the showers and the storms are possible each afternoon, especially tomorrow and again on monday. as far as we have now, temperatures in the mid-70's. partly sunny, breezy weather. great for outdoor activities this everything and tonight. looking ahead to tomorrow morning, a cluster of showers and storms in illinois will build as it moves eastward. we could have a morning showers and a good chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and the early everything. the future cast tracks all this in the area here. through the day tomorrow. there are the morning showers. then it will try to clear out remaining cloudy. late afternoon and evening, showers and storms, the best chance of anything heavy south and west. as we get to sunday chance of rain late in the day. we might pull out memorial day monday as the best of the three weekend weather days.
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the ten-day outlook shortly. nancy: for the last few years, the thursday night and the friday morning before memorial day weekend become tough times for drivers. but last night's storms may have changed some of the plans. julie wright is here on traffic watch tonight. how are things looking now? julie: we are looking at the live pictures from skytrak7 across the bay bridge where all lanes are open at this point. it's not looking too bad from st. margaret to the toll plaza. where we have problems, move you to the map. we have a holiday get-away underway. eastbound 50 out of annapolis to st. margaret. right now a 74-minute commute traveling from annapolis headed across the bridge to queens town at the 5301 split near the outlets. 270 in maryland on the breaks. continuing northbound from beltway to clarksburg. 37-minute ride with the lanes open. southbound 95 and v.a., haven't forgotten about you. pockets of congestio
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woodbridge to dale city. 22-minute ride. stafford to fredericksburg is a 50-minute commute. check in with the traffic watch 7 wazers. they also have the delays. for those from queenstown to the 404 split, definitely sitting in the heavy volume delays there. not too bad through easton but headed to cambridge, you will find more stop and go slow traffic continuing eastward on 50. that is the traffic watch. i'll be back in another half an hour with another update. you are live at the bay bridge, brad bell. what are you seeing? brad: i am seeing what you just reported. i don't know if it's because of the chilly forecast, at the beach or who knows what, the early start. look at the beautiful sight. this is the toll booth for the bay bridge. there are open lanes. you can breeze through here. you did mention that the traffic is backed up a little bit through annapolis. as we look over at the bay bridge, you can see they have three lanes heading
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everything is smooth sailing. i can see the cars up to the of the bridge also going along smoothly. we talk to the travelers today. so far we are not hearing too many complaints. >> we are heading home from the beaches. we went the good way. traffic coming to the beaches seem to be about the usual to me. >> traffic today was probably 10 to a 2 minutes offschedule. bad for a friday about this time. brad: well, that man just driven through annapolis. that delayed him. show you what is showing you now for the media campaign for the authority for the advice to make the trip as easy as we are seeing it this afternoon. we are seeing more travelers as we keep an eye on the memorial day beach get-away. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news.
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jonathan: this is awesome. another staple of the memorial day weekend is the rolling thunder. a lot of bikers started to arrive today. richard reeve live where they are getting ready for the first event. a lot of bikers. richard: that is right. already we have dozens of bikers here. let's pan over here. marty will show you the numbers of the people here. kind of a weigh station for rolling thunder participants before they head to d.c. now already, crowds of motorcycles are appearing on the national mall. organizers expecting upward of 500,000 riders this year. hard to believe this started 30 years ago. with a few thousand riders. their mission as now to bring awareness to the p.o.w./m.i.a. issue. artie muller the cofounder of rolling thunder says there are still 80,000 members of the military still missing from the past conflicts. big event sunday is thousands of mot
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for many veterans a moment full of emotion. >> well, bitter sweet. heartache and a good feeling. i'm happy that i'm here. very, very happy that i'm here. richard: moments ago we learned that they will have as many as 3,000 to 4,000 motorcycles leaving from just here in fairfax early sunday morning to head downtown. now coming up at 5:00, the vietnam veterans memorial. why so many are drawn to it this memorial day weekend. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. stay with abc7 the entire busy holiday weekend for weather and traffic updates. your best bet to do that is with the abc7 app from itunes or google play. a great resource for you. nancy: now to a developing story out of northeast. take a look at the photos. a
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flames. six people were on board when it started but everybody got out safely. the driver taken to the hospital. the fire started in the engine. alison: you saw it first at 12:00 noon. now we know what made dozens of students and staff sick at a rockville school today. as montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains it started with open windows. kevin: well, morning classes were underway here at the ritchie park elementary school when people started to smell the odor of gasoline around 10:00 this morning. staff here called 911. students started to feel sick. police shut down the road as more than 20 fire engines, rescue squad and ambulances crowded the street. they evaluated 42 children and staff members. they all turned out to be okay but the paperwork was significant. the firefighters climbed on the roof a
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hvac system and determined that the odor of gasoline came from the parking lot of the potomac woods swim and ten in addition club located next door. that odor carried by today's wind drifted into two classrooms that had their windows open. >> we don't know what the source of the fuel was. it probably was not intentional spill. migrated down into that trough and was collected in the sand and leaves and debris. when the rain came in, overflowed the trough there. that also spread around the area which allowed the vapors to come back up. kevin: firefighters tell us that the private pool is working with a contractor to clean out that trough. 44 people evaluated. everyone doing okay. reporting in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. turning to the terror in manchester. today the mother of one of the 22-year-old people killed in monday's suicide bombing said
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she says she is relieved her son martin died doing something he loved. but she seems to be in the minority as the chestertown police have seen increase -- manchester police have seen increase since the attack. alison: this weekend on "full measure," scott thuman visits one british town to meet a man who deradicallizes muslim youth and turns them away from recruiters for terror groups. you can see that story sunday morning at 10:00 on abc7. jonathan: how cool is it to have the blue angels show up to graduation? that is the blue angels over the naval academy commencement ceremony. and mike pence addressed them this year and he made a promise to the
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commissioned as officers. >> accompanying the vice president are the honorable sean stackly, acting secretary of the navy, admiral john richardson, chief of naval operations. lieutenant john robert walsh, deputy commandant. vice president pence: president trump and i will not rest, we will not relent until we rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy and ensure that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marine, coast guard have all the resources that you need to accomplish your mission and come home safe. that is our pledge to each of you. jonathan: first-time president typically delivers that president but president trump is at the g7 summit in italy. nancy: the conflict is the last stop of the first foreign trip. stephanie ramos reports he spent the day meeting with the powerful leaders. stephanie: president trump is rounding out his first
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in italy. this is the president's first g7 smi terrorism. >> this week the united kingdom offered one of the worst terrorist attacks in our history. it's at moments such as this that we are reminded of the fundamental interns -- importance of the unique group of nation. stephanie the president basking in high praise early on the trip. but then the headline grabbing moments got attention. the president appearing to push aside the prime minister of mont negro and he told the nato leaders to pay up to the military alliance. president trump: nato leaders must finally contribute their fair share. stephanie: back in washington, trump's son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner is in the spotlight. he is not a target of the f.b.i. investigation into russia's interference in last year's presidential election but the agents want to ask him a few questions about his interactions with the russian
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transition. there is something else the f. an attempted overseas cyber attack against the trump organization. abc news learned the f.b.i. contacted trump's son don jr. and eric for an emergency meeting in new york with the bureau's cyber security agents and the representatives of the c.i.a. that meeting held the day before trump fired f.b.i. director james comey. former f.b.i. director james comey is set to tell his side to congress in a public hearing sometime after memorial day. in north west, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. alison: victory today for the republican businessman charged with assaulting a reporting in montana. greg gianforte apologized thursday for his actions on the eve of the special election. his victory may change the climate for an anti-trump wave that democrats were hoping for in the next year. >> we were nervous and we were worried about the kids.
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it was extremely hot. they were trapped inside. nancy: still ahead, why this bounce house suddenly lost the air with a dozen toddlers inside. alison: but first, the stuff that movie parodies are made of. one in particular. but find out why the excitement is real tonight at the national zoo.
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nancy: look at this. two little brothers the first twin panda cubs born this year. at the giant panda breeding center in china. they are nine weeks old and they are said to be doing really well. alison: wow! we go crazy for pandas around here. the national zoo is hoping for a little butter stick of its own before the end of end of the year. mei xiang was artificially inseminated this week. >> it's an exciting time here. a busy afternoon. yesterday at 2:00, mei xiang was artificially inseminated for the first time and then again at 11:00 last night. we can see her through the woods. she is running around. she came out of the procedure with no issues. this is a major event. zoo officials have been watching her behavior. now that this is breeding
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many people don't know that pandas can only get pregnant one time for them to get pregnant is 24 to 72 hours. so scientists have been watching her to make sure that she is ready. they had to collect samples to deposit into her. this happened again yet. we caught up with the people in charge. let's listen. >> we were watching her. she shows clear signals that she is coming in. we see a tail up, and she is receptive. >> the issue we have is sometimes the behavior between the male and the female are not in sync so we can want put them together. but we know it is time for the female to conceive. so the clock is ticking. so at some point there is no conclusion attraction between -- conclusive attraction we go for the artificial insemination. >> you can see him out playing.
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will we find out if mei xiang is pregnant? scientists tell us it could be three or four months before we know that. the average pregnancy is three and six months which means we could have a new panda cub here at the national zoo by the end of august or early september. if it's successful pregnancy, the panda would stay here for four years. we'll keep you updated. nancy: so we are on panda watch until then? jonathan: everything you want to know about the bran da breeding -- panda breeding habits. we are givers. alison: the people here love it. we have had three and everybody here goes crazy. jonathan: they like the results. nancy: they are astorable. we want to give bao bao a brother or sister. doug: we'll see. we know soon enough. jonathan: we know everything no. totally educated. doug: time for the weekend forecast. listen, it's no p
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far from some of the worst day in the past.had for mayor bowser kicking off the memorial day weekend. jonathan: that is how you do it. nothing says summertime than the mayor diving in the pool. alison: we do it every year. doug: is it heated? 80 degrees or i don't go in. alison: good sport. doz good way to start the weekend. nancy: coming back out. maybe not so warm in there. doug: the weekend. the sky conditions at the national harbor. not perfect. little bit of sunshine. there is no rain. so any outdoor activities you are fine. temperatures in the 70's. we drop in 60's later tonight. the numbers as of 4:00. it's 75 at washington dulles. 75 in manassas. it's cooler north in hagerstown. as we get through the everything hours, we will be fine. partly cloudy skies. it's clearing than today. first pitch time as the nationals open a weekend series against the pad
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we drop through the 60's. a breeze out there. you might want to bring a jacket. there are watches of clouds around the area. sprinkles earlier and they have gone. it's quiet tonight and tomorrow. one thing we are watching is the thunderstorms. we develop this in the complex of storms. the upper level winds could bring us remnants. other than that we may get a glimpse of sun but there are period of cloudiness in the afternoon when we are tangled up with a warm front. better chances of thunder tomorrow. overnight the temperatures will drop. hold 60 to 62 in the morning. we look ahead to the weekend. we use future cast. this is one model. there are different solutions. let me show what we have in the weather center. some of the remnants of the showers coming through in the morning. hanging to mid-morning. through mid-day, it's cloudy and there are
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sunshine. it appears that the best chance of the sustained activity or the lines are south and west of the metro in the afternoon. if this holds we are in good shape. into sunday it might be cloudy. we hold off showers until sunday night. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy. scattered showers. most of them are south of town. beaches are acceptable. we can't rule out isolated storm late in the day as well. rolling thunder for sunday looks okay. it looks like it might be cloudy. but any showers and the storms will hold off until later sunday afternoon. that is encouraging. we winds up with the ten-day outlook and we will see temperatures warming. warm as 82 on memorial day. turning cooler later in the week. no major storms in sight. what we are seeing instead is the partly sunny weather with the temperatures that are near normal. jonathan: thank you. coming up for us, national consumer group is taking a look at one of doug's favorite
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fidget spinners. we'll tell you why. nancy: but first, how a supermodel working to show that every mother
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republican leaders are to affordable health care. i'm tom perriello and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that most virginia incomes haven't gone up in 20 years. together, we can stop donald trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia.
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ready or not, here i come.ek.) ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. nancy: that woman is talk about this bounce house deflating. a dozen kids inside. they were all under the age of 3. they were c
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1-year-old birthday party in florida. two kids were hurt after being trapped in the heavy plastic. the surveillance video shows the man watching the party and walking over an and unplugging the bounce house. so far the police say they have not found the man in the video. alison: goodness. there is a super model who wants to be sure every mother counts. linda lopez shows us how christie is working to reduce the health risk of the pregnancy and childbirth. >> after a decade as one of the most successful models in the world, she became a mom. >> i started to hemorrhage. without the skilled care of my nurses i could have died. i had no idea that women still die in childbirth. once i knew, i had to do something about it.
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counts. >> it's investing in 11 partners around the world. >> supplying clean surgical gloves and soap. bigger items like the solar suitcases which make sure that the clinics have access to light in the darkness delivering the babies. >> we have been able to impact many lives. >> traveling around the world is what keeps her inspired to continue the support. >> don't have doppler to listen to the heartbeat. >> there is a rose campaign to offer gifts to give your mom
4:26 pm
and benefit moms around the world. the classics from the flowers and the jewelry to scarves and the candles. if designer t-shirt. there is chocolate. >> the items on created by designers to give the proceeds to e.m.c. >> there are the classic gifts but they give more than just a lovely gift. they will go to support a lot of other moms in the world. >> this is a problem for other parts of the world. >> the products are looking good and doing good. >> a busy day here at arlington national cemetery.
4:27 pm
here for more profound reasons. i'm q mccray. i have a live report. alison: new at 5:00, we are getting new video in the newsroom of a deadly police shooting that took place last january. we will tell you why the officer will not be charged and let you hear the 911 calls from people inside the townhouse when i join you back here at 5:00.
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more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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nancy: welcome back. 4:30 on the holiday weekend. i'm in the weather center with doug. there have been better holiday weekend. doug: there have been ones that are far worst. we make the best. this is not warm. monday is the warmest day. we have shower and the storm chances. tomorrow is the best chance. it okay. it won't work. >> we make it after all. >> give you the information about the cloud cover. which will thin out tonight. there is sunshine in some areas. there is no weather concern of the rain. we will zoom in and cloudy in the metro. overnight is partly cloudy. gusty windy min niche
4:31 pm
northerly. temperatures tomorrow, range. 78 in fredericksburg. 70 in the district. for the ballgame tonight it will be fine. we have the traffic conditions that used to be the busiest travel day. >> the rain did not help. we are on the dry pavement today. but eastbound on 50 getting through annapolis. 45-minute commute across the bay bridge to make their way over. there are the wazers who are also checking in. we will head over here. again as we try to make your way to past 50 and 404, moderate traffic there. we take you to
4:32 pm
you are slowing across to cambridge to 343. we are not done yet. there is bumper to bumper traffic. from bethesda to college park. 28-minute ride. delays on the outer loop. pushing north. there is a oh-minute commute. 95 in virginia. that is slowing in the separate stretches. you exit to continue to triangle. a 13-minute ride. there is a 45-minute commute on southbound 95. that is the traffic watch. over to you. >> thank you. in the district, summer starts the mayor in the pool. d.c. bureau chief is live in northwest. where the mayor muriel bowser took the plunge. are you jumping in yourself? >> okay. we are add at the pool in northwest
4:33 pm
they have been playing the calypso music. we are going to see dives in the pool. so tell us about this. >> this is the opening of the pools in washington, d.c. we will open for the memorial day weekend. you can go to the to see the locations and the hours. all the pools are open. we have more per capita swimming and the play parks than anywhere in the usa. we are proud of that. >> so you dive in and people at newschannel8 gave the mayor a 10. nevertheless, doing a cannon ball and didn't fall off the sides. she swam across the pool. >> you see the boy and the girls are having a good time. last year we opened a
4:34 pm
we want people to come have a good time. be safe. joined by the consumer product safety commission. so in addition to having fun in the pool we want the kids to be safe in our pools and the pools at home. we are encouraging everybody to go out and get swim lessons. not just little ones. we have adult swim lessons, too. >> that is mayor bowser at the banniker pool. she kicked off the summer. the pools in d.c. are open at 12:00 noon. tomorrow. sunday. on memorial day. then they will sort of stagger after that. school is still going on here in the city. reporting live from north west washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. of course, memorial day isn't just beaches and barbecues but honoring the lives of the member of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice to the
4:35 pm
today, we salute a navy seal. q mccray joining us live from arlington national cemetery with the story. q? q: i have been fortunate today to meet new people. most from out of town. who are here today to enjoy the tours and the monuments and the history that is arlington national cemetery. there is a second group of people whose visit is much more heart felt. >> i haven't seen him since high school. which was 20 years ago. i'm here. this is important. >> it was a long walk and the search but they found what they were looking for. navy seal stephen matthew meals. she remembers him well. >> brave. selfless. generous, funny. a great guy. >> her son never met him but she wouldn't have anybody
4:36 pm
accompany her today. >> i feel that so many people forget what memorial day is about. >> received a bronze star, purple heart. loving father, husband and son. he died on august 6, 2011. in a helicopter explosion. >> i want my son to know that it's not about barbecues. it's not about a day off of school. it's honoring the people who made this land free. >> what does memorial day mean to you, buddy? >> remembering the soldiers who fought for our country and what brought us this nice land. q: mission accomplished. more than 400,000 men and women are buried here at the arlington national cemetery. as you imagine memorial day weekend is the busiest time of year here. it takes a lot to protect the new visitors. thousands who are here today. we talk more about the security protocol and measures taken here to keep people safe. coming up in the 5:30 hour. stay tuned for that. reporting live from arl
4:37 pm
national cemetery, i'm q mccray. back to you inside. nancy: thank you. funeral services concluded a short time ago for the bowie state student murdered on the university of maryland campus. family and friends of second lieutenant richard collins iii gathering at a church in upper marlboro. collins was murdered by another student when visiting a friend. they are investigating if it's a hate crime. jonathan: still ahead for us at 4:00, flames reaching sky high before the stubborn fire turns explosive for crews fighting it. nancy: the thieves must have thought they were smart to ram a truck in a convenience store. find out why the clerk was smarter coming up.
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>> this is a fire and it took a hundred firefighters to put it out. making it more dangerous. the building roof collapsed. >> from california to colorado, this oil tank explosion north of denver. witnesses say they felt this explosion for miles away. this happened a month after another explosion. >> police chase caught on camera in
4:41 pm
car last night. the car crashed through the gates to try to get away. the police used a series of tactics to stop the car. this worked. the drive and the passenger are in custody. jonathan: never get away. gas station employees under attack from thieves. they fight back. this is all caught on video. too minivans that are driving in the station in cleveland. gas station. one backs in the front door. as the employee inside scrambles to defend himself his son runs from behind the store armed with a gun. the second man rolls the window down. he opens fires to cause the robbers to flee. >> i was scared out of my mind. i was surprised he stood up for himself to make sure they ran away. >> the man's father says his son could have shot the
4:42 pm
s. >> coming up, round and round and round they go. but they may have the final word where it stopped. >> i'm mike carter-conneen. today the burgundy and gold hosted a special football clinic. co
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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jonathan: look at this. this is the first nasa mission to jupiter. it's shown them there are polar cyclones on the gas giant. there is also a magnetic field around jupiter ten times the size of the earth and twice as strong. nancy: stunning. some kids dream of becoming astronauts. others want to make sure there are athletes or meet a player from the favorite team. that dream came true today for several local children
4:46 pm
ashburn. >> dreams for kids create social students for the children with the physical and the development disabilities. but nothing compares to throwing football on the field that the nfl players practice. >> whoa! that is cool. >> in all 100 children were welcomed for this special football clinic in ashburn. >> it's fun here. i'm happy to be here. >> the former player led a warmup and offered a special pep talk. dream for kids d.c. athlete ambassador his brother is blind and has cerebral palsy. >> my brother would love it. love to hear the music and hear the people laughing and enjoying it. nothing but smiles. >> at noon the kids went wild when the skins rookies hit the field. they took photos, and got their own autographs. >> fors
4:47 pm
and relief comparing for your child such a full-time job. >> at the end of the day organizers hope the events like this motivate children to get off the sideline and connect with peers no matter their ability over disability. >> it's special. the kids express who they are. show the world what they have to offer. >> in ashburn, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. nancy: that look like a special vent. nice that the weather held out, too. jonathan: very nice. i'm not sure that the weather will continue to hold out. this is a dicey weekend. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert about the popular fidget spinners. we have seen them around. we told you two weeks ago that some schools are starting to ban these things. the consumer product safety commission is taking a closer look as well. >> our concern is they seem to be falling apart. the young children have had incidents where they have had surgery to remove them. >> it was terrifying. it's heart breaking to
4:48 pm
child joking up blood. i would never wanted another parent to go through what i went through. jonathan: so far there have been two case of the kids swallowing part of the spinners. some of them are packed with the warning they could be a joking hazard for kids under 3. there are recall for 2005 to 2008. b.m.w. says doors may appear to be latched but can open on the bumpy road condition or a emergency bumped it. >> we love the debit card. they are convenience. t
4:49 pm
consumer reporter john matarese show why some are safer than others so you don't waste your money. >> with the security of the security breaches some wonder if it's safe to shop with a debit card. debit card is a debit card, right? not exactly. some have more features and protections than others. some debit cards help you look up a lost receipt. some have a spending limit. others will shut down as a protection from charge. if someone starts to make multiple charges on the beaches of north carolina or los angeles if you don't live there, the card may lock the account until you tell the bank you are on
4:50 pm
from the doesn't that stink file a nasty secret with many debit cards. on signature based tran actions, it can take a day or two for a purchase to show up. if you buy a tv or appliance and you sign for it without using a pin number the purchase can take 48 hours to show up. you could bounce your account. so the ambulance -- balance may be less than what is shown. great idea to keep a pad in account so you don't waste your money. >> let's check in with horace holmes to see what is coming up at 5:00. horace: ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a comic con turned crime scene. the moment that the police busted a man with guns they say was planning an attack. deadly police standoff when police go to toe with a man
4:51 pm
wavering a knife. how a call to 911 played a part. and the boy who raced several blocks to save his pet from a fire. we'll see you at 5:00. jonathan: if the clouds cooperate this august, we will see total solar eclipse. the moon gave a sneak preview. nasa releasing the video from sunday that shows the moon. eclipsing the sun. no, the world is not coming to an ends. it's normal. 89% of the sun was covered. you should see it in august from south carolina to oregon. we need to give you a caution. we do. don't look directly at the sun and the eclipse without the proper eye attire. >> wise words. steve rudin there. steve: it's fun to see in the south. expect traffic jams. looking at tysons corner. hyattsville regeneral -- hyatts regency and
4:52 pm
they will clear out later tonight. it's 75 at reagan national airport. 72 in winchester. the upper 70's to 80 this hour. fredericksburg. going to the nats game is looking good. on the cool side. moving in the seventh inning stretch. toward the end of the game, the temperatures are in the middle 60's. night jacket for later in the game. but in the beginning it looks gorgeous. the temperatures in town falling to the lower 60's. we may see showers tomorrow morning the early morning hours. this is what the freshly updated future cast looks like. the showers that try to roll in 7:00. we are not expecting much. better chance of the thunderstorms. moving in the afternoon hours and the early everything. the storms are to the south and the east of d.c. the beach forecast. a lot going on. ocean city to 70 and 75. better chance of storms moving toward the end of the wee
4:53 pm
home we are in the upper 70's to the lower 8 o's on memorial day with a chance of thunderstorms. definitely not a washout. ten-day outlook shows better condition on cause and wednesday next week. the mid-70's for next week and the upcoming weekend. jonathan: coming up next at 4:00, in tonight sinclair cares, combating asthma and the treatment to help battle the attack. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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jonathan: managing asthma so you or a loved one can live a normal life. millions have the respiratory condition that can be deadly. working in partnership with the sinclair broadcast group we believe it's a privilege and a responsible to serve you. tonight, why doctors are seeing more asthma patients and what you need to know about asthma attacks. >> when she was little she needed a mask. >> her trip down memory lane. >> showcasing the vital steps to control her daughter's life or death condition. jordan was diagnosed with asthma before she turned 2. >> her breathing was labors and it was scary to watch. >> her daughter is now 15 and carries emergency inhaler everywhere. jordan is also allergic to
4:57 pm
peanuts. >> the combination of that with the asthma puts her in asts going up. it affects 20 million people in the united states.7 million . >> we're not sure why. perhaps exposure to pollutants. triggers of the attack are wide ranging from the dust mite to detergent, cigarette smoke, perfume to outdoor allergins. >> they can get enough constriction they would suffocate. >> new treatment for the asthma is more about the delivery method and the combination of the drugs cortico steroids and die later. >> you need -- dialater. >> he recommends that you
4:58 pm
>> sometimes if the asthma patient is getting under orn,eat and excitety brings on an attach. >> we learn to manage it and live as much of a normal life as possible. >> we have been told not to let asma run her life. >> for sinclair cares. >> the doctor says some children grow out of asthma. adults who have had asthma could develop the condition again. >> a police officer in the clear. >> okay. don't hang up. i know you are scared. >> we'll get you out. >> right now at 5:00, the newly release video from the january day a man terrorized his own family and pate for it with his life. >> bus drivers ditch hungry, tired and the crying kids headed to a dance
4:59 pm
>> right now the great holiday getaway in full force at 5:00. >> live picture of traffic on the bay bridge as we mark the unofficial kickoff to summer. but it could have the bumps in the road. alison: we have team coverage for you. brad bell and julie wright will help you navigate the roads. we break down the rolling thunder moving in the area but we have a chance of real thunder. doug: the best chance of thunder in our area is tomorrow afternoon and early everything. until then is quiet. temperatures for the low to mid-70's. getting through the everything hours it's
5:00 pm
we are keeping an eye onmid-70'. in the evening there are chances of showers and thepl be. >> we look forward to that. thank you. let's get a look at the rush to get to the beaches. we are live at the bay bridge in annapolis. brad, how does it look? brad: >> in the last hour since we showed you the scene this is clogged up a little bit. an hour ago they were blasting through. now there is a delay. police car going past us. as we look to the right up the bridge, we can see there is a little bit of a choke point. this is understandable. it's is


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