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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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america. jonathan: at arlington national cemetery, president trump laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the president making his first memorial day in office. he told the nation to never forget the cost of freedom and peace. >> every time you see the sun rise over this blessed land, please know your brave sons and daughters pushed away the night and delivered for us, all that great and glorious dawn. jonathan: the president was at arlington national cemetery, he visited section 60. that is hallowed ground for all of those killed in the war on terror. while there, the president laid flowers at the graver of first lieutenant robert kelly. he is the son of homeland security secretary john kelly. his son was killed in afghanistan in 2010. the president trip to arlington national cemetery comes as the administration is facing another fire storm. mic
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close advisor and son-in-law jared kushner who is accused of trying to set up back channel communications with russia. the investigation into have sha intensifying. his wife ivanka spotted sunday with a private lawyer advising the president on the russian investigation. rumors swirl about the white house staff shakeups. >> kushner is a unique situation. unlike anybody else who is staff that you can fire he is married to ivanka trump. big asset to the administration >> kushner is not a target of the administration but the administration is responding to allegations he tried to set up a secret communications channel with russia after the intelligence agencies concluded
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meddle in the election. >> any way you communicate and organizations that are not friendsly to us is a ga thing. >> john mccain isn't buying it. >> i know some administration officials say it's standard procedure. i don't think it's standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the united states. >> kushner's security question should be questioned. >> there should be a review of the security clearance. >> president trump is not backing down. he said he has confidence in his son-in-law. jonathan: another provocation from north korea after it fired a short range missile. this time japan says it put air and shipping traffic at risk. nobody was hurt but it flew
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280 miles before crashing to the ground. >> new developments to pass along now for last week's manchester bombing. investigators releasing this photo of the bomber salman abedi hours before the attack that killed 22 people. authorities now are trying to locate the blue suitcase you saw him carrying. the authorities have taken 14 people in custody in connection with the arena bombing. michelle: a zoo north of london will remain closed until investigators figure out how a tiger was able to maul a zookeeper to death. the zoo called it a freak accident. they say at no time did the animal escape the enclosure. jonathan: a shocking arrest in florida. golfer tiger woods charged with driving under the influence. so far police are relosing few details except to -- releasing few details except he was
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pulled over at 3:00, booked at 7:00 and released at 11:00. he has been sidelined due to a back injury the golf season. full report expected tomorrow. michelle: midwest to the east coast. many people spent memorial day picking up from the weekend storms. heavy rains washed out the weekend events for millions. two deaths are blamed on the flooding in missouri. rain washed out holiday celebrations in commemoration in new england. meanwhile, here at home you couldn't have asked for a much nicer memorial day. what will the rest of the workweek look like? check in with stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin with a first look. steve: big changes are on the way but it is looking nice out there now. if you are looking a it the dinner plans outdoors or if you are doing anything this evening temperatures in the 70's. and the lower 80's. at least for right now. we have showers mainly to the south of the d.c. metro area. the clouds will hang around for overnight along with a better chance for patchy fog. head to the south
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fredericksburg area. crossing 95. a very, very light shower at this time. this is not going to amount to a lot. but we know what a little bit of rain can do in a very, very busy travel period. business right now. >> talk about a chance of storms for the early morning rush hour commute tomorrow. jonathan: after the rainy weekend this is what we needed for the three-day weekend. kevin lewis is live with how people marked the unofficial start to summer. you couldn't have asked for better. a great pool day. kevin: it's awesome. pools like this one in bethesda were a hot commodity. the crowds thinned out over the last few hours but at high noon it was a tough feat to find one of these. a
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today is great. just right. >> the sounds of the summer overflowed from the combines in the pool in bethesda. >> i haven't seen it this crowded in a long time. >> ann marie o'connor caught one friends while her daughters splashed in the cool h2o. >> this is what memorial day is supposed to be like. it's fantastic. >> they woke up this morning and ask where the swimsuits were. they knew today was the day. kevin: with temps in the low 80's, neil owens took advantage of the poolside r&r. >> have you been enjoying yourself? >> yes. they are leaving me alone. it's quiet and relaxing. >> i love it. windy. cool breeze. >> a steady flow of the cardio traffic. >> with shade to boot. >> i like the bikers. everybody is out. kids, adults,
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it's fun. >> the kids flock to the news camera like a moth to a flame. most of them telling me today they are now counting down to their summer break. those were the days. can kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. caught on video. a car plunges in the river. it took not one but two acts of heroism to get everyone to shore. jonathan: also caught on video abandoned ship. a boat carrying dozens of people burst into flames. the amazing acts tosary all of them -- save all of
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jonathan: off the coast of spain a boat carrying 35 migrants and it burst into flames. everybody dives in the water quickly. this video was shot from a portuguese plane. the plane isn't just take the video and leave. within minutes they were deploying the rescue kits, and rafts. they got everybody to dry lands. they all made it. >> more must see video from china. a woman back her car to a river. and a factory worker in seconds was in the water racing to rescue her. but he too, ended up
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would-be hero and the driverer. the man quietly left before anyone could get his name. security video, that is terrifying. it shows a 10-year-old boy flying off the slide at the park grand opening on friday. the park is open but the slide is closed until they figure it out. michelle: now a new type of the vending machine that is turning heads in wisconsin. >> bratwurst with wild rice. tomato basil parmesan brat. michelle: you can get a meet fix. i it -- meat fix. it's set up outside the
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will it catch on? ingenious. of course it will. still ahead, a big surprise in a pool. a very big surprise. don't go in there. what happened after the family found a gator taking a dip in the pond. >> i'm in pretty good health. michelle: the oldest living pearl harbor survivor message this memorial day next on "abc7 news at
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jonathan: there are three more names etched on the memorial day. michelle: it brings the total number to 58,318. as it does every day it serves as a place to reflect and remember. >> to me it's respect for the people so they are never forgotten. michelle: filmmaker ken burns delivered the keynote remarks at the service on the wall. his documentary on
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meres in september. jonathan: den burns was in the heart of d.c. for a parade honoring the veterans. i was proud to be one of the hosts of the parade. it had appearances from ken burns and the fellow documentary producer. doughtry performing, he was amazing to honor knows who died defending the nation and those who served. a big thanks for those who participated. i was honored to be part of this. it was a lot of fun. the oldest living pearl harbor survivor was there to remember those who didn't come home and remember the day that lived in infamy. q mccray has the story. windows the memorial is busy on any given day of the year. you know that. but now it's busy for the memorial
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the crowd here earlier to meet the hero was immense. >> everyone wanted to shake his hand. he is the oldest living survivor on the attack of pearl harbor. >> i a emin good health for a young man like me. q: as the stories of the survival go, he has plenty. >> my life and millions of other americans that are still serving. >> he wasn't the only veteran taking pictures on the national mall. a special wreath laying ceremony at the world war ii memorial gave visitors the opportunity to gets up close and personal with the real life heroes.
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>> i feel pride i can shake his hand. q: chafers turned 105 in march. his annual trips to d.c. on memorial day is a tradition, one he hopes to continue next year. >> i think it's great that people remember what the day means. and the men and the women that served in the country. >> he did some remembering of his home. there are 4,000 tars on the wall of freedom. on the national mall i'm q mccray. abc7 news. >> thank you. michelle: today would have been the 100th birthday of the 35th mt. of the united states. his childhood home is draped in red, white and blue where the postal service
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the commemorative stamp. at arlington national cemetery a wreath-laying took place at his graver site. at the kennedy center a week's worth of the celebrations wrap up as we speak. >> turn the attention to the tv. that is a gator. only in pool visit. came from this guy. oddly no one wanted to swim with him. imagine that? they took him to a more appropriate swimming hole. >> this is my pool! he did not want to get out. there is not a lot of chlorine. >> imagine a cannon ball into that. jonathan: no! >> that would be a laugh. my goodness. nice day to go swimming. it was great. steve: it looked deceiving. >> it worked
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mostly cloudy skies now. it's quiet and it's dry. but we have showers south of us. the high made it up to 85 at the reagan national airport. it goes to show what sunshine can do here. 8 o at manassas. 81 to fredericksburg. it's dropping to 70's west of us. if you have outdoor plans the temperatures will fall to 70's. 73 degrees by 9:00. the stormwatch7 satellite and the radar, a few showers out there now but well south of the d.c. metro area. if you have anyone
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95 around the fredericksburg area to look at a light rain shower. that crossed the expressway east. 20 miles per hour. the commute is going to slow things down. 58 to 65. can't rule patchy fog in the morning. it won't have any impact on air travel. but leave a few extra minutes. traveling the beltway. this is why. not only the patchy fog but a chance for showers and maybe a thunderstorm. 7:00 in morning. that is what this model depicts. moving through the midafternoon hours we'll see the scatters showers remain on radar with thunderstorms. we have a better chance of
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mid-to-the late week the temperatures 80 on wednesday. perfect on thursday around 80. 84 for friday. ten-day outlook shows temperatures to cool down as we move to upcoming weekend. we stay in 70's next week. the "abc7 news at 6:00" continues after this. vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy
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and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia.
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robert: well, you can call it title town. the terp women won lacrosse title and then the women hoping to follow that up with their own. terps got he from the unsung hero. adam demillo who only scored three times all year. he scored twice in the first half. the goal gave maryland 5-2 lead. fourth quarter, 7-3 terps. wouldn't be a lacrosse game if rambo didn't get on and score. the backhander. maryland wins 9-6 in the first national title since 1975. john tillman was proud of his guys afterwards. >> our kids work so hard. they are so unselfish. the alums do a great job to support us. when we take the field it's never just the 10 guys on the field. it's the rest of the team and the rest of the school. 's all the guys that played
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powers us home. robert: nats with memorial day action taking on the giants. out west we start this one. top six. 1-o, nats. daniel murphy lines one deep to right center. that is high off the wall. ryan zimmerman would hustle around third. he would score. the nats lead 2-0 in the eighth. the maryland baseball team received at-large bid to the ncaa tournament. they will face west virginia on friday in the winston salem region. so, yeah. lacrosse at maryland is a pretty big deal. jonathan: real big deal. congratulations to them. fa is fantastic. steve: dry this everything and tracking thunderstorms tomorrow morning for the rush hour commute. more at 11:00. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00. have a good night.
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tonight -- jared kushner in crisis. the president now weighing in on the allegations against his son-in-law. the calls to revoke his security clearance after he allegedly tried to secure back channel communications with russia. will kusher in take a leave of absence. breaking news. tiger woods arrested. the shocking mug shot. once the one of world's top golfers. now charged with driving turned influence. also breaking, treacherous travel. deadly flooding and severe weather across the south. water park emergency. a 10-year-old boy flying off this three-story slide, somehow surviving. investigators trying to figure out what


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