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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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jonathan: brianne carter at the graduation ceremony spoke with their friends. rich, this is a horrible situation. do we know what happened? richard: yeah, like you said, you know, these two young men both northwest high school honor students. they were due to graduate today. instead they were gunned down at this spot. police have a lot of questions. here is what we know from last night. this is the scene at 10:45 in the gallery court neighborhood. you can see detectives peering in and around the honda where 17-year-old shadi adi najjar and his friend 18-year-old artem ziberov was found shot to death. moments before the residents heard multiple gunshots, as many as ten to 12 shots. then the sounds of a car driving away. both boys told their parents they were going to sell graduation tickets. they had extras and najjar was
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the police, nor the boys' families, have any idea why they were in the neighborhood. if they were meeting someone or what they were doing here. witnesses say the car was facing uphill, a rear passenger door was shot out. both boys were honor students. both families are just devastated. >> it's hard. why would somebody kill my boy? my beautiful boy. two days till graduation. richard: like he said, the boys were due to graduate today. coming up at 5:00, you will hear the audio recording of those gunshots. sad, sad thing. now back in d.c.,
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graduate in the district and it had to be an emotional time. brianne carter is there live. brianne: well, richard, mixed emotions here at d.a.r. constitution hall. more than 500 students filing in. a little while ago for graduation. two of the students missing from the class of 2017. as you mentioned. after they were found dead inside of that car there in montgomery county. classmates now mourning the lives of those two whose lives were shut short. shadi adi najjar and artem ziberov were both expected to walk the stage here at d.a.r. constitution hall as part of northwest high school class of 2017. earlier today a moment of silence as graduation got underway honoring the two. the two attended graduation rehearsal yesterday and hours later were found inside the car. fellow students tell us they were shocked to hear the news. many finding out on social
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media. >> this is supposed to be a day to remember for your life for many reasons. very upset to hear the situation from last fight. >> you would never expect to hear that, see them on the news for something like this. they were probably minding their own business. really scary. brianne: coming up tonight at 5:00, what we learn about the diplomas and what the principal is saying about the two teens. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. don't miss a breaking update. sign up for abc7 text alerts by logging on to you will get updates sent to your phone from our newsroom as soon as something breaks. well, the third attacker has been identified in london today. british police saying youssef zaghba is a moroccan born italian citizen. he was in the van on
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london bridge before jumping out and stag's people nearby. the sister of the man killed had an emotional plea for the u.k. to carry on. >> it's important for us to all carry on with your lives in direct opposition to those who would try to destroy us. jonathan: there are more questions today because the police and counterterror investigators knew the mastermind of the attack. he was all over their radar screen. london neighbors of the man now saying they called to warn police about his behavior. scotland yard is now reviewing the strategy as it moves forward. alison: a scare in paris. as a man attacked a police officer with a hammer. and reportedly yelled, "this is for syria." he was then shot. it was outside of notre dame cathedral. this happened about 4:30 in paris today. officers cordoned off the area and visitors at the cathedral huddled inside. they had their hands up. police making sure there were no other attackers in the crowd.
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indicating he was an algerian student. nobody else was hurt and things are returning to normal tonight. let's turn to the weather around here and get ready for a roller coaster. a cooldown before we look at what could be our first heatwave of the year. doug hill has a look at what comes next. today is perfect, doug. doug: spectacular. look at the image from laurel. blue skies, beautiful cloud cover around the area. that is mixed in to make it delightful. low humidity and comfortable temperatures. what a deal! 79 in warrenton. annapolis at 77. same in quantico. 76 in washington with sunshine. through the early evening we will hold in the mid-70's. later we will drop in the 60's. later tonight the cloud cover will increase once the winds turn northeast. they are in the northwest now. they are in the northwesterly movement. that will change. i don't think the showers get in. overnight everything changes. cooler a
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north and east. cloud cover increasing as well. early in the morning, showers in fact. look at the computer model. by 1:00 in the afternoon, the light showers and the light rain is passing through to the west. alison is right. a roller coaster. once we get through with the cool temperatures a big increase. the hurt heatwave we expect that. we spell out the numbers for you coming up in ten minutes. nancy: see you then. thank you, doug. intelligence contractor charged with leaking classified information about russia's interference in the 2016 election. it's the first such arrest in president trump's presidency. as we report, the 25-year-old was taken into custody the very day that leaked information was published. 25-year-old n.s.a. contractor is the first to be arrested for allegedly leaking classified information under president trump. >> any disclosure of classified or sensitive information clearly threaten the national security. >> as much as this plays to
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with classified leaks, for democrat claire mccaskill, the top secret document outlining russia's efforts to meddle in last year's election is about much more. >> this was russia. >> reality winner was assigned to work at a facility in georgia when investigators say she mailed n.s.a. intelligence report to classified information to the intercept, an online news source. it claims they sent phishing e-mail to election officials and e-mailed election software company trying to gain remote control over the vendors' computers and attempted to spread the operation to the local governments. we now have in the public domain verified information that the russians made an aggressive attempt to access not only a vendor of voter software in this country, but also a number of states. the voter filed data bases in the months prior to our
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election. >> an f.b.i. affidavit traced it to winner showing that it was a print-out. they checked and found six employees printed that particular document and the only one that had been in contact with the intercept was reality winner. >> my client is being used as a scapegoat for what could be considered a political agenda. >> the intercept insist the documented came to them anonymously and they didn't know the source's identity. but the f.b.i. affidavit alleges that winner admitted that she printed the document and sent it to the news outlet. jonathan: on the suggested of investigation -- subject of investigation, thursday is great political theater with james comey testifies against the intelligence committee. the entire testimony at 10:00 in the morning on abc7. in d.c., politics can be sport. we know that. some bars are actually hoping to cash in on that. stephen tschida right now at shaw's tavern. a big crowd is expected there. they will have a watch
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there. stephen: that's right. a big party. it is going to be confesse party. didn't a covfese party. they expect to have a packed house. they expect to pack them in for the congressional testimony from a fired f.b.i. director. >> rob said he made a facebook post about a watch party and got flooded with responses. >> a lot of people telework or work from home. many of the people e-mailing asked if we have wi-fi. they expect to bring the laptops and work from the bar. >> shaw's tavern will open early. tv's will be on. and the bar and the kitchen will cook up specials. such as -- >> the f.b.i.
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we named before we knew what was going into it. >> but no, there won't be any special drinks like the russian spy or putin's hacking punch. just cheap vodka. >> russian vodka. $5. stoli. >> some people might show up just for the cheap vodka. as far as the f.b.i. sandwich, it's fried chicken, bacon and iceberg lettuce. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: only in d.c. some of the top c.e.o.'s in the country supporting the key business policies. the business roundtable for chief executives says the economic outlook at the highest confidence in three years. plans for investment are up 4.5%. expectations are also up. the optimism mainly surrounds the belief that the president and congress can overhaul the tax
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>> a two-hour standoff between police and a man accused of robbing a home ended peacefully. i started when the officer saw a man running from a burglary in kettering. he ran from the home and locked himself in. officers say there was a warrant out for his arrest. eventually the man gave up. and was taken into custody. nancy: next at 4:00, how virginia's governor is taking aim at bullies in school. the president's tweet strategy, a look at whether it will help or hurt the agenda. >> also -- >> people say memorial day and june 6 you probably think of your comrades. i said no, that is not true. i think of them every day of my life. jonathan: the ceremony on the national mall to mark 73 years since d-day. veterans on their own words on
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switch now at me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban
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saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. jonathan: today is the 73rd anniversary of theda-day invasion. june 6, 1944, 160,000 allied troops half of them americans stormed the beaches of normandy france. on the national mall today a ceremony to remember d-day and the people that lost their lives. sam sweeney was there for the tribute. >> good afternoon. a number of the heroes that stormed the beaches of normandy are being honored. in the crowd. we caught up with several of them and they shared the stories
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some of troops that stormed the beaches of normandy, 73 years ago today. now known as the greatest generation. the largest an fibs you invasion. 13,000 about the largest amphibious invasion. 13,000 ships. many are being remembered and the living are honored. president eisenhower took to the airways that morning and said, "the hour of your liberation is coming." the people who brought it shared some of the moments as the ramps came down off the ships. they stormed the beaches. >> that day is describable because of the chaos. nobody landed where they were supposed to. i landed far to the left plank of where i was supposed to. fought my way back to the 29th division. people say on memorial day and june 6 you think of your mom ra
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-- think of your comrades. that's not true. i think of them every day of my life. >> what was your job when you landed? >> to shoot as many germans as i can. >> those men killed between 4,000 and 9,000 nazi soldiers. ultimately leading to the liberation of europe and the end of world war ii. at the world war ii memorial at the national mall i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: the surge lasted from june to august 1944 to result in the liberation of western europe. in military terminology, d-day is the day any given combat operation begins. the landing was operation overlord. the investigation is considered one of the largest amphibious assaults in history. more than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft supported that invasion. the cost of victory was high. more than 9,000 american british
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killed or wounded. alison: a consumer alert. google with a product called interland to teach children how to protect themselves online. it covers how to spot fishing and scams. good password habits. kindest in and conflict rezlation. it's availability online for anyone to play. >> it looks fun. amazon offering a discount on prime if they are on assistance. the normal price is $99 a year and monthly fee of $10.99. prime members get unlimited shooting and unlimited video. jonathan: we have a pilot that landed at the wrong place. the ntsb said
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blame. over the past 20 years there have been 600 wrong airport landings. there you go. this is just a weird story from georgia. firefighters rescued several people trapped on the second floor of the apartment building on monday. here is the weird part. the apartment complex removed the stairs, so the fire department had to use a ladder to get everybody down. >> it's crazy. how do you just cut off access to stairs? and everybody is in their apartment. >> we are trapped. it could be a fire. how do we get down. >> what we have here is a failure to communicate. the fire marshall said that the complex could be filed for code violation. management said they left note saying there is no access to stairs. people on the second floor and you tell them there is no way you can get up or down?
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alison: that is not the way it works. george clooney and his wife are now parents. they are ella and alexander clooney. clooney's publicist says the moms and the babies are happy and healthy and doing fine and then joked george is sedated and should recover in a few days. congratulations to them all. nancy: he won't recover in a couple of days. jonathan: we won't get a good night sleep for ten years. doug: twins is having more than two. you get used to it. i'm only 37. look what it has done to me. it will age you in a heartbeat. alison: did you have as many nannies as george? doug: no. none. congratulations. good stuff. all right. talk about this weather because it's crazy. we will see the clouds and the heatwave on sunday. here is the deal now. nice time lapse this is from thear
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maryland, where it's 73 now. through the day. plenty of sunshine. fair weather clouds. low humidity. delightful day. tomorrow is a different picture. for the moment it's terrific. rudolph is at the taste of adams morgan so he is ready to go. what is up there? >> it's gorgeous here. the sun disappears behind the clouds. it will cool down. a nice breeze. tonight is the taste of adams morgan. over 25 restaurants up and down 18th street. they have special menus and they buy tickets ahead of time. they are still available. it doesn't start until 5:00. it will go for four hours until 9:00 p.m. 25 restaurants from taco to shepherd's pie to fish and chips to dessert and coffees and drinks. a lot to enjoy down here. the weather is going to totally, totally cooperate with us. everywhere where you see the balloons. these a t
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are participating up and down 18th street. coming up in 25 minutes we will talk about the restaurant owner. show you some of the offerings they have for us tonight. great cause. it's to raise money for the organization. we head back to you where it is comfortable and cool in the studio. hotter weather on the way. doug: absolutely. but first take a chill pill. with the winds out of the northeast it's cooler. we drop through the 70's. it's comfortable. then it changes. satellite and the radar shows showers across pennsylvania, new york, new england. the area of low pressure spinning. that will get out of the way. the winds will do a big turn from the northwest to northeast. to bring the low cloudiness in. the watches of rain overnight. look at the late night and the overnight. the
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they will consolidate. through the morning hours. the temperature is 60 at 9:00. a couple of spots could get close to the 70 degree mark. most of the showers should move to the west. the day planner, cloudy, cool, spotty light rain. nationals back in town for a day makeup with the 0's. we're cloudy and temperatures will be about 70 in temperature washington. we have the drizzly, unsettled and cool tomorrow and warmer with sunshine in the afternoon. thursday. beautiful weather to celebrate fairfax on friday. pride for a raid and later saturday afternoon -- pride parade and later on saturday afternoon. then the heatwave for the 90's a bit. we have the first long streak of hot weather. i wonder how many more we have this summer. nancy: feels like summer.
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ahead at 4:00, a learning lesson of what not to post online. the mistake that cost ten students a spot at harvard. jonathan: up next, frightening trip to grocery store. the woman caught off-guard when vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really
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virginia that works for everyone.
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at some point did he tell you what was found inside the structure? >> yes. what was that? >> my son. alison: tonight at 5:00, heart-wrenching testimony from the mother of a young man who committed suicide after prosecutors say his girlfriend urged him to do it. what happened in the first day of the trial when i join you at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side? this day and age it's how the world often learns of theth 's plans. via twitter. michelle: it provides insight in his thought and he uses it to explain, prompt and at times provoke. nancy: but how are they helping or hurting his own goals. chief polic
4:31 pm
scott: raw and reactionary is often the president's go-to when he has something to say. with over 35,000 tweets typed sent to 31 million followers and another 18 million on the lesser used potus account, the screen often splits along party lines. >> it's frankly refreshing. >> he is embarrassing all of us at this point. >> after the london terror attack his critical tweet prompted the mayor there to suggest canceling trump's planned visit. some think calling the travel ban watered down could hurt his chances in court. >> it won't fly in a court of law. you can't run from your own words in a court of law. >> michael cohen teaches at george washington university and is combing through the 140 characters. >> anything he says, on twitter, in an interview, in a speech, or in the oval office, is the president's saying it. that is public policy. >> when we talk about the policy, versus what he might
4:32 pm
blurry is the line? blurred? >> it is blurred. you can't talk about public policy on 140 characters and expect people to say it's just twitter. scott: but trump's tweet are honest and unfilletedered and will continue despite those trying to get him not to use social media. cohen says what helped him on the trail has fewer benefits while within white house walls. >> read them all last year. in the election. >> the white house shot back saying those who criticized him for the tweets now are likely those who criticized him during the campaign and that turned out pretty well for him. in washington, scott thuman. michelle: back with doug in the weather center. it does not get better than today. it's gorgeous out there. doug: it is. en
4:33 pm
make it pretty and give you a little shade and low humidity. michelle: what more can you ask for? doug: a day like this tomorrow but we are not going to get it. it's going to get cloudy. but we have the first heatwave coming. let's look now. it's sunny in the afternoon. fair weather clouds. breeze. nice conditions. 76 degrees in city. through the evening we will see the sunshine, more hours. but the clouds increase. temperatures drop in the 60's by morning. the north westerly winds do a change to the northeast. it will bring in moist air, clouds, patches of rain if overnight. light rain and drizzle. looking at the map at 8:30, there are patches of the rain. sustained winds to push it westward and the valleys and the mountains. a good portion is cloudy. that is it. patchy, light rain and drizzle is the story throughout the day. heading through the night it
4:34 pm
unsettled thursday morning. through the midday and the afternoon hours and thursday. sunshine comes back. up to 72. friday, 80 and the sunshine. weekend, it will start. there is plenty of sunshine. it's hot and humid. 90 for the day on sunday. in the 90's most of next week. that is the latest. nancy: thank you. the help center is open with the ask the mechanic phone bank. call 703-236-9220. if you have car questions that you want answered. right now the volunteers are right here through 6:30 this everything. again that number is 703-236-9220. if you have car questions. jonathan: thank you. some of the top cops took the tour of the national museum of african american history and culture. it's billed as a cultural awareness tour for them. d.c. bureau chief caught up
4:35 pm
with the ben's chili bowl after the tour. sam: we caught up with them at ben's chili bowl with the former administrator, m.p.d.'s top brass had a cultural awareness tour. early irthey had been to the african-american museum, the entire d.c. command staff. >> it was a great experience. it was eye-opening. >> it was enlightening and outstanding for us. sam: at ben's a stop for lunch in the own section. chief newsham told why he wanted this. >> we are trying to teach the police officers is to get some sense of the american story that is rarely told. >> ben's owner virginia ali who kept her store open in the 1968 riots say police and the community relations improved and need to. >> all of us need to learn more patience and tolerance, more respect for each other. >> in many ways it was introduction for some d.c. brass to
4:36 pm
they pose like tourists and shared the history of the black d.c. with the police brass. >> i also talked to them if we really want to decrease the tension between community and the police, we need to learn each other's history. >> this is not the first time that the police department has done this. they have done it with recruiteds. this is the first time they have done it with the command staff. they hope it will mean better understanding between the community and the police department. reporting from north west washington, i'm sam ford. michelle: a nevada police officer is facing up to eight years in prison in connection to the death of an unarmed man. video shows the officer wrapping his arm around the man's neck and choking him. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter. the victim's family believes charges should be more severe. >> all i heard. >> i get emotional. i think about how it should be. >> do you think the officer acted inappropriately? >> i tnk
4:37 pm
with good faith. >> the coroner says the victim had meth in his system and enlarged heart. both contributing factors in the death. nancy: a small accident in atlanta area turning into a murder scene. the fender-bendser happened on a busy interstate and the drivers argued but one pulled out a gun. >> slow down and everybody has too much on their mind. >> the pressure is thick. heavy. >> if you have an accident, don't get out of the car. call 911. >> the pickup truck driver is faking murder charges. michelle: next at 4:00, the doughnut shop rampage, what they are saying prompted this massive outburst. jonathan: look at the big. maybell. she is so fat. how fat is she? her owner is facing criminal charges. that is
4:38 pm
back in shape and get her a new home coming up next. nancy: here is kidd o'shea with a first look at what is coming up on "good morning america" tomorrow. kidd: thanks, nancy. tomorrow on "good morning washington," good ready for a sneak peek of this summer's hottest fashion i vent to hit the area -- event hit the area. fashion carnival. >> the bad girls of brunch are back with how to pack the perfect picnic basket for summer. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorr
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jonathan: dunkin' donuts is the place most people get a morning fix and relax. this happened at cambridge, massachusetts. a guy comes in, this guy, out of control. throwing chairs and tables. people are having the morning coffee. the rampage took place and it lasted for minutes. innocent bystander hit by the chairs and the tables. even an elderly man could not get out of the way of the nutcase. this started with a feud with someone else in the shop. but everyone is caught in the middle of it. nancy: heck a way to start your day. michelle: this is a fat pig. i know you are thinking aren't they supposed to be fat? not this fat. this is massachusetts. a woman faces animal cruelty charges because she overfed the pig. nancy: at 200 pounds she is twice the weight
4:42 pm
>> it's not healthy for the big. as much as being underweight is a form of neglect and abuse , so is being this much overweight. >> she is so overweight she can't see and can't stand. michelle: poor thing. she is on a diet. she gets frustrated with the new keepers at the animal welfare league of boston try to get her to stand up. nancy: it will take weeks for her to lose enough weight to go on walks. jonathan? jonathan: poor maybell. coming up next, a big birthday surprise for a boy with cerebral palsy turning 16 who loves big cars and lights. >> lights, loud noises. he gets a big kick out of. >> wait until you see the turnout to make it the best birthday bash ever. steve: i'm steve rudin. are you getting hungry? maybe you don't have plans for dinner. taste of adams morgan is going on tonight. everything you need to know.
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scot: i'm scott taylor with "7 on your side." we have the gang back here. jim, marty is here to talk about the batteries as well. i want everybody to call. 703-236-9220. this triple-a phone bank almost go on until 6:30 but get your calls in now. these are the experts and they can handle any question. michelle: thank you. this is no action film. nancy: waiting for it. a man apparently randomly jumping on an atlanta woman's car, smashing the windshield. monday afternoon and outside a shopping center. the woman behind the wheel had no idea who the man is. random it seems. she started to scream for help. didn't go any further than this but the man did get away. jonathan: wow! russian jets intercept a u.s. bomber. the russians say they scramble the jets and they believe it was a b-52 flying at the border of their
4:47 pm
the ballot tick. it's not the -- baltic. this is the not the first time this has happened. in september, they buzzed the navy aircraft over the black see and that instance came within ten feet of the aircraft. michelle: the main accuser in the bill cosby sex assault trial testified in court today and andrea constand told the jury she was friend with cosby for 16 months before the night in question. she said she fended off mild advance before the night that he allegedly drugged and sexual assaulted her. she described the drugs as paralyzing and leaving her helpless in the assault. jonathan: statewide effort to fight bullying in schools in fairfax county. it's becoming law. melissa dupani at the "live desk" with the new requirements for virginia schools. >> the law will require principals to notify the parents in any alleged bullying incident in the five school days. governor mcauliffe joined by delegate and the school leaders for the sign
4:48 pm
say it is important to provide a safe environment for all students. >> our goal is to make sure that when a student comes to our school, that they are safe, they are protecting the psychological, emotional and physical aspect of a student. we want students to come to focus on education and not be worried about people bullying. >> that bill goes into effect july 1. nancy: thank you. section of the allentown road is crumbling after a fire hydrant broke. this started when the car ran in the hydrant. this was several days ago. a small leak was fixed but what was not known is a valve had blown to the larger pipe. now u.s. in ration for businesses and wssc customers left without water. >> we actually had, what we call two of the staff people today to tell them to turn around and go home. >> we have 135 customers. we have the medical part next to me.
4:49 pm
dunkin' donuts. >> work on the road and the pipe is expected to last well in the night. >> let's check in now with larry smith in the satellite center to find out what is coming up at 5:00. larry: you have probably seen lines at chick-fil-a before but find out why they are getting involved outside a location. only on 7 a look inside the project covering up i-295 in the district. how it would be 100% sustainable. wait until you hear what was behind cancellations and the delays for british airways last month. new hope for breast cancer survivors thinking about getting pregnant but worried the cancer will come back. that's at 5:00. see you in a few. >> thanks. a group of bikers rolled into ohio to put a smile on a young boy's face. we are talking muscle cars and cool motorcycles. a 16-year-old has been living with
4:50 pm
and he enjoys loud noises. which 16-year-old doesn't? so dozens of bikers rolled by his home and revved up the engine on his birthday to put a smile on his face. >> it means a lot to make somebody happy. especially a child like that. in a wheelchair all of his life. >> for the whole community to come out for my son. i'm very thankful. jonathan: that is cool. support for the teen has gone global. a biker from australia wants to send a video of his bike running so jason can see it and hear it. michelle: look at that smile on his face. love to see that. jonathan: awesome. michelle: nasa says a planet just discovered is being vaporized by the star it orbits. the problem is it's too hot. kelt 9b is what they are calling it. it heats up to 7,800 degrees on the side that faces the star. get this. scientists say the planet is tidally locked so that means it is locked
4:51 pm
the side faces away from the star always does. like our moon orbiting earth. got all that? jonathan: it's melting. michelle: yes. the one side. back on earth, it's comfortable outside. so nice today. nancy: perfect june day. you look at steve rudin there. he is in d.c. for the -- michelle: he has a drink! jonathan: mojito? nancy: virgin or alcoholic. jonathan: steve doesn't drink. steve: it's a virgin, of course. c'mon, people! i'm having a great time. the weather is cooperating awesomely. the sun hiding behind the clouds to make it feel a little bit cooler. taste of adams morgan. it starts at 5:00. it goes for four hours. maria gomez from mary's center. the beneficiary of the great event with over 25 restaurants. tell us what people can expect to come here tonight? >> you can expect first korean food, mexican food, african
4:52 pm
american food with great drinks. great, great, great restaurants. we are partnering with the great restaurants at adams morgan and all the development town. we want to make sure that adams morgan continue to succeed. steve: this is just one thing. virgin mojito. what is this? >> gordito. corn tortilla with sauce and cheese and cilantro. it is wonderful. >> what makes it unique, you buy a ticket and then you go to the restaurants and you can pick off the menu on some locations and most of the faces have prefixed item like this. this is an evening event. >> wonderful event. pick up tickets, little shop of flowers adams morgan. pick up the tickets tonight. it benefits a great organization. mary center that helps 40,000 people in the city with health, education and social services. last year we gave away $6,000 of free care.
4:53 pm
cheers to you. thank you for allowing us in. i appreciate it. looks delicious. talk weather for you this evening. looking nice. the temperatures in the 70's. at least as we move through the early everything hours, overnight, the clouds will increase and the temperatures fall in the 60's. night time lows mid-50's to lower 60's. showers likely to develop moving in the early morning hours. it won't amount to a lot. i wish i had better news for tomorrow. highs in the middle to the upper 60's to 70. we stay cool for the day on thursday. take a look it at ten-day outlook. if you like it hot and humid, you will love what is on the way for the weekend. talking the daytime highs to be in the 90's with the heat index value for middle to the upper 90's. michelle, take a sip for you. enjoy. michelle: take two sips for me. all right. thank you, steve. next on abc7 news they got to harvar b
4:54 pm
the not so bright move the students are accused of doing that had one of the nation's best tom went to washington to take on
4:55 pm
and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
accepting the best and the brightest. but the dark side of student chat room started by incoming freshmen caused administrators to revoke admission. the own paper "harvard crimson" reports a group of ten students accepted to the class of 2021 and meeting on the official facebook page created alternative page full of the memes containing provocative and derogatory images and caption. content too offensive to show with r-rated memes poking fun of topics like the hol cast, sexual assault and targeting ethnic group. one calling the fictioning hanging of a mexican child pinata time. they reported that the incoming students who wanted to join the r-rated chat had to something offensive to another group dedicated to mostly light-hearted memes. why it hurt a new freshman. >> i haven't heard many people saying this is the wrong thing
4:58 pm
to do. it's reassuring as harvard and a society we still stand by the moral values we were built on. >> harvard admissions posting on the class of 2021 facebook group description they have the right to withdraw an offer of admission if an admitted student engages in behavior that brings into question his or her honesty, maturity or moral character. some proponents of the free speech criticize harvard for punishing those who posted on the chat room on their own time. adrian bankert, cambridge, massachusetts. larry: at 5:00, diplomas and grief counseling on the same day. graduates struggle with a double tragedy on one of the biggest days of their life. going green in a big way in the heart of the city. we tour a new development turning d.c. echo-chic. and horace holmes separates truth from fiction
4:59 pm
odyssey that began in 1987. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: right now graduation is wrapping up for students at northwest high school but without two seniors. the 17 and the 18-year-olds were shot in a car in montgomery village. we have team coverage with richard reeve live where they were found. rich? >> larry, this is the spot the car was sitting. still idling. you can see the glass on the ground where the window was shattered by the bullets. but still, no one knows why it happened. >> a horrific shooting scene. two teen boys dead. the families in mourning. >> it's so hard. >> shadi adi najjar outside his home. >> trying to figure out why someone would kill his son and his friend who were just 18.
5:00 pm
>> why? why would somebody kill my boy, my beautiful boy? >> the boys told their parents they had extra graduation tickets hoping to sell them. instead this terrible scene. >> the shots around 10:30 p.m. and the sound of a car driving away. reported on a home audio surveillance system. >> i was hoping it would just shot against a vehicle versus a person. >> they found the passenger window shatter and the engine idling. >> they were in the vehicle and shot while in the vehicle. >> i need to know what happened to my son. what did he do


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