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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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lying. a lot over fast-moving developments. >> the nation watching what happened under the dome. you talk about the fiery system. scott thuman will start it off. he will break down two hours and 40 minutes of testimony and fiery accusations. >> the mrs. chose to defame me. >> those were lies. >> determined to set the record straight, fired director james comey described a series of the inappropriate meetings with the president and perceived requests. i hope you can let it go. >> yes. >> he did not direct you to let it go? >> no
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i took it as a direction. >> you don't know of anyone charged with for hoping something? >> i don't as i sit here. >> but he up is parrized the president's behavior as disturbing. >> why didn't you say mr. president, this is wrong? >> i was so stunned by the conversation. i have seen the tweet about the tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> he was prompted to take detailed notes after the exchanges. >> i was alone with the president of the united states and i was concern head might lie about the nature of the meeting. >> a stark contrast between the two highlighted by the recent exchange with the president. >> it's a press conference on may 18, the president was asked whether he urged you to shut down the investigation in flynn. >> no. no. next question. >> is that accurate? >> i don't believe it is. >> how much weight contradictions should carry that is up to the
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counsel investigation. >> do you believe it will rise to the obstruction of justice? >> i don't know. that's bob mueller's job to sort that out. >> despite the two and a half hours that were thorough and exhaustive, it was not the whole day. >> it was an appetizer. because then the senate intelligence committee moved to a separate setting to talk again with the former director comey about the classified, the sensitive materials that he didn't feel comfortable revealing in that forum. >> he did it voluntarily. long day for the former director. scott, the million dollar question in all of this is were any laws broken? from all the system we got publicly, did we hear anything to indicate that laws were broken? >> if former director comey believes laws were broken he didn't say they were or weren't. that is a nugget, important one that he chose to hold on to discuss behind closed
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doors. because you are talking whether they had conversation that were inappropriate or illegal with the russians. that is an avenue we don't know about. >> thank you very much. that is the latest from capitol hill. switch to the white house where we find michelle marsh. michelle? michelle: hi, jonathan. yes. the us who was quick to respond to the allegations firing back and denying some of the more inflammatory claims from comey. >> the president never suggested that mr. comey "let flynn go." he never told him, "i need loyalty, i expect loyalty." he never said it in form and he never said it in substance. >> no, i can definitively say the president is not a liar. it's insulting that the question would be
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>> meanwhile the president himself remaining silent today. no response from the president on twitter. a lot of people check the twitter feed to see if he would live tweet in the testimony. he was even asked questions today in a governor's meeting and he did not respond to the questions. there are lawmakers that sound off and are responding to what they heard today. >> there is no shortage of reaction. there are lawmakers weighing in on what they heard today. keep in mind a lot of them had in their mind, maybe the minds were made up. >> i was impressed by his honesty. that is the first time i have seen a person come before
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something. >> the president needs to address allegations made. >> if he doesn't feel they are accurate, he should say so. if he can't rebut what is said that is damning. >> the president is new at this. he is new to government. he probably wasn't steeped in the long running protocols that establish the relationships between the d.o.j., the f.b.i. and the whitehouses. >> what is next on capitol hill? next week the senate intelligence committee that is looking and heard from comey today will listen to the special counselor robert mueller. but it might be a closed door session. there is a lot of moving parts to this. we stay on top of it for you. michelle? michelle: thank you. today's hearing was a must watch event that had hundreds if not thousands gathering on the hill after midnight to line up for a shot to be in the
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only 86 people were allowed and they were taken from people who already had congressional i.d. at the white house, president trump watched the testimony on tv. alongside his legal counsel. but all across the city and the d.m.v. people were glued to it. watching it like the super bowl or the nba playoff game. a lot of folks clued to the screen. stephen tschida was in a watch party. what did you find? i bet it was a packed house. stephen: no kidding. hundreds of the people showed up here before they opened at 9:30. so many coming because they want to share with the other like minded people what they believe would be historic event.
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they came early and they crammed in shaw's tavern. a lot of people anxious to see james comey testify before a senate intelligence committee. >> there are a lot of people who care passionately about what is going on that i took a vacation day to be here. >> the crowd energetic. they hung on every word. the atmosphere here is more like what you expect at a sporting event. this is d.c. politics is a local sport. >> it's such a d.c. thing to do. >> afterwards some people said they didn't hear what they were hoping to hear from mr. comey. but they said that they were not disappointed. >> reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news.
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>> all the reaction we have shared with you so far is in the beltway. >> we sent brad bell out in a county by a county that was carried by trump in the election to see what they said. >> it's a big witch hunt. jonathan: we have that coming up at the other end of the break. we'll hear from senator warner who calls the key take-away from the hearing and we will share what they both had to say after this. >> we will talk about the beautiful weather pattern developing around the area. it's gorgeous outside now. but a heatwave is on the way. we will lay out the timing, the number and the impact still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00
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means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. alison: we are back with the headlines of the day in the studio. natural gas that is spewing in the air after a drill punctured a gas line in ashburn. the scene this afternoon on wash pool road and gresham drive. the road is still shut down as the crews repair the damage. overnight fire forced six families out of their homes. the fire broke out on pope street. two firefighters and a person inside a home suffered
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injuries. damaged estimated at $1 million. 3-year-old boy died after he fell from a second story window at a home in fall's church. the boy was playing in a room with an open window. this is being ruled an accident. >> coming up still, what people are saying in
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i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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those were lies. i take the president at his word i was fired because of the russia investigation. jonathan: that was james comey telling the senate intelligence committee point blank that president trump and his staff lied about the circumstances following the firing. president trump's attorney and the spokesperson both denying those charges tonight. obviously most of today we are bringing you reaction from the beltway. some of it is consistent from what you expect but it's not what a lot of people feel
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think. michelle: exactly. we now want to take you outside of the beltway for some of that reaction. for that we sent maryland bureau chief to a county that trump won in the november election. brad bell continues our team coverage from there. what are the folks there saying? brad: you know what? we are hearing a lot of opinions. this is what we like to do. we like to get out and about and hear from the folks and share the thoughts that are unedited and unfiltered. this is trump country. he carried the county by a substantial margin. today we heard the strong support and we heard diversity of the opinion. listen. >> let the man do his job. >> get over it. you lost. >> it's time to sit there and do things for american people. >> i think the whole thing is ridiculous. >> i think the whole thing is mess. >> it feels like a lot of negativity,
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>> i don't want to pay attention to it that much. >> i just think the truth needs to come out and everybody needs to tell their story. try not to formulate an opinion. until i hear from both sides. brad: so a lot of pro trump and anti-trump. but we heard a lot of people saying that they are just sick and tired of the point/counter point accusation. rebuttal. they want it all to end. in easton, brad bell, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you very much. virginia senator mark warner, he is the assistant -- i should say he is a cochair of the committee today. so much going on. he is one of the big players in today's committee. he said there is one take-away today literally that needs action and right now. >> one message i hope all americans. the electoral processnd
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it goes to the core of our democracy and we have to be prepared to make sure that we are in a better defensive position in 2018-2019. and my home state as early as next week when we have a primary. >> there is some in the intelligence community that said meddling has been going on for years. the historic coverage continues on the website. you will find key moments and the reaction from all of those involved. including those here on capitol hill. >> you will also find the response from the white house. >> stick around at 6:30 where david muir will have more on "world news tonight." back to you. alison: thank you. doug is here. a spectacular day outside. >> it's perfect. tomorrow is the same and warmer.
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if you are headed there you will be late if you don't leave soon. the temperatures will drop to the 60s and there may be a chill in the air. the first pitch is 7:05. the other temperatures at the moment are a cool 68 at luray. 70 in winchester. 71 in annapolis. first pitch is 71. we drop to the 60's. a light jacket might help. we will start off on the cool side tomorrow with the far western areas in the upper 40's. but most of the area is in the 50's. 54 in martinsburg, 53 in winchester. 54 in fredericksburg. 59 wakeup temperatures in annapolis and in washington. so the forecast for tomorrow continues this warming trend. plenty of sunshine and low humidity. light winds out of the southwest to push the temperature to 82.
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of june. celebrate fairfax kicks off tomorrow. we will drop to the 70's. tomorrow we have perfect weather conditions. the pool forecast is ideal. the low humidity. 87 and sunshine on saturday. we can't rule out isolated thunderstorm at some point on saturday. keep an eye on the sky. sunday the heat and the humidity will build. 94 degrees. feeling mid-summer and the beginning to the heatwave. for the capital pride parade saturday looks terrific. plenty warm. we are in the mid-to-the upper 80's. but the humidity level is under control. that will change sunday and beyond as we will start to see a noticeable warming trend. take a look at the numbers. 82 for friday. 94 on sunday. 95 and 96 for monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday is
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unstable. highs of 92. then it doesn't look like we turn cooler. we'll stay well above average. saturday and sunday are upper 80's and each of the day because of the heat and the humidity and the instability of the air. there could be afternoon showers or the thunderstorms. burr a long stretch coming our way. >> summer here we come. i don't think you can get a better day for baseball today. erin hawksworth is live at nats park for the battle of the beltway series. nationals and orioles. hey, erin. erin: the weather is fantastic. i couldn't resist i saw the couple behind me. you see the nationals gear. the orioles gear. they were hugging and kissing earlier but we'll see who is kissing who after the game! we're back with sports.
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and now the toyota sports desk. erin: the nationals are finally back home for a nice long serve-game home stand. it all starts tonight against the orioles. perfect night for baseball. the nationals are trying to do a makeup game. they want to win after the beltway series was cut short due to rain. this is
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from returning home for a fine-game road trip where they finished 7-2. earlier washington completed another nine-game road trip. where they finished 8-1. winning like that on the road says a lot about the ball club. >> when the year started spring training we talked about trying to be the best road club in the league. hopefully in the postseason it will be a season long trends and we will continue to play well. >> now remember when bryce harper and giant's pitcher hunter strickland got in a fight? strickland's jersey from the game went up for auction. mlb pulled pulled the plug after
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player's suspension. the battle of the beltway and just one game affair. joe ross is on the mound. he is struggling and he faces a tough orioles line-up. it's interesting to see how he will do tonight and it starts at 7:05. back to you. alison: keep an eye on the couple and see how they are doing throughout the game. [laughter] we don't want arguments. >> no. alison: nothing to argue about with the weather. doug: this is good stuff. it's cool tonight but look at what is coming up tomorrow. warm-up. loaf humidity. sunshine and 8 -- low humidity and sunshine. 82. can't rule out isolated thunderstorm but comfortable. the heat and the humidity starts sunday, 94. it will be hot. steve will talk about the heatwave when he sees you tonight. alison: we will be here. david muir and "world news tonight" is up next. have a great night.
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tonight, breaking news from washington. the fallout. new reaction coming in after fired fbi director james comey testifies before the american people about his meetings with president trump. what he says about the president and the white house. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> and tonight, comey's on the president's alleged request. the moment he said the president asked everyone in the oval office to leave the room. and on the president's threat that there could be tapes. >> oh, lordy, i hope there are tapes. also, trump fires back. the white house saying trump is not a liar. comey tonight -- the new va lance just


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