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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 9, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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of the united states as some one who is a liar, manipulator, some one sought to influence investigations. james comey so confident in his own view, own word, he challenged president trump, lordy he said he hopes there are tapes and that the tapes get produced. this sets up a major showdown between the president of the united states and his team calling james comey, a liar and leaker. plenty of reason to doubt kem comey's word. he was under oath making unprecedented allegations. a very big deal with am riification thri f ramifications. donald trump on the day he fired james comey can say he was not under fbi investigation. he can no longer make a similar statement, bob mueller, independent counsel has taken this over. looking at all of this and much, much more. kendis. >> powerful, riveting. thanks to rick klein there. one more upshot in all of this proves the u.s. actually doesn't
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chaos. here its proof. britain dealing with stunning election results this morning. the prime minister, theresa may facing calls for resignation. conservative party failing to win an outright majority resulting in hung parliament. major set back for may who called for early elections to solidify her power base. boy, just some of the scenes. from the elections in the uk. the result likely to delay britain's exit from the european union. talks to start in ten dates. some candidates you see there that were on the ballot. standing right there next to, next to, theresa may, the prime minister. the candidate. dark bucket. 200 plus votes. learning in details in the meantime from the uk, about the manchester terror attack. libyan official says the bomber's brother knew he was planning something. according to the brother, salman
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abedi, was held and questioned in libya. 22 people died in the attacks after the ariana grande concert. >> the government contractor charged with leaking classified u.s. documents pleaded not guilty. reality winner, her name, appeared in a georgia courtroom where prosecutors released new information in their case against her. including notebook entry which said she want to burn down the white house. they claim winner insert aid portable hard drive into a top secret air force computer, which is now missing. they also warn the judge winner may have more stolen secrets. she was denied bail. >> jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial have for the first time given the chance to hear his side of alleged attack. the 2005 deposition in the civil suit against the 79-year-old comedian was read allowed in the courtroom. that lawsuit was eventually settled out of court. cosby told authorities back then that he and constandt had
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and she was never unconscious or incapacitated that night. meantime, the woman at center of a high-profile sexual assault case dragging on for some 40 years hoping to bring it to an end today. film director roman polanski admitted to statutory rain involving samantha gymer she was 13 before he fled. happened in 1977. she says she has long since forgiven him. today in los angeles, giving her first ever in person appearance to ask the court to finally drop the case against him. >> we have an update about the guy who got stuck on a new york subway missing college graduation. as you may recall, fellow subway riders held impromptu ceremony for jared alcantara. >> the video an internet sensation. well, on thursday, hunter college in queens, gave the
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nursing graduate personal ceremony. >> oh. >> the first student ever to be honored in that way. >> quite a student. he was late. got the special treatment. >> thanks for helping me have another graduation. if it is really fun. nice to see all of the, these smiles and everything. all of these cameras too. it's, it's really interesting. definitely one to remember. >> oh, man, awesome. >> sure it is, alcantara and his mother drove to the ceremony to avoid subway mishaps this time around. >> learned their lesson. >> he received $500 scholarship to help with his upcoming nursing board exams. finally made it. didn't have off to wait in the long line. >> that's right. >> skipped out on that. >> all nurses should get the royal treatment. they do good work. >> coming up brand new monument to failure. we are getting a look inside a brand new museum that features consumer product that seemed like a good idea at the
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that you don't need a big dog to protect your home. when a would-be burglar kicked in the home of a home in arlington, texas. he was spooked by a barking dog, took off, sadie scared off the man, 5'11", 225 pound. the dog weighed 2 pound. >> indictments have been handed out in deadly confrontation involving a houston sheriff's deputy and husband. shawna and terry thompson face murder charges in the death of john hernandez. a bystander recorded terry thompson restraining hernandez outside a restaurant. detectives say deputy thompson helped her husband. hernandez died. >> washington, d.c., police officer in critical condition after being struck by an out of control pickup truck t look at the images there, a fellow officer and traffic aide were hurt. witnesses say the truck was speeding when it slammed into the bike patrol officer's last
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were arrested. police do not have a motive as of yet. and are still investigating. >> singer phil collins apologizing to fans after a head injury forced him to cancel two concerts. a statement on his facebook page says he fell walking to the bathroom in the hotel room. he is 66 years old. and suffered from drop foot and lost his -- balance. collins is in the hospital after receiving stitches near his eye. he postponed concerts last night. and tonight in london. >> and happy birthday to, to barbara bush. the former first lady turning 92 yesterday. president bush turning 93 on monday. their birthdays close together. they have been married 72 years. >> the best part, the former president sent out a lovely tweet saying. happiest of birthdays to barbara pierce of new york, i am still the luckiest guy in the world. our relationship goals right there. >> totally. >> all right, coming up, a brand new museum dedicated to the world's biggest
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♪ now you're just somebody that i used to know ♪ >> random. >> random. like it. jams this morning. estimated 30,000 consumer products are launched every year with vast majority failing within the first year. >> some fail pretty spectacularly. now, a brand new museum of failure has just opened up in sweden. and this morning we are getting a tour of some things that we used to know. >> reporter: trump board game. i'm back you. are fired. lousy version of monopoly.
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eve everlasting. never rusts. wobbles while you bike. double drumstick. play on the up stroke and down stroke. my definition of failure is when things don't turn out the way you want it to. i am samuel west, curator of museum of failure. 70 failed innovations. it is not about nostalgia, not about obsolete technology. we don't have a typewriter here. typewriter was a success. i was tired of all of the success stories, they're all alike. i wanted to learn more about failures. the n-gauge, game console, phone. use it phone. sideways to your head. mocked as the taco phone. this is the facial mask. strap it on to your head. shock your face for 15, 20 minutes. turn as beautiful a
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the google glass. awesome piece of technology. really cool screen. built in camera. problem google didn't appreciate the privacy issue to be such a problem. some of the items here at museum, target women. like the bic pen for her. women were insulted. the product flopped. other products target men like harley davidson cologne. problem was bikers didn't like it. seeing these great huge companies fail when they try something new, it liberates us and allows us to be more accepting of our own failures. >> oh. >> good news, we are not in the failure hall of fame yet. >> didn't get to that part of the area. >> we dropped off before that. >> coke black apparently coffee flavored beverage. lasted two years, 2006-2008. sounds like a great idea. >> sound like it. apparent
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i love face mask. it was a mask but felt like ants biting your face. >> what's wrong with that?
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let life in. time for insomniac theater. previewing two movies this weekend. >> wonder woman will likely rule again for a second weekend in a row. new competition including this one. being widely described as trump era satire. very plain selma hyak, plays an immigrant from mexico, built a career as holistic healer, challenged by a real estate tycoon at a dinner party becomes uncomfortable. >> when i first came to the united states. >> did you come legally? >> yes. >> how did that work? >> i had family here on my mother's sigh. my grandmother died.
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>> god, dad, you work for the ins? you are grilling her? >> i'm curious. a lot of people come here illegally. i was interested in how she did it. >> okay. just ignore him. >> for the most part, the critics are loving it. giving it solid 79%, rotten tomatoes. uh. but christopher gray appears to disagree saying -- >> next to something a lot less political than that. tom cruise headlines a spectacular remake of the "mummy." >> spectacular. playing a soldier of
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who plunders sites. he unearths a egyptian princess entombed thousand of years who is hellbent on revenge. >> exact science this business. >> what? >> the business being -- >> evil. recognize and contain examine destroy. she is by far the most ancient we have ever encountered. >> there are some serious actors in the movie. despite $125 million budget, the critics are hating it. peter travers writes -- >> and a.o. scott, blunt. >> tom cruise, cashing a pahe
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this morning on "world news now" -- the comey hangover. >> the fallout from fbi, former fbi director james comey's testimony before congress and american people. the white house now firing back and disputing almost everything comey said with one major exception. we'll fell you what that was and what's next for the russia investigation. we will also talk to a former fbi special agent live. >> comey's testimony watched by tens of millions of americans. a sort of daytime drama that would make nixon proud. the high profile hearings part of modern day culture. a look back at the nation's made for tv historic moments. >> breaking news, calls for england's prime minister to


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