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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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pronounced dead by the hospital there. we did get a word from the office of the state superintendent of education who said that they were made aware of the death of the child and day care facilities and said, "we are investigating the matter with the metropolitan police department, child and family services." they expressed their sadness at the death of a child. that is story here of the 300 block of 17th northeast. the fire officials got a call for a child, possible drowning and they got here and they were unable to revive the child. reporting live there northeast washington i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you. tragic. nancy: stay up to date on breaking news anytime by signing up for the abc7 text alerts. just go to alison: another big story we are covering tonight, of course, the heat emergency in the district. as we swelter through a
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heatwave. nancy: it's now the third straight day of temperatures soaring into potentially dangerous territory. we have team coverage on this. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the end of the heatwave. alison: that is good but we begin with steve rudin who is sweating out count in alexandria. a very beautiful location. steve? steve: it is awesome out here. it's very hot. compared to yesterday when i was at the sprinkler, it didn't feel quite as hot. but now the humidity is creeping up. talk about the heat index values from stormwatch7 and show what is going on. what it feels like when you head outdoors. hopefully you are watching in your air condition. it feels like 100 degrees. quantico feels like it's 100 degrees. petersburg to the west feels lake the temperature in the lower 90's. we have a break in the heat and the humidity coming our way. it's all part of a cold front. that is
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showers and thunderstorms. more on that. we head back inside to chief meteorologist doug hill. he will give us the latest update. doug: we have a relief coming tomorrow. slightly lower temperatures. still muggy but showers and storms will lead to cooler air. this is montgomery campus in rockville. no indication of showers or storming building in the area. let's talk heat and what we have record wise so far. washington, d.c. set a new -- washington dulles set a new record. we have tied the record of 97 in b.p.i. thurgood marshall. 94 is the top reading in washington at reagan national. two degrees shy of the record. maybe they will inch up another degree or so but we will keep an eye on that through the rest of the shows here. doppler radar, nothing locally. diminishing showers. breaking out over spotsylvania county. they have diminished. we have more to the west. most of it will stay in the area. a few, we are going to try to sneak the southern fringes of
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that is it. tomorrow is a different story. tomorrow as a cold front approaches we have better chances of showers and storms. most of area,mo of the night it's partly cloudy and hazy and muggy. the temperatures at 7:00 in the upper 80's. holding in the lower 80's by late tonight. the next big change comes tomorrow with a cold front. we will be muggy and hit 87 with the showers and the storms. then temperatures take a dip by the end of the week. alison: thank you. happening right now the senate intelligence committee is entering the third hour questioning attorney general jeff sessions. this is a live look right now at the hearing taking place. so the two big questions he is facing center around the investigation of course into russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election. and the firing of the f.b.i. director james comey. our abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman is following this from the capitol hill bureau. scott, what moments is far have stood out for you? scott: well, alison, there have been contentious back and forth. mostly when the attor
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comment on a conversation he had with the president. and he has refused to do so. and then was challenged even further on what grounds he's doing that. there seems to be gray area on whether or not he's able to do that. so some upset members of congress, especially on the left. but either way this is yet another twist in this growing saga. another big name put under the microscope regarding russia. many of the questions thrown at jeff sessions stemmed from statements last week by former f.b.i. director james comey. senators want to know why he recused himself and if sessions wasn't part of it why did he have a role in comey's firing and they are curious why sessions left the oval office to leave president trump and comey alone who alleges that is when the president urged him to drop or slow the michael flynn investigation. further, did he meet with the controversial russian am bess dore more times -- ambassador more times than he
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affect the elections. sessions a fiery response to that notion. >> the suggestion is that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country for which i have served with honor for 35 years or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and a detestable lie. scott: for the most part sessions has not discounted a lot of what james comey said during his testimony. further, sessions went on to say if he had seen anything improper and any sort of type of collusion while he was with the campaign he would have quit the campaign. but for the most part the sticking points we have heard that have led to more gray areas, alison, is when he has been asked are you sure there weren't any other meetings you want to disclose between yourself and other staff with anyone on the russian side? he says for the most part i don't recall anything like that to the best of
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that always leaves a little wiggle room for more speculation. alison: we heard that quite a few times today. so we have this, scott. attorney general sessions. but it's really part of the story today with the russian investigation. we had reports that the president is considering firing the special counsel, robert mueller. that came up today as well. what can you tell us about it? scott: it was an assertion made by a friend of the president and he said the president was considering this. when he was pressed upon it he said the president never told me this directly but it started to make people wonder is there traction there? might the president consider getting rid of or firing robert mueller? rod rosen sine the deputy attorney general was asked about it today and he said no, the president can't do that and no reason to believe it will happen. so it might have been a rumor that got out of control. maybe speck looktive. but at
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speculative but at the moment it seems to be back and forth. alison: thank you. good to see you. the polls are open in virginia for a primary election. the big ticket items on the ballot picking party nominees for both the governors race and the lieutenant governor. the polls are open until 7:00 and we have numbers as they come in on newschannel8 and tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. nancy: police in maryland city hunting for an armored truck robber. tonight the man held up a crew of a brink truck outside the navy federal credit union on route 1 it 8. -- route 198. no one was hurt. a look for the men who killed guards and they use the dead guard's guns to steal the car. the sheriff warned the fugitives better surrender before they're found. >> i saw
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police officers. that's what i saw. i have their blood on my shoes. nancy: neighboring states are helping in the search and police are talking to 30 other inmateds also on that bus -- inmates also on the bus hoping to find anyone leads where they are headed. alison: developing now is the first full day of deliberation in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. the jury asked twice to review sessions of a 2005 deposition cosby gave in a lawsuit filed by andrea constand, his chief accuser. jurors also asked the judge to clarify the language of one of the three counts against cosby. cosby faces up to ten years in prison on each count if he is convicted. nancy: caught on video, a food truck going up in flames in d.c. blocks from the white house. no one was hurt in the fire but the truck is a total loss. alison: a night to remember in oakland as golden state knocked off the cleveland cavali
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title. that meant a first nba championship for prince george's county's own kevin durant. the finals m.v.p. was quick to give a shut out to his hometown and share a long hug with his mother. >> to experience this with her and she knows how important it is to me. it's something we'll talk about for the rest of our lives. alison: of course, it's not just kevin durant's mom talking about the big night. maryland bureau chief brad bell went to durant's hometown of seat pleasant where the finals m.v.p. was the talk of the town. brad: at the moment kevin durant won his first nba championship with the golden state warriors the moment that he fulfilled his life's dream, he chose to give a shout out to his roots. >> everybody in seat pleasant, p.g. county, maryland, d.c., virginia. brad: at the seat pleasant activity center in prince george's county nobody was surprised. >> i expect nothing less
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kevin. because that is who he is. like i said from the beginning he is so humble. he is always thinking of home. brad: this is the place where a skinny, bashful, 9-year-old durant met the man he calls his godfather. coach brown. brown doesn't give interviews. that is him working with norfolk state player alex long. long says durant is his inspiration. >> he is in the same predicament of everybody else around here. brad: that is why seat pleasant is so proud of the humble m.v.p. it's not just the money he gives. he rebuilt the outdoor court. but the example he set. >> he loves everyone. he gives back to us and he is a down to earth person. brad: they still tell stories about how hard that kevin durant would work in the gym. he would take naps in here before going out to practice again so he wouldn't put up bricks like that. >> it wouldn't surprise me in the next couple of
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kevin come walking through the door. he is always here. always. it's home. brad: as the sign says. k.d., m.d. in maryland. brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: breaking news out of stafford county where a freight train derailed near the wal-mart at route three. a live look from skytrak7. we understand nine of the 104 cars derailed but they all managed to stay upright. the train was carrying coal. no one was hurt but federal drive is closed at route 3 for the clean-up. something to keep in mind if you are traveling in that area. still ahead at 5:00, saving d.c. trees from the summer heat. the critical role we all play in keeping them green. alison: piece of history targeted by vandals restored. thanks to the local students that is getting a place in history. q: on a hot
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expect most people to look for a tree and seek shade and shelter. not the group of people i'm about to introduce you to. the hotter the better. live report coming up. nancy: looking forward to that. right now "7 on your side" is getting answers to your insurance companies. so if you need answers about life insurance, car insurance, home or renders or anything in between, call
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alison: all right. welcome back. take a look at this. this bear has been spotted several times around the heritage country club in gainesville. so far he hasn't caused any problems but police are warning residents to be aware and make sure you keep your pets inside. nancy: definitely. it's now day three of the heatwave. there are a few different ways people are responding to this. there are those who avoid the heat at all costs. those who expect it. and another group those who embrace the swelter. q mccray found those in the last group that are sweating it out on purpose. q, do tell. q: yeah, we are talking so sweaty, nancy, it looked like they showered with their clothes on. that type of
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we have been on the national mall here for some time this afternoon. ask anybody out here and i guarantee they will tell you it's extremely hot out. it has been in the 90's. the group we are about to introduce you to, they would say this isn't hot. we need to turn up the heat and the humidity. cycling and jogging on the national mall isn't unusual even when it's a scorcher of a day. when it's this hot, for most choosing to exercise indoors is only logical to beat the heat. unless you are in this class. welcome to ivy city's bikram hot yoga where sweating is the name of the game and the heat is on full blast all day long. >> we had to create certain conditions in the room. 40% humidity with 105-degree temperature. q: it was 107 degrees inside today. >> you tell people you are coming to look for 107 degree temperatures to do exercise in. what do they say? "are you
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but the students wouldn't have it any other way. even when it's the high 90's outside. >> i feel focused, concentrated. q: they say the benefits outweigh the negative. >> the beauty of it comes after class when you leave. it makes the day so much better. >> even the heat outside you can conquer it. you sweat it out in 105 degrees. q: if you are interested bikram hot yoga, they have classes all week long. in addition to getting a sweaty workout the camaraderie and the friendships they made make it worth it. that is latest from the national mall. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. nancy: the friendships they have when they're miserably hot. alison: makes it worth the smell in there? i don't know. nancy: at this point you don't have to go in a hot studio. you can do hot yoga outside and sweat a bunch. doug: it doesn't take much effort in the high heat and th
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are not dressed for it. that is a concern that your body will be stressed out and dehydrated if you don't watch out for it. alison: this is ending? doug: this is the last day. tomorrow is the upper 80's and showers and storms. chances of thunderstorms at times for the next several days. we will get another heatwave later but not in site yet. this is the end of the first one of the season. let's give you a look around the region with a look live at the national harbor. capital wheel. cloudiness but no storms developing from from the clouds right now. it's hot and humid everywhere you go. satellite we put the satellite image here. you can see the clusters of the showers and the thunderstorms over western spotsylvania. more peppered through the mountains but nothing in our area except for heat and humidity. 95 in leesburg and frederick. 90 in washington. 95 in baltimore. steve rudin is out in the heat and the humidity again. yesterday the water park and today is alexandria plants and trees. we need the rain and the trees and the plants are getting it
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nursery. steve: absolutely! it feels hotter today than yesterday. the humidity is more sticky out there. but a little bit of a breeze right now. joining us right now scott sutherland of green street nursery. a lot of folks come in here, i was one of them, looking for impatience. last year there was a big issue with impatience around the area. what happened? scott: there is a disease that has been around and it was affecting a lot of the impatience and causing them to collapse and die. we have now a new impatient that has just come out worked on for years. it's called the bounce impatient. it's impervious to the disease. people love them. they bloom in the shade. steve: we will see more in the next year and the following years. >> absolutely. steve: temperatures will cool off this evening. best time to water flowers morning, middle of the day or at night? >> morning is the very best if you can pull it off before work
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but evening works, too. don't wet the foliage down. get a cool drink and enjoy it. steve: there you have it. a cool front on the way. cold front and thunderstorms. tomorrow we might see more thunderstorms around the d.m.v. doug: it is looking that way as the front moves in from the northeast. we can use the relief. it feels like 100 in culpeper and leesburg. 98 in annapolis. winchester feels like 91. even at the higher elevations. cumberland feels like 93. temperatures across the eastern part of the country cooling down. behind the cold front, chicago is 84. still 90 in detroit. we are seeing relief. showers and storms in charleston. roanoke is 79 with rain. we are getting relief tomorrow. doppler radar shows nothing in the area here but we are watching the areas along and either side. 81. showers and the thunderstorms are not moving fast. they are not moving far. they will pretty much rain themselves o i
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everything. that will change tomorrow. we have more moisture moving in. the front comes in from the north. the setup is there for 70% chance of storms. this everything is muggy and warm. temperatures hold in the 80's most of the evening hours. watch the future cast tomorrow through the day. showers and the storms stop to pop. later in the midday and the afternoon they are numerous. winds kick in from the atlantic. we will see the temperatures drop a little bit. be more comfortable later in the week. thursday is a cloudy day at times. 83. a few storms and 83 on friday. as far as the extended outlook, here we look at the seven day to see the numbers go down. then they come up toward father's day. hot and humid on sunday and 92. look we have the possibility of showers and the thunderstorms tomorrow and again on friday and saturday and sunday and monday. then through the middle of next week average early summer temperatures. if you look at the brown ball with the sunglasses on it, that is to remind you that summer officially begins at
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12:21 next wednesday afternoon. the summer stol stis. alison: a summer-like forecast. showers popping up. we will take the relief, though. thank you. nancy: still ahead at 5:00, a man who found a live hand grenade and then asked a puzzling question. alison: you see them everywhere, bags of water attached to saplings. did you know who is supposed to be making sure the bags stay full? nancy: next securing a century old school for african-american children. a place in
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horace: welcome back to "7 on your side" help center. i'm horace holmes. 703-236-9220. a.a.a. helped us panel insurance agents to answer your calls. what kind of questions can you ask? we have one on the screen right now. what is not covered under homeowners insurance? what is not covered under homeowners insurance? you can answer this question, right? >> i sure can. flood insurance is not covered. earthquake insurance is not covered. termite coverage. horace: no termites? >> no. not covered. horace: can you get special coverage for termites? >> only if you go to terminex or a company that will check your house prior and it's termite free.
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afterwards they will cover that. horace: thank you very much. 703-236-9220. we are here from now until 6:30. back to you. alison: good afternoon. thank you very much. well, a terrible sight. ashburn's first school for african-americans vandalized covered with messages of hate. now eight months later the school has been transform and is getting a major recognition as well. richardson reports that it's thanks in part to a group of seventh graders. richard: the school looks different than years past. there is fresh coat of paint on the outside and flooring on the inside. but the biggest difference is this marker here to designate it as an official historic landmark. it came about because of seventh graders. >> not too long ago i saw the school and it was abandoned. richard: ashley and her mother came to visit the school a week after the historic marker was
5:27 pm
started to study the markers and focused on the school after racist graffiti found there a month later. five teen boys confessed to spray painting the building and charged with disruption of property and unlawful entry. but her class learned much more. the school was built in 1892 in segregation and served african-american students until 1958. the class was determined to get a historic marker for the building. they got a $1,600 grant to pay for it and got them to install it from the virginia department of historical resources. the marks the state gave the go-ahead. >> i think it looks amazing. i'm still taking it all in. for real. i get to tell my children, grandchildren, generations passed down. richard: for the students this is more than a marker. this is a legacy to pass on. coming up at 6:00, our story comes full circle between a
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in ashburn, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: looking forward to that. next at 4:00, a side ide consumer alerted -- "7 on your side" consumer alert. the dog food recall you need to know about. alison: explosive discovery. the grenade a man found and why he wants to keep it. >> what are the green bags you see all over d.c. and why are they so important? right now, the pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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ook at giant's produce prices. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. nancy: welcome back. thanks for staying with us. the district worked intently to restore trees. every year they plant saplings. every summer intense heat kills many off. but there is a way to save the trees. so easy to do. stephen tschida joins us now to fill us in on this. steve: this is a critical time for a young tree like this. there is this green bag here at the base that is supposed to help us through the hot dry summer. but like so many of the bags this one is empty. they line streets across the
5:32 pm
green bags at the base of young trees. some wonder why they are there. >> trash maybe. no? >> i know something to do with the tree. i don't specifically what. stephen: actually, the empty green bags are supposed to be full of water. it looks like some of the trees he passes could use a good soaking. >> they have no type of leaves on it really. it looks dead. every year the city and the casey trees plant thousands of saplings. the call goes out to residents to water the young vulnerable trees. unfortunately few heed the call. they are working on tanks to fill with water and drive through the city starting later this summer. in hopes to help the young trees survivor the dry hot summer. >> water them especially thos
5:33 pm
stephen: if you wonder how to fill them. check it out. there is a opening here. easy to slip a hose in there and fill it up. you can use a bucket or pitcher, of course. if you use a pitcher it will take a few times to get 10 to 20 gallons in the bag. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. u.v.a. student held in north korea released this morning. otto warmbier's parents say the 22-year-old who was serving a 15-year prison term of hard labor is in a coma and has been for more than a year. they just found out last week. he previously appeared to confess on tv for trying to steal a propaganda banner. secretary of state rex tillerson said gave direction to steer warmbier's release. three other americans are still being held. the body of sergeant from baltimore returning with two
5:34 pm
he was just 25 years old. he was killed in a joint operation last week. alison: president trump will ard ward his first medal of honor in late july. james mcclueen will be given the honor. he risked his life nine times in a single battle. wounded by shrapnel three times he refused medical attention to continue his work as a combat medic. combing a beach or river bank with a metal detector, you never know what you will find. how about a live hand grenade? that is what a man stumbled upon, on the banks of the ohio river in louisville. it dates back far back to world war ii. but the bom
5:35 pm
could still blow. >> i walked away and i realized it was a grenade when i cut it open. i walked back. is this going to blow up? do i leave it here? run away? i picked it up. first thought in mind is does it work? that that is a good question. what walled you do in the situation. it doesn't matter if it's worth anything anymore because all he got to keep was the casing. nancy: quite the discovery. next at 4:00, a crucial vote for commuters in montgomery county. while the travel times for those from rockville to wheaton will get shorter. horace: your opportunity to get free information about insurance issues. 703-236-9220. we'll be back with more from the "7 on your side" help center in a minute. nancy: coming up at 6:00, a candidate for officer of the year. great length an officer went through to save a little dog.
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin. ready for a break and the cool front? it's on the way. tomorrow the temperatures are in the upper 80's. we may see isolated shower or two then. talk about the upcoming weekend. scattered thunderstorms in town and father's day is looking okay. temperatures in the lower 90's. slotted it down. barbecue and picnics are a firm go. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at
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alison: our "7 on your side" phone bank is open. great chance to ask our insurance acts your question. nancy: horace holmes has the details. horace: free of charge. we have been very, very busy this afternoon. this great panel assembled by the folks at a.a.a. here is a question people are calling to ask.
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what is difference between comprehensive and collision coverage. can you answer that? >> yes. collision is if you are at fault. you have a deductible for that. the next deductible is comprehensive, fire, theft, vandalism and glass. horace: you would like both? >> yes. alison: multiple brands of chew treats are being recalled after some dogs have fallen ill. lisa fletcher is on your side with the alert. what is causing the dogs to get sick? >> it looks like the tech group manufacturing facilities were using a chemical for
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cleaning the food processing equipment. that is part of the manufacturing. they have reported a bad odor and illnesses. it's healthy side brand good and fit and good and fun. american beef hide. gy jestese -- digestes. for more information go to they pop up at many places including the big box stores so check and see if you bought them for your dog. the company is working to get them off the shelves. alison: thank you. coming up next at 5:00, the former attorney general is out with the list on how uber can improve. the word that appears 42 times
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the new way to get from rockville to wheaton and what was approved to give s
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alison: we can show you visible progress in extension of the express lane. we captured the image showing crews laying asphalt for the first time. the extension of the lains from garrison road to courthouse road is expected to open a year from now. nancy: decades old problem how to get from this end of the redline to this end without taking the entire 31-mile loop. today one effort to bridge the gap took a step forward. kevin lewis is in rockville to explain. kevin: they say the answer is a bus rapid travel line. there is a major roadblock, however. that is finding the funding. >> the process is a high valueium out here.
5:46 pm
>> today, the council voted in favor of a bus rapid transit project. the 7-mile route would run between the rockville and the wheaton metro station including longer buss with extra doors. they would install bus only jump lanes at 12 intersections. the bus ride takes 14 minutes in the afternoon rush. but with the same line it drops by 13 minutes. >> then welcome news. >> two and a half to three hours. >> councilman says it is up to the state of maryland to find $7
5:47 pm
a tall order. >> one of the realities how long it takes to get in the grounds. >> they fear that the process is eight years out. this is a big step forward. alison: thank you, kevin. d.c. streetcars are getting a big setback in the form of a big budget cut. they voted to slash the budget by a third. the vote was unanimous. the rides are free so it is not bringing in revenue. nancy: verizon has just closed on a $4.5 billion takeover of yahoo! internet. verizon is expected to cut 2100 jobs and part of the
5:48 pm
buy-out. alison: oprah is putting to rest the claims that she has an eye on the oval office. she said she will "never run for public office." some speculated she would challenge president trump on 2020. trump himself told abc news he thought oprah would be his dream running mate. nancy: coming up tonight at 6:00, abc7 continues to follow the latest in jeff sessions testimony. plus right place right time. the officer that shifted gears to rescue that dog. we have the stories coming up a 6:00. alison: no stranger to unusual finds. custom and border protection agents made a discovery at b.p.i. thurgood marshall airport. earlier this month a
5:49 pm
this. a stuffed atlantic puffin. it's illegal to export, sell or buy live or dead birds and puffins are on the list. they are a threatened specs. the traveler was not arrested but the bird was seized. nancy: they see something different every day for the customs officials. never know what they will get over there. alison: got to be a story there. nancy: we have to talk about the weather. it's so hot out there. day three of of the heatwave. alison: but it's the final day. doug: a mini heatwave but a spring heatwave. summer doesn't begin until wednesday. it's intense. this is the view now across the metro area. hazy, clouds and sunshine is
5:50 pm
we will deal with the feels like temperatures that are above the air temperature. it feels like 100 in quantico. 99 in culpeper. 90 in winchester. 98 in leesburg. rayam feels like -- luray feels like 90. a check on the records. we came close. one degree so far of the record high of 96. high of 95 at reagan national. we set a record at 95 at washington dulles. tied the high for 9 at reagan national airport and warmer the way it felt. the satellite and the radar shows most activity will stay west. the next big change comes tomorrow with a cold front. finish off with extended look at the next ten days. temperatures are going down thursday and friday. shower and the storm
5:51 pm
92 on sunday. still storm chances on monday. cooler as we get ready to begin summer wednesday. that is the latest. back to you. alison: exciting day for redskins fans. erin: yeah. there are change and the redskins did restructuring to the front office today. skins legend doug williams has been promoted to senior vice president of player personnel. this comes three months after they fired former general manager scot mccloughan. bruce allen will remain prominent in the organization with williams and coach jay gruden reporting to him. williams has been a personnel executive with the skins since 2013. >> i am excited that they gave me the opportunity to do this and i'll embrace it. yes, i
5:52 pm
as a senior vice president of the personnel to the washington redskins. robert: how far do you see the redskins going this upcoming season? doug: i think we have an opportunity to compete with everybody else in our conference. erin: after skipping voluntary o.t.a.'s, redskins running back matt jones took the field for mandatory mini camp. he lost the starting running back job last season mostly due to fumbles. he knows he has to fix the ball security issues. he credited williams for his attendance today. >> i am happy for him. he taught me to enemy combatant pete and get your
5:53 pm
job back. i respect him. erin: i love that. good stuff. nancy: a great attitude to have. not easy. >> no. i'll be there tomorrow. i'm almost hoping that it rains so it's in the bubble. alison: exactly. nancy: next at 5:00, sign of the times. alison: also next, a major shakeup at uber and what the company needs to improve the
5:54 pm
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nancy: "7 on your side" this afternoon with everything you need to know about insurance. homeowners to life insurance to car insurance. we have a panel standing by. call the number on the screen for that. self-driving cars seem to be the future. this is the beginning of the mass production of them. general motors rolling the electric cars off the
5:57 pm
assembly line as the ones a human can drive. from there the cars are taken to different part of the plant to have the special hardware installed. alison: yubeer's c.e.o. -- uber's c.e.o. will take a leave after absence. this is as eric hold ear firm released a list of recommendations to improve uber's toxic culture. abc's danya bacchus explains. danya: a shakeup at the largest ride hailing company. uber c.e.o. announcing he will take a leave -- travis kalanick announcing he will take a leave of absence for unspecified amount of time. in a memo saying, "i need to take time off from day-to-day to grieve my mother who i buried on friday. and if we are going to work on uber 2.0 i need tom work on travis 2.0 to be the leader that the company needs and you deserve." the announcement coming on the same day as a released list of recommen
5:58 pm
uber toxic culture. eric holder's firm hired after they were accused of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment. after interviewing 200 current and former employees they released a 13-page document of the recommendations including relieving kalanick of leadership responsibilities, shifting them to a chief operating officer and senior managers. the big question now will travis kalanick return after the leave of absence? last week they fired people at the recommendation of
5:59 pm
firm. investigators are looking to see what killed two teenagers hours before graduation. and caught on camera, see who came to the dog's revenue after he fell in a lake. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: d.c. enacted a heat emergency plan as we are in the third day of the heatwave. nancy: but there is relief on the way. doug: it's not going to get cool and gris. still in the upper 80's tomorrow. the relief will bring temperatures the next few days and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. nancy: we need the rain. michelle: we haven't had measurable rain at all.
6:00 pm
doug: it's still 90 degrees at reagan national. it's 95 in leesburg. 91 at quantico. this is not impossible that a single shoizer could develop. so we will keep most of the forecast dry. partly cloudy. warm and muggy. 68 to 74 by morning. the shower and the storms bubbling up tomorrow. even in the morning and then in the afternoon the showers and the thunderstorms with a front could be more widespread and cool it down a bit. we will check the father day weekend forecast and the ten-day outlook in 15 minutes. nancy: see you then. thank you. new developments in the


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