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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 16, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," unity in washington, d.c. >> republicans and democrats coming together to play ball and to honor the victims of a shooting ambush. the congressman who was to play in the game still fighting for his life at this hour. as we learn more about the shooter. >> breaking overnight, the nationwide manhunt is over. two dangerous georgia inmates on the run for several days, have been captured. after a high-speed pursuit in tennessee. >> then watch this incredible scene. a man hanging nearly completely out of a speeding car while on a highway. a reckless stunt? see how it ended. >> things heat up this summer. >> oh, look at those calves. >> should men be able to bare their legs at work? >> yes! >> divisive issue around the studio this morning. is it really cool to free the knee?
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>> debate rages on as we skpam m -- examine the evidence on this friday, june 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it is a movement. >> well your romper was definitely moving something. ha-ha. >> is was a movement. >> romper versus shorts. different discussion. >> something we should all get into, all get behind. summer months come, we should be able to free the knee here in the work place. >> we'll talk about it later. >> dig night. get serious and into the emotional night it was in washington, d.c. annual congressional baseball game. between democrats and republicans. >> the game taking on special significance following the attack on republicans during a practice wednesday. both teams gathering near second base to offer prayers for those attack victims including congressman steve scalise in critical condition. >> the game took place at nationals park. white house chief of staff,
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priebus, in front of teddy roosevelt mascot. abc's lana zach reports. >> reporter: the very first pitch thrown by special agent david bailey who rushed into gunfire. friendly rivalry more than a century old between republicans and democrats more than a game united. both parties paying tribute to their colleague still in critical condition. representative steven scalise. a standing ovation for him. scalise was shot as a republican team prepared for the game. mik condition. and crystal griner. and zach barth arrived on crutches. some members of the first family in attendance. the president remained behind due to security concerns sending instead this video. >> the game will go on. >> reporter: we are learning more about the
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old, james hodgkinson, discovering his cell phone, computer and anti-trump,000 poster in the van. his wife still in disbelieve. >> i had no idea this was going to happen. i don't know what to say about it. six years ago, hodgkinson spoke to local fox affiliate in st. louis about the occupy wall street movement. >> the 99% are getting pushed around. and the 1% are just not giving a damn. >> but his actions and beliefs not splint erk the political parties as much as bringing them together. the mood here was certainly a festive one. people held up signs like this. and traded congressional baseball cards. and there was plenty of party and country pride on full display. a lot of money raised for charity. well over a million dollars. but kendis, adrian, have to see how much all this bipartisan spirit actually translates when everybody is back in the office today. >> a lot of people somber over representative scalise being in the hospital. democrats won the game,
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manager mike doyle of pennsylvania presented with the trophy passed it along to republican manager, joe barton of texas. the trophy being placed in representative scalise's office. >> lot of unity there in washington. then there is this. president trump didn't let his call for unity, stop him from unleashing angry tweets. triggered by a report he was under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. the president slammed the russia probe as the single greatest witch-hunt in am can political history something he said before. adding it was being led by some very bad and conflicted people. and he also took aim at hillary clinton asking, why she wasn't getting the same scrutiny? special counsel robert mueller appears to be widening the investigation into russia meddling. sources tell abc news heap is putting together a formidable team with 13 prestigious attorneys already on board. >> the senate voted nearly unanimously to impose sanctions on russian businesses. the legislation passing 98-2. it
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to get congressional approval to soften or lift existing sanctions. the goal is to punish russia for election interference. its annexation of crimea and support for syria's government. the bill now heads to the house. >> russian president vladamir putin dismissing the senate action on sanctions as another attempt to contain his country. putin reiterated denial of russian election meddling and likened former fbi director james comey to nsa leaker edward snowden. and sarcastically offered comey political asylum in russia where snowden is living in exile. >> back to d.c. where there are arrest warrants for 12 turkish security agents accused of attacking peaceful protesters during the turkish president's visit to the city last month. officials say protests happen every day in d.c. but won't tolerate these sorts of attacks. some of the scenes from last month. the state department is backing up the
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but turkish president says his security detail had to protect him when washington police did not. >> breaking news for you now, nationwide hunt for two escaped prison inmates from georgia is over. donnie row and ricky duboose captured in tennessee, held at gun point by homeowner and neighbor as they allegedly tried to steal a car. earlier in the evening police say they terrorized an elderly couple. led cops on a high-speed chase, closed interstate highway, then a foot chase. the pair escaping from a prison bus earlier this week by allegedly killing two georgia prison guards. >> the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial begins fifth day of deliberations in a matter of hours. >> lot of people talking about this case after telling the judge they were deadlocked the jury, were told to keep trying. to reach a verdict. abc's linsey davis is covering the cosby case. >> tempers flared outside this pennsylvania courthouse between cosby supporters and alleged
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cosby victim. >> let me speak. >> the tension erupted after the jury reported they're dead locked unable to reach unanimous verdict after reviewing testimony and nearly 40 hours of deliberations. judge telling them to try again in the hopes off voiding a mistrial. as bill cosby waits in the courthouse his spokesman outside thanked the jurors. >> keep deliberating. hopefully we get out of here, the way we came in. as a not guilty innocent man. >> with cosby's fate hanging in the balance. his accuser appeared relaxed. send herring oing her own messa. the former basketball director of operation whose claims that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. tweeted out the lighthearted vib yo. shooting hoops as she waits for the verdict. with the tag line always follow through. her case against cosby is the only criminal prosecution stemming from allegations from more than 50 women who have accused the comedian of sexual misconduct and/or
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the trial. like victoria valentino who has been here two weeks from california. >> i feel very deflated. i'm worried, but i do, i am holding on to some hope because the judge is telling them to go back in there and work on it. >> reporter: if the jury comes back deadlocked again this could be declared a mistrial. at that point, bill cosby would walk out of the courthouse a free man. then up to the district attorney's office to determine if they're going to try him again. linsey davis, abc news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> this morning, we will however hear the verdict in the case of the massachusetts woman accused of convince herriing her boyfri kill himself. prosecutors say she sent dozens of text messages to conrad roy iii encouraging him to commit sue site. roy took his own life in 2014. the defense insists carter tried to stop him. polygamist sect leader, lyle jeffs appeared in court first time since being skap
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u.s. marshals. the younger brother ofer warren. caught in south dakota ending a year on the run. vanished last june ditching an ankle monitor awaiting trial in a food stamp fraud case. >> complicated case there. heavy flooding near pittsburgh turned a car dealership into a marina. five cars swept away as water rushed through the streets. one ended up at the edge of a creek. cars were totaled no one was hurt. >> turning to the waters of niagara falls, broken record 3,00 feet in the air. think you could do it. >> no. wouldn't try. >> hanging by my teeth. >> the wife of daredevil nick wallenda successfully hung by her teeth from a helicopter high above the falls yesterday. do we have any close-ups of her face. she actually did it twice. once for ten seconds. and then again for five. okay. i could maybe do it for five.
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the day her husband walked a tightrope over the falls. tau awe she was showing off. the 36-year-old mother of three, worked her way through a series of dramatic poses as you can seep there including, dangling from her toes and doing hand stands and splits. and did the hokey-pokey up there, turned herself around. >> they're daredevils. that's wlhat they do. good for them. go ahead and do it wallendas. >> you do it. you first. >> yeah. not i. coming up another stunt. this one triggered a manhunt by police. how fast authorities say this car was going where it happened and what police are now doing to track this guy down. >> the road map to mars. we're getting our first look at space x founder, elon musk's plan to colonize the planet within decade. remember you can find us on facebook,, and twitter, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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police in southern new jersey received several calls. about the stunt. a shirtless young man, hanging out of an suv. the car was going 80 miles an hour at some point. state police are examining the video tapes to track down the driver and the reckless passenger. >> in london, two separate investigations are now under way into the deadly fire that raced through a public housing tower. >> as the death toll climbs, authorities are saying, they may not be able to identify all of the victim whose died. abc's james longman is in london. >> reporter: the twisted mess of ruined lives a first look inside the london inferno. nothing left but charred rubble. and there are still bodies in here. though it is not clear how many. the search still too dangerous. the fear that the number of
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already confirmed. >> what floor are you on? >> the horrors captured on social media. [ screaming ] >> as the flames raged. >> we're stuck on the 21st floor. >> grief has turned to anger here. look at this wall of condolence and some messages. jail those responsible. >> this is an accident that never needed to happen. >> reporter: questions for the building managers. did the insulation and exterior cladding recently installed cause the fire to spread and crucially. where else is that material used. an expert tells abc news, that it is part of commercial construction in the united states including new york city. james longman in london. teenagers across the nation are apparently increasingly just saying no to vaping, a survey find high school and middle school students using e-cigarette which had been skyrocketing plunged by more than 26% las
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anymore. first decline cdc reported since tracking it in 2011. teens use of all tobacco products dropped by 17% last year. >> meantime, diabetes patients may soon be dramatically increasing their use of broccoli. a powder that contains a powerful concentrated extract of a chemical in broccoli reduced blood sugar up to 10%. more research needed before doctors prescribe it. meantime, you can try to get the same benefits from broccoli itself. just have to eat 11 pound a day. >>. a pill instead. >> when available. >> when it is available. >> meantime broccoli, breck fast, lunch, dinner, snack, midnight snack. >> dessert. we might need broccoli on mars. billionaire founder of space x published ambitious plan to colonize mars. >> i knew it would happen.
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i knew at 12 years old. science fair project. people. it happened. elon musk posted mars kolization plan on line for everyone for free through july 5th. among the highlights, the vision senters around rocket space ship combo powered by space x engines used 1,000 times. >> musk envisions 1,000 of the space ships each carrying 100 people which would get 1 million to mars within next 50 to 100 years. so that was your theory 12 years old 7th grade science fair. second place. the volcano always wins. my ideas were ahead of my time. obviously, elon musk has stolen them. call me, algae is the key. you need to have algae farms, algae has to power the rockets. going to be the fuel of the future. and could be food. that's what my theory. >> not still bitter about
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♪ ♪ okay. so. these days if you want the hottest new video games not going to store blockbuster which you only remember over the age of maybe 30, no, well, i don't know. >> yeah. yeah, but there is media play. e 3 the place to be gaming convention in the u.s. >> marci gun zblonzalez, show u came a long way from blowing into the cartridges. remember that? >> i do, yeah. >> reporter: the place where playing is serious business. the future of video gaming becomes the present. >> lot of people aren't going to be able to play the games for a year, year and a half. >> reporter: the annual electronics entertainment expo, e 3. >> super bowl of video game conventions. >> under way in los angeles. here some of the biggest names in the industry.
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and games. from titles geared towards true gamers. >> awesome. amazing. >> to family friendly fun with some classic characters. >> something that you play with a smile on your face. >> this year there is a lot of buzz over microsoft's newest console. >> xbox 1x. >> as well as the latest technology. >> weave up, down. dodge things. dodge it. >> with virtual reality. >> showing you what wireless can do for vrs. >> for the first time ever. and media, gaming and insiders and to fans as well. >> kind of an amazing feeling. >> they're giving it -- a high score. marci gonzalez, abc news. los angeles. >> crash vandercoot. >>
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never heard of their music. >> coming up should guys wear shorts at work? >> yes! >> we'll find out why. ♪
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go long. when the summer temperatures go up, so do the hemlines. get it. so, there has been this double standard that us men have been judged. where women can wear hemlines above the knees. the on going debate. >> reignited. >> casual okay. >> this is not shorts. i don't understand. >> those are shorts. >> this is a romper. onesy. pajamas. >> those are shorts. >> here is the thing, matt is responsible for fashion producing. questionable when you see it.
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if it is casual. work in an office environment. strange. air conditioning so cold in most offices you are comfortable, don't need to show the knee. >> i like it. wear it. proud. >> women grabbing a sweater or blanket. >> be proud. yeah, on going debate. there is no way. >> seriously. >> let's polka. [ instrumental "world news polka" plays ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ instrumental "world news polka" plays ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ instrumental "world news polka" plays ] ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- the president lashing out, blasting the russia investigation on twitter. even taking aim at hillary clinton. more than 200 days after the election. all of this in the wake of a report that he is under investigation. meantime, a different sort of emotion across town. as congress comes together to play ball. >> doctors making a stunning revelation, american student who returned home days ago, after being imprisoned in north korea has extensive brain damage as his father speaks out showing raw emotion wearing the jacket his son wore to defend himself. >> new this half-hour, the investigation into what caused a blimp to burst into flames near the u.s. open. >> golfers and spectators couldn't believe their eyes as the blimp literally fell from the sky in a ball of fire. >> jay-z is back on twitter. possibly maybe, somewhat under the influence.


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