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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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carolina to d.c. december 4. in the recording he makes it clear to the family he expects a violent fron fronnation that may cost him his life. he came to to d.c. armed with assault rifle, handgun and shotgun intend to free fake child sex slaves on fake stories he read online. he barged with the assault rifle and handgun and employees and customers bolted for the experts. he shot up the restaurant trying to locate the nonexist tant children. one employee unaware of what was happening came in from the rear of the restaurant. welch tushed on him with the -- turned on him with the assault rifle. before sentencing employees described the pain and drama he inflicted. inability to sleep. post traumatic stress and fear. the defense said he acted on good intent that he believed children were being
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inside comet ping-pong pizza. the judge said she believed that welch is a good person but good people do bad things and said he left psychological wreckage in the wake. before pronouncing sentence the judge said she feared that he might find another cause and take action again. we heard from welch today. he addressed the court saying to the victims he is sorry. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. larry: thank you. the man arrested for allegedly having guns outside the trump hotel in downtown d.c. will remain behind bars. police arrested bryan moles after they found guns in his car last month. he was order to stay out of washington but was arrested violating the order. he pleaded not guilty today and due in court next friday. alison: what a scene it was today as protesters were dragged out of the hallway at the capitol after the senate unveiled the healthcare
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this was outside mitch mcconnell's office. larry: several republicans have already spoken out against it. >> the capitol hill protests. over the newly revealed senate g.o.p. healthcare plan. capitol police dragging demonstrators. even blood was drawn in the struggle to remove protesters. many in wheelchairs from the entrance of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. mcconnell on the senate floor at the time. >> obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class. >> the senate planned overhaul the affordable care act, eliminates obamacare mandate for americans to have insurance. allow state to apply for waivers to opt out of covering a central health benefit like maternity and drug abuse care but protects coverage of preexisting conditions. eventually calls for deeper cut to medicaid and defunds planned parenthood and restricts abortion coverage. trump looking for negotiations. president trump: we look to have democrats support but they a
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they will never support. >> democrats jumping on the comments saying the house version of the bill was mean. the senate plan they call meaner. >> this is a nasty bill. they are trying to cover it up with little things here and there. >> if the bill passes it's back to the house. >> so sad, mr. president. heartless. mean. and heartless. this is the same thing. this is the same thing all over again. >> i want them to pass a bill so we can get down with keeping the promise. >> at this point republicans do not have the votes to get the bill passed. they can only lose two votes. but several g.o.p. senators have already come out against the plan. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. larry: read the new bill in the entirety and the full coverage of reaction to it at alison: also new today, president trump now says there are no recordings of his talks with james comey. the president alluded to tapes in the past and promised an answer whether they existed this week. on twitter today, he says
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did not make any tapes. larry: happening tonight a vote on whether to change the name of jeb stewart high school in fairfax county. we have been telling you about the debate for months. those who support the change want to get rid of the confederate general's name. others say it would be expensive to rename the school. we will let you know at and on abc7 news at 11. alison: let's take a live look outside. a bit of a sticky day. let's check on the forecast with stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill. hi, doug. doug: hi there. you know, we have had temperatures in the 80's all day but it has felt warmer in the low to mid-90's. the moisture in the air. there is rain from the gulf of mexico. tropical moisture, the circulation from tropical depression cindy is navigating toward us. it will affect our weather. take a look at the local doppler radar. thunderstorms across pennsylvania again. only a few showers making it in to maryland. most of the eve
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of the evening partly to mostly cloudy. this is going to be around through the morning commute. as you quickly move out and after that it will be a decent day. warm and muggy. another band of heavier rain tomorrow and saturday morning. 70-75. those are the lows. rain developing from the west late tonight and through the overnight hours. through the day tomorrow. rain and thunder early. partly to mostly cloudy and muggy and 82348 the afternoon. the heaviest rain with the cold front and remnants from the crop call depression will affect us. improving conditions overall for the weekend. we check that and the ten-day outlook in 11 minutes. nancy: i'm nancy chen in the abc7 satellite center. tropical storm cindy weakened to a tropical depression. cindy still lashing part of the country with high winds and heavy rains. the impact felt from texas to florida. in some places water spouts
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even though cindy weakened the threat is not over by any means. flash flood and tornado watches remain in effect for part of the gulf coast tonight. and into tomorrow. as of right now the storm is blamed for the death of a 10-year-old boy in alabama. satellite center, nancy chen, abc7 news. larry: well, leesburg man accused of giving top secret documents to chinese agent. kevin mallory of leesburg arrested. skytrak7 flying over the scene of the investigation. court records say he is an army veteran working as a special agent in the state department. this is charged under the federal espionage act meaning he could face the death penalty. alison: new d.n.a. technology bringing hope of capturing a serial rapist in montgomery county. larry: the new image showing the face of the man suspected of sexually assaulting women at ran done years later. kevin lewis spoke to a victim today. kevin? kevin: larry and alison, this man left behind his d.n.a. at three different scenes.
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delivered that evidence to a laboratory in reston. and this is the result following six weeks of analysis and processing. >> i was raped. there is no question about that. kevin: by telephone this 75-year-old woman spoke of being raped in her germantown condo. it happened twice. seven months apart. by the same man. >> i looked over and the individual was coming through the window. feet first. our detectives never give up. >> the man is responsible for raping at least six women across montgomery county between 2010-2012. today, investigators released this d.n.a. facial composite generated by the labs. the verdict a young suspect with brown or dark brown skin, brown eyes, black hair, no freckles. >> from our perspective it's
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kevin: this is only the second time montgomery county police used this science. if the accuracy kind be anownedding. as seen here in other national cases where authorities made an arrest. >> fascinating to progress that we use the d.n.a. technology to create composites. >> it's important to me he gets arrested. this individual isn't going to stop. he will keep going it. feel good about himself if he isn't caught. kevin: the victims in the cases between the ages of 37 and 95 years old at the time of the attacks. if you believe this composite step looks like someone you know, call police. live at montgomery county police headquarters, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: a developing and a disturbing health alert for you now. we told you about this last night. possibly unclean equipment used at largo medical center. 23 patients are now getting
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in a statement we were told endoscopy equipment may not have been properly disinfected. the good news here it looks like the risk of getting sick because of this is just slight. you can read the full statement, though, about what happened at larry: u.v.a. student laid to rest in ohio today. he died on u.s. soil this week after being detained in north korea for a year and a half. otto warmbier was in a coma when he returned to his family last week. a long line today as the loved ones said goodbye to a promising young man. >> everybody kind of congregated around him. he would tell stories around him to everyone on the team, me included. larry: warmbier's death raising red flags about americans traveling to hostile nation. the company that organized the trip tell abc7 news they will no longer provide tours to north korea. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- new information after a scary scene in baltimore. environmental tests
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possible asbestos. larry: it's being called one of the worst animal abuse cases vets have seen. the dog is recovering from sexual assault as investigators try to figure out who did it. alison: an amazing journey. documented in a new movie. the story of a woman's bike trip through vietnam. to track where her father's military plane crashed. we will take you live to the premier. larry: most jurors wanted to convict bill cosby. the new revelations as we hear what happened inside the failed d ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring ? ... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed.
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alison: it was a stunning scene in a busy part of baltimore. underground steam pipe exploded, injuring five people. this happened on tuesday. larry: tonight word that there could be asbestos in the area. joy lambert in baltimore with the results of the new environmental tests. reporter: two days after a steam pipe exploded exploded in downtown baltimores, car steeped in mud, the road covered in dirt. it's what can't be seen that is posing a potential threat. >> yesterday is when we learned there were some asbestos around the pipe. >> it's commonly used as insulation for underground piping in the past. the fear is the 12-inch pipe that
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with asbestos, sending the hazard in the air, on the road and on the cars. >> when hazards like this happens you can't predicted all that is around it. we make sure that nothing is contaminated to the extent it hurts the environment and the citizens or the people. reporter: the private company that owns the pipeline are leaning the clean-up and the investigation. according to the company, air quality alerts have come back negative. but the environmental testinged at the highly trafficked area indicates low level of asbestos reading. >> i've heard about the explosion and thinking that is going everywhere. >> they say dealing with asbestos you can never be too careful. >> when it happened on september 11 and the debris came up. they f
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get sick. it may not affect you at this moment. but it may come down five, ten, 20 years from now. >> clean-up is expected to take several more days. answers to what went wrong could be weeks away. this is in the heart of downtown just in front of the marriott hotel. camden yards is behind me where hundreds of people heading for the orioles game tonight. busy area. the health hazard tonight. after that they will begin an investigation in to what caused the explosion. alison: thank you. now an update on the violent attack at a flint airport. the f.b.i. says the canadian man behind the attack tried to buy a gun in the u.s. when he couldn't police say he bought a 12-inch knife and he ambushed lieutenant jeff neville stabbing
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neck and the back. the lieutenant survived the attack and is in stable condition. larry: we are learning more about what led to the bill cosby sex assault trial to end in a mistrial. a juror spoke to abc news anonymously said all 12 jurors initially voted to find cosby not guilty on all three counts. but by the sixth day it turned 10-2 guilty vote on two counts. one that cosby had sexual encounter with andrea constand without her consent and one that he gave her drugs without the knowledge. the two holdouts were not moving no matter what. prosecutors vowed to retry cosby. crews are working to repair broken water main in south arlington. look at this. this is the 2800 block of south columbus street. the traffic is being diverted from the area. repairs are expected to be finished in the next few hours alison: wow!
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let's talk about the weather. doug: it's humid. it feels like 95 because of the humidity. it will stay muggy until it moves out quickly saturday. a live look at the chesapeake beach on the western shore of the chesapeake bay. it's hazy. warm and humid. light winds. that was one of the reasons we were under an air quality advisory today. light winds. the winds can't mix up. the ozone and the particulate matter. it's not a great day. still in the mid-to-the upper 80's. tracking showers and storms from west pennsylvania. a cloudy, hazy and muggy night. we have leading edge of the tropical moisture. you can see this from the gulf of mexico. this is in advance of the circulation arou
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we will get showers and thunderstorms moving in tomorrow morning for the rush hour. most of the day, partly, mostly cloudy. warm and muggy. as we get through tomorrow night the moisture develop ahead of the cold front. the moisture left over from the depression will team up to give us period of rain. moderate to heavy late tomorrow night. overnight through saturday and then it should improve quickly. look at the satellite and the radar estimates and the precipitation so far. from the effects of cindy. 7 1/2 to 8 inches along the louisiana coast. 4.1 inches farther north in north central alabama. plenty of rain. i won't be as heavy coming our way. but added rainfall in this whole equation here, something to keep an eye on tomorrow and saturday morning. widespread flash flood warnings immediately related to the crop tall moisture with cindy -- tropical moisture with cindy. they expend north. the remnants spin the way to the northeast. excessive rainfall and the possibility of flooding. close as garrett county, maryland, the way it s
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a sense of timing here overnight. we will get to of:30 and 7:30 in the morning -- 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning. showers and possible thunderstorms. then it will be warm and muggy throughout the day. tomorrow night the next batch comes in. cold front will come in. it will undercut the warm and the humid southerly winds. that will give us showers and storms. moisture left over from the circulation from cindy will be pulled in the front. that will come together going through the overnight hours through saturday morning. by 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning the heaviest rain is out of here. midday we should see sunshine and the drier winds in the area. as far as our local rainfall. we think between now and late saturday morning when it comes to a an end. two inches or so in the metro. some spots like manassas projected closer to three inches of rain. rapid improvement on saturday. 88 degrees. it will turn less humid saturday afternoon. sunny and pleasant.
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weather. improving sunday. 82 monday with sunshine and low humidity. perfect. 78 on tuesday. perfect. wednesday is the same. then it's hot and humid 89 both days and the standard summer weather. >> coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- baltimore in crisis in the 2015 riots. fast forward to today. a lawsuit launched by the business owners. >> a health alert tonight for women. there are new guidelines for mammograms and why some experts disagree. now a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- >> right. thanks, guys. tomorrow we are in for a soggy, slippery commute. the timing of the rained the areas that will get hit the hardest. >> feeling tired? can't handle stress?
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fatigue. how to get your body back on track. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow at 4:25 on "good morning
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larry: last month, john mccain said trump scandal reached the case of watergate in size and scale. alison: but as sarah carter from circa reports when the senator was running for president he had his own issues w
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from short-lived trump campaign manager and lobbyist paul manafort to russian oligarch whose visa was revoked because of close ties to the kremlin agencies. john weaver one of the top advisors told circa my sense is davis and manafort doing pro putin work were using potential mediums with mccain. they didn't know this and neither did we until after the fact. circa learned that mccain met twice and they were arranged by manafort and the partner davis. that wasn't all. russian ambassador sergey kislyak then the deputy foreign minister lobbied washington officials to get the visa reinstated. u.s. intelligence warned the camp there was possible
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russian military connections to the policy advisors. it sheds light on the operations aimed to interfere with the u.s. elections and the attempts to influence the lawmakers. the big difference between the two campaigns is there is no public evidence to date that trump met with any russian figures banned from the u.s.. while mccain did. mccain did acknowledge that he was present at two events one in switzerland with a group of senators and another in montenegro on a yacht. there is no evidence that the meetings bore fruit for the russians. they did not return the requests for comment. for circa in washington, i'm sarah carter. larry: baltimore former mayor and the police chief were among the names mentioned in a lawsuit
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rawlings blake were to blame for preventing the freddie gray riots. alison: the prince william county fuel system has expanded antidiscrimination policy. they approved the protection for the lgbt students and employees. it offers blanket protech but instructs the superintendent not to change the policy on the bathroom use. still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> on the road to recovery after they say she endured one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have seen. now a reward is offered to help catch the suspect. the details straight ahead. a
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days ahead of the major changes for the system. what they had to say and how it will impact your commute coming up. >> all eyes on the nba draft in prince george's county tonight. the local superstar who could be drafted number one overall.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: you are about to see changes on metro. higher fares and different service hours. for answers we turn to brianne carter who has been talking to metro officials and riders alike. >> after 13 months of a new normal, an adjustment for metro riders for the weekend. time to use the system and how much it will pay. what bus lines will get you where are all on the table starting sunday. >> i'm a daily metro train and bus rider upset about the service hikes and cuts. >> ahead of mayor changes at metro. >> take another look. >> starting sunday they will adjust the operating hours closing 30 minutes earlier in the week at 11:30 p.m. and
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until 1:00 a.m. friday and saturday. >> we are not reducing the time because of the cost. we have not maintained the system. there is an added cost coming. a fare increase on bus and rail. several bus lines will cease the operate. jay wilson takes the j-5 bus to silver spring, one of the lines being cut. he is not sure what he will do come monday. >> two years ago i got rid of my car because of the j-5 bus. it of courses me and 300 daily riders. >> there is also a moratorium on openings and late closings. moving forward they will take it on a case by case basises.
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metro is looking at possible service changes july fourth. the metro general manager wanting to get through the changes so stay tuned. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. this is mock funeral held today. mens of the transit company carried a casket that symbolized the death of the middle class status. alison: checking the other top stories. the man who opened fire in a northwest pizza shot was sentenced to four years in prison. edgar welch learned his fate and drove from north korea to to -- north carolina to d.c. after reading a fake article online. he thought he was seeking child sex slaves from comet ping-pong. no one was hurt in the attack. cindy is now a tropical depression. the storm brought flooding, tornadoes and several inches
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cindy is now weaker but flash flood and tornado watches are in effect. larry: protest broke out on capitol hill after the republican leaders revealed the healthcare plan to replace affordable carrie act and it eliminates the mandate for americans to have insurance and allows the states to apply for waivers to opt out of covering essential benefits like maternity and drug abuse care. at this point it does not have votes to pass. alison: we have a health alert for women. there are new screening guidelines now for mammograms but not all experts agree. we are sorting through the new recommendations and what it means for insurance. >> you probably know a breast cancer survivor or might be one yourself. it's the second cause leading death. it's been a main stay for catching the disease early for mem grams but now who should get one and when. the top
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publishing new guidelines on the breast cancer screening that differ from those recently put forth by other groups. the advice doctors should offer mammograms at age 40 for women at risk and age at 75 women and their doctor should decide whether to keep receiving them or decide risks outweigh the benefit. but that is not what the u.s. preventative service task force the main advisory panel on what screenings doctors should offer say. they say mammograms before 50 shouldn't be recommended. it's up to the patient. after 75 theysy there is no clear evidence a mammogram should help anyone. what should you do? the best first step realize you are in charge and then talk to your doctor. figure out the risk and see the time line that works for you. larry: the nba draft is tonight. a local guy may be at the top of the list. markelle fultz could be prince george's county
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top nba draft pick. watch party for friends and family happening tonight. as brad bell report he would be the latest in a long line of impressive athletes from dematha. brad: the gym at the high school is alive today with the sounds of basketball. whistles blow, sneakers screech, dreams are born. tonight a local athlete who came here at the age of the summer campers is likely to be chosen number one in the nba draft. meet markelle fultz of upper marlboro. you'll be hearing his name for sports reports for years to come. >> i get a chance to play basketball. and be the number one pick is better. that is the one dream i had since i was younger. i'm excited now. >> he played one year in college at washington. but here is where he honed his game. >> he was a humble kid even younger. always serious about the business
5:36 pm
>> he was sent to the j.v. team his junior year. he said it inspired the former teammate. >> the work ethic. whatever -- you may be sleeping but he is always working. that is the great thing about him. >> while fultz waits nervously -- >> i won't be satisfied until i hear my name called. >> his family be with him in. >> to see him go to the league and number one pick is a great feeling. >> we put a lot of guys in the nba. we are proud he is next one. >> tonight with the future stars the community will watch as markelle fultz's dream likely comes true. they will host a big watch party here in the convocation center. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: we'll be watching. thank you. coming up next, tropical storm cindy set to impact millions and not just people. what local animal shelters are
5:37 pm
influx of animals in need. larry: at 6:00, a drive're's nightmare from a simple mistake. what firefighters had to do from turning this
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doug: look at the weekend weather and the weekend events. the gnatses are back in town tomorrow night. playing the reds hosting and it will be warm and muggy. first pitch at 7:05. can't rule out isolated thunderstorm in the game. saturday the alexandria food and wine-fest. temperatures in the mid-80's. showers and the thunderstorms in the morning but by late morning to the mid-day it should clear out. the rest of the day is perfect. going to the pool? don't do it saturday morning with the rain and the storms. it will be warm and muggy. drier later in the day. sunday looks as though we have lower humidity and plenty of sunshine and highs about 83 degrees. that is good stuff. beyond next week we start off monday
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temperatures. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" returns
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alison: one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have seen. this hound mix was sexual assaulted. larry: the good news huggles will be okay. but ryan hughes shares there
5:41 pm
is a reward to track down who did it to her. ryan: it's hard to imagine anyone would want to hurt her but she is recovering from surgery after a gruesome sexual assault. >> i had to get up from my desk at work and compose myself. i thought i was going to get sick. ryan: the disturbing details enough to turn her some mock who is fostering huggles. she arrived in serious pain. after saying her and starting on antibiotics the pain subsided by grew worse. >> it's not something i have seen before in several years of doing this work. i have never seen this. >> x-rays revealed something strange. during the surgery they determined she was sexually assaulted with broom. part of the handle broke off inside her and caused an infection. >> if this person would do this to a dog you have a serious person on your hands who evolving to something much more
5:42 pm
animal. >> huggles was brought in as a stray near virginia beach. homeward trails took over her car and is offering $200 reward to help catch the perpetrator. >> so the good news in all of this huggles is expected to make a full recovery. post up apointment next week. if given the all-clear she will be put up for adoption. >> she has quite a few years left, don't you girl. >> through it all, she is still trusting and looking for love. in fairfax county, ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: well, at least one local rescue preparing for an influx of animals tonight because of tropical depression cindy. the last chance animal rescue has been asked to take in more animals because of the flooding. they are looking at 100 dogs and 200 cats coming in. the shelter seeking volunteers to foster and to adopt. still ahead for us at 5:00, beware of the contractors you hire. a pond
5:43 pm
left her with basically a $9,000 hole in her yard. larry: she called "7 on your side." we have an update coming up
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alison: let's talk about contractors. there are a few things you need to know about the person before you hire them. roberta gregor don't realize that. larry: we told you the story last spring and thanks in part to "7 on your side" her project is finished. but she lost a lot of money in the process. alison: troubleshooter horace holmes says there are important lessons she learned from the mistakes she made. horace: roberta by trade restores precious artwork. >> everything was painted over the face. horace: when we met her last summer she had a restoration project e did not know how to fix. >> if you wonder around in the dark you might fall in. >> this was supposed to be a fish pond. >> frogs and water lilies. horace: beautiful. >> i would love to have it. horace: what she got was a hole in the backyard. $9,500 bill. more than a year of aggravation.
5:47 pm
this is jay mccoy. gregor says once he got the money she promised to pay and subsequently more mccoy stopped working. according to gregor, he hasn't given a refund. when he first contacted "7 on your side" we got ahold of mccoy who told us bad weather caused to stop work on the project. he promised that the pond would be finished in august. august came and went. so did the fall and the winter. >> called me on new year's day and apologize. he said he would make it up to me. i thought to myself i need to see or find someone else. >> we contacted him and he said he worked with mcgregor in the past and he was able to dig hole and pour concrete walls and he added i'm semi-retired. not a big guy. just a handy man wanting to help a client. the job got bigger and bigger. "i told miss gregor i was willing to finish the job in the spring" but she decided to go with someone
5:48 pm
>> it was a challenge. >> ken jenkins heard about the pond problem. he builds pools and took on the project. >> mrs. gregor just like my mother. then he finished the jewel of her beloved backyard. >> the headline was i was ashamed last year. now i'm not ashamed. i come out and put flowers in. sit out here in the evening. >> a good looking pond. mccoy said he is sorry about the way things turned out. "7 on your side" learned mccoy is facing charges of embezzlement and says it's been cleared up. how can you protect yourself if you hire a contractor and are not satisfied with the work performed? make sure any contractor you deal with is licensed, bonded and insured before you hire them. if things go wrong, file a grievance with the department of labor in your state to get the m
5:49 pm
i'm horace holmes, back to you. alison: thank you. glad she got help. ahead at new at 6:00, the state department contractor arrested, and facing the death penalty possibly. what he is accused of trying to sell to another country. plus, an epic disaster. an apartment building exploding after complaints of the gas leaks were ignored. now nearby neighbors fear they could be next. what happened when "7 on your side" got involved. next at "abc7 news at 6:00". larry: well, day two of summer feels a lot like it. get a check of the forecast with chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: it's warm and muggy tonight. it will stay that way. no showers in metro. it will come overnight and tomorrow morning. tornado watches continue across the sections of alabama and louisiana. and mississippi. because the effects of the tropical depression cindy. a lot of the moisture is pulled up with the other tropical moisture and pay us a visit by the morning. check out the big picture. the doppler
5:50 pm
storms locally across western pennsylvania. nothing closer than hagerstown to metro washington. most of the area is warm and muggy and the temperatures dropping to the lower 80's and holding in the 70's overnight. the future cast shows the first line of the rain in the tropical moisture could be isolated rumble of thunder. we are going to get rain from what is left of tropical depression cindy. more thunderstorms saturday morning but the good news if the future cast is right and the timing. by 7:30 the heaviest rain is out here to the east. then the sun will come out and before noon. drier weather for the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 80's. it will look good. tomorrow, we see hot and the humid weather throughout the day. maybe isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. clearly late tomorrow night and in to saturday morning.
5:51 pm
comes with drier air that is moving in saturday evening. look at sunday and monday. it will be delightful. 83 with less humidity. monday is nice with the highs of 82 and sunshine. alison, larry, erin, back to you. alison: all right, doug. thank you so much. a very exciting night for a local player. erin: it really is. the nba draft is just about an hour away. it's the biggest moment of markelle fultz's life. the prince george's county native is expected to be selected by the sixers with the number one overall pick tonight. robert burton spoke with mike jones, markelle fultz's coach at dematha who admitted something interesting. >> did you think he'd be the number one overall nba draft? >> absolutely not. he is unique. i don't know if i will coach another man as humble as he is and worked as harded a he did to achieve the dreams. i'm just so proud
5:52 pm
for him and his family. he earned everything himself. erin: the entire d.m.v. is proud. today we introduce you to a madison softball player committed to auburn university. she hit a walkoff in regionals and another walkoff home run to help the team win the state tournament. >> it was a situation that a lot of kids dream about being in. erin: emily has a knack for being clutch. >> i don't remember running the bases. i was just trying to get back to my teammates to celebrate together. larry: in dramatic fashion, she hit a homer to lift the war hawks over osborne park to win the first state softball title since 1989. >> i was happy to win for the team and help them win. but even if i hadn't done that, i knew we'd get it done. >> it was exciting. we knew we were at the point in the game
5:53 pm
the line. emily was a lead off hitter in the clutch situation. >> speaking of the clutch situation. she hit a walkoff in the previous game. at regionals against the same team osborne park. who by the way, madison lost to in state championship game last year. >> we knew she could step up in the big cases. >> it was nice to see the work come through. >> congratulations to the week's player. she is so humble and sweet. she has quite the swing! larry: she does. one swing, you win the state title for the team. alison: that is who you want on the team. all right. thank you, erin. erin: got it. larry: still ahead for us at
5:54 pm
>> remarkable documentary coming out about a young woman looking for answers about her father who was shot down in vietnam. you will want to hear this story. it
5:55 pm
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alison: tonight there is a documentary about the amazing journey about to premier in d.c. called "blood road." our richard reeve is live now with the story. richard? richard: yeah, what a great story. her name is rebecca rush. her father crashed along the ho chi minh trail in 1972. she wanted to find out more about the circumstances of his death, and what happened. she was welcomed in to d.c. by some fellow riders here. an ultra endurance bicycle athlete. short ride. she was stopped here to find the name of her father captain stephen rush. the documentary sales the
5:58 pm
along ho chi minh trail. her father's remains had been identified in 2007. but she pedaled through the jungles and the cities trying to find her father's crash site. she did indeed find that. she found her father had died in the crash. wasn't taken p.o.w. but said she learned a lot about herself along the way. >> it's a culmination of everything i prepared for in my athletic career. fantastic journey. adventure and way to get to know a man i never knew. richard: the d.c. premier is at the atlas performing arts center on eighth street in the northeast. the proceeds will go to the mines advisory group that clean up unexploded ordnance along the
5:59 pm
laos. michelle: six months after a gas leak triggered devastating explosion, neighbors fear the homes could be at risk too. [sirens] jonathan: the new risk in the aftermath of a steam explosion blocks from camden yards. >> so sad, mr. president. hartless. mean -- heartless. mean and heartless. michelle: angry rhetoric as we see the senate plan to repeal obamacare. we take a look at what is in the legislation. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: we begin with a deadly disaster last august. the flower branch apartments exploding killing serve people. the cause a gas leak reported but never fixed. another silver spring community fearing they could be on the cusp of a similar disaster. for months people living in the capital view neighborhood smelled gas. they reached out
6:00 pm
side" for help. nathan is getting results for them tonight. nathan? nathan: you can see where washington gas has been working on this street. you can see where the patch work has been done. for months residents said they smelled the powerful order. people think twice about walking outside because they keep smelling natural gas. michelle is worried. >> terrified. especially now that i'm pregnant. i think there being a fire, explosion and not getting to the baby. >> on her mind, last august's explosion that killed seven people at the flower branch apartments also in silver spring. >> we think about an explosion. we are concerned. they dug up the street so many times. >> she is talking about the repair work done by the washington gas. we reached


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