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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> once i realized i was still alive, i called my mom and father. alison: colliding with a d.c. police cruiser, but as the officer to blame? jonathan: accused of being a spy, sounding like a movie script, and playing out in northern virginia. alison: the first pick in the first round of the nba draft. >>
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want to do, so i'm just happy. alison: the celebration happening now in prince george's county is next. >> now, abc seven news :00, on your side. alison: she says she has the green light and the police cruiser that hit her did not have lights or siren on, and now the maryland woman is facing months of recovery after this crash. tim barber is live in northeast with a story that you will see only on 7. tim: it happened on 17th street. homeaid she was on her way from work, had the green light, and collided in the intersection. now this is under investigation by mpd. >> once i realized i was still alive, i called my mom and father. i just got in an accident. snapped this picture after a d.c. police officer crashed into her leg and han
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it was my first accident. she had the green light, and claims the officer did not slow down or have his sirens on. >> he jumped out and it was not even his turn. tim: this woman lives next door. >> i heard the crash and came out and it was horrible. there were no sirens. no sirens, no lights. police spokesperson said while the circumstances are still under investigation, our thoughts are with the officer and female driver who were both hospitalized as a result of this crash. she said she is hiring an attorney because she wants the department to pay her medical bills and for a new car. >> i wish i could see my parents and brother again. it's all i can think of. tim: she said she was told the officer had a concussion. the department said they would conduct a thorough investigation.
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tim barber, abc 7 news. brian: the stormwatch 7 first forecast, this depression is funneling our way with moisture, especially friday night and saturday morning. shower chances the next 48 hour, the first round tomorrow morning. it will be dry during the day. wet roadwaysor tomorrow morning. humid,afternoon, hot and mid 90's with a higher heat index. jonathan: the rain will come from what's left from tropical storm cindy. ,hat brought plenty of rain flooding, and tornadoes touching down. stay a step the said of whatever that brings us this week by downloading the stormwatch 7 app. 11:00, a federal appeals court said that an inmate
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series "making a murderer" should be freed. they claim that investigators coerced the investigation in 2005. he was 16 at the time and had cognitive problems. he is serving a life sentence in wisconsin. forstate can retry him, ask a full review, or appeal to the supreme court. less than a week after the mistrial in the sexual assault case, bill cosby wants to get back to work. a spokesman said he plans on holding a series of town hall meetings to help teach young people about the problems that their misbehavior could create. they plan toay retry cosby on charges he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2004. commentsontroversial by actor johnny depp at a festival in california. he was talking about president trump when he asked the crowd a
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>> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? [cheers] now, i want to clarify. i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. while., it's been a and maybe it's time. alison: so far, no comment from the white house or the president tonight. on a manveloping news charged with espionage. he was arrested for sharing top-secret documents with a with moreent, call than $16,000 in cash in his carry-on luggage. flew over as the fbi searched his home in leesburg. he was an army veteran and also worked as a special agent for the state department in the past. mallory has held positions with
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and contractors. he is being charged under a federal espionage act. if convicted, he would face a maximum sentence of life in prison. nancy chen, abc 7 news. who shot up, man and pizza in northwest washington because of a fake news story has been sentenced to four years in prison. edgar welch made this video while driving from north carolina to the district in december. in the video he said he expected a confrontation and that he might be killed. intentent to comet pizza on freeing child sex slaves. alison: the man who disobeyed an order to stay out of the district after his arrest at the trump hotel is behind bars. the judge ordered him held until his next court date. he was arrested after the police found guns in his car and at hotel, and again when he returned to the district in violation of the court order. >> i hope there are tapes. jo
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today from president trump about his tweet in may in which he claimed to have tapes of his conversation with former fbi director james comey. --ay, the president said confessed he had no such recording. comey was fired in the midst of the investigation into russia's role in the last u.s. election. and tonight -- >> we are privileged to count u.s. are very close friends, so many. jonathan: president trump and first lady melania trump hosting a picnic, calling for unity, offering prayers for congressman steve scalise, and offered prayers for both officer shot last week in alexandria. alison: meanwhile, on the hill -- [shouting] alison: this was the scene as 43 protesters were arrested at a senate office building, within hours of
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their health care plan. after weeks of closed-door conferences, the plan is meeting with resistance from within the gop. imagine i would have the information to evaluate just a week. >> we need to negotiate over what is good, what's bad, and make bill better. alison: gop leaders are hoping for a vote before the july for recess, but republicans say they will oppose the bill. protesters gathered at reagan national airport as some members of congress headed home for the weekend. both virginia and maryland's governor condemned the bill as well. terry mcauliffe called the plan a disaster for virginia families, while republican governor larry hogan says it does not work for maryland. read all of the details of the plan at our website, jonathan: protesters outside of the prince george's county school board meeting. it is the first meeting since accusations of high
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having grades boosted to increase graduation rates. anna-lysa gayle was at the meeting. i'm sure that it got fiery tonight. anna-lysa: for sure, jonathan. tonight it was clear the board was divided on this issue and several others. some community members are trying to figure out this. >> save our schools. >> ♪ we shall overcome anna-lysa: it was standing room only thursday night and prince george's county public school board meeting. some audience members and some of the board were those who attended a small protest prior. >> they go to college and flunk out or have to take remedial courses. anna-lysa: this is one of several board members calling for an investigation into accusations the school system has allowed hundreds of students to graduate without meeting the department of education requirements. several other school board members deny the allegations. >> the
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my behalf. anna-lysa: the chief executive wasicer's message backed up by school principals at the meeting. >> there are no shortcuts to success. it involves amazing teachers giving their talent, knowledge, and time. anna-lysa: we are told the maryland state department of education looked into similar accusations earlier this year and found nothing that would indicate the grades were manipulated. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: anna-lysa, thank you. the fairfax county school board spent time debating the name of jeb stuart high school. supporters want to get rid of the confederate general's name. others say the change would be too expensive. after months of debate, the final vote is expected next month. jonathan:
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tonight for the nba draft, with a name straight from prince george's county. erin hawksworth has more on the dematha graduate who went first. erin: the 76ers made it official tonight, markelle fultz becomes the first player from prince george's county ever to be taken with the first pick in the nba draft. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz. erin: quite a crowd gathered at dematha, his high school alma mater in hyattsville. everyone cheering him on. he was at the draft in new york. they were celebrating this historic achievement of someone they call their own. >> to see the growth of they showed man, and to think just five years ago a lot of people in this area did not know who he was as a basque ballplayer, an eighth grader.
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first pick in the draft is unreal. erin: they know who he is now. congratulations. alison: that is exciting. thank you. still to come, the founder of the social network says connecting people online is not enough anymore. and almost a year after the deadly explosion in silver spring, 7 on your side gets a call from people
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jonathan: deer fight. look at your tv, there they go. this is not something that you see everyday. an officer with a wildlife agency called the bucks on camera. no word if a doe was involved. boom. alison: that is crazy video. this was a minivan versus a drawbridge in wisconsin. you can guess the winner, but you have to see how. investigators say the driver went too far as the bridge was opening, lea
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roof. the police say he just made a mistake. this out,and check yes, sir, that is what it looks like when a water main breaks, along south columbus street in arlington, near shirlington. 100 customers lost water service. repairs on the water main wrapped up about an hour ago. alison: and the underground pipe that exploded in baltimore tuesday night may have been more than steam. the pipe may have been insulated with asbestos and it could not be in the air come on the road, and covering all those cars. >> that's why i think it is proper this be thoroughly itestigated and we ensure does not hurt the environment or the people. alison: the private company that owns the pipeline is leading the cleanup and investigation. so
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reports have come back negative for airborne pollutants, but initial environment testing does show some low levels of asbestos. a yearn: 7 on your side after the massive explosion. people living five miles from the scene say they now smell gas. this time it is in the capital view neighborhood. washington gas has been out several times to check the pipe. people living here say they still smell gas. >> we think about the explosion. we are all concerned. they've dug up a street so many times. >> i don't feel safe and it needs to be replaced. jonathan: washington gas tells 7 on your side there is no safety risk with the pipes, but the company recognizes residents are concerned, so the lines will be replaced in the next few weeks. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert about
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hummus recall. these products contained pine nuts that may be contaminated with listeria. so far, no reports of people becoming sick from the hummus, but you should return it for a refund. jonathan: more than 200,000 car seats recalled, parts of the seat could break off, choking kids. it impacts three models of rear facing infant seats. they said the parts were found in the mouths of three children. luckily, none of them choked. if you have one of the affected seats, you will be contacted by the company. wants toark zuckerberg change the way that you use facebook. >> and the idea behind our new mission is to bring the world closer together. and the full formal
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missi on statement is to give people the power to build community to bring the world closer together. alison: he said the new feature will be called facebook groups and allow you to connect with strangers to build a meaningful community on the platform. jonathan: crews are trying to get a handle on this wildfire southwest of salt lake city. this started saturday with somebody decided to burn weeds with a torch. it has minced at only growing, and only 15% contained. so far nobody has been hurt, but several homes have been destroyed. the person who started this could have to pay for the damage, fire fighting costs. it is mild and muggy tonight, today was 88. tamara was a similar set up. i think we will be once again into the upper 80's -- tomorrow is a similar setup.
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pack patience and extra time. it be dry in the afternoon. a shower later tomorrow evening into saturday morning. sunday 83. at 11:00, still upper 70's. and tonightginess, the numbers do not move much. dry most of the night, but why don't tomorrow, showers working their way in. we have the remnants of tropical cindy, now just a depression, feeding into memphis, jackson, and atlanta. this fumbles the moisture from the gulf of mexico into our vicinity. tomorrow morning, definitely an impact, 7:00 a.m., heavier bands of showers, thunder. through 9 a.m., showers may linger. in the afternoon, drier,
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even tomorrow night, the nationals game, it looks ok. tomorrow evening, there is a hit or miss shower chance, but the bulk of the day is dry. friday night and two early saturday morning, another batch of heavy rain rolls through. the bulk of saturday will dry out. upper start tomorrow, 80's the highs, setting up saturday, morning rain, but i midmorning drying up, looking good in the afternoon. lowunday, even better, 80's. jonathan? jonathan: thank you, brian. alison: the red carpet rolled out in d.c. tonight. jonathan: and is the third time the charm?
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alison: you may have heard that two
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project, so lucasfilms is trying to bring in a new director to focus on han solo. ron howard will direct the film now, behind a big blockbusters. han solo is set to hit theaters next year. jonathan: a documentary that debuted in the district focuses on a 1200 mile ride in vietnam. the ho chi minh trail, searching for her father's plane crash site. the airplane went down in 1972. along the way that she found her father died in the crash and was never taken prisoner. she also learned a lot about herself on the trail. >> it was a culmination of myerything in athletic career and a great way to get to know the man i never knew. jonathan: she is an ultra endurance bicycle athlete, so the ride was the easy part. the docume
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road," released on itunes. best of luck to her. up next, proof that dreams can come true.
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stronand restoringding a a father's faith.. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six.
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despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. >> and now the toyota sports desk,
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local toyota dealers. becomes thele fultz first player from prince george's county to be drafted number one overall in the nba draft, the 18th nba player to be drafted out of dematha. is headingint guard to philly after spending one year at the university of washington. the sixers pulled off a trade with boston to move up two spots. the 19-year-old is only three years removed from junior will nowt dematha, and begin his nba career just two in a half hours from home. >> is unbelievable, really. unbelievable. right now, very excited for myself and my family. i did something that a lot of kids want to do, some just happy. it's a dream come true. i'm looking forward to going to this organization.
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one other local player, villanova's josh hart, who played at sidwell friends. he was picked by the jazz, the last pic in the first round. the surprise of the season, the yankees aaron judge. rookie smashed a three run homer, his league-leading 25th home run of the season. the yankees lost, but i don't think that little guy cared at all. and the nationals are back in action tomorrow, hosting the
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. brian: we have shower chances in the morning, not all day. jonathan: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a good night.
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tonight's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by that cup of coffee you drank too late this afternoon. you knew you'd be up all night, but you drank it anyway. and now you're stuck with us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, anthony hopkins, chris hardwick, guillermo live at the nba draft. and music from queen and adam lambert. and now, what else is new, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy.


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