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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill. and they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? what? summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant. >> making sure people are hydrated and selling water should not be something you get arrested for. jonathan: handcuffed for selling water. the fallout and what d.c.'s top brass once done about it. nancy: the law on the books tonight. jonathan: and floated out by tropical storm cindy. >>
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jonathan: how you can help, next. >> now come abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. jonathan: we are on storm watch because there is rain headed our way. nancy: steve rudin is here with the forecast. what's the timeline? atve: most of you waking up 8 a.m. will miss most of it. the temperatures outside right now, still warm and muggy. once the showers moved through, the temperature will drop a bit. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, heavier rains off to the west, garrett county, allegheny county, all of this moving to the east. don't be surprised later tonight if you hear some rumbles of thunder, especially north and west of d.c. as the showers and isolated thunderstorms move across. right now, anything in the next hour or two, it will be dry inside the capital beltway, partly cloudy skies.
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beginning of next week, coming up in a few minutes. video fromable alabama, where tropical storm cindy hit the state, a driver called in a car with rising floodwaters. people nearby created a human chain to get the woman out. jonathan: this picture is getting a lot of attention online, teenagers handcuffed selling water on the national mall. lots of questions for the park police officers involved on this. anna-lysa gayle is live on the mall. what have you found out? anna-lysa: we have learned the young men in that viral photo were related and were selling bottles of water as their way of making money this summer. saidunlicensed vendors that is a risk they are willing to take. >>
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don't let dehydration ruin your vacation. 22-year-oldhis is a and his teenaged cousin, selling bottles of water to thirsty tourists. they got even more popular thursday when a tour guide saw them in handcuffs. these photos have been retweeted thousands of times, with many sharing outrage. what was your reaction? >> it was just crazy. i do not think it would do that on social media. anna-lysa: park police said they were detained because they do not have a permit. after warnings, they were not cited or arrested. >> they handle their jobs in a good way for they are good officers, but i don't think selling gatorade is a crime. >> it should not be something you can get arrested for. was-lysa: lewis said he detained last week, charged with defending without a license.
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business following his latest encounter with park police. >> trying to raise money to get a permit so i go about it the right way. anna-lysa: we received a response from the national park service. they say it's not possible to receive a permit to sell water on the national mall. live from the national mall, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: just into the newsroom, the lobbyists that was shot in the alexandria ballpark in which has been released from the hospital. matt mica was one of five people shot last wednesday. before he was released, a cool visitor, jayson werth giving him a jersey and taking pictures. and encouraging news about covers men steve scalise comedy was seriously hurt. his condition has been updated to fair. today,released from icu but he will be a hospital a little longer. nancy: cnn
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way around the white house ban on cameras, sending a sketch artist. you have seen these sketches from a number of court proceedings. the past quarter-century, press secretaries from both parties have held on camera briefings on a regular basis. the trump white house has cut back on the frequency and the light of on camera briefings. president trump admits his claim he might have tapes of his meetings with fired fbi director james comey was meant to influence comey's testimony. six weeks after hinting after the existence of tapes, the president admits they never existed. foxnews he was trying to keep comey honest when he went before congress. >> my story did not change. my story was always the truth. you will have to determine for yourself whether his story changed. nancy: president trump question comey's ties to robert mueller. that appears to be
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lay the groundwork for firing mueller. jonathan: outrage from some after the senate health care bill was revealed. some leading republicans have made it clear they are not on board. at the airport, lawmakers leaving washington got a harsh standoff ash-har sendoff. if more than two republican senators vote no, the health care bill will not pass, and at least five seo they are not -- say they are not on board. >> this bill is not the answer. jonathan: he do not hold back, calling the claim that the bill would lower premiums "a lie." it also cuts medicaid, which provides assurance for 74 million disabled and low income americans and nearly 40% of the nation's children. at least four
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moderate republicans are concerned the bills cuts go too far. four conservative say they will oppose the bill because they do not go far enough. >> it may spend more in the next two years than obamacare. jonathan: the president admits getting the votes will be difficult. >> is a complicated situation. you do something good for one group, it's bad for another. it is a very narrow path. jonathan: a lot more ahead for this. we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. nancy: a federal appeals court says mississippi can allow government employees to deny services to same-sex couples, reversing a judge's decision that the law was unconstitutional. the appeals court did not rule on constitutionality but said there was no evidence same-sex couples would be hurt by the law. onathan: lots of bowties display at the wilson building, pang respects for former comps -- former councilman jim graham.
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today. mayor muriel bowser and other city councilmember's shared memories they had of their former leader. one day we would argue with each other and the next day he would be my friend and then we were voting together. he did a good job of having a short memory. aham will not be room of her just as a city leader but for his service to the gay community during the aids epidemic. ramada looking at ways to cut costs. one of the things on the chopping block, a bus route. there was a citizen in at the silver spring metro transit center. they want them to know that a lot of people depend on that line. a rough day on the red line, service suspended on two stretches of track during the morning rush. metro said there was water in the tunls
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this morning, causing parking insulators to get wet. girl said iteenage started with a disagreement about a phone charger and turned into a terrifying crime. the girl said it happened at a place where she and other kids feel safe, or supposed to come her school. instead of helping, her mother says she was ridiculed. tim barber has the story that you will see only on 7. tim? tim: the mom said her daughter was attacked last week. she called 7 on your side after she said she was not getting enough answers. 15she should not know what what it feels like to be violated. tim: this mother said her 15-year-old daughter was sexually abused inside of this district high school. she wants answers. >> i cannot get anything a compass for my child even when she is a victim. tim: she said the attack
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13. the family filed a report with the school and police. >> this is my daughter. tim: her daughter said the assailant is a 10th grade athlete. said the allegation is being investigated by youth and family services. >> she should not have had to learn how hard the world is her first year. you understand how that kills someone's soul? tim: we reached out to district officials, but they referred us back to mpd who are investigating. we will stay in touch with them and let you know what they find out. live in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. nancy: the former pharmaceutical , the most hated man in trial.n, goes to these stars with securities fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy for cheating investors out of more than $11 million, from 2009 to 20
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price of a drug used by aids 750 pers from $13.50 to $ pill. that controversy has nothing to do with the criminal charges. chances are that you use an antibacterial item sometime today. jonathan: there is some new information that may make you think twice about how you wash your hands. nancy: and pixar's latest hit,
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nancy: a week after the deadly and massive high-rise fire in london, there are new evacuations, 800 households told to leave. fire authority said they cannot guarantee the residence safety because each of the buildings is covered in insulation panels like the one on the tower where 79 people were killed. repair work on the evacuated buildings is expected to take weeks. jonathan: new information about the man accused of stabbing a police officer at a flight, michigan, airport. he is a canadian citizen who trie
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for the attack and used a knife. the officer injured in the attack, they say, is lucky to be alive. the knife was millimeters from severing an artery. nancy: investigators are trying to figure out how i an air force f-16 landing at dayton, ohio, crashed. landing, the airplane went off the runway, flip, and first responders rescued both crewmembers. jonathan: fallout from johnny depp, one day after he made a comment at a festival in the u.k. >> wins the last time an actor --whennated a president is the last time an actor assess and did a president? jonathan: depp apologized, saying he was joking. no response from the white house, but #firedepp is trending nationwide. nancy:
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development expert is suing disney and pixar, saying that idea when theymovi made the movie "inside-out," basing it on characters she had created. she was not compensated for the ideas that she says were used. it has made more than $850 million worldwide. map waltns, the first disney made for disneyland is going up for auction sunday. the timeas al qaeda by the park opened in 1955 in california. up -- the map was out dated by the time the park opened in 1955 in california. will sellin airline neighbor-free seats, giving you th
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seats next to your assigned one. a big change for gmail users. google says it will not scan the content of your email to serve personalized ads. privacy advocates had criticized google for the practice in the past. the change goes into effect later this year. nancy: fourth of july around the fireworks andg fireworks-related injuries. fairfax county firefighters demonstrating the deadly dangers of fireworks today. more than 1400 people will show up this year in the emergency room for sparkler burns, with kids between the ages of five and 9 facing the greatest risk. >> it's important to him a bucket of water and hose nearby to make fireworks safe after the fast, but don't go near it for 15 minutes. we don't know what will happen.
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in these fireworks. nancy: many fireworks are illegal in maryland, virginia, and d.c. george's and montgomery counties, all fireworks are banned. jonathan: more than 200 scientists and medical professionals published a statement warning you about the dangers of product that include antibiotic resistance and cancer. >> calling something antimicrobial belies the benefits to the consumer. we are in no position to say that germs are bad. 18,than: the fda banned chrome you chemicals found in many -- antimicrobial chemicals found in many handsets. advocates are concerned that some product on the market may be worse. nancy: images from the south. tropical storm
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created flooding and tornadoes, hundreds of animals evacuated, being sent to our area to keep them safe. some arrived in waldorf, and the response has been incredible. >> knowing there was a need for animals to have a home right now with something that struck a chord with my husband and i. they: rescue group said need is urgent as more animals are on the way. they are preparing to head back down south to pick up an additional 200 animals that will arrive wednesday. steve: so cute. the weather, 89 degrees was the high earlier today. we have cooled down a little, 82 chevy chase and falls church and manassas. widen the view, heavier rain, 72 cumberland, 74 hagerstown. rain all the way later tonight, early tomorrow morning. all of this moves to the east, northeast. you may hear some rumbles of
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early morning tomorrow. county, closer, garrett allegheny county is where they had stronger thunderstorms moving through this evening. those are gone, no active watches or warnings. petersburg looking at wet weather. the cloud tops with these storms are not significant, so not looking for anything terribly strong. as we move off to the east, perheast, 25, 30 miles hour, they will make their way across the immediate metro by early tomorrow morning. if you are waking up late, most of this will be gone early on. waking up tomorrow, lower 70's. futurecast, stronger storms just off to the north. heavier rain gaithersburg, germantown, towards frederick 3:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m., most of this is east of the d.c. metro area. then the skies begin to clear.
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to 90 degrees. a great day to go to the pool. lower humidity sunday. if you are going to the beach, may run into a few showers, thunderstorms, 88 degrees tomorrow i'm 83 sunday. the 10 day outlook, once we get through the weekend, lower 80's monday. only the upper 70's tuesday. but don't worry, if you like the heat and humidity, is back towards the end of next week, highs near 90 degrees. the heat index values in the middle to upper 90's. jonathan: steve, thanks. , the medical field, dominated by men. nancy: but that may
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nancy: a medical school in new york is getting ready to graduate its first all-female class of surgeons. jonathan:
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surgeons are women. that makes this graduating class from the university of rochester medical school pretty remarkable. >> it's inspiring to be around so many other intelligent, hard-working, confident, and caring women. jonathan: the group hopes to inspire other women and girls to choose a similar path. to all the graduates, a huge congratulations. huge accomplishment. turning back to sports. scott: late inning drama tonight at nationals park. maker,arper a difference and the nats beginning a new series with the cincinnati reds. sports is next.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. major leaguest baseball teams, playing at home is usually a good thing. eat goodyour bed, food, and shears when taking the diamond. the nationals are not quite grasping that concept this season, playing better on the road then inside the friendly confines of net park. bottom seven, nats down 5-4. goodwin cranks this
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offering to write, his second homer of the game. tie game, asked her innings. bryce harper, line drive deep to write. short hops the wall. trea turner scores. harper walks off the win for washington. signed, sealed, and delivered. oshie not leaving washington anytime soon. the capitals have re-signed oshie to an eight year, 46 -- $46 of the contract million contract. last season he tied for a team-high 33 goals with alex ovechkin. wnba, mystics visiting minnesota. the mystics on the move. misses the lay-up. whalen turns it around for minnesota. lake overlvia, the the mystics, 93-76.
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maryland point guard melo trimble has signed with the sixers. lands with hisns hometown team, the washington wizards. the challenge now, correct the final roster. jonathan: the 76ers? scott: they ha
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nancy: it is officially friday. -- almostually saturday. all right, nancy. it's time for everybody to go home. 90 degrees the high tomorrow, 85 sunday. then we cool down, upper 70's tuesday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. nancy: have a great night.
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i'm robin shriver, dance cam mom. tonight jimmy has on diane keaton, music by phoenix. go dubs! ♪ warriors ♪ warriors >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, diane keaton, snoop dogg, lonzo and lavar ball, and music from phoenix. and now, put it this way, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to the show. hi. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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