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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 29, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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in south carolina and did his first at bat in low class a. >> yay tebow! >> so he starts out big. and then finishes. and back to the white house with the cubs and the president. social media was all abuzz when it appeared one of them gave an interesting salute to the commander in chief. in the plaid shirt, he is discretely extending his middle finger in the oval office. he went into denial mode and said he was extending two fingers, not just one. >> so he just had his hands in his pocket and it happened? >> no, it looks like two fingers. ? his pointer finger looks like it's out of his pocket, right? >> it's two fingers. >> all right. we'll put the brian ross unit on it. and now to the coolest guy in the nba doing c
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china. >> klay thompson, we saw him embarrass himself last week with this dunk. klay. >> he is not letting that bad dunk keep him down. because now there's this. at the club in china. showing off his unique dance skills you could say. so does this redeem him? >> i like that. >> from the dunk or does this make matters worse, what do you think? >> um, he can do no wrong. his dance moves might be in that category of -- >> i thought you might like them. maybe you could teach him your move. >> really? oh, that. >> hey, be sure to tune in tomorrow. because -- >> speaking of dance moves. >> set your dvrs. get your kids up, because we have a huge -- >> don't get your kids up. don't get your kids up. >> wake them up. huge show. and by huge,
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now." you have to caveat it. >> we have a special guest mo was in one of the biggest boy bands on the planet. he's dropping by our studio. and here's a hint. it's going to get very hot in here. >> oh, it's a member of old town. >> what? why did you guess that? >> you said it's going to get hot in here. >> that has nothing to do with boy bands. i was purposely trying to keep it neutral so i wouldn't give away any clues. >> spice girls? >> boy band. >> i'm not very good at this game. coming up, the popular software that you may have on your computer, why its maker is now under investigation by the fbi. and later, this happened. enough said. but we'll explain anyway. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by the real real.
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♪ woe're being megs merized b some video from italy. the shadows create perfect circles on the ground. and a russian cyber security company coming under new scrutiny by the fbi. >> kaspersky is used in business
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homes. >> but now the feds looking into possible ties to the kremlin. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: thousands of miles away from its moscow headquarters, the computer software company, kaspersky lab is under increasing pressure from the fbi. near washington and boston, sources say fbi agents went knocking on doors of as many as a dozen kaspersky employees, pressing them for how the company operates and any potential ties to the russian government. its antivirus software is sold at best buy. 400 million customers worldwide. but now sources tell abc news, top u.s. officials are increasingly concerned russian spies could try to use that software to attack critical american infrastructure or snoop on american customers. and a recent senate hearing, a stark assessment from the head
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of the february a of the fbi and national security. >> could any of you be comfortable with kaspersky software on your computers? >> a resounding no from me. >> reporter: the company's ceo eugene kaspersky was photographed with putin back in 2015. speaking with us excusively from moscow, kaspersky rejects any claim that his company is or would allow itself to be a tool of the russian government. so if they asked you to spy on americans. if they asked you to spy on government agencies, your response would be what? >> my response, if i'm asked to spy on anyone coming from any state, any government, not only russian will be definitely, no! >> reporter: pierre tom a abc news, washington. >> apparently, there were no search warrants that were served, this despite the sources saying
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homes of kaspersky employees across multiple cities. >> very bizarre case and a lot of it still unfolding. and a lot we will continue to monitor for you. coming up, putting the sizzle into your fourth of july celebration. from firecracker corn to cake, we show you how to turn your partina a star-spangled spectacular. and the new world you had no idea existed.
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new ones visit ♪ of course fourth of july is almost upon us, and that means, of course, fireworks, food and a lot of fun. tim leer is here to tell us that we
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all throughout the year. >> absolutely. >> all throughout the summer. >> what i love about the fourth of july, it's the kickoff to the summer party season, picnic season, and all these foods speak to fun and celebration and foods of the season. starting out with my jack's picnic punch. i love this. you can make it by the pitcher, 12 ounces of cranberry juices, to that, 8 ounces of lemonade. that's an alcohol-free drink. then for this one, i'm going to add 12 ounces of jack daniels tennessee whiskey, so that goes in. >> 12 ounces. >> this is a whole pitcher. that makes quite a bit of cocktail. that goes in just like that. >> that's for one person, right? >> no, actually, it's for many, a whole party. i will pour that over ice, and finally a squeeze of fresh lime. there it is, jack's picnic punch. >> and this is appropriate for anytime. >> any team through
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>> that's good. >> then star-spangled salad. two points of trstrawberries, blueberries and pearl mozzarella, and strawberry poppy seed dressing. and top it with an a little basil. >> that looks beautiful. >> then we have my firecracker corn. what i love about this, co cornn season. four ears of cooked corn. >> do i get to -- >> you want to stir? >> yeah. >> to that i'm going to put in a quarter cup of fat-free yogurt. >> do i have to do fat-free? >> no, you can have whatever you want. you have the sweetness of the cream, the creaminess of this yogurt, maybe just a little bit more, kendis in there, and you don't have to be exacting on this thing. put it in there. i love this. this is the flavors that go together. the
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firecracker, so i kick it up with a couple dashes, chipotle pepper. >> spice. >> the sweet, the creaminess and heat all together and it's delicious. great food of the season. >> looks good. >> your fans will love that. >> there's a lot of -- a lot of cream in that. >> add some more corn or kick. >> and my burger, ried, white ad blue, catsup, mustard, for blue, you take a little food color and get the blue. i love this dessert, pound cake brushed with butter, grilled on each side a couple minutes. and then on top of it a pound of cherries, pitted, because it's the season to, cherries are coming in. and then i add a little
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little jack daniels. >> jack on top of that. >> with the cherries. so you make the cherries ahead of time. a little jack daniels. let it soak up a couple hours and pour it over your pound cake, and you have a sweet ending and it's delicious. >> like the fourth of july is when we display our beach body. >> yes. >> so what do we survive at this point? >> with this wonderful light salad all fresh and good. the corn that i used my fat-free yogurt, that's good. and then lighten up on the burgers, you can have the sliders, maybe cut back there. but don't cut back on dessert. it's a party. it's a summer celebration. >> it's america's birthday. we fought for this right. >> we did. independent. >> thank you. tim leer. and if you want the food and drink recipes, go to our facebook page, wwn
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happy fourth. >> cheers! >> salute! ♪ if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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♪ it is time for "this happened." >> this happened. it happened. >> it did happen. >> we're going to start in india, where this looks a little crazy. this is a world record. sun deep sing. >> check ou the basketball. >> has the world record for the longest duration spinning a basketball on a toothbrush. >> he went for 53 seconds. want to know what the previous record was? >> oh, yeah. >> 6.84. >> so he just like -- >> he did pretty well. >> dominated it. >> did pretty well, but i think we can do better. >> you got to love his squad. those are squad goals. ready? lean back more. lean back, lean back. here we go. you got one
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all right. >> did we do it? >> did it work? >> i don't think we broke the record. but we gave it a good try. on to someone else who may have broken a record as well. nothing official here, but check out this traveler in china. she has so many cardboard boxes on her motor scooter, she actually had to lie down across the top of it in order to ride the scooter, if you can even call it that. check out her legs dangling off the back. they're nowhere near the scooter where they should be. >> i like her form though. >> she's going kind of fast. >> it is kind of tough when you get to the home depot and you have more products than you can take home. >> it was on sale, i mean, it's not her fault. >> you have to get the extra cardboard. >> so you're very proud. you've just caught your first fish perhaps. >> uh-huh. >> it's huge, big, big fish. take a look at this. this is in the czech
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>> you can understand why he's like, very, very proud there. >> he wants to show it off. >> but it was like no, no, not today. not today satan. >> get it, get it. jump in. >> no, he's gone. >> fish-1, fisherman. >> 0. so much for that being dinner. he was quite embarrassed, i'd say, by that. >> i've never been fishing. >> i went fishing once. >> and, is this how it worked out? >> i went fishing with robin meade who works at cnn. did the fish, caught it, and i'm reeling it in, and then the fish is going all over the place, so i start running away from the fish. >> you were scared of a fish that you caught on the end of your own line? >> yes, but i kept the line and i kept the rod in my hand. >> please tell me there's video of this. >> i think robin might have it somewhere. >> world new the now
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. this morning on "world news now," stricter security for all flights entering the united states. >> the message that homeland security is sending to the world. tighten up. the new regulations could cause delays, but it could also keep laptops have interesti laptops from having to be checked. and the race to 2020 is on with president trump holding a fundraiser for his reelection campaign. but it remains to be seen whether the health care bill will fall through. and a prank meant to get more views on youtube kills. police charging a pregnant 19-year-old with manslaughter after shooting the father of her children through a book that was meant to stop the bullet. the dangerous stunt apparently all for fame. and


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