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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 3, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump enters a very busy week amid a cloud of controversy. a video he posted is drawing harsh criticism about attacks on the media. this as the president gets set for another overseas trip. also, government shutdowns in several states as millions try to enjoy the holiday and growing acker against new jersey's governor after he hit the beach when everyone else was kept off it. caught on camera, an emergency on the runway as a plane's engine bursts into flames. see why passengers are thanking the crew this morning. and a battle on the beach. man versus hammerhead shark. the catch of a lifetime a t
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i think i would let the hammerhead win. >> we begin with president trump ignoring krit stichl on his assault on the media. he. a doctored video could trigger violence.
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security adviser tom bossert defending the president. you're in charge of homeland security. that seems like a threat. >> i think that no one would perceive that as a threat. >> reporter: cnn issued a statement saying it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. clearly sarah huckabee sanders lied when she said the president had never done so. sanders spoke thursday. >> the president in no way form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence. if anything, quite the contrary. >> the president's hometown tabloids having a field day. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm
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not. we won and they lost. >> reporter: team trump depl deploying another tactic launching a weekly e-mail newsletter called the real news report highlights items they feel didn't get proper coverage. nick and diane. >> abc's emily rau live from washington. president trump was still making calls to undecided senators in hopes of passing the health care bill, an aide says but made it clear a repeal only bill is still on option. over the weekend the president suggested in a tweet that obamacare be repealed right away and replaced later. some conservatives have endorsed that plan but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's sticking with the original bill. thousands of protesters across the country are calling for president trump to be kicked out of office. impeachment rallies held yesterday in dozens of cities from los angeles to new york. right outside trump tower. the
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president obstructed justice and violated the constitution. small groups of trump supporters held counterprotest. a week of nationwide celebrations with u.s. and iraqi forces set to clinch a major victory against isis. after eight months of deadly battles coalition forces are on the vefrj of taking back iraq's second largest city and even regained control of what's left of the city's most important mosque. but thousands of civilians are still trapped inside. meanwhile, democratic forces are slowly retaking a major isis hold-out in syria. nearly 1,000 troops have joined in the fight for ra kwchlth qah. damascus was rocked by a rare and deadly suicide bombing. security forces have been chasing three cars loaded with explosives intercepting and destroying two of them but as they closed in on the third, the bomber on board
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killing at least 18 people and wounding dozens of others. it was the first day back to work following a major muslim holiday. back at home during the extended fourth of july holiday weekend budget battles forced partial shutdowns in maine and new jersey. in addition to government offices shut down state parks and beaches are closed on one of the busiest summer weekends of the year. but those closed signs apparently don't apply to the governor of new jersey. aerial governors caught him enjoying family time. he even reportedly managed to avoid traffic by arriving on a state police helicopter. on saturday christie told reporters the state provided beach house where he and his family stayed is actually separate from the park. the fourth of july weekend is turning into another violent one for chicago. at least four people are dead and nearly 50 others injured in shootings across the city. the son of a cook county judge is among the victims. more police are on the streets this year. last year's holid
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ended with 66 shootings. in pennsylvania, a suspect is charged in the road rage murder of a college-bound teen. david desper turned himself in after a nationwide manhunt. a barrage of tips from the public led them to a red pickup truck and the alleged gun used in the fatal shooting of bianca roberson, a.40-caliber handgun and ammunition was found at the suspect's home. >> the round recovered from her was reviewed by a forensic ballistics expert who told us that that round came from a.40-caliber smith & wesson semiautomatic handgun. >> he is charged with first and third degree murder. police say there is no indication that this was a hate crime. roberson's father says she wanted to study forensics for a career in law. now for a look at your weather. it should be muc
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northern new england after a weekend of wild weather there. waterspout and at least three tornadoes occurred in maine. that's more twisters than the state usually sees in a year. there was also some wind damage and flash flooding in northern new hampshire. several severe storms in the southwest as well, hard hitting hail formed a river of ice and water in new mexico. the hailstones were an inch or even two in diameter. you can see the rushing waters coming in, as well. flooding in the area. >> there has been a setback for spacex. its satellite launched from the kennedy space center was scrubbed ten seconds before launch. apparent think there was a problem with the rock a guidance and navigation system. the computer aborted the launch. it would have been their third launch in just nine days. and still ahead, the engine fire on board an airliner. no video just in. plus
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house in pennsylvania was blown to pieces. what investigators are saying this morning. and the man accused of kidnapping a female student at one of the country's largest universities, he is set for a court appearance as the search for the woman continues.
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this was the scene yesterday in hollywood after a water main burst right under the street. crews are still trying to fix it. no word on how long those repairs could take. authorities still don't know what caused that pipe to burst. a home explosion in pennsylvania has killed a utility worker. three others were also injured in the blast which rocked the neighborhood in lancaster coun.
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critical condition. authorities say the workers were trying to repair a gas leak. the house was leveled and four overs nearby severely damaged. the woman inside the home escaped before the blast. investigators are trying to determine what caused an amtrak train derailment south of tacoma in washington state. more than 260 passengers were on that train when four cars derailed sunday afternoon. fortunately only minor injuries were reported. the train derailed near the chambers golf course the site of the 2015 u.s. open. and an investigation is under way after a jet engine burst into flames on a runway at denver international airport. the commuter flight was taxiing after arriving from aspen when it experienced engine problems. all 59 passengers and 4 crew members were safely removed. an emergency crew then rushed to the scene and quickly put out that fire. no injuries reported. and samsung's ill-fated galaxy note 7 phone is going back on sale this friday.
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>> a refurbished version of the device will only be available in south korea and will use different batteries than those that caught fire. for samsung to recall about 3 million note 7 phones, the note 8, by the way, is expected later this year. and when we come back, big trouble stemming from a disastrous attempt to stage a music festival. wimbledon is getting under way. we have details on who to watch coming up. (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. more than a dozen people are reported dead in the severe flooding in southern china. the region has had very heavy rain for more than a week and there is more in the forecast. rivers are at above record levels. in this country drivers should be looking out for flooding in the center of the country this morning. roads will also be wet at times all the way to the
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and if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in kansas city, memphis and charlotte. we're learning new details about the disappearance of a chinese scholar at the university of illinois. >> authorities say the suspect charged with kidnapping the woman recently visited a fetish website that hosted an abduction 101 for rum. abc's alex perez has more. >> reporter: 28-year-old brendt christensen is set to appear in federal court charged with kidnapping university of illinois college student yingying zhang who had recently moved to the united states, was last seen three weeks ago in this surveillance video from june 9th getting into christensen, a stranger's car. investigators believe she accepted the ride because she was running late for an appointment to sign a lease. but never showed up. according to a complaint, after first saying he did not recall his whereabouts on the day she disappeared the fbi said christensen later told them he offered her a ride but
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when he said he made a wrong turn. investigators have not yet found the graduate student's body. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> the promoter of the disastrous fire music festival is out on bail after being charged with fraud. billy mcfarland is accused of using fake documents to trick investors out of millions. the fyre festival promised live music, luxury accommodations in the bahamas and a chance to mingle with celebrities. but headliners pulled out and ticket holders were given cheese sandwiches and put up in tents. and the third major tennis tournament of the year, wimbledon is getting under way today in london. >> andy murray is the number one seed on the men's side. the top ranked woman this year is angelique kerber of germany. now, the defending ladies champion is serena williams but she's not playing because she's pregnant. her sister venus is the highest ranked american woman.
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rosters have just been announced. aaron judge of the yankees was the top vote getter in the american league. >> and bryce harper of the national received the most votes from fans overall. last night he proved why. let's get some baseball highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. good morning, utica. john bouchard grogs and kennen connors. begin with bryce harper. going yard. >> as american as apple pie and titanic home runs sunday night baseball as seen on espn against the cardinals. top one, he's headed to his fifth all-star game and she's a goner. 19th homer of the year. two-run shot but he was just getting started. brush through that hair between the first and third inning and then whatever he did paid off. third multihome run game of the season, 13th of his career came off carlos martinez, a name brand who is headed to the all-star game himself. nationals
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in the n.l., mookie betts is starting to get going for the red sox. they were in toronto sunday and betts, yard, what a game. for mookie betts. two home run, that one was 15 feet off the ground. he finished with 8 rbis. only mookie betts and nomar garciaparra, only red sox players to have two career eight rbi games. >> all right. highlights from our guys at espn, thank you, guys. up next in "the pulse," the world's greatest competitor eaters are ready to weigh in and stare down the competition ahead of tomorrow's big hot dog eating contest. a diver's close call with a whale. he got a lot closer than he ever thought he would. and on our facebook page, find out why ryan lochte says his suspension from swimming made him a better man. that's coming up on, check it out.
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gluttonous of american traditions, the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island, new york. now, all the competitors who will take part tomorrow will weigh in today. very important. >> and the big favorite among the men is defending champion joey "jaws" chestnut. he won last year by eating 70, 7-0 hot dogs and buns in ten minute. >> you hungry now? >> no. >> the woman's side mickey suit to is back to defend her title. she won the competition three years in a row, by the way but sonia aka the black widow is expected to be her top competition. big, big competition. >> how do they know who -- i mean -- >> because they train for this. >> they train. >> yeah. >> "then" people keep an eye on how they're doing. >> it's quite odd. >> it's big time. >> it's gluttonous. but it works for the holiday. i'm not really a big hot dog fan. >> i guess you w
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competition then. >> i'd be terrible at it. moving on there was some competition between a man and a shark off the coast of florida's panhandle just this past weekend. >> yes, so that's a hammerhead being reeled in very slowly by a fisherman. the fisherman is the man standing in the water. can't imagine why he's the only one in the water. at one point he actually grabs the shark by the tail and then eventually he does lose control of it. >> but eventually the fisherman is triumphant and the shark reportedly was then released and allowed to swim away. >> you first. >> well, i saw a baby -- i live in los angeles, i saw a baby great white a couple of weeks ago on the beach with my kids. they are coming in in bigger numbers to have their kids, to hang out, to feed and they're right off the coast and they're in ten feet of water right where -- >> did you react very calmly to all of this. >> it actually looked darn i didn't know at first what
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gone. >> were you in the water. >> i was sort of paddling. but they're little but i mean southern california is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. they're not fished for in those waters. they're perfect wears for them. they're warm for the food. >> here's another place with a lot of sharksment a diver off of coast of australia was given a friendly nudge luckily not by a shark but by two whales. >> boating in the waters off tasmania when he encountered two whales the. >> boat stopped hoping to get a closer view and
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