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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 4, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the president gears up for another overseas trip of and while president trump complains on twitter about the media ignoring his self-proclaimed economic achievements at home, his tweeting habits are influencing the rest of the world, global leaders weighing in. and breaking news that north korea has launched another missile. it's an issue that's sure to be discussed at the summit this week as the u.s. and its allies work toward a solution. and newly released video of a bizarre arrest. a naked man on a train with a pesticide sprayer, slapping the cop in the face before
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the warm jolt of a police taser. and new jersey has psed its state budget, clearing the way for beaches to be open today. and governor chris christie is speaking out about the so-called beach gate photos after the internet had a field day or beach day, you could say on this tuesday, fourth of july. from abc news, this is "world news now." happy fourth of july, everybody. >> happy, happy! >> happy birthday, america! >> yeah! >> is this your favorite holiday? >> i do like this holiday, and i volunteer to work. it's my patriotic duty to work and let kendis enjoy it in canada, which makes no sense. >> we'll start off this half hour with president trump working the phones ahead of his upcoming trip to you knoeurope. >> the president returned to celebrate at the white house,
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european allies discussing migration and trade before this week's g-20 summit where he'll also meet with russian president putin. but here at home, the president is still facing backlash for tweeting an explosive video targeting the media. abc has the latest. >> reporter: in the midst of controversy over some of his tweets being quote, beneath the office. president trump will soon be back on the world stage, representing the united states. making calls to the leaders of france, italy and germany's chan chancellor angela merkel. she was asked about the president's latest move, sparking backlash. the video showing him body slamming a man with cnn's logo over his face. in german, i continue to be against violent demonstrations of
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both leaders are preparing for the summit in hamburg, germany. while there, trump is set to meet face-to-face with vladimir putin. as the hacking in the election continues to dominate news in washington, it has repeatedly been labeled a hoax by trump. it remains to be seen what the two leaders will discuss. >> i would say that if there was an opportunity, the president would recognize we have an extremely low point relationship. >> reporter: the last time trump met with russian officials was the day after he fired james comey, captured in pictures from russian media laughing in the oval office while the american press were kept off. the white house homeland security adviser. >> he should also take opportunities to partner with them in ways that help us defeat isis and prevent the syrians from using chemical weapons. >> reporter: he will deal with a number of issues including
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twitter back here at home. we're following breaking news from the korean peninsula where north korea has apparently fired another missile. it flew for 37 minutes before landing in the sea of japan. there was no reported damage to aircraft or ships. u.s. military officials say the missile posed no threat to north america. president trump fired off two successive tweets saying it's hard to believe south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. meanwhile, the fight for mosul appears to be in its final stages, with u.s.-backed iraqi forces on the brink of a major victory against isis. some militants are digging in, but some are beginning to emerge. many are starving, wounded and so traumatized, they need to be
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united nations is already providing emergency aid to fleeing residents in nearbied humanitarian camps. and a taxi crash at logan airport appears to be an accident. ten were injured when it jumped curb. all of the injured were cabdrivers sitting outside their vehicles in a waiting area. the out of control taxi, a 56-year-old man hate the gas instead of the brake. >> he's been cooperative with us. does not appear to be any indication of an intention act but more of a trajic accident. >> and no history of violations for the driver, other cabbies say the man is quiet and friendly. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. on the west coast, a man who tried to steal a helicopter is dead. he ordered a flightns
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chopper. police arrived before he could ta t police. the two passengers were not injured. the man's motive is not known. but our moist bizarre transportation crime happened in houston. a naked man, wielding a stolen pesticide sprayer hopped on board a commuter train. when police officers approached him, he allegedly sprayed them in the face and slapped one of the officers, the cops tased and arrested him. this happened a moptd ago, but the video just surfaced. the officers are praised for restraint. and we have details on the deadly shooting at a new york city hospital. the semi-automatic rifle used in the attack was quote, lawfully transferred to the killer. new york state bans the sale of virtual virtually all assault rifles. governor cuomo's office has not commented on the sale of that
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weapon. and new jersey and chris christie have struck a deal, that's after christie and his family were spotted enjoying the sus sunshine on a beach that he had closed to the public. it sparked fierce criticism, but he appeared unapologetic. >> reporter: it's the ultimate sul summer bummer. >> all 40 state parks are closed. >> reporter: closed but not for governor chris christie who had island beach state park to himself, basking with his family on acres of empty sand. >> the governor has a residence at island beach. that's the way it goes, run for governor and you can have the residence. >> reporter: christie had told reporters his family was leddheg to the beach but was implying that he was working hard. >> i didn't get any sun da
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local newspaper hired a plane to fly over island beach and snap those photos. when confronted, the governor's spokesperson insisted he did not get any sun because he had a baseball cap on. but here on the jersey shore, they're not buying it. the front pafrnl tge of the sta length ear ledger. when you see this picture -- >> i think it's awful. that just shows that he doesn't care about the people. >> reporter: you voted for governor christie twice. >> twice. >> reporter: even the lieutenant governor piling on. >> it's beyond words, insensitive to the people who can't use the park. >> reporter: his approval rating just 15%. still, he was defiant. >> oh, my god, what a scandal. he actually was
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>> you can understand why a lot of people are upset. they wanted to do what you were doing, and they can't. >> i'm sorry, they're not the governor. >> reporter: spotted off the beach, this banner, tell governor christie get the hell off island state park beach. >> he's not running for reelection. if he was, i don't think he would have reacted, christie, in quite that manner, brazen, unapologetic. >> i actually think he would have. that is trademark krchris christie. that's our residence. we are allowed to go there, and we didn't ask for any government services. so as far as he's concerned, he says they didn't do anything wrong. but of course there are a lot of people who disagree with that. and some of them have taken a pretty funny approach to it, which of course then we have to explore. so shall we -- here's governor christie on a
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normandy. >> okay. >> and lunchs going out for lunch time. >> the shorts are unfortunate, i've got to say. >> all right, well, let's sweeten it up then with a box of chocolate, shall we? >> that's a good one. i think that might be my favorite so far. >> wait for it, that might win. that's an author. and it was his book that christie was pictured reading. he writes, i think i'm the only one in america not mad at chris christie. >> and that pixelation was -- any way, that was brad thor. we did not do the pixelation. we were not saving his modesty. >> that was brad thor who blurred out the governor. but anyway, lots of people having some fun, lots of people angry, chris christie adamant that he did nothing wrong. beach gate continues. le if you're nfl running
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- in a charity soccer match in see aattle. >> he's wearing flip-flops many he didn't raid tead the memo th you're not supposed to touch the ball with your hands. >> he got a red card which lynch tossed away. >> also not really lou how it w. >> coming up, a crash landing. the frightening moment the hot air balloon filled with tourists lands in a gator-infested florida pond. and watch a plus-sized model confront the man she says goobo shamed her on a flight. you're watching "world news now."
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right behind you! >> it was all fun and games until wild monkeys start chasing the family. well, that's what happened at this state park in ocala, florida. about 200 reeses monkeys roam free, and they weren't big fans of the ramsey family encroaching on their territory. the monkeys start chasing the family. luckily, we can laugh about it now because no one got hurt. but this has actually happened to people before with the same kind of monkey, and i am traumatized. and also near orlando's disney world, a sightseeing balloon ride turned chaotic when an unexpected landing occurred. >> reporter: a hot air balloon flight coming to a scary and soggy end. >> all right, folks, we're going to get a little wet, sorry about that. >> reporter: in orlando this morning. a bal
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makes an emergency splashdown. the company says a routine landing went awry when the wind shifted, forcing the piloted to make a tough choice, collide with nearby power lines or go down in the water. [ screaming ] as the basket sinks, passengers, including three children, one just 8 years old scramble ashore in alligator-infested waters. no one was hurt. the company says we are relieved certain okay but know this is not the fantastic experience they were looking for. this comes one year after a balloon hit power lines in lockhart, texas. the balloon company says their p pilot has 2,000 hours of experience. that experience made all the difference. the faa is now investigating. clayton sand
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denver. and coming up in our next half hour. the toddlers are facing as millions of americans take a dip in swimming pools this holiday. first, see what happens when a woman confronts a man texting someone about letter weight. ett. . . . .
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now to the
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speaking out after taking on the man who she says body shamed her while sitting next to her on a flight. >> now that confrontation and herm her message are resonating with a lot of people. >> you know nothing about me by the size of my body. >> reporter: watch and listen as natalie hay confronts the man she says body shamed her on a recent flight. >> my body is none of your business. the. >> reporter: it all started when she boarded an american airlines flight last week, taking her seat in the middle of an exit row. >> i notice immediately that the man to my left at the window was huffing and sighing incredibly loud. >> reporter: that's when natalie pulled out her phone, capturing the man texting jokes about her weight. >> the person he talked to, hopefully she hasn't eaten any mexican food. and he said it looks like she
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ate a whole mexican. >> reporter: she posted that for her 118,000 social media followers many s followers. she worked up the courage to confront the man. >> before we took off, you were sending really horrible text messages about me to somebody. >> no, i wasn't. >> i have photos, yes, you were. en i saw the whole thing. you have no idea who you hurt with those kinds of things. >> reporter: but his apology quickly turns accusatory. >> in fairness, you probably shouldn't be sitting in the exit row seat. when they ask you, are you willing and capable to assist people in getting off the plane in an emergency, do you honestly think you are? >> wait a minute, the drunk man is telling me i'll nm not capabf helping people? >> reporter: she purposely did not record the man's face in the now viral video. >> i didn't want to start a
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bashing this guy's looks, anything likethat. >> don't ever treat anybody like that again. you don't know anything about me. >> you'rane absolutely right. >> reporter: she posted, this is a fat person's daily reality, and not just on a plane, and hopes others with similar experiences know they are not alone. >> people see you as less of a person because you are more of a person. you are worth being treated like a human being. >> reporter: mara scoff campo, abc news, new york. >> i love that she plucked up the courage to talk to him. >> and she didn't show his face. she just wanted to bring attention. >> he asked her out for dinner. >> she said no. but people are also pointing out that photographing someone's text messages could be an invasion of privacy, so that's fueling a whole other side to this debate, but
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surprisingly calm under the circumstances. >> she was calm. she was brave, maybe people learn a lesson. >> watch out what you text. coming up, one guy shows us how not to build his resume.
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(colonial penn jingle) ♪ all right, time for "the mix". and we start with the category of why didn't i think of that? three words. google, mad libs, resume. i bring you aaron giles. who decided to update his resume by letting google complete the sentences. and so he says, his date of birth, i was born to love you. also noted that he is good at nothing. his poor competencies include his belief that the children are our future. >> hang on,
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wolf. i don't know how that happens on google. >> his experience includes being the chosen one, and he's trained in gorilla, g-o-r-i-l-l-a warfare. >> please hire me, i need money so i can purchase apps on my iphone. that's probably the most honest part. >> he didn't get the job. >> we're a hiring him here. he's starting next week. >> we would love to hire you. >> thanks very much. >> points for creativity. next we're moving on to a much more inspiring story. this kid on reddit can play a song by toto "hold the line." >> like this. ♪ love isn't always on time >> what? >> with his toes. >> that's incredible. >> with his toes. and somebody earlier was making the bad joke, toe-toe is the band.
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purpose? >> no, i think it was a bad joke. >> which is why you chose to repeat it. all right, on to a driver also winning points for creativity. when you're trying to parallel park you get bumped by other cars in a busy city. one guy found a creative solution. he's taking all four parking spots. >> if i was allowed to curse on air i would. look at that, four spaces, and he's claiming it's because he spent hundreds of pounds, hundreds dollars on his car, which means like a 10 year old. >> big time, he's got to protect that baby. >> it's not like it's a ferrari. >> they said tell him to get insurance, one that candles vandalism. and a beetle called spike from japan i believe, that is an ar
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i don't know, mandibles, pencils, pens,
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breaking news, north korea has fired a missile. this comes as the world's most powerful leaders gather. is this a cry for attention or proof of progress. a new report paints the pope's charity hospital in a terrible light, charging that the hospital is more concerned with profit the than caring for kids in need. and the latest in the search for a grad student feared murdered. >> the suspect appeared in court. we'll have the full story ahead. and say it ain't so. is robert downey jr. talking about saying good-bye to his role as iron man? hear why he says it might be time to hang up that super suit, coming up in "the skinny," on thisue


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