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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 9, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, mission accomplished. president trump back home overnight after his high-stakes meeting at the g20 summit. >> i know that we'll have eventually success. >> as we learn russian president vladimir putin's take on their first face-to-face, plus the new revelations about a past meeting involving the trump campaign and a russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin. on vacation, the young american attacked during a bar brawl in greece. suspects now taken into custody. >> we don't have the full story yet and that's the most frustrating part. >> friends of this recent college graduate searching for answers this morning. acrobat's acci
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music festival goes horribly wrong. some in the crowd shocked when the band green day takes the stage after only a short delay. what the band is saying. this morning. the battle out west to bring the flames under control. young campers rushed to safety. >> walk, walk. >> will firefighters get a break from the record-breaking temperatures? good sunday morning. by the way, dang, it was great to see you anchoring "world news." >> oh, thank you. >> always great to see you in that chair. welcome to the show, everybody. president trump waking up after his busy three-day trip, the second international trip of his presidency. >> here he is arriving home overnight. first lady melania trump by his side. during the g20 summit over
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germany, he met with all sorts of foreign leaders from great britain to china, but it is russia dominating the headlines yet again this morning. >> a new meeting between members of team trump and a russian national now coming to light. abc news has learned that during the campaign, donald trump jr. and jared kushner met with a russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin. >> meanwhile, the russian president vladimir putin now speaking out about his face-to-face meeting with trump insisting that trump seemed to accept his denials of russian election meddling. and president trump tweeting this morning, saying, i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it. i've already given my opinion. >> george is standing by with analysis but we're going to start here with abc's seen choir white house correspondent cecilia vega who is in hamburg, germany, for us where the g20 summit took place. cecilia, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning to you. you know, white house aides are calling this trip a huge success for the president and really it was a chance for him to escape some of that chaos back home in
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washington, but while he was in the air on air force one on his way home, another russia story broke. overnight president trump and the first lady landing back in washington, and greeting them upon their arrival, another russia headline. "the new york times" reporting that the president's son don jr., his son-in-law jared kushner and former campaign chairman paul manafort met with a russian lawyer who has ties to the kremlin during a meeting at trump tower. that previously undisclosed meeting happening at the height of the campaign, just two weeks after the president won his party's nomination. in a statement don jr. tells abc news an acquaintance asked him to attend the meeting and that it was primarily about an adoption program. a source familiar with the meeting says the campaign was not discussed. as for that other meeting, vladimir putin now discussing his side of what happened behind closed doors. the russian president saying, quote, trump on tv is very, very different from the trump in person.
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in that meeting he says the president pressed him repeatedly about russia's election meddling. he denied the allegation and said president trump accepted that saying it seemed to me that he took it into account and agreed. the white house not publicly disputing russia's claim. in another high stakes meeting president trump talking north korea with china's xi jinping. >> and we will have eventually success, may take longer than i'd like, may take longer than you'd like, but there will be success in the end one way or the other. >> reporter: the administration growing increasingly frustrated with china's refusal to take a harder line on pyongyang, especially in the wake of last week's successful intercontinental ballistic missile test. now, a major point of contention between president trump and many of the world leaders here at the g20, his decision to pull out of the paris climate accords.
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was the only country in this entire summit to not sign on to a climate change resolution, but, again, dan and paula, the white house is chalking this trip up to a big win for president trump. he has another foreign trip in a couple of days and heads to france to celebrate bastille day with the new french president. >> cecilia, thank you very much. let's bring in our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos, who is going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning, guys. >> let's start with the meeting between members of the trump inner circle and this russian lawyer. do you see any significance here? at.well, a coming things about number one, we know up until through the election president trump was denying any contacts with any russians in his campaign all through the campaign saying absolutely not. this meeting proves that isn't true. i'm sorry, i'm dropping my glasses. that meeting moves that's not true. on top of some other meetings we've learned about since so that denial is off the table right now. still no evidence of collusion but we do know this russian lawyer had been opposed to u.s. sanctions on russia and is very close to the kremlin.
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>> and putin, he spoke with russian media and said trump seemed to accept his denials of russian hacking in the election and the white house refused to refute this. what do you make of this? >> it's complicated. number one, secretary of state tillerson came out and basically said the president pressed this then we agreed to move on to focus on other issue, so it does appear that the bottom line here is that these two sides agreed to disagree at best over this issue, over russian interference and it appears now at least that the united states is not contemplating even though they haven't said that more sanctions for this russian interference. instead they've set up this joint group to work on cyberhacking, but that's one of the questions i want to put this morning to treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> the other thing you may want to talk to mnuchin about congress is returning from the july 4th break. what's the state of play when it comes to repealing and replacing obamacare and what impact does this have on the rest of the trump agenda including cutting taxes? >> it does seem like the effort to repeal obamacare lost steam over the july 4th recess.
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senators get pummeled back home by constituents, those who are supporting the repeal not as vocal over the recess and now you have it looks like at least ten republican senators who are holding off from signing on to the repeal effort. remember, they can only lose two. now we're talking to senator ted cruz this morning who says he has an answer to in that might bring on other republicans. there's a lot of skepticism in the party about that. we'll talk about that but you make another good point. only three weeks until the august recess. the president has not had a major legislative victory going into that recess. that would break tradition with all previous presidents in modern times and they have a lot of big issues on their agenda including tax reform, including the budget, including the debt limit. >> infrastructure. >> infrastructure, as well. that appears not to be going anywhere right now, but the treasury secretary in the middle of all that as well. >> yeah, that august hiatus is imminent. all right, george. thank you. >> thanks. >> great to have you. a reminder, george has a big show this morning as he just
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mentioned. he's going to talk with treasury secretary steven mnuchin and senator ted cruz but plus goes one-on-one with walter shaub as he resigned as the government's top ethics watchdog. that comes up on "this week" with george. >> mandatory sunday viewing. we're going to move on now to what could be a major turning point in the fight against isis. >> u.s.-backed iraqi forces are edging ever closer to recapturing the key iraqi city of mosul, and abc's ian pannell recently spent time on the front lines and joins us from erbil. >> reporter: paula, dan, iraqi troops now say they've just got a few hundred yards left and then this battle is done. in fact, they say that isis now controls less than half a square mile of mosul. but with civilians trapped and the terrain tough, the going is a slow as it is dangerous. this morning, isis cornered as iraqi troops close in finally taking back mosul after nearly nine months of all-out war. just look at the devastation. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: we went into the
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heart of the old city on the front lines with iraqi special forces. civilians have suffered the most here. this is almacmed whose family was caught in the cross fire. her husband is dead and this is what remains of the family home. this was the bedroom of the young girl. she is only 15. this is literally the roof of the house that's come in. when the rocket struck and there were fragments of the rocket around the house. delau lost a hand in the fighting, but she's strong, now planning to teach children denied education by isis. her sister was shot seven times. it's a miracle she's alive. you can see here very clearly where she's been shot a number of times. but she needs eye surgery and there is no money to pay for it. their mother shows you the holes in her home isis forced her to make. and if they didn't, they'd be killed. we look over there. you can see a pretty distinct hole over there that's been bashed through the wall. easily enough space for a man
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leading through to the neighbor's house that's now been blocked off, but you can again see another hole there. after months of intense fighting victory is close at hand. a moment to celebrate before the rebuilding starts. so, isis is down, yes, out, no. what we're likely to see is that the militants evolve back to their old guerrilla tactics, the difference being that they now have an international reach that stretches from here to europe to america, and that has u.s. counterterrorism chiefs concerned. paula, dan. >> yeah, that international reach is the big concern. ian, thank you for your extraordinary reporting this morning. and friends of an american tourist beaten to death while on vacation in the greek islands are speaking out this morning. >> abc's kenneth moton is in the victim's hometown of austin, texas, with more on how this recent college graduate is being remembered. good morning to you, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. family and friends of bakari henderson here in austin have of this they say they're
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their heads around this senseless killing. the men arrested in connection with the brutal beating death of a young american in greece hauled into court covered their faces. >> we don't have the full story yet and that's the most frustrating part. >> reporter: the childhood friends of 22-year-old bakari henderson, grappling with the loss. >> such a fun-loving person and just so easy-going, and so many people just loved him. so it was hard to believe. >> reporter: the recent university of arizona grad from austin already an avid world traveler. on vacation in zakynthos, an island hot spot for night life. police say 3:00 a.m. friday a drunken bar brawl broke out at this sports bar. it was henderson against at least eight men. >> bakari was not one to act aggressively like that. he was not one to be in that situation. he was always the one that was the peacemaker. >> reporter: the suspects, a bouncer, a bartender and six serbian tourists taken into custody.
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investigators say the deadly beating caught on surveillance cameras. >> the right thing we need to do is just remember the really positive memories we've had with him and i mean obviously everyone wants answers and wants people to pay for what they did. >> reporter: henderson just starting his life. his friends say he wanted his own business. >> he was a big thinker. he loved big ideas, and he was going to do a lot of great things. >> reporter: now they've set up a go fund me page. >> he's like part of our family. that's why, you know, when something happens like that to your family, you have to step in and you have to do something to help. >> reporter: henderson's family too upset to speak on camera say he lived life to the fullest. in greece bar owners in that area told abc news that the bouncer who was arrested was known for getting into fights and they banned him. results of an autopsy on henderson are expected to be released in the next two days, dan and paula. >> just incredibly sad. kenneth, thank you. we're going to turn now to
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penn state facing charges after the death of a pledge during an alleged hazing incident. >> tomorrow the young men will be in court where they will once again come face-to-face with the victim's parents, and abc's eva pilgrim has been covering the story and is here with the latest for us this morning. good morning to you, eva. >> reporter: good morning. this hearing so far has been tough for timothy piazza's family. tomorrow they will once again be sitting feet away from the men they say didn't do enough to save their son. 18 former penn state fraternity brothers will be back in court tomorrow morning facing charges in the death of a sophomore pledge. a judge to decide whether there is enough evidence for this case to go to trial. >> i observed the defendants, men kidding, back slapping, joking and acting as though they were at a fraternity reunion. >> reporter: 19-year-old tim piazza died in february after falling head first down the stairs of the beta theta pi fraternity house during an alleged alcohol-fueled hazing ritual. the fraternity brothers are
8:14 am
accused of waiting nearly 12 hours before calling for help. >> we have a friend who's unconscious, he's -- hasn't moved, and he's probably going to need an ambulance. >> reporter: prosecutors say the fraternity brothers waited to get piazza help in an attempt to cover up their drinking and coordinate a story. >> i don't know where their conscience was, where the voice in the back of their head was, saying he's hurt, i got to do the right thing. i don't understand how they could be so heartless and inhumane. >> reporter: a key piece of evidence in this case, surveillance video from inside the house. prosecutors already showing parts of that video in open court. >> that footage is gruesome. it is remarkably barbaric what was done to this young man and they made a decision that they were not going to see that particular footage. >> reporter: but defense lawyers saying while this death was a tragedy, the video does not show
8:15 am
>> i don't see how anybody could be charged with the knowledge that this was anything more than a frat brother who had too much to drink. >> reporter: the university saying they plan decisive action and reforms. piazza's family saying they plan to do everything they can to make sure this doesn't happen to any other family ever again. >> yeah, they've taken this on as a major cause. eva, thank you. >> it's got to be so hard for them to sit in the courtroom and hear that. now to the dangerous situation out west where more than 40 large wildfires are raging. >> triple-digit temperatures threatening to make things even worse. rob is standing by with your forecast but let's go first to abc's marci gonzalez who is in santa barbara county with the latest. >> reporter: hi, dan, paula. you can see some spots still smoldering in this area ravaged by flames. this grill is just about the only recognizable thing left of this building. the house behind it, burned to its foundation. this is just a part of the destruction as fire crews start
8:16 am
another busy day. overnight firefighters battling fast-moving wildfires across the west. hundreds of people forced to evacuate. the flames spreading dangerously close to homes and in santa barbara county, california, surround this summer camp. dozens of children trapped inside. the only way out lined with smoldering brush and trees. the campers finally evacuated. some of them in tears. >> scary? >> yes, it was scary. >> walk, walk. >> reporter: boarded on to buses to safety. farther up the road this sheriff's office vehicle destroyed. the whittier fire quickly scorching several thousand acres in just a few hours. helicopters dropping water onto the flames while fire crews here on the ground keep a close watch making sure the wind doesn't shift. and these flames don't jump to the other side of this highway. across the west, more than 40 other wildfires burning this
8:17 am
morning fueled by dry brush and triple-digit temperatures. and no serious injuries from any of these fires. we're told all of the kids from that summer camp are okay. the same for everyone here at this boy scout camp where you see vehicles and more than a dozen buildings were destroyed just a day before campers were set to arrive here. dan and paula. >> just a little bit of good news out there. all right, marci, thanks for your reporting. we want to get things over to rob for the forecast this morning. good morning, rob. >> good morning, guys. >> you know, this is -- we're not even into mid-july and this is the second record-breaking heat wave that the west has seen so just completely baking the landscape which is overgrown with all the rain they had this winter. 112 in woodland hills, a record or tied it. burbank tied a record. l.a., 98 degrees, that broke a record. temperatures should be moderating but still red flag warnings for the sierras, cascades, wasatch, much of utah. hot, dry, windy conditions and temperatures obviously very, very warm although maybe five to ten degrees cooler in the west side. the core of the heat is shifting
8:18 am
over the plains and we'll see temperatures there triple digits >> not even mid-july. july 9th. have a great july 9th. >> it's only downhill from here. thank you, robert. ron, what's going on in the news? >> we're going to begin with breaking news, dan, out of syria where a cease-fire between the syrian government and anti-government rebels has just now gon
8:19 am
the deal brokered between the u.s. and russia announced last week after president trump's meeting with russian president putin. the truce does not include isis militant there is in syria. back here at home a former cia worker is being held without bond in virginia for allegedly selling top secret information to china. prosecutors say the 60-year-old kevin mallory, a former case officer and a contractor, former contractor was caught traveling from shanghai in china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash earlier this year. he's been charged with violating the espionage act. and breaking overnight, a fatal shooting in a home outside of cincinnati, ohio, where neighbors say a family was holding a pregnancy or gender reveal party. at least seven people there were shot. according to our affiliate there in cincinnati, three of them were children. so far one woman reported killed. police have not yet released any information about a suspect in that case. and actor nelsan ellis from the hbo show "true blood" has died. according to his manager, he died saturday from complications of heart failure.
8:20 am
ellis is best known for his portrayal of lafayette reynolds in the hbo series and also in the movie "the butler. nelsan ellis was just 39 years of age. and take a look at this video. a plane floating upside down in a lake near daytona beach, florida. rescue crews there say the pilot was trying to land the amphibious plane when it flipped over. also in the lake rescued the aircraft's two passengers, both expected to be okay. finally a big baseball fan battling kidney disease getting the surprise of his life and it came in the form of a custom baseball card. steve winfrey's wife had a special card made to tell him that she is the matching donor. >> thinks he is a great catch, 4 so she's decided to go to bat for me. now steve will be a rookie recipient of a -- >> and steve and his wife speaking about that to "gma." >> i've been in pain every day so a
8:21 am
years, and then it just came out because at that moment i realized that my wife has just told me that she wants to save my life. >> isn't that great? if all goes well, the surgery will take place at the end of the month. best of luck to them. >> i don't cry on tv but that was almost a moment where i started tearing up. beautiful. >> thank you, ron, for bringing us that. appreciate it. and coming up on "gma," an acrobat falling to his death in front of a stunned crowd at a music festival moments before the band green day takes the stage. we're going to tell you why organizers are under fire this morning. plus, caught on camera, what happened when bounty hunters descended upon a man who police say had no warrants. the man and his family now say they are the victims of a violent assault. we'll show you all the video. and revelations from emma stone. how the academy award winner says she's been able to bridge the gender gap and earn equal pay with her male co-stars. we're right back on a sunday morning. "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. whatever your mood, we've got a bean for you.
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and welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. president trump is back home and tweeting say, he, indeed, pressed vladimir putin about russian meddling and the russian president vehemently denied it as we learn about a past meeting involving donald trump jr., jared kushner and a russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin during the 2016 campaign. also right now the search expanding for a missing university of illinois student. the fbi investigating multiple reports of sightings of yingying zhang in salem, illinois. more than 100 miles from the spot she was last seen back in june. also our weekend kicking off in miami, the mlb showcasing its
8:31 am
new talent at tonight's futures game and after that, hollywood heavy hitters will take to the plate. >> the all-star game is tuesday, a bit of a change this year. we were talking about this in the break. typically one of the big reasons to watch the all-star game, it determined home field advantage in the world series. not anymore. not anymore, folks. >> you're saying there's no reason to watch anymore. >> no, there's always a reason to check. >> just checking. >> home run derby on monday. >> that's right. all right, we're going to turn this half hour to the tragedy, though, at a music festival the moment a stunt went horribly wrong. >> look at this. an acrobat falling to his death in front of thousands of people and now the band green day taking some heat for taking the stage minutes afterward and adrienne is here. you've been covering the story. >> difficult to watch in front of 45,000 people, but event organizers are now facing criticism over what some are calling a controversial decision to let the band play on. this morning, investigators trying to figure out how this happened. acrobat pedro
8:32 am
performing at one of madrid's largest music festivals plummeting 100 feet to his death. >> he plummeted down quicker than anything i've ever seen. >> reporter: thomas pipe was in the audience and witnessed the horrific dent close up. >> i heard a thud on the ground and then screaming ensued and a bit more chaos. >> reporter: in this video you see the daring performer ten stories high dancing and flipping inside a light box. then the drop. in the commotion cameras panned to first responders before the feed is cut from the big screen. festival staff saying it was impossible to save the 42-year-old but the concert didn't stop. some in the crowd shocked as the band green day takes the stage. >> i felt like it should have been addressed by the officials. >> reporter: disappointed fans taking to twitter. one writing horrific scenes tonight. watched a man fall to his death and nothing was said. green day telling abc they didn't know about the accident until after they played
8:33 am
we just got off the stage at mad cool festival to disturbing news. a very brave artist named pedro lost his life here tonight in a tragic accident. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. >> i've never seen anything like that in my life. >> reporter: and organizers in madrid say they paid tribute to the artist but did not stop because it is advisable not to do so to prevent an uncontrolled movement of people. that's 45,000. the promoter saying the festival regrets the terrible accident and sends sincere condolences to his family. just terrible all the way around. >> yeah, they say they were in an impossible position. rienne, thank you. let's check the forecast and get it back to rob. hey, man. >> hi again, guys. lots of the east had thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. some with heavy rain. hendersonville, north carolina, the western part of that state seeing 2 to 3 inches of rainfall falling in a short period of time and that will get the creeks up and over and into the streets and homes in some cases. today we'll see some action, looks like across the northern tier from minneapolis down through waterloo.
8:34 am
just east of des moines, that's where we'll see a slight risk of severe weather. mostly large hail and damaging but can't rule out a tornado. some will have pretty good juice to them. flash flood threat is in the cards between indianapolis and chicago, could see to the east 2 to 3, maybe 4 inches of rain over the next day, day and a half. nice-looking beach day for the east coast. temperatures in the 60s in the waters there and 70s just off the jersey coastline and some thunderstorms still possible as that front drapes down across parts of the southeast this afternoon. and we have hurricane now eugene category 2 storm off the coast of the baja. >> this weather report is brought to you by state farm. go out and have a great sunday, guys. >> you too. >> tha
8:35 am
yes. >> it is going to be a great day. >> thank you, robert. >> was that a dramatic pause. >> yeah, the dramatic because was do i believe him? yeah, i believe him. coming up on "gma," the job botched by bounty hunters. what happened when they allegedly went after the wrong guy all played out on video. dan has been looking forward to this the entire morning. the ice cream for people with certain allergies, not that you have any allergies. >> that's the real reason i couldn't think after rob stopped talking. >> we're going to dilg in. ♪ while other insurance companies just see a truck, we see something you've worked really hard for... so why not give it the protection it deserves. ♪
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an outrageous confrontation playing out on a front yard in texas. >> bounty hunters moved in quite violently on a man that they claimed was on their wanted list and allegedly terrorized his family as well and abc's erielle reshef joins us with the story this morning. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. it was a mistake that left an innocent man in the hands of bounty hunters and his family fearing for their lives. the entire incident caught on camera. >> oh, my heart. >> reporter: this chaotic scene playing out near houston. 22-year-old keemo fell saying two bounty hunters suddenly grabbed
8:40 am
of the car and put him in cuffs. >> he comes towards me gun drawn already. he's telling me, get out the car. his wife, hoda's parents, rushing outside to help. the bondsman allegedly pushing and punching fell's nearly 70-year-old father-in-law. >> one of his bones broke in his ribs and fractured. >> reporter: and pepper spraying his mother-in-law. the family claiming this cell phone video shows the bounty hunters closing the door on fell's leg and hitting him with a baton. >> they're hitting him. look. >> reporter: he manages to break away sparking a brief chase. in the end, fell was released. no valid warrant, no charges for any crime. >> the bounty hunters violated a number of procedures that they should have followed. >> reporter: surprise arrests by bounty hunters not uncommon but some turning deadly. this innocent 24-year-old man killed two months ago in tennessee after a bail bondsman
8:41 am
opened fire on the wrong car. >> bounty hunters have to understand that their focus on the suspect can't put the public in harm's way. and fell's wife tells us their family is afraid to leave their home and they're even thinking of moving. so far no charges have been filed against the texas bounty hunters. we reached out to their manager who did not wish to comment on this. >> seemingly not over for their family. >> i don't think so. >> pretty striking video, thanks, erielle. and coming up on "gma," gearing up for amazon prime day. the secrets to getting the biggest savings. that's this week. stay tuned. take easier trails than i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin.
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"weekend download" making the most of amazon prime day. >> becky worley is here with your best savings strategies. hey, becky. >> prime day, it's already started. it's not a day anymore. it's like a week. amazon has done a gradual rollout this year with early offerings on their amazon branded products and services but the official start time for the lion's share of deals is 9:00 p.m. eastern monday. deals stop at 3:00 a.m. on wednesday, july 12th. last year they had nearly 100,000 sale items, but here's the thing, some deals will be right next to things that are only marginally discounted so you want to see if something is at an historically low price, here's the website, it tracks the entire price history of an item on amazon and a fun website to say camel, camel, camel. best deals, you have to be a
8:46 am
prime member to participate, but you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and take advantage of the savings. just be sure to cancel it a month from now so you don't have to pay that $99 annual fee. some of the best deals are in the form of lightning deals, flash sales that come and go on a limited-time basis. here's the secret, you can get advanced warning of upcoming deals from the amazon app on your phone. click on today's deals and while it will show you some of the sales items that are live now you can also preview upcoming deals and even create a notification on a specific item so your phone will ping you when that deal price goes live. final tip, walmart and target feel a lot of pressure to compete on prime day, so be sure to check their sites for good prices too. happy prime day, guys. >> happy prime day to you, becky. should we say camel, camel, camel? >> it's like christmas and summer for shoppers. >> christmas in july. >> is that a thing? >> it's been a thing for a really long time. >> sorry. >> thanks, becky. coming up a peek into emma stone's paycheck. how the academy award winner relied on the kindness of her male co-stars to get e
8:47 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by university of phoenix. we rise. >> i hear you doing that. >> uh-huh. >> all right. time for "pop news." what's going on? >> let it rip. >> it's adrienne. ♪ wedding bells are ringing >> you're going to sing a little bit. ♪ a little bit of singing >> okay, wedding bells for the "dancing with the stars" crowd. maks and peta tying the knot overnight in a beautiful ceremony at oheka castle in new york. wedding guests and former contestant nile demarco sharing pictures of the event including this amazing moment when the bride and groom shared a kiss under the rainbow. candace cameron bure was also one of the guests and from her social media post, it looked like she had a great time dancing with val. look who also got married on the same day. julianne hough. >> what gentleman. >> yeah, the "dancing with the stars" judge marrying nfl star
8:52 am
brooks lite in front of 200 guests. i don't know if that was a coincidence. >> it must have created a lot of like tough decisions for their friend group. >> yeah, "dancing with the stars." >> maks and peta. >> where did you go? did you go to either? >> i was -- >> you were working. >> i was working. >> he was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. >> yes, yes, thank you. i was the leprechaun. did i say that out loud? >> that gives us a stunning visual. >> inside voice, harris. carry on. next to emma stone and the revelation she's making this morning. this is interesting. the actress says in the past her male co-stars took pay cuts so that she could have equal pay on set because they felt it was the only fair thing to do. >> wow! >> speaking to "out" magazine, stone did not reveal which male co-stars she was talking to but points out one paycheck makes a difference because hollywood bases future salaries on what was previously paid. stone's battle for pay parity comes as she portrays billie jean king who famously threatened to boycott the u.s. open over pay disparity for
8:53 am
female athletes, ironic, and took pate in the 1973 battle of the sexes match against bobby riggs. the movie opens in september. dan did this for you, paula, i know -- >> hardly recognizable in that role. >> dan did this for you, i know, because -- >> yeah, parity. >> because -- >> should we even go there? >> no. >> let me just say emma stone is phenomenally talented. she should be paid -- she deserves every cent she gets and should be paid just as much. >> the range to play billie jean king. >> excellent. >> unrecognizable. >> that was my way of avoiding discussing paula's contract. >> you equivocated right there elike a politician. completely danced around the subject. >> what's next in "pop news"? >> let's talk about this cool story. everybody, everybody watching for this one, a new documentary showing princess diana's relationship with prince william and prince harry, the two opening up their mother together for the first time. >> this is the first time -- joyed laughter and one. y
8:54 am
parents but she understood that there was a real life outside of palace walls. >> she was our mum. she still is our mum, you know, and, of course as a son she's the best in the world. >> the documentary "diana, our mother, her life and legacy" commemorates the 20th anniversary of her death airing on hbo later this month. i am looking forward to that. you know what else we're looking forward to? we're celebrating national ice cream month again. ice cream and cake. ice cream and cake. >> did you say again? >> yeah, because last weekend we had ice cream and every weekend in july we've had ice cream and there's one spot making sure almost everyone on the planet can have ice cream, a la mode shop in new york city sells the first homemade small batch ice cream in the u.s. free of all nuts, eggs, and i brought you some, special flavors, party cloud, blue cotton candy with vegan marsh mall mmallows, pink sprinkles, wired which is coffee ice cream with chocolate chips and speed bumps, the nut-free rocky road. sara and mark are joining us. i apologize. i didn't look at my script. i'm a little verklempt.
8:55 am
because we have ice cream in front of us. ice cream for breakfast. some kids walk into your shop, and they've never had ice cream before. so tell me what that experience is like. >> it's amazing. priceless to see their expressions, make sure they try every flavor. we get a lot of adults also who have never had ice cream because it's higher risk cross contamination. makes us very happy. >> you make your ice cream right here in new york. >> yeah. >> in the bronx. >> in the bronx. >> all right. i'm actually surprised how much i like the cotton candy. i thought that would be a flavor only my kids would love. >> it's a weird texture but it's cool. >> weird texture, you say? >> vegan marshmallow. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> sandy and mark, thank you. >> of course. >> we have to -- i have to interrupt this broadcast for some breaking news. we have to introduce you to the newest member of our "gma" family, coordinating producer chris campbell who works his butt off here and his wife rachel
8:56 am
9 ounces. congratulations, mom and dad and big brother cash, cash is almost 2. we're told everybody is doing great and want to say congratulations to all. grant, you are a beautiful baby and you have wonderful parents. >> reminder, george has a big show this morning. we'll see you next weekend. thanks, guys. announcer: this is a good morning washington update. looking at belle haven country club. a beautiful start to your sunday. lots of sunshine, low humidity, warm temperatures.
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t out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to >> announcer: "this week with george stephanopoulos" starts right now. >> president trump overseas. >> the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. >> a stark speech in poland. a skeptical take on russian meddling in america's election. >> nobody really knows. nobody really knows for sure. >> at odds with our allies on climate change and trade. and that first face-to-face with vladimir putin. >> it's an honor to be with you. thank you. >> did trump accept putin's denials? did his america first approach signal a new assertiveness on the world stage or put america's global leadership at risk? those questions and more for treasury secretary steven


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