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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 11, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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y2e2gy y1a2y good morning, america. breaking news, a marine plane crashing in mississippi killing all 16 on board. explosions keeping firefighters back. what went wrong? the investigation right now. russia bombshell. the new report about the president's son, donald trump jr. and that meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. told in an e-mail requesting the meeting that it was part of a russian government effort to help his father beat hillary clinton. vanished. four young men mysteriously disappearing in pennsylvania within days of each other. the fbi zeroing in on this property. the clues they found as police and their families desperately race to find out what happened to them.
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♪ welcome to my house and home run hero. yankees rookie phenom aaron judge sending 47 balls soaring over the fence. even blasting the roof. winning the home run derby against the sport's biggest stars. wait till you hear who he credits with his success. aaron judge hit it out of the house. oh, my goodness. good morning, america. a lot of news to get to and what a night at the home run derby. let's see that shot again. that yankees star, 25 years old, judge, aaron judge sending the ball right to the roof. >> built more like a football player. >> yeah. >> better than any football player i've ever seen but quickly turned into one of the sport's biggest stars and one of the biggest stories in baseball and put on a show. his fellow players were amazed. >> i know. >> everybody looking up at that roof. that was the fu
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that brand-new report about donald trump jr. and russia and there is breaking news out of mississippi. >> that's right. a marine airplane crashing in a field killing all 16 people on board. abc's david kerley is in washington. has that story for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. this horrific crash one of the deadliest mill yag aviation accidents in recent times. local authorities saying 16 dead and few clues as to what happened to the refueling aircraft which fell out of the mississippi skies. the kc-130 a refueling and cargo aircraft slammed into the ground in a soybean field north of jackson, mississippi. this thick cloud of smoke marking where the spiraling aircraft impacted the ground. one witness heard a boom about 4:00 in the afternoon with clear skies and watch the it start corkscrewing to the ground with one of its four engines smoking. the marine corps saying this morning just moments ago that this was a reserve aircraft that took off from cherry point, north carolina, and disappeared off radar over mississippi. local emergency crews say wr
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way suggests the aircraft was significantly high when something went wrong but so many killed. 17 years ago, 19 marines were killed when an osprey killed during testing. this was the most devastating noncombat military accident since then. >> isn't this an aircraft with a strong safety record. >> reporter: it is. this is the cargo workhorse of the military. a derivative of the c-130. it can land on short runways. very reliable. and the morning -- this morning the question is really was this mechanical or what happened to force it out of the sky? >> of course we're thinking of all the families. >> what a horrifying dent. we move on to those major new questions about russia and the trump campaign. "the new york times" is reporting donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer, a meeting to receive damaging information about hillary clinton, was set up after he received an e-mail indicating information was part of a russian government effort to
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he's hired a criminal lawyer to respond and happy to cooperate with the senate investigation ramping up. this morning the intelligence committee will interview trump campaign staffers. jon karl starts us off with that e-mail that could turn out to be the most damaging document yet for president trump. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. this new report for the first time says that donald trump jr. not only met with a lawyer tied to the kremlin, but he was told in that e-mail that the lawyer had information from the russian government intended to help his father's campaign. "the new york times" report citing three anonymous sources is damning and says before donald trump jr. agreed to meet with a russian lawyer during last year's campaign he was told in an e-mail that the lawyer had information that came from the russian government. information intended to help his father's campaign against hillary clinton. the meeting which took place in
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trump clinched the republican nomination was attended by don jr., trump's son-in-law jared kushner and paul manafort then chairman of the trump campaign. don jr. did not disclose the meeting until recently and on saturday he said it was about russian adoption and later acknowledged that the russian lawyer had promised damaging information about hillary clinton. he tweeted on monday the meeting went nowhere but he had to listen. but now the meeting is a subject of the senate intelligence committee's investigation into russian meddling. >> this is the first time that the public has seen clear evidence of senior level members of the trump campaign meeting with russians to try to obtain information that might hurt the campaign of hillary clinton. >> reporter: don jr. says he's willing to cooperate, tweeting happy to work with the committee to pass on what i know. revelations in "the new york times" at another dimension to
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met with the russian lawyer but was told she had information from the kremlin to help his father's campaign. but just weeks after his meeting with that lawyer, donald trump jr. attacked the very idea of any connection between his father's campaign and the russians. >> they'll say anything to be able to win this. i mean this is time and time again, lie after lie. it's disgusting. >> reporter: just yesterday white house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders in a briefing where cameras were not allowed insisted there was no collusion. >> no one within the trump campaign colluded in order to influence the election. >> reporter: don jr.'s newly hired lawyer issued a statement overnight saying in my view this is much ado about nothing. and that don jr. agreed to the meeting after an afaintance sent an e-mail suggesting, quote, people had information concerning alleged wrongdoing by hillary clinton. the bottom line is that denis leary jr. did nothing wrong.
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doj jr. sa he said he didn't know the identity and we don't know if any damaging information about hillary clinton was exchanged and "the times" reportses there no evidence that the information promised had anything to do with that russian led hack of the democratic national committee. >> right, just that it came from the kremlin. okay, jon karl, thanks very much. let's talk more with dan abrams and our chief investigative correspondent brian ross and, brian, let me begin with you. we know that donald trump had been trying for a long time to do business in russia and that donald trump jr. was his point person. >> that's right, george. donald jr. has pushed efforts on behalf of his father to expand the trump organization business foo russia and make a deal and build a trump tower in moscow and push the trump brand with trump vodka and trump owned miss universe pageant and traveled there in six types and told a russian audience that they see a lot of russian money pouring in. in addition to the meeting at trump tower with the russian
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$50,000 in october to fly to paris and appear at a seminar organized by an obscure pro-russian think tank. it's just one of a number of examples in which russian operatives sought to get close or penetrate the trump campaign and circles and offered what spies would call dangles. payments or possible opportunities. general michael flynn, carter page and, of course, long-standing ties to paul manafort. >> we do know they made contact despite previous white house denials. >> lots of contacts and efforts by the russians to get in. >> let's talk about the law. it's illegal for anyone in a campaign to solicit or accept anything of value from a foreign national. the question is did that happen? >> so collusion with russia is not a crime defined in the law. but there is campaign finance law. there's election law and that says that a foreign national can't give something of value. now, it's been clearly interpreted that giving n
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information like this, i think, would be -- >> not just a check. >> it doesn't have to be money. i think giving negative information on hillary clinton would undoubtedly be considered something of value in the context of the law but takes two to tango and need somebody else on the other side who is either soliciting, accepting, requesting, providing substantial assistance in getting that illegal money funneled in and that's the question with regard to donald trump jr. >> that could be why the lawyers and donald trump jr. have said, well, she's made a couple of statements but it turned into nothing. >> that's right. but still that doesn't necessarily get him off the hook legally. if there is a determination that he was soliciting meaning requesting or asking for it, that could be enough. >> okay. dan abrams, brian,thanks very much. over to robin. now to the health care battle. protests breaking out as lawmakers return to capitol hill. senate republicans are now working on a revised version of their bill but opposition continues to grow and mary bruce is in washington with the
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latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. senate republicans are back from their break and now the race is on to save their health care bill. they have just 14 days left if they hope to get this done before the august recess, but this morning the bill seems to be losing steam. the opposition is growing and so are the protests. senate republicans were welcomed back to capitol hill with this. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protesters speaking out against the bill blocking hallway, taking over offices. 80 people arrested. >> you are killing people. >> reporter: with frustration growing across the country the bill is in serious jeopardy. opposition from within the republican party is growing. they can afford to lose just two republican votes. but at least ten gop senators are now a no. >> what do you think, is this going to get done? is this bill going to survive. >> we'll see and i guess the real question, what form? >> reporter: the pressure to deliver is mounting.
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would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new health care bill fully approved and ready to go. now, republicans are still negotiating and they plan to release a revised bill in the coming days. now, one option that's on the table would allow insurers to offer cheaper paired down plans that don't cover many of those essential health services but other republicans say that could effectively annoy light protections for those with pre-existing conditions and republican leaders are hoping to have a vote next week but with a lengthy to do list of other priority, as one republican told me it may be time to fish and cut bait. >> let's bring in sara fagen also as you know a cnbc contributor. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> so can the republicans get it done this time? what will be different this time possibly? >> well, i do think necessary is the mother of invention and republicans for seven years have campaigned on getting obamacare repealed and
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do have to deliver. midterms are quite some time away yet. however, if they don't produce a health care bill this year, it's going to be hard to do it next year and i don't think they want to present themselves on the ballot in november of 2018 not having accomplished this. >> so, what could possibly be plan b, sara? >> reporter: well, i think, look, if they can't come to agreement even on some smaller version of reform here i think one possible solution would be to go out to the american people and say, look, you know, we don't have consensus here, we are going to take more time and, you know, put some members of the house and the senate together to come up with a completely new package. one that president bush -- excuse me, president trump owns and champions and that united they get this done. they'd have to do it early next year but they have to do something. >> you bring up president trump. so what are the stakes here for him in all this? >> well, i
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trump really it's about keeping control of the house of representatives. these investigations into russian meddling and the election and potential collusion are really tough but a democratic controlled congress makes it so much tougher. >> all right, sara, always appreciate your perspective. thanks so much. >> we turn to a terrorist here in the united states. a highly decorated u.s. soldier has been charged with trying to provide material for to isis believed to be the first active duty service member to face these kind of charges and pierre thomas is tracking the case. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi says they arrested ikaika kang, a decorated soldier after becoming increasingly concerned that he would turn to violence in the name of isis. kang is a veteran of afghanistan and an active u.s. army sergeant and an expert marksman. he was arrested saturday shortly after telling an undercover agent posing as an isis radical he wanted to take his rifl
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people, george. >> pierre, any sense of how he became radicalized? >> reporter: prosecutors suggested he was radicalized online. they say the fbi found 146 videos and 671 graphic files that reference isis and violence on his laptop, george. >> good thing they caught it. thanks very much. all right, george, we'll move on and talk now about the morning's other top stories and we'll start with an explosion in oklahoma overnight with amy. >> good morning. the fbi is investigating. an explosion outside an air force base near tulsa overnight. the blast blew off the door, the center was closed at the time. no one injured. that blast is being investigated as a possible act of domestic terrorism. the former doctor for the usa gymnastics organization accused of molesting more than 100 athletes is expected to plead guilty to porn charges. in return larry nassar will not be prosecuted for abuse. he faces more than 20 years in prison. the faa is investigating a close call at
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an air canada flight was cleared to land but instead the pilot headed for a taxiway where four other planes were lined up to take off. air traffic control redirected the pilot just in time. well, there are new details about why poor sleep has been linked to the risk of alzheimer's. researchers say just one night of disrupting the deepest stage of sleep was enough to increase the levels of a protein believed to cause alzheimer's. and the lack of proper sleep on a more prolonged basis led to the buildup of another protein associated with that disease. and finally you never know what you will find during a renovation project. workers at a museum in new jersey unearthed three cases of wine in the museum cellar dating back to 1796. it is a portuguese madeira popular in the 18th century because it almost never spoils. each bottle is worth up to $25,000 but could sell for much more. the seal, the wax seals were
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the wine. >> are they any good. >> yes, they said they are. >> for $25,000 it could be yours. >> they said it tasted like wide cedar. >> or more. >> amy, thank you. to new developments in the penn state hazing case. text messages sent, what they reveal in court and gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: this morning newly released text messages show of the alleged back and forth communications between a large group of beta theta pi fraternity brothers as 19-year-old pledge timothy piazza laid dying in a hospital. >> we have a friend who's unconscious. he's -- he hasn't moved and he's probably going to need an ambulance. >> reporter: a detective showing this message from one of the men. i don't want to go to jail for this. hazing is a huge thing. and another, make sure the pledges keep quiet about last night. the detectives showing in court a google search by the
7:17 am
master, how would nine drinks in an hour affect a 200-pound guy? the piazza family attorney believes this new evidence proves the frat brothers knew what they did was wrong. >> in jim piazza's words there wasn't a moment today that i couldn't stop thinking about my son tim. >> reporter: the university telling abc news overnight, they're implementing new safety and reform initiatives which include looking at monitoring, spot checks andage adjudication of violations. and defense attorneys will question the detective much more today. the students will also be back here in court facing a range of charges including involuntary manslaughter. robin. >> i know you'll stay on that. now to rob with the latest on those fires burning out west. rob. >> yes, in california, hit especially hard, 14 fires there. 6,000 firefighters fighting some of these blazes, santa barb county only 5% contained. 10,000 acres there. san jose, just south into the southern part of town
7:18 am
some fires breaking out and air drops and san luis obispo seeing fires. we are seeing a number break out across the west. 68 large fires here. even provincial canada, a state of emergency for british columbia so the entire west, really dealing with a fire situation that is much worse than it was last year. partly su humid, pm thunderstorms possible (30%) highs: 93-98 heat index: near 100 winds: southwest 5-10 mph tonight: warm and very humid
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wednesday: hot and humid, pm thunderstorms possible (40%) highs: 93-98 heat index: around 100 winds: southwest 5-10 mph higher temperatures and humidity will take heat index values up to around 100 and higher >> i don't know what you got in here, michael, but it smells pretty good. >> it's coffee. >> it's iced coffee. amy, giving us the weather report on her drive in here driving through hail. >> a lot of storms -- i come to the city. it's perfectly peaceful. >> we'll talk about that ahead. coming up that mystery in pennsylvania. four young men disappearing days apart. the urgent search under way. we'll talk about mo, the miracle dog finally home after being lost for nine months in the wilderness as robin likes to say, where were you, mo? this this is my body of proof.
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. good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings with a check of your top stories and breaking now homicide detectives in prince george's county are working their tenth murder of weekful overnight a a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. police do not believe this is random. and planes are flying in and out of all d.c. areas after a huge destruction last night. there are still dozens of delays at national, dulles and
7:24 am
the reason, fumes from construction workful planes were not allowed to take off or land at any d.c. area airport . we have a hot one
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z2emgz zi0z
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y2emgy yi0y . and welcome back. coming up on 7:26. few scattered clouds. warm and a bit muggy and this troop is going to be a steamer. as we head through the afternoon making a run at 96 degrees but at times will feel like 100. a stray storm or two is a possibility but the big story the high heat and humidity. what's happening with the roads? brian, seeing lots of red on the maps and road on the road as well. new accident upper loop 495 approaching the parkway. the crash activity blocks two lanes. you go see delays beginning
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build. folks want the stay left if you're may making your way out n
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♪ i'm a survivor this is an appropriate song because that dog right there is a survivor. a true survivor. mo the retriever back home after being lost nine months in the wilderness. she made it through a brutal idaho want in the mountains and there is her family, happy to have her back and we'll tell you their remarkable story coming up. >> 14 years old. >> wow. >> a lot coming up right now including new questions about the trump campaign and russia after bombshell "the new york times" report overnight that donald trump jr. was told that a russian lawyer's information was part of a government to help him beat hillary clinton.
7:31 am
he said he will cooperate with the committee investigating the matter. yankees rookie aaron judge has a lot to celebrate. he won the home run derby, 27 home runs and his longest, get, this 513 feet. i don't know if i can even see that par. >> the mechanics. how sweet that swing is. >> yeah, i should have played baseball, robin. >> it worked out just fine for you, michael. >> i think so. >> he's having an historic season, batting average .17 and keeps that on his phone and says mom is his biggest source of motivation and made him into the man he is today. now to the race to find four young men who disappeared in pennsylvania. police focusing on this property that you're about to see making an arrest during their search and now saying they suspect foul play. abc's eva pilgrim is in bucks county with new developments for us this morning. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this area is now the center of
7:32 am
it's huge. investigators say it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack vowing to do everything possible to find these men. the fbi now joining the search outside philadelphia for four men missing since last week. officials suspecting foul play. >> we have information that they know each otherment. >> reporter: the family of jimi patrick reported him missing last wednesday after he failed to show up for his job. his friends telling us he was a student at loy oil la university in maryland home for the summer. family became alarmed when meoo a sturgis didn't show up for work on a construction site. he didn't have issues with anyone. the same friday meo and sturgis disappeared. 19-year-old dean finocchiaro was spotted getting into a car and hasn't been seen since. >> this investigation, the leads
7:33 am
are incredibly hot. >> reporter: authorities now zeroing in on this land. searching more than 80 acres on the ground and with the helicopter by air. investigators finding two major clues. vehicles belonging to two of the missing men. one car found in this garage part of an abandoned home that backs up to the search area. police taking a man whose family owns that land, 20-year-old cosmo dinardo into custody on an unrelated gun charge. his bond set at $1 million. >> i think this arrest of cosmo dinardo is a big deal. i will tell you, i've never seen a gun case in this country where the bond was set at a million dollars. so that tells you something right there that the police believe there's a lot more to this than just a gun charge. >> reporter: investigators also searching dinardo's family home before arresting him. their probable cause affidavit stating dinardo was known to be suffering from mental illness and admittedly having been the subject of an
7:34 am
institution. an officer found him with a shotgun and ammunition on february 9th. >> it's sad because it's a beautiful little town and, you know, you hear this all the time. never thought something like this would happen here. >> reporter: now authorities at this point say they aren't ready to name a suspect. we have reached out to dinardo's family and his lawyer. we have not heard back. robin. >> eva, thank you very much. we'll talk more about it with nancy grace who joins us. these four young men, they're thought to have known each other possibly. just your initial thoughts on this case so far? >> well, there's -- good morning and thank you for having me. there is no coincidence in my mind in a criminal investigation. you have three of these young men tied together. two of them are best friends. the third an acquaintance, not as strong connect
7:35 am
has recently been reported that one of them has been a facebook friend with dinardo. that's very, very concerning. one of them a facebook friend. what does that mean? now, we know they're going on the right track because one cell phone has been tracked to this location. one car is there. another car in a village, a shopping mall nearby, so they're in the right direction but i can tell you this, when you have seven authorities including the fbi looking for you and they're bringing in heavy equipment like backhoe, that's not good. >> no, it's not good. and that unrelated gun charge that brad garrett was talking about in eva's piece, a million dollar bond. that is unheard of. >> when i heard that, yeah, yeah, you don't have to teach law school at harvard to know this, on a gun charge, you get
7:36 am
million dollar bail, no, huh-uh. number one, that gun charge had been filed a while back and didn't go forward. it was refiled and he was taken into custody now, why, again, that is no coincidence. as i said this is like a needle in a haystack because this is a 68-acre corn farm. they could be anywhere. but there is hope. they could still be alive. >> we got to cling to that hope. where do you feel investigators go right now, nancy? >> i feel -- i feel that they have to follow up on the cell phones. they have to do triangulation and not just that, texting because if they can unravel the motive that these four were together and in connection with dinardo, if they were, then they'll have an idea as to where they may be and why. >> all right, as authorities say they have hot leads so hopefully it will come t
7:37 am
soon. all right, thank you so much. nancy. you take care. have a good day. >> thank you, robin. coming up here a dream cruise turned tragic. the company may not be held accountable. brian ross investigates. feeling good... feels like... pssh... um... haha...being surrounded by friends and loved ones. i'm able to sort of move through the world on a bit of a cloud. loud music. fantastic! you know when little kids just smile at you and you don't know them and it's like you see their goodness. good feels like... waking up to another sunrise. walking on the beach with your sweetheart. love, love...oh haha. i feel like i can take on the world. helping others. living for the moment. trumpets. love. passion. joy. sweet. flowers. beautiful! woo. confidence. gifted. good. woo! that's what it feels like...
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we are back with that cruise ship tragedy. a couple died after smoke filled their cabin and now their family is fighting to change a nearly 100-year-old law they fear could prevent them from holding anyone
7:41 am
accountable. brian ross is back with that story. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. more than 10 million americans will take an overseas cruise this year. for many the vacation of a lifetime but this morning a sobering video that shows what can go wrong and how a law passed in the 1920s makes it hard to do much about it. the americans who boarded this amazon river boat in south america were told it was a brand-new vessel built to exceed safety standards and for christie and larry hammer of lincoln, nebraska, it was their ultimate adventure. >> they had worked for years and lived pretty frugally because they always looked forward to a retirement where they'd be exploring the world together. >> reporter: but on the very first night of the cruise, in april last year, sometime after midnight something went terribly wrong in the hammers' cabin. video shows smoke beginning to come out of the room and in minutes the entire hallway is filled with smoke. bessie and randy rosenberg in a room down the hall said
7:42 am
>> no alarm, no flashing lights. >> you couldn't see five inches in front of your face. >> reporter: again and again, crew members go to the hammers' cabin but don't try to go inside. it would be 20 minutes and 47 seconds from the first sign of smoke until the crew will enter the cabin to rescue the hammers. it was too late. larry hammer died in the cabin from smoke inhalation. and the crew waited another 6 minutes before pulling out christie hammer who later died en route to a hospital. >> getting on that boat cost them their lives. >> reporter: an investigation by the peruvian navy found the cause to be an overheated power strip supplied by the cruise. and that the ship's fire alarms did not sound to the disgust of the hammers' daughters, jill and kelly. >> international expeditions didn't put audible alarms in the cabins. >> the state-of-the-art boat. >> a state-of-the-art boat. >> reporter: but now as the daughters try to take action against the american company that ran the cruise and chartered the boat, they fear it will try
7:43 am
passed in the 1920s called the death on the high seas act. under the law if applied in their case, the company would only be liable for their parents' funeral expenses. >> there's no place else in the world that you can kill somebody and really have no consequence. other than international waters. >> reporter: the cruise industry says it has an outstanding record and imposing new and costly federal laws is unjustified and unnecessary. but now some in congress say the industry needs to be held more accountable. >> the crew, the management, everyone who has a responsibility for anyone on that ship ought to be held accountable when they fail to follow basic standards of care. >> in a statement to abc news the company that ran the cruise said only it is deeply saddened by the hammers' death and that it continues to review its operations which the sisters hope will mean power strips that don't catch on fire and fire alar
7:44 am
work. george. >> at a minimum. okay, brian, thanks very much. >> coming up on our big board, mo the miracle dog, how this 14-year-old retriever survived nine months lost in the wilderness and finally made it back home. eyes every day. i should know. i have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation. so i use restasis multidose. it helps me make more of my own tears, with continued use, twice a day, every day. restasis multidose helps increase your eyes' natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis multidose did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose.
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7:48 am
safe and sound after surviving nine months, 288 days lost in the idaho mountains, wandering away from a hunting trip, her family searching for her for months, mike sfll searching for her and a farmer finally found other headline his property and helped reunite mo with her owners. great to have darwin and cindy cameron and mo with us this morning. how are you doing? >> hi. >> hi. how are you? >> i guess first question we have, how does it feel to have mo back after all these months of being away? >> it's -- it's great. you know, the day she -- the day she went missing the other guys took off hunting and i had to run to town to get a part for a broken water pipe. so mo was asleep on the couch and i came home, grandson of one of our hunting partners had opened the door to play ball with mo and when mo realized i wasn't there,
7:49 am
find me. so it's great having her home. >> i'm sure it is. cindy, how is mo doing and what was it like when you were reunited after all that time? >> she is doing okay in some, you know -- she has arthritis so there's -- we're giving her some medication. she's walking a little better. she's gained some weight. and it's wonderful to have her home. >> and i tell you beet the one thing that makes it more incredible, mo had to survive a brutal winter. it wasn't as if it was warm out. mo had to survive a brutal winter. so you guys must be so happy that she was able to do that. >> we're -- yeah, we're very excited about that. if you know anything about idaho winters this juan was not a normal one. record snowfalls, highest snowfalls, coldest temperatures in over00
7:50 am
think that she was smart enough and tenacious enough to figure out how to do that, that's pretty good for her. we're just amazed. >> you just keep loving her up. i know that you all had searched for her for months and you couldn't find her and you never gave up hope and she is back home safe and sound and just wonderful to see you all reunited. thank you for sharing your story with us. y'all take care. >> thank you. >> thank you. i tell you -- >> those hugs. >> mo should be on the show "naked and afraid" or "alone. "bear grillz" mo issing look for you. the new test for breast cancer. dr. ashton is here. and could coffee help you live longer? amy robach? there's new research. >>
7:51 am
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this rotating supercell in ft. wayne, indiana. look at this waterspout kill devil hills, did a little damage as well. this brought to you by olay.
7:55 am
7:56 am
. this is a good morning washington update . . people forced to spend the night at the airport after a ground stop impacted the entire d.c. area. it's a lingering issue after fumes in an faa facility forced air traffic controller to evacuate. planes are now flying but dozens of flights were canceled. gunfire ringing out in d.c. and a 13-year-old boy caught in the cross fire. this all happened near d.c.'s h street corridor. there is some sort of a gathering and then people started shooting. we know
7:57 am
targeted. we have heat starting to build in. through the afternoon it is going to warm big time. in fact it feels this facebook will climb into the mid 90s. isolated storm chances today. these 96-degree temperatures not enough for the record which is 99 but at tiles could feel like 100 to 105. probably the warmst day of the week is going to be friday. 80s on saturday, 90 near sunday with less humidity . we've got no problems for folks this morning on metro. reported accident inner loop 495 that blocks the left lane. earlier crash that was 395 northbound now off to the right shoulder but now we have some police activity
7:58 am
capitol street. like it's going to jam up to at least branch avenue. and you can get nor news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington on newschannel 8. we'll see you in 30 minutes and you we'll send you back to "good morning america." hope you have a great day ♪ what's better than an iced or frozen coffee on a hot summer day? nothing. dunkin's got all your favorite flavors this summer. keep cool out there, kids. america runs on dunkin'. keep cool out there, kids. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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8:00 am
y2cpsy yi0y good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. that russian bombshell and the new report of donald jr. meeting with a russian lawyer told in an e-mail it was part of the help to beat hillary clinton. baby charlie. his father's emotional outburst. why the judge says he won't be swayed by tweets. two major health headlines. the new genetic test for breast cancer. how it could guide your treatment decisions. and could that morning cup of coffee really cut in half your risk of dying from a number of diseases? dr. ashton is here live. total
8:01 am
blac chyna granted a restraining order against her ex rob kardashian. kardashian now forbidden to post any private photos of her or any images of their daughter online. as the reality star says he regrets his actions. all that, steve zahn and chris colfer live and they're here to say. >> good morning, america. >> steve looked a little surprised. like good morning, america. but good morning, america. happy tuesday to everybody out there. great to share our tuesday morning with you. >> uh-huh. you know who is very happy right now, amy, because what better way to start your morning than with news that your cup of coffee could help you live longer. >> yes. >> everyone knows i have three cups a day minimum. >> at least. >> before 9:00. >> does that help her three times more. >> i hope so.
8:02 am
ashton. first to jon karl down in washington for that new bombshell about donald trump and russia that his son don jr. got an e-mail indicating a campaign meeting with a russian lawyer would get damaging information on hillary clinton was all part of a russian government ever to help his father win. good morning, jon. >> reporter: this "new york times" report which is based on three anonymous sources adds another damning dimension to the story. it says that not only did don jr. have that meeting with the russian lawyer, but that he was told in that e-mail that this russian lawyer had information that came directly from the russian government intended to help his father's campaign. now, don jr.'s lawyer has put out a lengthy saying it's much ado but nothing but says it was set up after an acquaintance sent him an e-mail suggesting people had information concerning alleged wrongdoing by hillary clinton. george, that
8:03 am
however, says not about the big allegation that the -- that this information came from the russian government. robin. >> all right, jon, thank you very much. this morning new developments in the international tug-of-war over british baby charlie gard. who is on life support. his parents are fighting for the right to seek treatment options in the u.s. and there was an emotional outburst in court. abc's james longman has the latest. joins us from london. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a dramatic day in court monday. charlie gard's family and the hospital presenting their cases, but emotions were running high. at one stage charlie's family shouting towards the legal team representing the hospital saying, quote, when are you going to start telling the truth. he also shouted to the judge and he said they are lying to you. there's been a lot of interest in the case and around the world. donald trump and the pope both tweeting their support but the judge said he wouldn't be swayed by tweets and it was fresh
8:04 am
for. charlie suffers from a rare genetic disease. he can't breathe alone. he can't see, hear or move. that is why doctors want to turn off his life support. his parents disagree. so thursday the wait is on for thursday when his parents will have a chance to present their new evidence. robin. >> all right, james, thank you. a lot of people are watching this quite closely. now amy has the other top stories starting with a tragedy in mississippi. so incredibly sad. authorities are trying to determine now what caused a military plane to crash into a field in rural mississippi killing all 16 people on board. one witness says he heard a boom before seeing the marine tanker corkscrewing downward with one engine on fire. the plane was flying from cherry point, north carolina, a marine spokesman would only say that the plane experienced a mishap. well, a decorated army sergeant based in hawaii has now been arrested accused of trying to join isis. army says it first reached out to the fbi last year concerned that ikaika kang was becoming radicalized.
8:05 am
active duty service member charged with providing support to isis. his father says kang suffers from ptsd. republican leaders in the senate are meeting now with vice president mike pence today looking unveil a revised health care bill this week but they will have to make enough changes to sway dissatisfied moderates and conservatives. also under pressure from protesters on capitol hill. some republicans say it may be time to work now with democrats. nevada's governor is endorsing emergency action to ease a shortage of legal marijuana. since legal pot sales began july 1st stores cannot keep up with demand. the emergency action would expand the number of distributors. all right, if only the camera was on the crew. the international olympic committee is voting today to decide on the host cities for the 2025 and 2028 summer games. both los angeles and paris are in the running. one is expected to get the 2024 game, the other the 2028
8:06 am
president trump tweeted that he is, quote, working hard to get the olympics for l.a. finally a double dose of luck for a california teenager. 19-year-old rosa dominguez hit the jackpot twice in one week. >> oh. >> she won $555,000 on/5 scratch ticket. a few days later she thought let me buy another and won another $100,000. >> good for her. >> she plans to go shopping and buy a car. i wonder what the odds are and if she'll buy a third ticket me me. >> unbelievable. >> congratulations to her. >> all right, amy. coming up that good news brewing about coffee this morning. >> oh, yeah, grab a cup for this. "black-ish's" victory in court and her ex rob kardashian's response. the secret to toning your arms. full body fit this morning. hi, i'm paul. people ask why i switched to sprint. well, their network reliability is within 1% of the big guys.
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8:11 am
♪ welcome back to "gma" and we have a wonderful audience in here with us this morning. thank you guys for coming in this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love this. love is all you need. i love seeing that. >> love is -- >> love is all you need. >> you need love and you know what you need, you need sara haines for "pop news." >> that's a lot of pressure. we'll start out with some jersey news. anyone from jersey? [ cheers and applause ] let's see if you're clapping at the end. it looks like the cast of "jersey shore" is bringing a blast in a glass back to our televisions. nookie, j-woww, sammy were
8:12 am
mysterious reunion project. they were seen playing boardwalk games and having a dinner. dina and snooki took to instagram sharing pictures from their secret situation, snooki righting reunion time. no word on the male members joining but they applied for the permit under road trip reunion. now they're all parents so this would be a total different "jersey shore". >> or will it. >> i don't know, gym, tan, laundry, burp the baby. lots of fun stuff. christopher nolan is speaking out about his decision to cast former one direction star harry styles in "dunkirk" comparing the choice to the time he picked heath ledger as the joker and trusted his gut when selecting him for the dark knight role. regardless of eye-brow raising comments he said he did not know how famous styles already was. ask any teenage girl adding he has a truthfulness i
8:13 am
and calls him the perfect man for the part. the true story point world war ii evacuation of allied troops hits theaters july 21st. >> that is going to be great. >> yeah. >> that is a heavy role. but heath ledger was amazing. >> yeah. >> in the joker -- i mean -- >> we had one direction here for our summer concert series. i got to say harry styles -- >> impressive guy. >> it'll be neat to see how he does. finally, there is no skill like the art of the selfie and it seems like reddit user may have truly mastered it. in the middle of taking a wide frame picture his girlfriend sneezed creating what may be the most perfect slightly terrifying one we've seen. you have to stay still. when someone takes a panorama, she moved in the middle but it was trending as a two-headed phot
8:14 am
let him post it. >> i know. >> you don't take that kind of genius and not post it. even if you've got the ugly sneeze look. >> i thought it was a cardboard cutout. >> no, i was like, wow you found a girlfriend with two heads, bravo. >> that's one way of looking at it. sara, thank you for that. we turn to "gma" health alert and walk over to jen because we have two major headlines on breast cancer and coffee. a new study shows coffee drinking could cut your risk of dying from a number of diseases. and on the breast cancer front an innovative new test that could guide important treatment decisions and that's why jen ashton is here to talk about it. two big ones. the breast cancer study. >> a new test called mammoprint and had early stage invasive breast cancer who were in a gray zone in terms of treatment. weren't super high risk. they weren't super low risk and using this test they helped to determine whetherr
8:15 am
women should receive chemotherapy or not and found it could accurately place those women in the appropriate treatment group with no difference in five-year survival so potentially could help spare women who don't really need the benefit of chemo from chemotherapy. >> i have to say when i was diagnosed in 2007 and wondering, it's not one size fits all. how do you know this is the best for me? genetic testing is something we're hearing a lot not just with breast cancer. >> we're hearing a lot because this is where the main focus in oncology and cancer is. as you said not just with breast cancer but all cancer. meme have heard of the brca gene, increases the risk of breast cancer but many other genes do the same thing and women can have their blood tested in terms of a screening so to speak but testing the tumors of cancer for their genetic fingerprint as well. so it's personalized therapy. >> you still no matter who you are should know your history. >> history is
8:16 am
cancer and have talked about it before, there are things you can control. the things that can increase a woman's risk that are not under our control. the age at our first period. the age at the birth of a first child, did the woman breast-feed. were there breast biopsies and the age a woman goes through menopause, we can't change those. there are factors that under our control so limiting alcohol intake is very important. keeping your weight in a healthy range and exercising all shown to lower the risk so it's about controlling what you can control. >> right. every time we do a segment i get a lot of tweets. men get breast cancer too if we always need to remember that. >> tell us about coffee. >> all right. >> what's up with that. >> the best part of our day. two very big studies looked at a lot of people, long term follow-up. they took into account smokers and looked at decaf and regular. they found across the board, again, conclusive evidence that people who consume coffee up to four or more cups a day have
8:17 am
causes and deaths from -- look at this list -- yes. >> what? [ applause ] >> please give me all the credit for delivering this news. lowered risk of death from heart disease, kansas, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, again, very, very -- >> how much coffee do you have to drink. >> it's premature. these are based on association and observation. we need to show cause and effect but appears three to five cups a day or up to 400 milligrams of caffeine can be safe. this is what i consume in a day. let me just take this with me after i leave here, robin. >> this is what amy consumes in an hour. she's good to go. >> it works for her. >> sure does and for you too, thanks so much. guys. >> thank you. i'm over here trying to stay alive. over here trying to live longer. one thing you did say men do suffer from brzezinski cancer. my oldest brother had it so guys make sure you get yourselves
8:18 am
now to more on the story that has made so many headlines. reality star blac chyna celebrating a victory in court after opening up to abc in that exclusive about her ex rob kardashian and his response. >> chyna's interview see told me she returned the cars and jewelry and said she wants him to leave her alone in return. in court documents she said i'm embarrassed by his posts. i ask for orders of protection so that i can live my life in peace and free of fear of him. this morning, "black-ish's" legal team is declaring a complete and total victory. >> i would like to first and foremost thank the judge for granting me this restraining order to protect me. >> reporter: on monday a judge granted the temporary restraining order against her former fiance, robert kardashian. >> the judge gave us everything we asked for which is a set of very strong and enforceable restraining
8:19 am
kardashian. >> reporter: some of the orders' requirement mandate kardashian can no longer post private, intimate photos of her or any images of their daughter dream to social media and china china asked kardashian to stop cyberbullying in revenge for dating other men. kardashian did not appear in court monday but his attorney robert shapiro famously known as o.j. simpson's trial lawyer offered an olive branch. >> i personally on mr. kardashian's behalf apologize and offered our regrets for what has taken place in the past couple of days. >> reporter: the former couple's relationship reached a boiling point last week after kardashian posted explicit photos of chyna too racy do show on tv without her permission to instagram and twitter along with an online rant accusing chyna of cheating, promiscuous behavior and using him for money. china
8:20 am
was a case of revenge porn banned in 38 states. what was your reaction when you first saw rob's posts about you? >> i was devastated and i'm looking at this and i'm like, how could somebody do this to me. >> reporter: chyna spoke exclusively to abc news on sunday when she alleged kardashian has gotten physical. >> rob has hit me before. yes. >> was that more recently? >> this was in april. >> but she says her focus now is her children. >> i'm just going to get back to co-parenting dream. >> rob kardashian referred to robert shapiro's public statements regarding all allegations against him. the next court date set for august 8th where chyna and kardashian will revisit the terms of the restaining order. it remains a family matter right now. >> hopefully i guess it can get resolved very simply. >> it seems like it will. we'll go outside to rob marciano with more weather. >> hey, check it out, michael. first trip to
8:21 am
wayne, indiana. razor back fans. folks all over the country loving even california. check this out. a little muggy. we'll start with the northwest where it's nice and cool and low levels of humidity, mt. rainier, washington, that lenticular cloud looks like a lens. there's your heat, yeah, including parts of indiana. heat advisory, heat and humidity. it's going to be toasty there in the central plains. partly sunny humid, pm thunderstorms possible (30%) highs: 93-98 heat index: near 100 winds: southwest 5-10 mph tonight: warm and very humid lows: 71-77 winds: south 5 mph wednesday: hot and humid, pm thunderstorms possible (40%) highs: 93-98 heat index: around 100 winds: southwest 5-10 mph higher temperatures and humidity will take heat index values up to around 100 and high
8:22 am
>> all right, it is time now to get full body fit for the summer and this morning -- >> we've got the secret and science behind toning those airports. take a look. with beautiful biceps and toned tricep, the fabulously fit have strong armed the fashion scene. michelle obama, jennifer aniston, sofia vergara all rocking major muscle. >> toned arms are in which is a terrific thing. >> jordan mettle on jetsonning that jiggle. >> by developing the muscles in your upper extremity your arm will work better and get rid of that wiggly skin. >> reporter: it suggests the narrow base push-up may be a shortshut to super-cut arm muscles. measuring muscle fiber activity they found this push-up most effective for building strength and toning. >> push-ups are a great exercise to start using all the muscles of your upper body and when you start doing these they get bigger and get more defined.
8:23 am
>> we are here now with the woman behind those amazing arms, celebrity trainer, anna kaiser. >> hi, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you've got a roster of awesome client arms. >> that kyra. >> emmy rossum, sofia vergara. what is your number one tip for those looking to tone arms. >> my secret sauce is to make sure you do both high rep low weight and high weight lo rep and that can be a little confusing but lucky for you i took the guesswork out of fitness and put all of these exercises like you're going to see talked on my app so when you're traveling this summer, wherever, keep those arms toned. >> cheat sheet. >> the first one you have is what we saw, the narrow push-up. we have it -- >> narrow based push-up and put my twist on this. >> look at that. >> and we took it into a downward"v" press and focused on the shoulders.
8:24 am
incorrectly. >> he's pushing back. you want to make sure you keep your shoulders over your wrists and bringing the top of the head down to the mat. if you're advanced, you can lift one leg or you can even elevate -- >> go, jonathan. >> put the leg to a wall or a chair. yeah. nice. >> i i have never done that before. that is so cool. >> it is very hard. >> i want to try it. >> this is a really good one. >> now, this one looks for the back of the arms, hard to reach jiggle. >> we don't open the refrigerator like this. so we got to get to the back of the arms, bat wing, get rid of all of that coming down into a crab position keeping it nice and long and adding a dip to it so you're getting both long and short in those arms. >> how many a week do you do these and how many when you were talking about reps and sets. >> i would do these three to four times a week to really see results. after two weeks you're
8:25 am
feel really different, strong in your body. getting all different muscle groups, shoulders, triceps. >> i'm so intrigued. this looks so much more advanced. this is cool -- >> raise your game, amy robach. raise your game. >> let's talk about what's happening over here. >> we've got the bicep wings right here. you're going to bring those weights together and then try and tap your elbows. we can see her bicep engaged here and then you're pull it up. so you alternate between bringing those together and pulsing the arms to the ceiling keeping a 90-degree angle from your -- >> she has great arms. >> i see different -- >> both of these girls in different weight, five pound, eight pounds. what do you suggest. >> you want a weight that's challenging for you. >> okay. >> so if you wear a heart rate monitor that's the best way to see if you get it up and weight is challenging enough. so try five here and try this for a minute. and if it's not enough
8:26 am
the weight. too much weight, if your shoulders are coming up to your ears try taking the weight down to maybe three pounds. >> what about this last one. >> all right, so this last one is full arm. you can really load on the weight here. so eight, 10, 15, 20 pounds, try it. we're going to do a single arm bicep. single arm and take both up and twist it up overhead. so you get the full arm engagement and you're really focused on your form when you're lifting heavier weight. set it up with single arm and then you can add both airports together. >> do multiple reps when you do a lower weight and fewer with a higher but do both. >> one focuses on strength and one on endurance if thank you very much, anna. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up as you head out on your road trip we reveal all the top driving songs of all time. >> i love it! ♪
8:27 am
. . this is a good morning washington update . good morning washington. i'm melanie hastings with a check of your top stories and breaking this morning, homicide detectives in prince george's county are working their tenth murder in about a week. overnight a man was found with gunshot wounds in forestville. he died at the scene. after more than a deck indicate the system is over for a new fbi headquarters it will remain exactly where it is. the "washington post" report the federal government is canceling a project that would have moved the agency to a campus in the
8:28 am
suburbs. it's all about the heat the next couple of days. temperatures in the middle 90s today and tomorrow. temperatures combined with humidity will make it feel closer to 100 today and winds and thursday it could feel like 105 or greater. very isolated storm chances, friday our best shot. by the weekend a break from the high heat and less humidity . you'll need your sunglasses in the ac for the ride this morning. stacked up now from the springfield mixing bowl and also an accident report inner loop 495. d.c. 295 traffic squeezing by. and you can get more news, traffic and weather
8:29 am
good morning washington on newschannel 8. we'll see you in 30 minutes and now sending you back to "good morning america." hope you have a terrific tuesday.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. you hear that audience. that is a great tuesday morning audience. that's what you guys call a great audience and you know what, we are in the heat of summertime. and for a lot it means road trip. road trip with my parents as a kid. i think my dad was too cheap to pay for all those plane tickets. a new article compiled the 50 best driving songs ever. >> we're listening to one right now, beach boys. >> "i get around" is one of them. i'm curious and open it up for discussion. what genre do you listen to and do you have a particular song that's your favorite go to when you're behind the wheel. >>
8:31 am
total eclipse of the heart, bonnie tyler. pat benatar, tiffany. belinda carlisle. >> tiffany? >> belinda carlisle. >> tiffany. i haven't heard tiffany -- >> since the '80s. >> we had her here for a concert once. >> fini can't imagine pulling uo a light and you're like this. >> you'd be surprised. >> our kids talking about one direction, that's our big road trip. >> they pick the music. >> oh, yeah. >> i was wondering. i didn't know if you and ali were closet fans. >> i like one direction. >> r&b. a little disco. second time around ♪ second time around it's like songs -- i think people said i read a study or something that said those from -- oh, thank you. can we crank it up for the audience now?
8:32 am
is shalimar. i was in my datsun driving from mississippi to louisiana. >> datsun. >> a b210. >> with the hatchback. >> did you sing along? >> sing along. >> i think it depends on the trip changes up the genre. sometimes i'm like you, r&b, hip-hop. my kids are into "hamilton." >> that's a good one. >> but it's -- it's good that -- until like last week we're on vacation. we're on a safari in the jungle and the back they're doing the entire soundtrack of "hamilton" to show daddy they know every word of every song. you don't have to show me that. >> they're proud. >> people have been responding online. "total eclipse of the heart." go to song for a lot. the whole first backstreet boys album from driving home from summer camp in a van filled with girls. i still feel bad for the van
8:33 am
>> sounds like george on his framily trip. >> what a wonderful idea. >> nothing like driving with good music. brings a family together. >> my dad used to make us listen to memory tapes because he said it would be good to remember names. knee nommic devices, it was like torture. >> what's my name? it didn't work. [ laughter ] >> i'm not listening -- i'm listening to shalomar. maybe talking. >> we will have steve zahn walk out to shalomar. very talented actor in "war for the planet of the apes." >> come on out. >> nice, how are you? >> mwah. >> you're strong. >> yes. [ applause ] >> i'm a helper. so i helped out.
8:34 am
>> what you do in the morning. >> that's what you do. >> wow, we're flanked. >> now, we were -- >> different gig with an audience. >> first time with an audience? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> not ever. i did the plays in high school. >> steve, we had someone warm us up with a little song. woody harrelson actually serenaded robin. >> i heard ha. >> no pressure. >> we don't want to raise the bar too high. >> what did he sing? >> "are you lonesome tonight" if wait, what? >> "are you lonesome tonight." i'm not going to sing. >> we have throwback photo. >> no. >> yes, we do. >> oh! you've got a bow tie on. >> that was "the music man." i was in the madrigals. >> do you singy do you want to sing. >> no. ♪ dear sergeant you got to understand it's jus
8:35 am
upky that gets us out of hand holy moses ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't -- >> that was so cute. >> it's like shout singing. >> you seem shy. >> just in musicals. i was that guy. >> to be a part of this franchise. "planet of the apes." >> war. >> yeah, how do you -- this war, how did you prepare for this type of role? >> you know, it's the hardest physically the hardest job i ever did. >> really? >> it's motion capture. when there's this idea, i went into it -- i was naive. i thought, oh, i'm going to act in a little room with, you know, with a tennis ball and we're not going to be on the mountn
8:36 am
whatever. when you're doing motion capture, you're shooting, you know, daaa you have to be an ape. they can make you look like an ape. >> how do you do method for ape. >> it takes a long time. >> spend a long time in the zoo if for two weeks i worked without with terry and it was exhausting. i'd go back to my apartment and i'd watch youtube videos of like, you know, chimps at a zoo and was fascinated with the little guy in the corner that didn't do anything and like how is that different to -- you know, it's like us sitting there but we -- we posture and we look -- we turn -- and they -- they're just -- and to get that to be second nature was difficult and then to play a character which is -- >> let's see the results.
8:37 am
old home. >> are there more apes from the zoo. >> dead. all dead. human get sick, ape get smart. the human kill ape but not me. i run. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> you played bad ape. are you a bad ape? >> obviously not. >> i'm going that doesn't look like a bad ape. >> no, i mean he escaped interest a zoo and the fact that he speaks is a big deal and the fact that they find another ape outside their own clan is a huge deal and he explains to them. how do you speak. i listen to human and then i say bad ape so
8:38 am
was -- that's my name, bad ape. i'm a mischievous ape. >> we'll never scold you here, man, you're always welcome. >> i love you, man. >> i love you too. you can come here and sing. >> that was horrible. i'm sure woody's was great. >> we appreciate you, man and the movie "war for the planet of the apes," it hits theaters on friday. steve zahn, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now with "the new york times" best-selling author and former "glee" star chris colfer wildly popular book series, "the land of stories," has sold more than 1.5 million copies. now releasing his sixth and final installment called "worlds collide." welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> we could take that camera. folks from japan. they just go -- they just go crazy for this. i'm sure they're sad it's coming to an end. what can you tell us about the book. >> the final book is the last adventure with the lead character alison and throughout the series they've had adventures in the fairy tale world and classic literature within their own creative writing and now in the final book all those worlds collide in the middle of new york city. >> i hear you have a nerd sanctuary where you write in i have an office like my magazine
8:42 am
framed. a little too norma desmond for me so i do have a guest room where i write on this little tiny red desk between two twin bed, one has "star wars" sheets and the other has super mario brother sheets and why golden retriever sleeps in one and my cat in the other. >> one of yours you'll write a screenplay and you'll direct it. >> yes. >> big boy stuff. >> i know. it's crazy. thank you, yeah. >> you're excited. >> very excited. very excited. i'm going to try my best not to screw it up. >> you haven't done it yet. "worlds collide" in bookthundere (30%) highs: 93-98 heat index: near 100 winds: southwest 5-10 mph tonight: warm and very humid lows: 71-77 winds: south 5 mph wednesday: hot and humid, pm thunderstorms possible (40%) highs: 93-98 heat index: around 100 winds: southwe
8:43 am
this weather report brought to you by subaru. robin, outside to you. >> usually you're out here. now i'm here. we're here now with a look at the new freeform series called "the bold type" about a group of young women working at the fictional scarlet magazine. it's inspired by the life of hearst chief content officer joanna coles, beautiful, talented woman executive producer and the talented melora hardin who stars as the editor in chief. before i talk to you both a sneak peek for everybody right now. >> i just wanted to chat with you about where you fit in here. >> absolutely and i know that my last round of pictures was way too safe. >> i have writers that write safe and writers who take big swings. we just need to find out which you are. >> i think i could be one of those big swing writers and already brainstorming new ideas. >> great. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] joanna, express to us the feelings. this is based on your career. >> yes, it's
8:44 am
terrifying. hopefully without any lawsuits to follow. but rather thrilling to be portrayed by someone as talented as melora and i was obsessed with her emmy nominated role on "transparent" when thee played the rapacious tammy and thrilled when i heard she was up for the role and of course it's a total lose/lose situation for me because she's thinner and younger. what are you going to do? >> she's always so humble. >> wittier and smarter so it works -- >> it evens out. >> how is it to play somebody sitting right in that is here with us now? >> it's such a gift really because you know you usually have to find a character from sort of deep inside but i kind of just sit back and, you know, cross my arms and observe because she's such a power of nature and such an amazing woman and she really is kind of -- my character jack line carlisle is a mentor to these young ladies on the show and joanna is a mentor to me inhe
8:45 am
thing that jacqueline does for these women which is that jacqueline is really empowering of them and she is supportive and she's nurturing and she's kind. she sets a high bar. but she's also respectful and not unfair. >> can i say thank you very much. we need to see this on television and to see that women do indeed help one another, joe an ma. >> support each other and you think why are there no women leaders. 5% of fortune 500 companies, 20% of the senate. you think why are there no female leaders because we're stuck with in that women don't help each other and we know it's not true and in my own experience i've been hired by fabulous women, i've been supported by fabulous women and men. but the women aren't these bitches if i can say that on abc. it's just not true and in the fashion world it's also not true. fantastic, brilliant, warm funny friendly female designers. >> okay, because you know we hear in the fashion industry anything but. but you're saying this
8:46 am
haven't had that experience. >> i have not had that experience. >> this is what is displayed on the series. >> yes, along the same lines joanna was talking about i do believe it is not the exception anymore. it is the rule. that women are holding one another up. we are grabbing hand, we are more powerful as a union, right. women need to be together and we need to help each other up. men have gotten so good at that over the years. a woman gets fired. a man pats him on 9 back and says, okay, buddy, just move on. women for so long were not doing that. they would go into fear mode and that's the one little tiny place for me and now, you know, the word is opening up, women are 52% of the population and they're stepping into that place and their voices are being heard more loudly and doing things in such an incredibly capable way so it's wonderful to see a representation of that on television and what i love so much is thinking of little girls looking at this show and saying,
8:47 am
i want a boss like that. >> you sound just like joanna coles right now. doesn't she? like staring in the mirror. >> my best iteration. i hope she does. i do think it's important we have positive role models of women leaders. one of the other things that never happens with women leaders in popular culture, they never say how much they enjoy it. they never say they enjoy making the digs or enjoy being in charge and the truth is it's easier to be in charge than stuck in middle management somewhere. that's the message of the show and we want young women to watch it and feel empowered. i'm pleased "the new york times" calls it a cross between "sex and the city" and "girls" and the sex is lael sexier than the sex in "girls. >> joanna, melora, thank you very much. so excited. "the bold type" premieres tonight, tonight, tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern on freeform. performing live, live music for you coming back.
8:48 am
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♪ ♪ can't fight the temptation when you get the vibration ♪ ♪ won't do you no good >> come on. ♪ won't do you no good ♪ and you can tell i got feelings you try to shake it off i know you won't ♪ ♪ you won't do you no good said won't do you no good ♪ ♪ and i said kiss your baby good-bye come on love it's all right ♪ ♪ heaven knows they wanna break you apart yeah ♪ ♪ kiss your baby good-bye come on love it's all right ♪ ♪ you never know unless you give it a try oh yeah ♪ ♪ yeah yeah whoa yeah
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"good morning america" brought to you by febreze. >> got the doc martins on. is strong. . good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings and
8:57 am
checking your top stories app investigation is underway in d.c. after a 13-month-old boy is shot. this happened last night at the intersection of 13th and i streets in northeast. the boy is in stable condition. right gnarliest are looking for two men they believe are behind the gunfire. and the mlb all-star game is tonight. daniel murphy at second base and ryan zimmerman at first base. first pitch at 8 o'clock. goat ready for the heat to crank up today. it's all about the heat the next couple of days. temperatures in the middle 90s today and tomorrow. it's definitely going to feel a lot hotter. temperature combined with humidity will make it feel closer to 100 today and wednesday and thursday it could feel like 105. very isolated stormha
8:58 am
daily. friday our best shot. by the weekend a break from the high heat and less humidity. brian, lots of brake lights left over. inner crash inner loop 495. it did block the left side of lanes for quite a bit. inner loop also stacked up from the springfield mixing bowl. no desert reported there. northbound 395 are al also still under speed. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates right now on good morning washington over on newschannel 8. stay cool and have a greet day
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "america's got talent," judge heidi klum. and, best-selling author chris colfer. plus, a performance from recording artist sabrina carpenter. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: oh, hi. hi


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