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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 12, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." the president's son under fire and defending his controversial meeting with a russian lawyer. how donald trump jr. is denying allegation of collusion after releasing the e-mail exchange. >> speaking of that lawyer with reported ties to the kremlin. she's now speaking out about the meeting with the president's inner circle. who is she, and what did three she bring to the discussion? brian ross digging deeper. and new this half hour, a harrowing video captures a couple's terrifying drive to escape the wildfires in canada. >> the couple finding themselves smack in the middle of that intense blaze. and american league wins the all-star game in extra innings. we have the highlights plus a picture perfect moment between an umpire and player.
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it's wednesday, july 12th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> an extra inning all-star game. >> did you catch it? >> that's what we were hoping. >> did you watch it? >> no. >> i didn't think so. >> i dvred it. i didn't want all the details. >> you didn't want the details? >> no, i didn't want the details of how the all-star game ends. so please, no spoilsies, okay? >> all right after you watch "game of thrones," you'll watch that? >> yes. we begin this half hour with donald trump jr., though, defending his meeting with a russian lawyer after posting the e-mail chain detailing the arrangement. >> don jr. told fox news that he agreed to sit down with a russian attorney as a courtesy to an acquaintance when he was offered dirt on his father's opponent, he said i thought he should hear them out.
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he acknowledged he probably should have done things differently, and he said there was no reason to tell his dad about that meeting. >> did you tell your father anything about this? >> no. it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't even have remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. it was literally just a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame. >> and don jr. says he's more than happy to cooperate with everyone. >> he released the e-mails, though, after the "new york times" told him they were about to publish them. >> and we're also learning more about that russian lawyer who met with the president's son. >> yeah, she said she arrived at trump tower with an interpreter but insists she had no information on hillary clinton. brian ross has more on the attorney and what the president may have known. >> reporter: the big question is what did the president know about the meeting here at trump tower, and when did he know it? the white house says he only became aware of it a few days ago. but we now know more about the russian lawyer, natalia, well-connected to the kremlin
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and a familiar figure in washington, lobbying. against russian sanctions. here she is at a congressional hearing last june. she flew in to meet with trump's inner circle on the 25th floor. one floor below the office of donald trump senior. democrats in congress are asking how could he not know what what is going on. especially since the meeting was set up by people working for a billionaire who was the former business partner of trump's and close to vladimir putin. the lawyer denied her purpose was to provide compromising information on hillary clinton. no, this is not true, she said. further claiming she didn't even know if donald trump was a candidate for president then. she says presidential son-in-law, jared kushner left the meeting after only about ten minutes and that campaign chairman paul manafort spent most of the time looking at his phone. she insists the campaign was not on her mind, telling reporters,
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i'm not interested in politics. she said she came primarily to talk about the adoption of russian children. and that was donald jr.'s explanation at first, too. then he did quickly change the story saying that she did tell him she had information about hillary clinton. and with the e-mails another version of what was on the agenda here at trump tower, brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and sources tell abc news, special counselor robert mueller will look into the meeting as part of his widening investigation into possible trump collusion. >> some are calling it proof of collusion and even possible treason. and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they have serious concerns. >> donald trump jr. was openly salivating about the prospect of getting damaging information from the russians. is certainly evidence of collusion. >> you're offered assistance from a foreign government in your campaign, the only answer is no. so i'm not going to condemn the gal in an e-mail, but this is something that is the most
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far. >> is that evidence that the trump campaign then knew that russia was trying to interfere? >> no, i don't think so. no. >> that's senior republican senator from oklahoma there, defending the president's son. democrats and some republicans say trump jr. should testify on capitol hill. senator dianne feinstein says that he should do it in an open session as soon as possible. a doctor who cared for collegiate and olympic gymnasts has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. he could face up to 60 years in prison. he worked for usa gymnastics and michigan state university. he faces lawsuits for the sexual abuse of more than 100 women and girls. the accusers include u.s. olympians. investigators are looking into farm fields in mississippi for clues as to what caused
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crash. the kc-130 plane was taking an elite, special operations unit across the country for training. all 16 on board were killed, making it the deadliest marine corps crash in years. foul play is not suspected. the widespread debris indicates something went wrong in the middle of the air. >> it is a cargo airplane. sometimes cargo airplanes can pick up dangerous cargos. we've seen that bring down airplanes in the past, whether that's lithium ion batteries or cargo that shifts. so they can be put in danger by something they're carrying. maybe something like that happened while they were at altitude. but as of right now, it's inexplicable. >> members of the special ops unit were based at camp lejeune in north carolina. the other nine were based at stuart air force base in new york. >> aviation officials are looking into what could have been a disaster in san francisco. an air canada jet nearly landed on a taxiway where four other planes were waiting to take off. it missed them by about 100 feet. here's david kerley. >> reporter: disaster averted on this runway, an air canada pilot
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confused on a night approach. >> we see lights on the runway there. >> confirmed, clear to land. >> reporter: with the pilot of the a-320 was actually seeing was four other jets, potentially carrying up to 1,000 people on the taxiway, running parallel to the runway. a pilot on the ground sounding the alarm. >> where's this guy going? he's on the taxiway. >> reporter: less than ten seconds later, the pilot told to abort the landing. data from a flight tracking service. shows the air canada jet was just 400 feet off the ground, a bit more than a football field length. aviation experts say this is an extremely concerning incident. the faa's investigating and says it will determine how close the landing jet got to those on the taxiway.
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david kerley. there are dozens of wildfires, but two of the most active are in california. the jennings fire was started yesterday afternoon by a vehicle's exhaust. it grew quickly hundreds of acres, forcing evacuations and even the closure of interstate 8 there. another fire near san jose has already destroyed two homes. this is the view as a husband and wife escaped a wildfire in western canada. it began in heavy smoke and turned really fright anything as their car was surrounded by flames. >> british columbia has been under a state of emergency since friday. more than 200 fires have burned more than 150 square miles and forced 14,000 evacuations. major league baseball's all-star game doesn't count anymore. but it still has drama. >> the best met in miami, seattle's robinson cano broke a tie with a solo homer off the
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cubs' wade davis. he picked up the mvp and the victory. now i know how it ended. the win is only for bragging rights. home field advantage is no longer determined by the all-star game. and the seattle teammate, nelson cruz had the social media moment of the night. he posed for a picture with home plate umpire joe west before his first at bat. how cute is that? >> and he had a phone in his back pocket. he was told he couldn't have phones in the dugout, but no one said they couldn't have them on the field. >> genius. i love the whole gear there for the catcher. >> he's very colorful. very colorful. by the way, is it bad that i can't hear you say miami without thinking of pedro martinez? >> he was on celebrity family feud just this past weekend and steve harvey asked, name a word that rhymes with yummy. and he goes, mi-ummy.
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[ laughter ] >> as we move on. coming up, proof that there is no good fight without some talk beforehand. >> it is on. mayweather and mcgregor. >> they're talking game. they're talking smack, aren't they? some verbal hits and misses. [ laughter ] where's this fight taking place? >> and later in the skinny, back to the future. well, really "star wars," but we're checking out how those futuristic '70s fashions are getting an update. >> but first, let's take a look at the forecast in mi-ummy. world news weather, brought to you by lysol. sol.
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there they are, ladies and gentlemen! it's mayweather versus mcgregor, saturday, august 26th. >> all right, if you haven't marked your calendar yet, now's the time. it's one of boxing's greatest ever, floyd mayweather jr. versus mma super star cono
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mcgregor. >> and the press sparked off and the verbal sparring caused surprises. >> everyone was expecting mcgregor to go after floyd. to try to get inside his head with some trash talking. >> he's good at it. >> he's great at it. let's see how he did. >> his little legs, his little core, his little head. i'm going to knock him out, mark my words. i don't fear this limited set of fighting. this is a limited set of rules that make this half a fight, a quarter of a fight. this isn't a true fight. if this was a true fight, it wouldn't even take one round. >> wow. he's going to get his butt kicked. >> okay, okay. >> mcgregor, well, then it's of course mayweather's turn. let's hear how he did.
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god only made one thing perfect, and that's my boxing record. you going in on your face or you're going out on your back. now which way you want to go? i'm not even the same man i was 20 years ago. i'm not the same fighter i was 10 years ago. i'm not the same fighter i was five years ago. i'm not the same fighter i was two years ago, but i got enough to beat you. >> ooh. see, that's how you deliver. mayweather looking more animated than ever. to be fair, both of them had plenty of hits, but conor seemed not so crisp. >> like he normally is. >> i cannot repeat, but they're comical. speaking of which, while mayweather may have won in the trash talking, we got to take a look at the style, because mcgregor blew that one out of the water. >> mayweather was rocking his
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>> and remember how we said we can't repeat most of the things he says, well, that apparently includes zooming in on his suit. those pinstripes. >> oh. >> can we get a zoom in? >> they are not just designer pinstripes? >> no, they are words. tiny little versions of the words "forget you." we'll say that. but it was not the word "forget." >> in like a cee lo green remix. >> right. but if it was on the remix, it would be "forget you." creative. >> i'll give him props for that. he's still going to lose. >> you have pinstripes? >> no. "the skinny's" next. >> well, i mean. here. >> very tiny. >> but it says i love you. y're . ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round...
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♪ so skinny skinny time. and we're going to start things off with music power couple. jay z and beyonce. >> they may have just given birth to america's twins, america's babies, america's future. >> do you need more syrup? >> but according to mr. carter -- yes -- things haven't always been so joyful for the couple. in a new documentary short called "foot note", for "444", he opens up about infidelity and their early marital issues. >> i just ran into this place, and we built this big, beautiful mansion of relationship, you know what i mean? that wasn't totally built on 100% truth and it start cracking you know. >> the film, which was just released on title opens a window
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into jay z's psyche. >> and he's hitting the road with a major tour in anaheim, making 21 stops along the way, let's hope our twins are along for the ride. >> could you be more excited. >> very excited for the twins. next to kim kardashian, someone used to trash talk, but one thing seems to have gotten under her skin. >> people are talking about this snapchat photo of hers about what was on the counter behind her. some people thought it was a couple lines of cocaine. so kim tried to squash it by saying it was powdered sugar from her kids' candy. >> that wasn't it either. it appears there's nothing on the table at all. it's marble's look. >> oh, i see. >> mystery solved. "s
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some people say the two don't go together, but we say not so. >> how could you forget about bil billy dee williams, the most fashion-forward interglaktic ever. >> you really slay, lando, you slay. >> donald glover has pretty big capes to fill. he's been tapped to play the character in the new untitled han solo movie. >> and director ron howard gave us a peek at a wardrobe, asking followers to guess who it is. >> that looks pretty cool. >> that looks kind of like your closet. >> closet. >> you play, you play. >> all day. >> finally some more proof of why ryan reynolds is just a terrible human being. >> he's an awesome guy. the greatest man alive. >> okay, all right. >> you take that back. >> you know him from some movies like dead something or other, whatever. >> "dead pool".
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so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide ♪ you don't want my heart ♪ you just thought of me as someone new ♪ ♪ you just want attention ♪ i know from the start ♪ you're just making sure i'm never gettin' over you ♪ >> little charlie there on top of the charts, loving attention. there's been a lot of movement on the charts recently, because youtube has a new, most-watched video. >> ooh, a music powerful with a powerful and somber message has just dethroned one of the most annoying songs of all time. here's byron pitts. ♪ gangnam style
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>> reporter: it's the end of an era or earache for some. ♪ hey, sexy lady >> reporter: see you again. ♪ it's been a long day ♪ without you, my friend >> reporter: the wiz khalifa track wracking up 2 billion views on youtube. ♪ ♪ everything i would do you would be standing by my side ♪ >> reporter: released in 2015, it honored the late actor, paul walker, who died while filming the seventh installment of the "fast and furious" franchise. >> it's never good-bye. ♪ when i see you again ♪ oh, yeah, yeah >> it is a great song.
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not quite as fun as a dance, though. maybe we could start one. billboard, by the way is out with its list of 100 greatest girl-group songs, and topping the list. >> can you guess? ♪ so can you please ♪ be my, be my little baby ♪ please be my darling >> a classic, but we also wanted to share with you some of our personal favorites from girl groups of the past. >> number five, my personal fave. ♪ makin' love forever ♪ friendship never ends ♪ if you want to be my lover >> it never cut away. >> that's at a london hotel. that's very popular. "say my name" was number seven. they had a bunch of songs on the list, but not this one. but it's our favorite.
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♪ you make me want to ♪ throw my picture out the window ♪
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making news in america this morning, donald trump jr. defending himself over claims of collusion with russia. as some republican lawmakers voice their concerns, the controversy likely to follow the president on another foreign trip starting tonight. we're live in washington. we have new details about that deadly military plane crash. hear why mississippi's governor has issued a warning about the widespread debris field. a close call in san francisco bay. some boaters getting up close and way too personal with a whale. and baseball games, all-star game nine innings was not enough. we have highlights in the extended midsummer classic.


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