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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 12, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: if you have been outside you know it's hot out there. feels like temp of00 degrees. alison: it's the first truly opprve day out there. new hampshire -- nancy: the heatwave may not last long but it's going to get worse. alison: tomorrow is set to be even hotter. jonathan: stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the temp and potential of storms. nancy: melissa dipane is outside looking at the effort to cool down. and we begin with the forecast. it's going to be muggy even after sunset today. doug: even after sunset, downtown we'llhave heat index values around 90. stay in the 80's all night. we have been telling you that thursday will be the hottest and the most humid day of the five-day heatwave. we weren't lying to you. heat advisory in effect tomorrow. storms likely friday ahead of a cold front to lead to a less humid weekend but only a little cooler. heat alert, we have a heat advisory in effected for all the areas in orange. for the metro are south and east for the
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tomorrow from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. at times it will feel like 105 deees. this is what we are dealing with now. air temperature. 95 at quantico. 95 in fredericksburg. 86 in baltimore. 9 in reagan -- 93 in reagan national. feels like 100 at reagan national. 101 at quantico. 98 in leesburg. feels like 97 in annapolis. that is near the water. so is abc7's melissa dipane. she is along the georgetown waterfront. i suspect it's not cool at all out there, melissa. how are folks trying to deal with the heat knowing it will be hotter tomorrow? melissa: you can see around me, people are trying to cool off the best way they can. i'm super lucky today. i got the best assignment. even though it's hot out here, no better place to be than the water front on a day like today. the d.m.v. doesn't stop for swelters heat. temps today in
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folks are doing everything they can to stay cool. >> it's very hot. i came to the fountain to cool off. it's nice and cold. >> it's fun to play with my friends in the water stream because you can put your hands in them and change where they go. that's fun to spray each other with. melissa: whether you are having fun or working the heat can creep up on you. people working in the heat are taking special precautions. the state highway administration of maryland are telling crews to take frequent breaks. drink lots of fluid and watch for signs of heat stroke. if you are luc enough to be enjoying air conditioning indoors power companies like dominion energy say they plan ahead for the hot spells. >> you can't wait until the intense heat of the summer or the bitter cold of the wenter to prepare your infrastructure to handle that. you have to inspect, and maintain and build into your infrastructure. so when you get e
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get temps this week you are up to the task. melissa: expect delays as engineers are flaying slower. metro will monitor their tracks to see if they need to do the same. now if you find yourself outside, make sure you find yourself water or shade. stay hydrated. if you sta to feel overheated make sure you seek out air conditioning. live in georgetown, melissa dipane, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. alison: "7 on your side" has hydration he from the c.d.c. i may seem obvious to drink more water out in the heat but keep drinking even when you are not being that active. if you are thirsty, it could be too late. drink up even if you are not. avoid drinks too cold. they could give you stomach cramps and that makes it more uncomfortable to hydrate. if you are thirsty, remember your pets are too. make sure there is always a bowl of water out for them as
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well. beat the heat with the stormwatch7 weather app. it's available on google play and on the app store. nancy: meantime, the trusted photographer taking care of the photo shoots for children and adults but now he is accused of secretly recording two teen girls they changed. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has a story you will only see on abc7. kevin: montgomery county police say marc weiker ran dark photography designs out of his georgetown home which he shares with his wife and middle school age son. two sisters ages 13 and 14 recently went to weikert's home for a shoot. his professional studio located in the basement. the sisters were changing in the dressing room when police say one of them noticed a box with a tiny peephole atop a cabinet. girl opened the box and found an iphone 5 was recording, capturing at lea
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later that day the girl told their mother who called police. with a search warrant in hand, investigators recovered a number of electronic's from weiker's home, including an external hart drive. on it, they found more naked videos of at least one sister from prior photo shoots. we spoke with the girls' mother earlier today. >> you wouldn't expect it. you wouldn't expect him to do something like that. he seemed friendly and general win and really wanting to help others out. you know, maybe couldn't afford photographs that were high quality. kevin: detectives say they are highly suspicious that weikert secretly recorded other clients over the years. he is facing a long list of criminal charges including sex abuse of a minor and possession of child pornography. we contacted his defense attorney today but so far haven't heard ba.
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lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: in prince george's county a contractor killed after being trapped in a trench. crews tried getting him out but they couldn't get to him in time. this happened along the 700 block of neptune avenue and oxon hill this morning where crews were doing utility work at the time. alison: the search is still on this hour in fairfax county for a woman police say was in a shootout last night. the gunfire started about 9:30 on big yankee lane in centreville. police were called. they found bullets that hit a house. just outside a young girl's bedroom. a man was arrested after the short chase but the woman was able to get away. jonathan: developing in the heart of alexandria. a busy part for tourists. officer firing her gun after she was attacked and it happened by king street. our john gonzalez explains what led up to the violent confrontation and has an update on the injured officer. john: a la
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several city blocks are closed for hours. take a look. i will step out of the way. that is the corner of st. saph and king street where around 7:00 this morning an alexandria police officer was assaulted, was injured. that officer discharged a weapon. no one was hit. the suspect was apprehended. >> there was a hard object in his hand and he was striking vehicles. people were concerned about that. they called the patrol officers in uniform, responding to the incident. the first officer that arrived on the scene encountered the suspect. the subject immediately attacked the officer and the officer was wounded in the
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life. the officer is a 34-year-old female officer with one year on the job. there was only one shot discharged. >> right now the police are still here trying to piece this together and tryingto figure out what appened early this morning. but in the meantime, several blocks closed right now. we hope to get updates throughout the day. as the investigation continues here in old town alexandria. john gonzalez, abc7 news. nancy: good news on steve scalise who is out of intensive care for a second time. the congressman remains in serious condition and is still trted for an infection. he had another surgery last week. he was shot in the head in june when a gunman opened fire on the g.o.p. baseball team as it practiced for the annual charity game. the shooter was killed. on the hill now, all hands on deck. the senate delaying the august recess by two weeks hoping to get more done before the break. the recess will now begin the third week of the month.
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they don't need that long to finalize healthcare. they claim revised version of the g.o.p. healthcare plan will be ready by tomorrow. the hope is for a vote next week. alison: as the president's son speaks out about a meeting with a russian lawyer last summer, the nominee to lead the f.b.i. goes under oath. christopher wray faced a barrage of questions from eager senators during his confirmation hearing today. emily rau with the moment wray was asked about the russia investigation. >> i do not consider director muler to be on a witch hunt. emily: that is president trump's nominee christopher wray at his confirmation hearing speaking about the special council investigating the trump campaign possible collusion with russia. >> if i got a call saying the russian government wants to help lsey graham get re-elected, they have dirt on graham's opponent. do i take that meeting? >> i would think you want to
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before you did that. >> in retrospect i would have done things differently. >> this is the same day that don jr. released a e-mail chain which is -- says he was told they wanted to help the campaign and how an acquaintance said the russian lawyer had incriminating evidence about hillary clinton added this is very high level and sensitive information but part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. don jr. responds if it's what you say, i love it. some in congress now asking to suspend the security clearance of president trump's son-in-law and now senior adviser who was in that meeting. >> we need to pursue. it's up to the white house and the security agency to determine that. not me. emily: the president tweeting strong support for don jr. tuesday morning writing he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political his
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two democratic congressman formally introduced an article of impeachment against mr. trump contending he obstructed justice. in northwest, emily rau, abc7 news. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- did alexa call the police? the bad guys' words that triggered a call. nancy: the world famous picture that the history channel says is of amelia earhart. the evidence now it was taken before her disappearance. an entire show debunked. it's a major redevelopment in tysons. what just happened with the board of supervisors and what it means for folks in this area coming up. jonathan: also still ahead, first look at the successful attempt to intercept a medium range missile. see what happens when the bomb
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jonathan: take a good look at the television. this photo sparked a new theory on amelia earhart's disappearance, inspiring a history channel documentary. full hour. but now research shows this photo was taken two years before her final flight. on top of that, the bloggers who dated figure said the blurry figure who might be amelia on the end of the dock could be a man. nancy: it was fun to imagine. a new
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tonight thanks to a voice-activated peaker. barros was house-sitting with his girlfriend when things turned violent. they say he accused the woman of cheating and threatened her at gunpoint. during the attack, he asked if the woman called the sheriff. they saying t speaker heard that and dialed 911. that is what police is saying but amazon doubts the a account. alison: a -- doubts the account. alison: tysons continues its rapid growth. there were concerns that adding a wegmans would make congestion worse. nancy: now we are learning a bigger project has been approved there. jonathan: abc7's transportation reporter brianne carter in tysons with aook at the plans. brianne: it's the final approval. this project nowdy fin tiffly moving -- now definitively moving forward. that is new headquarters for capital one
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below it and the service area will be part of it. so that means more offi, retail and hotel space in this part of tysons. the presidents we spoke to have seen major highlights including the wegman's grocery store with a theater with orchestra pit and state-of-the-art lighting slated as part of the project. also included is two athletic fields, park and green space. game plaza and parking for folks coming to the area. residents we talk to say despite the congestion they are all for it. >> i love this, all the people and the possibilities. now you have to go downtown. brianne: anyone who comes down here know they are sitting in bumper to bumper
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with this even if it means sitting in traffic longer? we outline that at 5:00. jonathan: the city of west sacramento buying in the driverless car idea. it has a plan to use the driverless shuttles. small buses will be programmed to move people around the downtown water front and they won't be able to roll through until the d.m.v. figures out the rules of the road, that autonomous vehicles would have. >> it is meant to carry people short distances, a couple miles at max. along a fixed route. jonathan: so right now the shuttles are tested in places like las vegas and south florida. would you climb in a vehicle without a driver? nancy: i don't think so. i understand there are rules and it's safe but i want to have a person. jonathan: one day the doors close and say,can you take me to the water front?" and they would say "no, dave, we can't do
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traffic. one point to another. nancy: a look at the crazy weather that hit a city? iowa. tornado swirling near a group of buildings that is caught on camera. at one point in the video. you can see the number uprooting trees, tossing them around as if it's nothing. this did cause damage to the buildings and the homes but no one was hurt. alison: take a look at this. this is kenosha, wisconsin. flooded streets, water rising above the windows of some cars and survivor's. some parts of southern wisconsin have seen up to a half a foot of rain. jonathan: so when you look at pictures like that, it puts it in perspective for us. doug: if you have five days in a rowlike today is day three it gets unbearable. we get a br
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pretty good chance of widespread showers and the thunderstorms on friday. but until then we will swelter. show you the numbers. this is what it feels like. the feels like temperature, 100 degrees at reagan national. 101 in quantico. 100 degrees reported in fredericksburg as we speak. the rest of the areas in the high 90's. the patuxent river naval air station is 103. they are surrounded on two sides by water so it may add to their figures. 86 this evening. 7:00. 857, that range. and hot and humid through the evening. no storms. we have a slight chance storm with a better chance on friday. also tomorrow we have a heat advisory in effect. it's in effect from 12:00 noon until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. it's the metro area that points east and northeast. at times in the afternoon. the heat index may feel like 105 degrees or so. this is what the computer output shows us through the day tomorrow for metro washington. we will start off with 85 in the m
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somewhere wind up in this range between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. between 103 to 106 degrees at times. that is just oppressive hot and humid. still hot and humid in the day on friday. although the temperatures won't be cite as hot as the recent days. the humidity levels will be. on the future cast tomorrow we depict the area of showers and thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. give us a brief interruption of high temperatures and the humidity. it will stay muggy as it clears out. we get to the day on friday. a better chance of shower developing forthe next cold front. cold front will drop temperature on saturday by 7:00 to 8:00. drop humidity levels down for the weekend. it looks good for activities. there you see the upper 90's tomorrow. 89 to 91 over the weekend. with the lower humidity. it will be muggier on monday and tuesday with the afternoon thunderstorm chances. wednesday, thursday, friday and next weekend. hot with another chance by next weekend. maybe another
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so it goes in the nation's capital in july. alison: thank you, doug. okay. check this out. a former nasa engineer has constructed the world's biggest and the most powerful supersoaker. nancy: awesome! wow! alison: a little unwielding. jonathan: the watermelon in half! alison: fires at 270 miles per hour. instead of using pressurized air to fire like the toy version we know, look at that. it uses pressurized tanks of nitrogen gas and fires hard to slice the watermelon and shatter glass. name it. don't try at home. jonathan: i'm so happy to know he works for nasa. i knew the smartest guys in the world work for nasa. i know what i want for my christmas present. alison: dangerous with that. jonathan: yes, i would. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how about this fire power? the moment a test rocket was intercepted. the successful intercept t
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nancy: plus, a genetic breakthrough at u.v.a. doctors figuring out how to
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jonathan: update a story you heard yesterday. successful intercept test. missile over the north of hawaii. missile defense sys
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tracked it. wiped it out. the 14th straight intesent for this system that targeted the interrange ballistic missiles. nancy: a "7 on your side" health alert. researchers finding a way to turn off your genes. team at u.v.a. says what it is doing won't hurt surrounding cells bt can help target specific diseases. >> for a lot of the genesn the body we still don't know the functions. so now we are going to inactivate the genes to stdy what the gene is doing. alison: ra consumer alert. visa wants more to update the digital payment technology and they are willing to pay big pucks for tat to happen.
4:26 pm
a what going cashless means to you. jonathan: that is the best bet. nancy: long esis a to write. alison: the feelings of going cashless. nancy: there you go. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an alert for parents. the indoor trampoline park may not be as safe as you any for the children to escape the heat. the injury risk ahead. brad: p.g. county police announce an arrest in a double murder even as they prepare to fan out across the county in a show of force. alison: new at 5:00 -- the groups of a.t.v. riders weaving in and out of traffic on busy streets. how police caught upwith a rider and plan to crack down on the others driving illegally. that's when larry and i join
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doug: we are back with more on the five-day heatwave in the smack dab middle of day three. the temperatures are running in the 90's. heat index values in the upper 90's to 100. from belle haven country club guys are wearing long pants feeling like 100 degrees playing golf. follow the rules here. but we will see relie
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day, day and a half before we so that. the big story tonight is tomorrow. the heat advisory from 12:00 noon until 8:00 p.m. the air temperature in the upper 90's and it could feel like 105 degrees. right now it feels like 100 in washington and fredericksburg. 101 at quantico. 93 in hagerstown. looking for any signs of showers tonight, probably not going to happen. we will stay partly cloudy and warm and muggy through the night. better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. the hourly temperatures climb in 90's between 12:00 noon and 6:00. that is the time it is likely going to feel like 105. we talk about the possibilities of the numerous thunderstorms coming to play friday ahead of a cold front. we will see that after we experience the heat index values like this tomorrow afternoon. widespread, triple digits across the area. steve rudin will be back to talk about the next
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back to you. jonathan: we have been warned. police george's police going to extreme measures to capture rise of violence. nancy: brad bell has a crime alert. brad: tough night last night t they hope it won't be tonight. this afternoon an announcement that the police are making progress. this picture is put out. he is 20 years old. he is alleged to have shot and killed two people last week. sources tell me the motive was anger over fireworks being shot off. police told me this dispute is what has been fueling the rise in the murders.
4:32 pm
our camera arrive only the scene as the ambulance arrived. the police are hunting for suspects. this july, the reports have seed like a broken record repeating on a near nightly basis with the 12 homicides in 12 days of the month. many have been personal disputes and arguments. >> it has to stop. >> the latest shooting came 12 hours in the decision to work police 12-hour shifts as a public safety official says the goal is to get an officer between those who would do violence to each other and get more cops on the street. it will continue as long as needed. >> we want to make sure we are on top of it. that's what the changes are. >> when they are sending the officers out, they mean it. those that normally see, those giving the st
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going out. when we come back at 5:00, you will hear more from the county executive and the residents of the county. jonathan: thank you. a couple is searching for a place o stay after a fire ripped through the home. dozens of the firefighters called to willow hill place shortly after 5:00 this morning. when the home started to cave in the firefighters had to get out. >> getting ready to go out. jonathan: at this point it's not clear how it got started but when they update us we will share it with you on abc7.
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alternative when it's hot outside. get the kids somewhere to have a good time and stay out of the heat. nancy: absolutely. fletcher is here now for an alert about the skyrocketing injuries at the trampoline parks. lisa? lisa: that is right. some parents don't know they can be risky. some advertise as safe for small children. >> the grief stricken face of the boy tells the story. his legs broken while jumping at indoor trampoline park. >> no mother or father wants to see the child the way we had to see colton. >> his mom posted this photo of colton in the body cast because she wanted parents to know something we didn't. children under the age of 6:00 shouldn't use -- under the age of 6 shouldn't use trampoline park. >> ts
4:35 pm
>> in the study published last fall, the number of the energy room visits for the injuries sustained at the trampoline parks skyrocketed. less than 600 in 2010 to 7,000 in 2014. 100,000 people were treated for trampoline related injuries in 2015. there were 21 deaths from 2009 to 2013. in the last five years the number of parks risen from 35 to 600. most facilities require you to sign a waiver before jumping. as of now there are no federal regulations for trampoline parks but the industry has put together a setof voluntary safety standards. >> we do offer education and training to make sure that individuals responsible for maintaining and operating the parks are qualified to
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lisa: caitlin hill says she is sharing her son's story hoping others will think twice before letting the kids jump. the study found the most serious injuries skull fracture, spinal cord and leg fractures where the bone broke through the skin. nancy: that is incredibly alarming when you think how dangerous it is for the small children. lisa: you think kids are flexible but the bones are really soft and more prone to just snap. jonathan: kids want to do that. they want to go with my friends. it's safe, mom and dad. there you go. lisa: maybe think twice. michelle: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you have seen max scherzer pitch. now you can hear what it sounds like when he brings the heat. nancy: still ahead, blocked by president trump on twitter. some wear it as a badge of honor and others are suing. a d.c. woman's first amendment fight taken to court. jonathan: now veronica johnso
4:37 pm
can expect on "good morning washington" tomorrow morning. veronica: hey, thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- we are cooling down with cup of joe live at the metro center. we're handing out water to help you stay hydrated and beat the heat. >> plus, exercising in this heat can be risky. how to get in a safe workout without getting wiped out. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes to
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michelle: check this out. a group of naval personnel saving a baby elephant stuck in the indian ocean. look at him there. it took several boats, a team of navy divers and the department of wildlife to rescue the animals. they used ropes to guide it from the water to dry line. he was then handed over to the ldlife officials. michelle: you know how we go crazy for pandas in the d.c. area. check out twins in china celebrating the first birthday. they were given a special cake made of their favorites. jonathan: elephants, pandas and pitchers. they go together. if there is any doubt that max scherzer was not giving his all in the all-star game. don't just watch this. listen to this. ready? here we go.
4:41 pm
[swish] that is him bringing the heat. it sounds like that you can hear him throwing and striking out the home run derby champ last night. he would get another k in his inning of work. bryce harper made a diving catch. but the a.l. won it in extra innings. boo. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- blocked by the president on twitter. is it illegal? the lawsuit and the first amendment argument that one d.c. woman now is making. we have that coming up next. nancy: plus a mystery in pennsylvania. four young men vanished and the search going for a week now. the only lead and a
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there is a big crash at i-10. 30 cars involved or more maybe. jonathan: it was bad. new video of a trash last month in new mexico. dash cam footage of a pileup with more than 25 people on the interstate. six people killed. this started when a huge dust storm blew in and it turned visibility to nothing. that road just went dark and
4:45 pm
miles per hour when it hit. michelle: four young men mysteriously disappear in pennsylvania. the first missing for a full week now. the only lead to a person of interest a cell phone ping. maggie rulli with the update that investigators gave just before we came on air. maggie: the lead person of interest in the case is back behind bars. this time, authorities are accusing 20-year-old cosmo dinardo of stealing the car of thomas meo, one of the missing men and trying to sell it to days after me mees girlfriend says he went missing -- after meo's girlfriend said he went missing. >> the vehicle was found at one of the dinardo properties and meo is known to be a diabetic. his diabetic kit, which he never went anywhere without was found in the vehicle. maggie: authorities have been combing through the dinardo property for days using backhoe and their bare hand to dig up the 90-acre search
4:46 pm
>> the search at the scene up the road is intensifying. we are going to find something for sure. have no doubt of that. no doubt of that. maggie: a neighbor said she heard series of gunshot on saturday. >> all of a sudden we heard this very, very loud boom, boom, boom. boom, boom, boom, boom. lots and lots of gunshots that were startling. maggie: it's been a week since the first man went missing. 19-year-old jimi tar patrick last seen wednesday. 21-year-old thomas meo, 22-year-old mark sturgis and 19-year-old dean finocchiaro all missing since friday. authorities are asking the public to send in any touches they may have to help them find the four men. in new york, maggie rulli, abc7 news. jonathan: quick update now on last month's devastating apartment fire in london. police now releasing this video of emotionally training work being done by the searchers. they have to go very slowly. you can see a 42-man
4:47 pm
what they are looking for is human remains. 80 people killed when the fire ripped through the 24-story building. nancy: meantime, singer ariana grande being honored for her response to the deadly terror attack outside of her concert in may. the city council of england voting to make her the first honorary citizen. she returned to manchester weeks after the attack to perform at a benefit concert and meet with survivors. michelle: can the president block his critics on twitter? that is the center of a lawsuit they are claiming that president trump violates the first amendment when he blocks people who criticize him or his policies. seven people are listed in that lawsuit including a woman from d.c. >> it's about reserving a constitutional right. it's a principle. it's something guaranteed to everyone in the country. michelle: since the white house admits the president's tweets are official communications the lawsuit
4:48 pm
page a public forum under the first amendment. jonathan: well, in the meantime, trump hotel guests could have had the information hacked. the hotel chain the reservation system was breached. several trump properties are affected including the d.c. hotel. key dates that we are looking at. november 7 tomarch 9. watch your credit card statements for fraudulent activity. hackers could have your name, address and phone number. this by the way is the fourth time since 2014 that hackers have gotten around trump properties cyber security. michelle: a new proposal that could suect every individual to face scan before flying. nancy: privacy advocates are raising red flag. visitors must give fingerprints and have a photo taken. several airports are testing the scan. now to the live desk with larry smith for a look at "abc7 news at
4:49 pm
break we look at what it means for those on the hill. a dog is loose after a bad car crash. thatted is new at 5:00. michelle: thank you, larry. a "7 on your side" consumer alert. closer look at how many of us have a job on the side for extra cash. according to study up to 4 million americans have a side job. 96% of those 18 to 36 who participated say they work a second job at least once a month. when you break it down by the party lines democrats and the independents are nearly twice as likely as republicans to have a side job. jonathan: well, with that many people working extra time, you think it must pay off. nancy: but do services like
4:50 pm
uber, lyft and airbnb pad your wallet? john matarese has more. john: they call it a gig economy. working a part-time job or side hustle for extra cash. drive your car, respect off your home or -- respect out
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etsy just $40. fm the doesn't that stink file the reason many people are taking on the side jobs. not because they want to meet people but because the regular job doesn't pay enough to make ends meet or pay off the college loans. doesn't that stink? the "washington post" says if you have to work two or three jobs, $100 a month is not going to get you that far. bottom line, it can bring in a few bucks but to earn big cash it's a full-time job. so don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. nancy: must see pictures. crack) in ishelf in aqand -- crack in the ice shelf on antarctica. this is 2,200 square miles. for a perspective, d.c. original plan was 100 square miles. that is the size of more than 22 plots
4:52 pm
capital, in the bigger picture you can see there. look at thetrue size. it would cover from statford county, virginia, to baltimore. this is a huge chunk of ice out there now. jonathan: that is a big break. michelle: yes. steve: i think they weighed it. nancy: put it on the scale. jonathan: average, you know. steve: it's huge. we need ice here for tomorrow. the hottest day of the year. on the backdoor. sizer. looking outside now. national harbor, a few people are enjoying the boardwalk. temperature up 96 degrees. it's 93 degrees. cooler around western maryland. oakland is 77. the feels like temperatures is hot out there. upper 90's to close to 100 degrees. reagan national, leesburg, manassas, culpeper. you get the point. if you have anything to do outdoors for the evening, going for a walk, taking your dog out fo
4:53 pm
drink water and find shade. if you are grilling this evening, temperatures by 5:00 iin the middle 90's. we drop in the 80's by 7:00 tonight. by 9:00, hanging on to 84 to 85 degrees. the heat advisory tomorrow. 12:00 noon until 8:00 p.m. the district, arlington, alexan prince george's county. all of southern maryland. not a worry to the west of us but it's still hot out there. the forecast tomorrow. highs are upper 90's. close to 100 degrees. temperatures are 100 to 106. many locations. especially downtown with a lot of concrete and a lot of buildings. talk about the weekend. beach forecast is 85 on saturday. lower humidity levels on sunday. 85 degrees. the ten-day outlook. we cool down on saturday. not as humid. upper 80's. back in the 90's for most of next week.
4:54 pm
for ten months they interned with various organizations. today marked the end of the program. awards were given out. and i had the pleasure of serving as today's keynote speaker. these high school seniors worked on their internships 12 hours a week while juggling their homework and other after-school activities as well. the mission is to help students from the underserved communities expand ther ideas of what is possible after graduating from high school. jonathan: good for you to do that. a great program. >> dream big and dream bigger. jonathan: therevjç you go. that is the wayy to do it. still ahead, talk about dreaming big. tough break for the howard basketball team. that's not slowed down the head coach. robert burton has our coach of the week up
4:55 pm
ñ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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4:57 pm
michelle: howard basketball coach nickelberry rebuilding from the ground up. robert burton shows us how. robert for kevin nickelberry the start of the season is never smooth sailing. >> we play georgetown again, gonga, indiana. we play at south florida. >> every year, new challenges for howard basketball. the latest challenge replacing a 30-point void. left by one of the nation's leading scorers, james daniel, or j-bird. >> he is an
4:58 pm
has done unbelievable things for the program. he put us back on the map. robert: he is transferring to tennessee but the loss never stopped coach nickelberry. >> j-bird was one-time player but we were able to bring in t.j. last year. seven 30-point games. robert: if nickelberry has the utmost confidence for the next star, the feeling is mutual. >> i love him as a coach. his heart is real. that's what i like. he told me that from day one when he recruited me. nothing is easy. everything would be earned for me. ever since i stepped on the court for the first time, that is how it was. >> expect one of the back courts in the meac and mid-major basketball. robert: with their coach of the week, i'm robert burton. robert: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larr
4:59 pm
you yet? tomorrow, this heatwave will make it hotter. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center with a look at when we could feel relief? doug? doug: it's more uncomfortable each day. tomorrow is the peak of the heatwave. a heat advisory in effect from 12:00 noon until 8:00 tomorrow. @ times tomorrow afternoo inside the metro area the heat index the way it feels like could hit 1050 degrees. right now it feels like 101 in leesburg. feels like 100 in washington. 102 in quantico. as we head through the day tomorrow here is where computer modeling says maybe 105 at times. up and down the i-95 corridor. 102 in leesburg. 102 degrees in annapolis. it will be tough day. looking ahead through the day, 98 on the thermometer. maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. thunderstorms likely after a hot and humid day on friday. less humid, not as hot to saturday. we check out the rest of the weekend and the next ten days coming up in
5:00 pm
alison: thank you. you said it. staying cool can be a challenge this time of year. melissa dipane picks up our team coverage. live in george-up to. hi, melissa. melissa: the temps are in the it 0's and tomorrow is hotter. folks are doing everything they can to stay cool. >> it's hot. i came to the fountain to cool off. it's nice and cold. >> fun to play in the water stream. you can put your hands in them and change where they go. >> whether you are having fun or working, it can creep up on you. the state highway administration is telling crews to take break, drink
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