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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 13, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a grim discovery in the search for the young men missing near philadelphia. what investigators are now saying about human remains found and the person in custody. we have all the breaking details ahead. president trump arriving in france overnight. he's there to meet with the french president as he defends trump jr. about his meeting with the russian lawyer in a new interview. what would you do if you were locked inside an atm? see how one guy got in there and the ingenious way he got out. and the best from the world of sports gather for the espys. we'll have some of the winners, some comedy and the guy getting a lot of attention for his outfit.
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a good morning to all. we begin with breaking news. investigators say human remains have been found in the search for four missing men near philadelphia. >> under lights and tents investigators have been on the scene all night long. cadaver dogs took investigators to a site on the farm where human remains were buried in a hole more than 1 feet deep. >> one was that of dean finocchiaro. we get more from abc's janai norman. >> reporter: a grisly twist in the mysterious case of four young men who vanished near philadelphia. overnight investigators announcing they found at least one of them. >> very, very sad to say that we can now identify dean finocchiaro, 19 years old of middletown as one of the people that was found buried in that grave. >> reporter: the person
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interest, 20-year-old cosmo dinardo posted bail and was out of jail less than 4 hours before he was rearrested. dinardo was charged with stealing and trying to sell 21-year-old tom meo's car after authorities found the car in a garage on dinardo's family's property with meo's diabetes medication still inside. meo, 19-year-old jimi patrick, 22-year-old mark sturgis and 19-year-old dean finocchiaro all disappeared last week and the search continues for three of them. >> there are additional human remains inside that grave. we're not done yet. >> reporter: a neighbor says she heard gunfire on the dinardo property on saturday. >> all of a sudden we heard this very, very loud boom, boom, boom. >> we heard it. we felt it. it was violent. >> reporter: investigators have been combing through the family's farm for days sifting through soil, digging up concrete and using a backhoe to search a roughly 90-acre area
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before making that horrifying discovery. >> those dogs could smell these poor boys 12 1/2 feet below the ground. >> reporter: a judge set dinardo's bail at $5 million cash saying it must be paid in full and calling it the highest bail she's ever set. diane and kendis. >> such a sad scene there overnight. thank you janai. overseas we'll turn our attention there where president trump arriving in paris this morning for a two-day visit with emmanuel macron. >> the president and first lady will take part in bastille day celebrations tomorrow and will hold a news conference this afternoon where he is sure to face questions about his son's controversial meeting with a russian lawyer. >> before leaving washington, the president finally made it clear that he is standing by his oldest son. here's abc's jonathan karl with more. >> reporter: president trump is coming to the defense of his son. he says he doesn't blame don junior for agreeing to meet with a woman described as a russian
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to have dirt on hillary clinton. in an interview with reuters, the president says, i think many people would have held that meeting. in an e-mail exchange with an acquaintance don junior was told the purpose of the meeting was to provide the trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate hillary. the information described as high level and sensitive. and part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. don junior's response, if it's what you say, i love it. when asked in march by "the new york times" whether he'd ever had campaign-related meetings with russians, donald trump jr. said none that were set up and certainly none that i was representing the campaign in any way, shape or form. also entangled in this donald trump's son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner who attended the meeting with the russian lawyer after don junior forwarded him the e-mail chain with the subject line, russia, clinton, private and
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confidential. what do you say to democrats who say that jared kushner's security clearance should be revoked? >> once again we don't discuss security clearances but i think democrats are trying to play political games and i think it's ridiculous. >> is there any concern over the top adviser to the president. >> did nothing wrong, no. >> reporter: the president himself has been out of public view for days. aides describe him as angry and frustrated but these images emerged, the president meeting with faith leaders in the oval office, laying their hands on him in prayer. the interview with reuters the president talked about his meeting with vladimir putin and germany and he said the first 20 to 25 minutes of the meeting was on the issue of russian interference in the election. this is how the president put it, i said did you do it. he said no, i did not. absolutely not. and the president said, i then asked him a second time in a totally different way, he said absolutely not. but there is no indication in this
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not the president accepted putin's denials. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. president trump has personally intervened on behalf of a group of afghan girls trying to come to the united states. they were denied visas and many on social media blamed that on the president's immigration policies. the white house official said when the president heard about the girls' plight he got homeland security to clear the way for them to visit next week. >> we'll get details of the new republican plan to repeal parts of the affordable care act. >> president trump says he will be very angry if the senate fails to pass the bill and it's up to majority leader mitch mcconnell to pull it off, he says, but the new version reportedly doesn't differ that much from the first version. >> some conservatives say the republican plan doesn't go far enough to repeal obamacare. some moderates say it goes too far. every democrat will vote against the plan if more than two republicans do the same. the bill will fail. we have an update
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congressman steve scalise, he is out of icu but remains in serious condition this morning. the louisiana republican was one of five injured after a lone gunman opened fire during a congressional baseball practice. scalise has undergone several surgeries since the june 14th shooting. president trump's pick to replace fired fbi director james comey has assured lawmakers he will remain independent. the confirmation hearing for christopher wray focused largely on the russia investigation. wray told senators he has no reason to doubt the intelligence community's assertion that russia meddled in the election. >> as the future fbi director, you consider this endeavor a witch-hunt. >> i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch-hunt. my loyalty is to the constitution, no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process and i sure as heck didn't offer one. >> wray is a former high-ranking justice department official. he saided he'd be prepared to step down if the president asked
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it is to satisfy republicans and democrats. let's take a look now at your weather. >> there's more rain and flooding on the way to the great lakes region today. the fox river is already at an all-time high. that's in burlington, wisconsin, after 7 inches of rain fell in a short period. there was also significant flooding north of chicago in the east the problem is excessive heat. heat advisory in effect from washington, d.c. to new york city. temperatures will be close to 100 degrees and the high humidity will make it feel even hotter. some records may fall and the air quality will not be good. still ahead, a big change can be coming to the social scene at harvard university. and the mother who says her son went limp in her arms waiting for their plane to take off, well, she is speaking out in an abc news exclusive.
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problems when one guy found himself locked inside the machine. what police had to say coming up.
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we're monitoring the long valley wildfire that is straddling the border between california and nevada. about 50 miles north of reno. it has burned about 20,000 acres and very little contained. this is one of four dozen active wildfires burning in a dozen western states. market opens today in record territory. the dow closed at an all time high yesterday at 21532 after fed chairman janet yellen signaled a gradual rise in interest rates and expressed optimism about the u.s. economy. yellen is back on capitol hill today testifying before a senate banking committee. united airlines has a new
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flights. according to bloomberg the airline's new system will offer passengers rewards if they give up their seats days in advance. the news comes three months after dr. david dao was dragged off a plane and refused to leave after being selected to be bumped. a mother speaking out after an incident on a plane she says could have killed her infant son. >> the mother is demanding changes after she and her son were stuck on the tarmac during a heat wave. mara schiavocampo has more in an abc news exclusive. >> reporter: the mother who feared for her baby's life as he overheated on a delayed plane speaking out in an abc news exclusive. >> it was extremely hot and everyone around me was complaining. >> reporter: she says that after a delay, the flight crew allowed her he off the plane to cool off. 20 minutes later she reboarded for takeoff only to have the flight delayed again and that's when she says owen's condition
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>> a mom knows and he made a cry that i've never heard before. and his coloring -- i've never seen that color before. he was screaming and then he just stopped. and my son went limp in my arms. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, denver. >> an emotional interview. united airlines is apologizing and investigating that incident and we'll have much more on this story later on "good morning america." when we come back right here, caught on camera, the shocking attack that ended the life of an american college grad on vacation. the iceberg floating free. it's effect on sea levels. as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real.
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six of you for when thyou stretch out.t i want you to stay this bright blue forever, that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever. i can't live without you, and that's why i'll never ever wash you. protect your clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz with downy fabric conditioner. fading and fuzz with downy fabric conditioner. it smooths and strengthens fibers to protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. this is definitely not what you want to see out the train window during your morning commute in to work. a new zealand commuter shot this video as his train
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along the wellington harbor this morning. waves more than 30 feet high crashing against the tracks. the reason, there's a cyclone nearby. >> hopefully that's not your view during your morning road commute. but there will be plenty of water out there. flooding is possible from the southwest up through the middle of the country. wet roads also expected along the gulf coast and the northeast. if you're flying airport delays are possible in chicago, detroit and boston. one of the largest icebergs ever recorded is now floating in the apartment arctic sea. it broke off an ice shelf sometime in the past few days. >> and raises a number of questions about climb change and what caused the iceberg to break off and what changes will it cause? abc's linsey davis reports. >> reporter: a massive iceberg is free floating after breaking away from the ice shelf in apartment antarctica. more than a trillion tons and the size of delaware, the iceberg is one of the largest to ever snap off. the crack has been expanding for
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years. scientists are calling the split an enormous geographical event and are studying what role, if any, regional warming may have played. disappearing ice is an issue on both poles as we saw firsthand during a visit to bathon island off the coast of greenland in 2012. there's so much more water now compared to when i first came out here and now it's like little islands of ice. while breaks have happened before, what's unusual about this latest one is the size. the concern is if another large glaciers end up in the ocean sea levels could rise which is why scientists will be keeping close watch. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> newly released video shows the deadly beating of an american tourist in greece. we want to warn you this video is disturbing. bakari henderson in that video is scene running from a group of men. he's then throw onto a car. falls to the ground as a group repeatedly kicks and punches him in the face and in the body.
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seconds. funeral services are set for this weekend in his home of austin, texas. harvard may soon ban fraternities and sororities, the recommendation from a faculty committee. it largely targets the school's exclusive all male social clubs. at least one of which dates back to the 18th century. they have been blamed for problems with sexual assault and alcohol abuse. the ban if it is approved would start next year with incoming freshmen. the dust is finally settling at amazon this morning after the company's single best day in its 23-year history. the company's third annual amazon prime day turned out record sales beating the company's numbers for last year's black friday and cyber monday combined. amazon estimates $1 billion in sales over this year's 30-hour period. >> all right. now we know how they'll pay for whole foods. police in texas got their money's worth in the meantime, during an unusual rescue. >> they helped a contrac
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christi atm. now he didn't have his cell phone so he actually sent a note through the cash slot. it read, please help me, i'm tuck in here and i don't have my phone, please call my boss. and then he included his work phone. >> yes, he did. >> a few people thought it was a prank and someone finally called police. >> sure enough we can hear a voice from the machine. you'll never see this again in your life somebody is stuck in the atm machine. it's just crazy. >> police were able to get him out this after he spent two hours inside that room. >> i wonder if he checked his pockets on the way out. up next in "the pulse," peyton manning getting some big laughs as he hosted the espys. one of the most unique pieces of luggage ever checked in for a flight. a guy landed and it was there waiting for him. on our facebook page, get the details about a pregnant news anchor wh
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you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. ♪ it is your thursday "pulse" and we are going to start with the espys. russell westbrook of the oklahoma city thunder was named the best male athlete of the past year. >> gymnast simone biles took home the best female athlete award. steph curry and kevin durant joined teammates accepting the golden state warriors team of the year award. >> but winning the night perhaps peyton manning get top marks for his opening monologue. >> unfortunately my brother eli can't be here ton
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the doors. our gymnastics team was so dominant kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. and i got to compete with flo from progressive, mr. discount double, aaron rodgers and that damn aflac duck. >> lots of shade there in the monologue. as for the fashion, that's cowboys defensive back orlando scandrick rocking that pink tux. he's actually making best dressed lists with that outfit. >> that's a brave choice. >> it is. >> and we told you about the push for dwayne "the rock" johnson to run for office. well, now another rock may be throwing his own hat into the ring. >> a website named kid rock for has popped up after being bombarded by fans of the musician and the musician actually responded on social media. >> that's right. he says, the answer is
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stay tuned. i will have a major announcement in the near future. >> wow. finally it is all about priorities these days. when we are traveling. >> when an airline's no liquids rule kept a man from bringing his can of beer on board he did what any of us would do, he checked it as baggage. >> the airline even tagged his can of lager with a bar code sending it into the cargo hole and there it is. it arrived in perth intact waiting for him on the baggage carousel. >> i think that's my favorite form of luggage right there. >> packing light. yeah, he took care of the otherup with good morning washington. it's july 13th, and the temperatures are already nearing 80 degrees outside. a serious heat wave continues today. our meteorologist eileen whelan has more on which areas will see the highest temperatures today. but first-- here are some of the morning's other top stories. breaking overnight. police in
4:25 am
pennsylvania discover human remains as they search for four missing young men, including a maryland student. just a few hours ago, police say two bodies were found in a 12-foot deep grave on a farm linked to their disappearance. police already have a person of interest in custody. a big day in the senate as majority leader mitch mcconnell prepares to release his revised health care legislation to a closed-door meeting of gop senators. the previous version lacked enough suppport to pass. with all democrats set to vote "no", the gop leadership cannot lose more than 2 "yes" votes from republican senators. senator mcconnell reportedly hopes to vote on the bill next week. good morning washington. toss to eileen weather alert today heat advisory from noon to 8 pm - feels around 105 - day 4 of our heat wave (hottest day) - near record highs
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strong/severe - not as hot, a touch less humid this weekend today: very hot and humid. isolated pm t-storm. highs: 94-98 feels: 100-105+ winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and very muggy. lows: 72-78 winds: sw 5 mph friday: still hot and humid. scattered pm storms. some strong to severe. highs: 89-94 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph
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a heat advisory on the rails this morning.
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the rails this morning. both marc and v-r-e, warning riders about possible problems with these soaring temperatures. v-r-e has already implemented heat restrictions on the fredericksburg line, meaning trains will be going slower so expect some delays. metro says they are monitoring their tracks to see if they need to do the same. in the day ahead-- the man behind a deadly attack in times square-- will appear in court. richard rojas is accused of mowing down dozens of pedestrians as he drove through the popular tourist area back in may. an 18-year-old woman was killed and nearly two dozen others were injured. according to prosecutors, rojas told police that he had been smoking marijuana laced with the hallucinogenic drug pcp, shortly before the attack. he's expected to enter a plea at today's arraignment.. facebook, twitter and amazon are using their platforms-- to protest. the companies are coming out against a proposal by the trump administration to roll back obama-era net neutrality rule.
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believes the rules are unnecessary - and hurt jobs. more than 80-thousand websites disagree. net neutrality rules stop internet service providers from charging more for certain websites to be displayed faster. those in favor believe without rules - big companies with deeper pockets could pay to create "fast lanes" - with "slow lanes" for everyone else. the beach at ocean city, maryland is getting some much needed funding. the u-s army corps of engineers awarded a nearly 13 million dollar contract for beach "nourishment." that means a company will move 900-thousand cubic yards of sand to the beach to help reduce coastal storm damage. work is expected to begin after labor day. it's xx and we're just getting started. it's xx and we're just getting started. right now at 4:xx and it is already degrees. a heat advisory it is already degrees. a heat advisory kicks in-
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today it could feel like its 105 outside. be careful because it will be downright dangerous out there! good morning washington. weather alert today heat advisory from noon to 8 pm - feels around 105 - day 4 of our heat wave (hottest day) - near record highs - storms friday; some strong/severe - not as hot, a touch less humid this weekend today: very hot and humid. isolated pm t-storm. highs: 94-98 feels: 100-105+ winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and very muggy. lows: 72-78 winds: sw 5 mph friday: still hot and humid. scattr


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