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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 14, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, happening right now, president trump in paris making connections with the french as they mark their national holiday. the president papering over d comments. second arrest in connection with the deaths of four young men near philadelphia. the main suspects making a confession and saying he's sorry. caught on camera, kind of looks like a scene from a sequel of "baywatch," doesn't it? high-speed chase on the beach. man behind the wheel taking extreme steps to avoid get ago rested. tim tebow time once again, some late
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heroics getting him a gatorade shower. we do say good morning on this friday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm linda lopez in for diane macedo. we begin with president trump's second day in france as he downplays differences with the french president. >> we do want to take a live picture. you can see the french president at the arc de triomphe for bastille day or french holiday national celebrations. president trump is there with macron reviewing the troops as well. the two leaders who clashed over climate change say that shouldn't stop them from working together on other things. >> meanwhile, the controversy over donald trump yan's meeting with a russian lawyer is hanging over his father's trip. abc's janai norman has the latest. ♪ >> reporter: president donald trump making friends in france, invited to celebrate bastille day by french president
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macron, but controversy following close by. trump unable to shake the meeting between his inner circle and the woman his son was told was a russian government lawyer. >> my son is a wonderful young man, he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting. i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. >> reporter: but those e-mails released by don junior were clear, he agreed to meet with a russian government attorney who he was told had incriminating information on hillary clinton and it was all part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. >> nothing came of the meeting and i think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> reporter: trump backtracking after repeatedly bashing paris when pressed by the french press. >> you were implying at the time that paris was not safe anymore. those are very strong words. wow
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>> you better let me answer that one first. that is a beauty. it's going to be just fine. because you have a great president. you have somebody that's going to run this country right. >> reporter: a moment sticking out for many. president trump's comment about the french first lady's figure. >> you're in such good shape. beautiful. >> reporter: during a joint news conference president trump says he's open to a possible reversal of his decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord but didn't say what he'd need in return to do so. linda and kendis. >> that was a controversial comment that many are looking at there. janai, thank you. in the meantime, the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee wants to hear from the president's son. senator chuck grassley says he's sending donald trump jr. a letter asking had him to testify that could happen as early as next week and grassley said he would subpoena him if necessary. earlier this week don junior said he's willing to cooperate with everyone. a revised health care plan just unveiled by
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two republicans say they will vite against it which means only one more no vote will derail the bill. the legislation could appeal to conservatives with an offer of cheaper plans with fewer benefits. for moderates there is more money to combat the opioid epidemic. but deep medicaid cuts will stay in place. >> american families and american businesses are hurting under the collapsing weight of obamacare and it's time for congress to act. this legislation president trump and i believe is the right bill at the right time to begin the end of obamacare. >> senate republicans introduced their new version of trumpcare. the meat of this bill is exactly the same as it was before and in some ways they've somehow managed to make it even worse. >> president trump just tweeted about the plan moments ago from paris saying, republican senators are working hard to get their failed obamacare
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i will be at my desk pen in hand. we'll find out monday what the congressional budget office has to say. a new development this morning on president trump's travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii expanded the administration's list of close family relationships that are required for exemptions. the judge said the ban cannot be enforced on grandparents, grandchildren, uncle, aunts and other relatives of people in the united states. last month they left the ban from six predominantly muslim countries go forward which only allowed spouse, parent, children and siblings to be exempt. new details in the case of four men found murdered after they went missing. each was killed separately after allegedly buying marijuana from the suspect. cosmo dinardo commented to reporters saying he's sorry. >> what do you have to say to these families, cosmo. >> i'm sorry. >> why did you do
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confession to the district attorney. that full confession was so much that he admitted to his participation in the commission of the four murders. >> his attorney says in return for the confession the prosecutor has agreed not to seek the death penalty. meantime, reports say authorities arrested a second person connected to the case. no word on that person's alleged role. we are following breaking news from overseas right now where israeli police say three palestinians opened fire on israelis near a holy site in jerusalem. police say the palestinians opened fire at lion's gate before they were shot and killed by the officers. two israelis were seriously injured. you can hear some of that gunshots and some of the graphic images as well coming from israel this morning. back here at home the city of burlington, wisconsin, is under curfew because of the historic flooding there. it has affected nearly every property in the community after the fox river crested three feet
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above its previous record. now, the governor has declared a state of emergency in three counties. there's also flooding in parts of illinois north of chicago and in central ohio. we take a look now closer at your weather. >> good morning. severe weather is a concern for today. not only are we going to be talking about downpours that could cause flash flooding but also damaging winds and that potential for isolated tornadoes over eastern pennsylvania, south and west toward baltimore, toward d.c. so again our hands full, a travel delay along interstate 95. these thunderstorms lining up along the front where it will be steamy out ahead but turning less humid for the weekend. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. >> well, still ahead the major institutions that are
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codes. >> about time. a serious accident involving a stuntman. it halts a production of a popular tv show. an update on his condition coming up. two presidents on one stage talking politics and having some laughs, as well.
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they call this raging inferno near amarillo, texas, airport a fire tornado but it looks much worse than that. after a few hours, the grass fire was under control. there was no injuries and no buildings were damaged. britain's high court is putting off a decision on whether to keep a terminally ill baby on life support. an american doctor says there is a 10% chance an experimental therapy might help charlie gard. the judge wants that doctor to come to lon
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11-month-old firsthand. he says until that happens the hearing cannot resume. a woman from new zealand has been killed at a popular caribbean tourist attraction. tourists often cling to the fence near the airport in st. maarten to feel the blast of jet engines taking off. well police say a 57-year-old woman was doing just that when she lost her grip and was knocked into a wall. she died at the hospital. officials say tourists regularly ignore warning signs. paul ryan is modernizing the dress code after complaints from reporters who were barred for failing to wear the appropriate attire. current rules dating back decades don't allow women to go sleeveless and men are required to wear jacks and ties. ryan's announcement came after a republican congressman slammed the dress code in a speech on the house floor while wearing a sleeveless dress. yes. all right. some former president jimmy carter remains
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project for habitat for humanity in canada. the 92-year-old is doing okay and was taken to the hospital there in winnipeg as a precaution. bill clinton and george w. bush got together to talk politics. >> yeah, the former presidents addressed a crowd in dallas overnight. they stressed the importance of remembering the purpose of the job. >> he said, i want to be governor because i want to do one, two, three things. a couple i didn't agree with but he had an agenda. >> you only disagreed with texas ought to take arkansas. >> what i disagreed with is he wanted to get all of our water and not pay very much money for it. >> that's right. >> fun to watch. without naming the president specifically, both men said humility is a key to the presidency. well, when we come back, not your usual high-speed chase. beachgoers sent running for
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help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ if at first you don't succeed your video will go viral. this skateboarder can't get his kick flip right. unfortunately he's doing it on a canal bank and he pays for each mistake by falling into the drink, you might say and he actually never did get it right. sorry, dude. well, checking the morning road conditions, flooding is possible in parts of the rockies and in the northeast there will be plenty of wet roads all across and all across the southeast as well. >> flying, airport delays are possible as a result in philadelphia, new orleans and washington, d.c. well, a stunt man on the "walking dead" is clinging to life after a horrific accident on the set. >> it is said to have happened during rehearsal of a fight
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here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: real-life horror on the set of a popular tv show. production on amc's action-packed series "the walking dead" is temporarily shut down after a horrifying dent on its georgia set. >> we had someone fall about 25 feet off of a balcony straight onto concrete. we need an ambulance asat. >> reporter: john burnecker falling two stories. in this 911 call obtained by tmz, an assistant director on set describes him as barely conscious. >> do you know if he's bleeding. >> yes, it's coming out of his nose. >> is he able to talk to anybody? >> no. >> reporter: he suffered a head injury so severe he had to be transported by helicopter to a level one trauma center in atlanta. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we'll have a little bit on his condition, the latest on "good morning america." a man on parole led police on an unusual high-speed chase just north of santa barbara,
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beach. the chase sent beachgoers scrambling for safety and he tried to escape by jumping into the ocean. 38-year-old josh ya jordan was reportedly wanted for a parole violation and for making criminal threats. he did not want to get caught. this was a scene on a highway southwest of portland, oregon. nearly 4 tons of slimy eels spilled all over the roadway after the driver of the truck they were on caused a five-car crash. now, since they cannot survive outside of saltwater, they all died on that highway. >> slimy, sounds like something my little girl would call them. the legend of tim tebow continues to grow. >> the former heisman trophy winner and current new york mets farmhand hit the first walkoff homer of his career and lifted the st. lucy
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opponent and first walkoff homer since high school. so quite a while. at wimbledon this morning american sam querrey is playing his first ever men's single semifinal at a grand slam event. >> there's already a well-known american in the women's final, we get the details from espn. good morning, people. he's stan. i'm neil. ladies first. not you but -- >> venus williams, 37 years old trying to make it to the finals of the all england club, fourth oldest woman ever to play in the semis at a grand slam taking on johanna konta with home court advantage. she is a brit but couldn't handle that. just got to get out of the way. williams, she's on to the finals 6-4, 6-2. garbine muguruza plays her. >> lonzo ball is an interesting story. two overall pick in the nba draft and that's pistol pete. if
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concentrated on soccer i see him growing up and making moves like that. but he'll be making soccer moves like that. that's a jared goff move by ball there. this is a loser's out tournament in vegas and the lakers behind ball's second triple-double. the only two trip-doums recorded in summer league history, hits that three, boom, boom, out go the lights. lakers advance and play brooklyn on saturday. >> looks like they have something special in that kid. >> so far. now you got to put four pieces around him and make it happen and there's a lot of good teams out there but you got to start somewhere. >> up next in "the pulse," first picture of some very, very famous twins. and the other guy who helped apple get off the ground all those years ago. wonder if he has some regrets. what a difference a few shares and a couple of decades makes. m♪ ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪
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time to check your friday "pulse" and the forgotten co-founder of apple. everyone knows steve jobs and probably know steve wozniak but how about this guy -- >> ronald wayne was 20 years older than jobs and woz and was the adult in the room. 12 days after apple incorporated he sold his 10% of the company, get this for $800. if he had kept those shares they would be worth $67 billion now. >> so it was a good investment. wayne says he has no regrets. computers were never his passion by the way and he says he's never owned an apple product. >> well, of course. >> yeah, i'd feel the same way. next actor and singer donnie wahlberg getting himself some food at a waffle house making plenty of friends along the way. wahlberg posting
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with waitresses at the restaurant in charlotte. >> when he was done eating he paid the $82.60 bill and then added a $2,000 tip, yeah, wahlberg says he did it because his parents worked in restaurants and bars. >> they sang along with him and he said when he's treated like a king he wants to treat others like queens so this got tons of responses on our facebook page, dana hamilton saying i'm stunned at the $82. that's a lot of food in the waffle house. >> maybe they were a big group. dewayne matteson said pretty sure 2,000 system just right. >> angii cross said i'll be happy to cook and wait on you. got to pay these bills somehow. beyonce finally shared her first baby pictures of her newborn twins and there they are, queen bey sharing this snap literally st
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with the caption, sir carter and hum rumi, one month today. >> all those over-the-top colors and imagery, just like the maternity photo no sign of husband, jay-z. >> the twins are huge. >> it's were her. >> sometimes taking a selfie just isn't a good idea. >> take a look at this woman's attempt to snap a steffel fiat a museum in l.a. that all goes horribly wrong and loses her balance and ca weather alert day-- here on good morning washington. it's finally friday.. but this heat wave is not over yet. stormwatch meteorologist eileen whelan has your weekend forecast in just a moment. but first.. here are some other top stories. president trump continues his visit to paris today. he will be honored during bastille day celebrations there. this comes as the president defends his son donald trump junior, amid
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russian lawyer who he thought had damaging information on hillary clinton. during a press conference thursday president trump told reporters that "most people who have taken that meeting." on capitol hill-- less than 24 hours after a revised gop health care bill is revealed-- it is already be in trouble. two g-o-p senators already say they will oppose it. the bill is now in the hands of the congressional budget office. it will examine the cost - and how the bill will impact insurance coverage. a critical first vote could come as soon as tuesday. good morning washington. toss to eileen - weather alert day --> pm storms; some strong to severe - not as hot, slightly less humid weekend - high heat builds again next week today: partly sunny. hot and humid. pm storms; some strong/severe. highs: 90-95 feels: 100 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: storms ending. mostly cloudy. warm and muggy. lows: 69-75 winds: w to nw 5 mph saturday: partly cloudy.
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winds: nw 5-15 mph
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an all-out search- for the gunman who
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northeast. police- out with new surveillance images- this morning of the shootout that happened just before 9 o-clock monday night. it happened in an alley near h-street. the 1 year old was hit by stray bullets and is now recovering from gunshot wounds. neighbors calling the boy's survival a miracle. investigators are now looking for these persons of interest, in hopes of finding the shooters. if you have any information on the case, you are asked to contact police. happening today. closing arguments are expected to begin in the murder trial for the man accused of stabbing a caterer at a wedding reception. kempton bonds took the stand thursday and told the court that he acted in self defense. bonds testified that he used a pocket knife to stab tyonne johns because -- in his words -- "she was trying to kill me." johns was catering a wedding last august at a park in chantilly, where bonds was property manager. witness
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coverage, ahead. good morning washington. - weather alert day --> pm storms; some strong to severe - not as hot, slightly less humid weekend - high heat builds again next week today: partly sunny. hot and humid. pm storms; some strong/severe. highs: 90-95 feels: 100 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: storms ending. mostly cloudy. warm and muggy. lows: 69-75 winds: w to nw 5 mph saturday: partly cloudy. not as hot. less humid. highs: 88-90 winds: nw 5-15 mph happening right now--


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