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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 17, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning to you, i'm adrian bankert in for diane macedo. president trump's approval rating dips to a historic low, 36% after only six months in the office. more than 60% of americans say his son's meeting with a russian attorney was inappropriate. much more on the latest poll coming up. and the four victims of a murder in pennsylvania were honored, more than 1500 family and friends. police have arrested two in connection with the murders. acting legend martin landau ha
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two of his best-known roles are in "mission impossible" and "ed wood." and will caitlyn inner go fr -- jenner go from reality tv to making a run for senate? those are some of our top stories on this monday, july 17. from abc news, this is "world news now." all right, we begin this half hour with president trump's declining approval rating, dipping lower than any other president in modern history. >> yeah, the president's numbers slipped six points since april, hitting a record low of 36%. he's struggling with a range of issues including health care and russia. we'll get more from david wright. >> reporter: a new grim snapshot of where the president stands in the public's view, courtesy of our abc news "washington post" poll. it shows
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start of any president since polling began. his approval rating six months into the job at just 36%. trump's reaction, almost 40% is not bad at this time, but his tweet inflates the number. the poll also shows 63% of americans think that mystery meeting between donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort and a russian lawyer was inappropriate. >> this is about as clear evidence you could find of intent by the campaign to collude with the russians. >> donald trump jr. himself said things should have done differently, but none of that is violation of the law. >> reporter: it's all but eclipsing the president's agenda, including his number one campaign prom sis. >> we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is now delaying the nat health care vo
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time until john mccain recovers from surgery. rand paul and susan collins, both solid no votes. >> i would estimate there are about eight to ten republican senators who have deep concerns. >> reporter: our poll shows americans favoring the affordable care act over the republican plan by a two to one margin. one bright spot for trump, americans seem to have a pretty low opinion of the democrats, too. only 37% say the party stands for something. half say it only stands against trump. david wright, abc news, bed minister, new jersey. >> the same percentage of people who are disapproving of his performance and don't think the democrats are doing much. we will see more about those poll members on abc news. at least nine people are dead, all of the same family after a flash flood in arizona. a tenth person is missing. >> water from a thunderstorm eight miles u
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a popular swimming area. it wasn't raining there, so the extended family had no warning that the flood was racing down the canyon. the victims included four children. and there are a number of wildfires burning in california. this one in simi valley was started by a vehicle crash. they have forced until residents to evacuate. and one of the biggest is near san bernardino. the whittier fire has destroyed 17 homes and also forced the evacuations of thousands. >> california and arizona just two areas looking at severe weather today. >> let's get the forecast from accuweather's paul williams. >> strong thunderstorms expected throughout the dakotas, going into minnesota and hot air from the south helping to feed this frenzy. brace for severe storms with hail, damaging winds, isolated tornados, fargo to duluth andth and thde
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downpours from the ohio valley region with humid air underneath this setting the stage for unsettled weather for the mid atlantic and the ohio river valley region. we're bracing for heavy thunderstorms into arizona and new mexico with urban flash flooding and sudden flooding in desert washes, adrian, kendis? >> paul, thank you. we're learning new details about that deadly fire at a high rice apartment in honolulu. some residents telling the associate press that they didn't hear the sirens when it started. the building didn't have sprinklers because it was not mandatory in 1971. it started on the 26th floor. no word yet on what might have caused it. >> such a sad story there. it's an all-important day for a terminally ill british
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baby is he ten ser baby at the center of a legal battle. charlie gard suffers from a rare genetic disorder. his doctors in london are gro opposed to bringing him to the united states for treatment. also, george romero, the father of the zombie film genre has died. some he has produced are "the night of the living dead." his films set the standards for zombie behavior, such as moving slowly and an lust for human flesh. he died after a brief battle with cancer, he was 77. a princeton grad student, the ten year sentence who has a dual citizenship in the u.s. and china, the state department is accusing iran of detaining foreigners on false national security charges. it's calling for the immediate
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unjustly detained in that country. delta airlines using grandmothers, granddaddies and other flight attendants to respond to a dis by the head of qatar airways. the ceo saying you're always being served by grandmothers on u.s. carriers. he also bragged the average age of his cabin crew, 26 years old. delta staffers young and old alike lined up to fire back. >> to be the best airline we must reflect the diversity we serve. whether you're gay, >> female, or a grandmother. >> we will not let qatar disparage our service. >> the qatar ceo apologized saying his words were careless. >> delta was in fighting mode. they got into a twitter battle with ann coulter. >> her seat
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guess. >> delta wasn't having it. >> she went off. >> so did they, on twitter. they are like not today, jesus. >> i'm tellin' you, don't bring jesus into it. >> it was interesting. golden state warriors guard steph curry, no doubt got some of his shooting skills from his nba former nba dad. >> yew dell a big name in the nba. father and son on the links together at the american century championship. >> so they had a bet. whoever finished worst in the tournament would literally jump in a lake. >> and not just any lake. frigid lake tahoe. and you can see who won. steph did. dell dipped and, yeah. at least the waters are clear. so enjoy a nice little snorkel there. >> that wasn't really that much of a dip. he was
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>> it's so cold, i know why he was in and out. >> and they've had snow up in those areas. >> very pristine. >> late into the summer months. >> yes. coming up, more homes deemed unsafe in a florida neighborhood after a massive sinkhole opened up. the new concern for people in the area as cleanup gets under way. and a spectacular sight, the northern lights putting on a show, but first today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by flawless.
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okay. look at this. this is a childhood dream of mine to actually see these in person. but the mystical show from the sky, the aurora borealis, also known as northern lights, visible in south dakota and other parts of the u.s. >> they were showing off. >> meteorologists say it's thanks to a solar flare that sent energy through space toward earth. so beautiful. >> absolutely incredible. >> why didn't i know this? i would have woke up early or -- >> taken a trip. >> stuck my head out the window, but you couldn't see it in new york. >> you see different lights in new york. the financial markets are going to be opening up this week on a roll. >> really? >> the dow is working on three
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on three record closes. the index finished up 84 points to finish at 21,637. s&p500 is trying to build on a record and closed up 11 points, the nasdaq had a 38-point gain. your eyes do not deceive you. >> i want to go there just because. >> gas was 70 cents a gallon at a gas station in suburban chicago, at two of them in fact. the shell station started it. the clark station answered back until both were at 70 cents, and there were lines around the block. the price this morning not bad, is back to $2.50 today. national average is $2.25. >> i want to know why they did it. but i'm thinking they turned back the clock to 1968 pricing or something >> yeah, success. >> okay.
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there are new concerns about that massive sinkhole in florida. it's already swallowed up two homes as well as a boat. >> you think how big this thing is. officials outside of orlando worry that everything floating inside that sinkhole could impact the local drinking water. here's chuck sievertson. >> reporter: a sad and unfulfilled homecoming for theresa via. >> we're doing very bad, very bad. >> reporter: returning to her neighborhood two days after a massive sinkhole opened up under her home in pasco county, florida, destroying her house. >> everything is lost. all we could save in time was my grandparents' ashes. >> reporter: they wanted to check to see if anything could be salvaged from the part of the house still above ground. sadly -- >> i know you want to get stuff. i cannot allow you to do it right now. >> reporter: although the 225-foot wide sinkhole has stopped
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worried about how it's settling. impacting the neighboring foundations. villa has a warning for her neighbors. >> to the community, they should be fearful, all of that is infected. >> reporter: now mixing with toxic debris, chemicals and sewage. >> we're going to do 20 random samplings. bring those results back and inform the neighborhood of what their water quality is. >> reporter: the risk of a contamination is low, experts say. >> we need peace of mind. >> reporter: for vila's family, that decision has been made, they won't be coming back to ocean pine drive. >> no, no, never again. i don't want anything to do with this because it will bring me bad memories. >> you think about 50 feet deep, about the size of two-thirds of the length of a football field. this is huge. >> and growing probably. >> no, not growing
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>> it's all done. >> it hasn't grown since the last measurements, but still, absolutely devastating for those families. >> and the insurance part of it might be very tricky. whether or not that gets covered. >> and where they'll go. god bless them. hollywood is paying tribute to martin landau. >> he died saturday in los angeles. weig was 89. he was best known for "mission impossible" but won an oscar for bella l bela lugosi in "ed wood." >> no one shows their feelings. bad actors are the only ones who show their feelings. i tell you a racial joke and you laugh, you're going to tell me something about yourself that you don't want me to know. all the audience
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is what happens between two people is happening for the first time ever. that is about acting. >> that is some of the wisest advice that some of us have ever heard. that was just very deep. landau actually turned down the role of mr. spock on the star trek series which was made famous by leonard nimoy. coming up, the extraordinary scene on the court at wimbledon. >> before roger federer would make history, his opponent would call a timeout, unable to hold back the tears. his explanation, next.
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if you happen to be watching the men's final for wimbledon, you ended up witnessing a major
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event. >> an extraordinary scene as chillic broke down. >> it happened on tennis's biggest court. legendary roger federer against cilic. then cilic breaking down, crying. his shoulders heaving with emotion, with a doctor kneeling next to him. >> extraordinary scene on center court. aaron krillic has been in tears. >> reporter: it went on for nearly three minutes in a break between games. >> something's hurting. he doesn't think he can play. >> reporter: at one point, he covers his head with a towel, but he did muster himself back onto the court. blinking away tears as fans cheered him on. but federer would go on to rout his opponent. to capture his
2:51 am
title. he suffered a bad blister on his foot and become overcome with emotion, disappointed that it was limiting his play. >> it was just a feeling that i knew that i cannot give my best on the court. it is cruel sometimes, but he fought well, and he's a hero. >> reporter: for federer, it was his 19th grand slam title. and at this age of 35, ancient by tennis standards, he says he wants to win still more. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> he will. he's playing so great. we will see him at the u.s. open next month. another rare moment in sports. >> derrick holarouland took a s. >> but the ball got stuck in his
2:52 am
mitt. he had to throw the entire glove to first base. >> ran that one out. >> he really just -- >> good one, good play. go, guys, yeah!
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last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. ♪ >>56.5 million? >> "planet of the apes", i did see it over the weekend. feel-good movie, it's a comedy, i encourage you to watch it. >> let's talk about feel good for real. it was a simple act of respect caught on camera that went viral. >> this morning we're hearing from that humble soldier and the message he has for all of us. here's tom yaw mass.
2:56 am
pouring rain, a soldier, saluting a funeral procession. >> it was the most memorable amount of respect i've ever seen another american or human being to show somebody else that they had never met before. >> reporter: she then shared it on facebook. it went viral. shared more than 133,000 times. >> the next morning i woke up, and i had like i think 900 facebook notifications. >> reporter: that soldier was also on facebook and noticed a photo of what looked like himself. >> i was just a little taken back, a little surprised. and kind of wondering how it happened. >> reporter: colonel ussery who did two tours in afghanistan didn't know anyone in that funeral procession, so why did he get out of that car? >> family, hurting, bad day, rain makes it worse. maybe i can help. and i just did it. >> reporter: having share thad
2:57 am
that attention afterwards, aaron and colonel ussery decided to meet up. >> hi. i feel like i should give you a hug. how are you? >> reporter: colonel ussery knows people will remember this photo, but he hopes they never will forget the lesson. >> i think the single message i would ask folks to think about is every single day, we're all given opportunities, if we will just slow down and just help somebody. >> reporter: tom yaw mass, abc news, new york. >> slow down and just help somebody. >> and even with a simple gesture like he did, he tried to make eye contact with some of the passing cars, but he's not sure if he did. but i'm sure anyone who looked over, that must have brought even more tears to their eyes. >> and patriotism. because our soldiers are such an important part of the american fabric. god bless all of our milit
2:58 am
actively serving and happy national ice cream day after.
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this morning on "world news now," president trump returns to washington and to bad news. >> the president returns as his job approval hits a historic low, according to our poll, plus, why republicans are delaying the latest vote on a hey, bill indefinitely. and the staggering death toll. swimmers swept away. and the earth opens up, swallowing homes and everything inside. new video of the devastation as more homes are deemed unsafe. and cold, sugary and sweet. the all-out ice cream attack that's going viral on this monday. it is july 17.
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"world news now." [ laughter ] >> sadly, that was adrian bankert yesterday. >> you know i should not be eating that kind of junk, but yesterday was national ice cream day. >> welcome backa adrian bankert. >> slow clap. >> diane is swimming with turtles in the galapagos right now. >> we'd much rather be right here. we're going to start off this half hour with the president at record-breaking territory. his approval rating at an all-time low. >> the president returned to the white house from his new jersey golf club with the russian investigation and the new dismal numbers. >> 36% of americans approve of his presidency, the lowest point
3:02 am
58% disapprove. and there are a few bright spots as david wright explains. >> reporter: abc news "washington post" poll shows trump is off to the worst start of any president since polling began. americans have deep concerns about his competence and effectiveness. two-thirds don't trust him to negotiate with other world leaders. nearly half said the u.s. has grown weaker on the world stage on his watch. trump does have diehard supporters. >> it's all just anti-trump propaganda that isn't even true. we believe that is correct okay? so his supporters believe him, not you. >> reporter: but they're in the minority. trump pushed back. the abc/"washington post" poll, even though almost 40% is not bad at this time was just about the most
3:03 am
lek election time. not true. abc's last poll predicted the national results within two points, showing hillary clinton winning the popular vote. in fact, the only other president to rate below 40% six months into his term was gerald ford, afford pardoned richard nixon for watergate. and trump's approval rating is three points below ford's. one major stumbling block for trump is russia. >> i had nothing to do with russia. i told you. >> reporter: six out of ten believe russia did try and influence the election. and what about that meeting last june when don jr., jared kushner and paul manafort sat down with a russian lawyer whom they were told had dirt on hillary clinton? >> now you have evidence in black and white that yes, the campaign was encouraging the russians to give them dirt. >> reporter: the poll shows nearly two out of three americans agree that meeting was inapop
3:04 am
they're saying 15 minutes? it was short, nothing was produced. >> reporter: as for the poll, trump's reaction is true to form. >> i love to talk about polls, you know, i'm a poll maven. evening when i'm in first place. believe me, if i'm not winning i don't talk about them. >> reporter: he's tweeted before that in his view, any negative polls are fake news. trump does get higher marks for his handling of the economy than he does for the job overall. but even there, this poll shows it's almost an even split. trump also has very strong support among republicans, more than 80%. among democrats and independents, not so much. david wright, abc news. >> that's the thing, a lot of his supporters and republicans in general are not going to be changing their mind no matter what the poll says. >> he's got the base locked in, 80%, not bad. the gop plan to replace and repeal obamacare is on hold because a key vote
3:05 am
>> mitch mcconnell was forced to delay a vote after senator john mccain had surgery to remove a blood clot. he is expected to be out at least a week and two republicans said they'll vote no. that meant the bill had no chance of passing this week. the congressional budget office will not release its analysis of the bill today as initially planned. now to arizona, at least nine people are dead after a flash flood swept through a popular swimming hole. a tenth person is still unaccounted for. >> and the victims were members of an extended family and friends and ranged in age from 2 years old to0. >> our trail is blocked off because of this. >> reporter: these images catching the horrifying moments. >> trying to rescue this guy and list his 1 month old baby. there's son over there, and the
3:06 am
>> reporter: water, mud, trees and debris, rushing down a mountain, flooding the creek below. >> finally got rescuers on site. >> reporter: more than 100 bathers were unaware. >> there was hardly any warning that the flash flood was coming. one of the witness said he looked up and saw a wall of water coming toward him. >> reporter: first responders scoured the area by air and on the ground. the results, sometimes grim. >> i've been with the sheriff's office 13 years, and this is the worst flash flood accident we've had. >> reporter: floods triggered by torrential rains like this, battering this waterfront restaurant. >> the whole dock is broken. >> reporter: high winds and rain in other places in the state. >> the kids were crying and scared. he was screaming, everyone was screaming. it was so
3:07 am
is bearing down on the southwest. there are flash flood watches for arizona. brian clark, abc news, new york. >> there are more storms and flooding on the way to that region. >> let's get the latest from accuweather's paul williams. >> summer thunderstormsically kati --ically kating matters. sudden flooding of desert washes complicating travel along i-17, 10 and 40. we're concerned about flash flooding in the deep south from the carolinas down to the gulf coast with mostly afternoon and evening thunderstorms. about 1500 people gathered last night for a memorial in suburban philadelphia. the vigil held for young men whose charred bodies were found
3:08 am
alleged marijuana deals gone wrong. those attending the services say no matter the circumstances, the night was about healing for the community and their families. >> it pais overwhelming but it comforting to know that everybody cared about these boys. >> comforting that people came out to support not just meo but all four of the kids. it's a tragedy, but it's a process. we're he all healing to the. together we're stronger in numbers. >> cosmo dinardo seen here confessed to the crimes. his cousin has also been charged. questions surround a deadly police shooting in minneapolis, including why weren't the body cameras turned on. an immigrant died over the weekend. she was shot behind her home by officers responding to a possible assault. police officials are looking into the circumstances. the use of body cameras, by the way is required in such encounters. she was reportedly engaged to
3:09 am
married next month to an american citizen. heartbreak in chicago after another bloody weekend that also claimed the life of a dedicated community activist. william, willie cooper was shot to death less than a block away from the organization that he ran. police are searching for a suspect. at least ten people were also killed, including a 9-year-old boy. shootings over the weekend. nearly 40 others were injured in this bloody weekend in chicago. >> it's terrible. some families are back home this morning after a massive sinkhole swallowed homes near tampa. i want you to think like a lake. 230 feet wide, 50 feet deep. but the sinkhole has stopped growing. at least five homes in the land o'lakes neighborhood have been evacuated. it will take several months to repair the damages, residents are devastated. >> translator: helpless.
3:10 am
i fi i feel totally helpless. ten years in this country, everything is lost. >> that sinkhole opened up where a previous sinkhole had been stabilized in the past. a missouri man is in critical condition after he and his suv wound up on the roof of a house. look at the aftermath here. absolutely amazing. this is in the st. louis area. a witness says the suv appeared to be going between 80 and 90 miles per hour when it jumped a curb and flew onto the roof. the driver was trapped for about an hour. it took three hours to move the suv. but you see those steps there those folks are walking down. that kind of acted like a ramp we believe for the vehicle. >> to propel the suv. you have to go really fast to land on somebody's roof. >> i would say so. forget wimbledon and the return of baseball from the all-star break. the biggest sport of the weekend was also the slowest. >> if you blinked you wouldn't have missed. the diaper
3:11 am
slowest two minutes in all of sports. >> those two dozen crawlers were fast. between 6 and 24 months. they sped across the mat. the winner is brooke bender from dallas. >> they feed them good in dallas. she probably eats brisket for breakfast. >> the only rule is the kids can't try to walk. you just have to make sure you barrel ahead and crawl. >> their is when it's good that they aren't walking yet. because otherwise they'd be disqualified. >> uh-huh. >> congratulations to the little ones. a miracle escape. a young surfer showing bite marks on her surfboard after a 10-foot great white sunk its teeth in. the deadly fire tearing through a high rise building. the inspector said it did so much damage. and remember you can find us on facebook, wnn
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for the second time in a week, kayakers had to be rescued from the white river in indianapolis. you're watching it right here play out. a man and woman tumbled into the water. the man got out on his own. but here you see the rescue effort for the woman who was pulled in by a rope. she is now in serious condition. authorities have warned kayakers to stay out of that river until the high water subsides. a teenage girl escapes a terrifying encounter with a great white in south africa. zoe was surfing when the shark clamped down on her board. she escaped by jumping on the board and quickly paddling back to shore. a shark bite can be seen there, no fear here, a day after the attack, zoe was back t
3:16 am
again. i guess she may have seen a shark before, maybe not that close. we're learning more details about that deadly high rise fire in honolulu, including the identities of the three victims who lost their lives. >> but we're finding out that a loophole in the fire code may be partly to blame for those deaths. marci gonzalez with more. >> reporter: a first look at what this raging fire that tore through a honolulu high rise, incinerating balconies and engulfing homes left behind. the fire alarms still blaring as residents returned to the soaked floors and singed walls in the marco polo condominium complex. >> all black up there. >> reporter: angie's family assessing the damage, salve vajing what they can. their neighbors devastated, with nowhere to go. >> right now we're completely homeless. >> reporter: the worst of the damage on the
3:17 am
it started. >> it's like a war zone in there, completely burned out. >> reporter: the overwhelming flames and smoke killing three people. reller's desk where he worked at hawaiian airlines turned into a memorial. the 54 year old's family frustrated learning their heartbreak and all of this loss could have possibly been prevented. >> if there were sprinklers in this apartment, the fire would have been contained to the unit of origin. >> reporter: in honolulu they aren't required in buildings constructed before 1974. >> how is it possible that a corporation doesn't install something as inexpensive as effective as sprinkler systems. yeah, there's anger. >> reporter: honolulu's mayor says this now may force a change to that law. and investigators are still piecing together what caused the fire. marcy gone saul iz, abc news,
3:18 am
all they needed was sprinklers. >> and some didn't realize that the blaze had broken out until they opened their doors or saw firefighters there battling the inferno. imagine waking up or opening your door and sighing that. . >> scary. what we're now finding out about this woman's husband. and yet another phone fraud making the rounds. this time targeting grand parents. what the callers are saying to cheat unsuspecting victims out of thousands of dallas. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush for a just-cleaned feeling that lasts up to 4 weeks. lysol. what it takes to protect. ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol!
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♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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♪ mr. telephone man ♪ there's something wrong with my line ♪ ♪ when i dial my baby's number ♪ i get a chelick every time ♪ >> in case you want to know what a telephone looks like. we've seen an increase in online and e-mail scams, but the tried and true telephone scam is still alive and well. >> even law officials and now they're targeting your grandmama. >> reporter: a warning from a savvy grandmother. she was getting fraudulent phone calls. she called her local tv station for
3:21 am
while cameras what there she received another call from a man claiming to be her oldest grandson. at first she plays along. >> i love you too, dear, what's the matter? >> reporter: he says he's in a car accident and his lawyer would be in touch soon. and just like clockwork. >> that's the man that might be the lawyer. i'm not sure what you want me to do. >> he needs a bail bond. >> bail was set at $2500. >> reporter: a demand for $2500 to bail her grandson out of jail. in the end, helene lets them know she's not falling for it. >> you know this is a scam, don't you? i said good-bye. >> reporter: in 2015, the ftc received over 10,000 family/friend imposter complaints. it's impossible to know how many more didn't notify authorities. >> if you get a phone call from a family member saying they're in danger and need cash, hang up
3:22 am
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rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home ♪ monday mix. monday mix. >> so first off, it's national ice cream month. but yesterday happened to be officially national ice cream day, and since it was, we have to show you this viral video, because all of us look like this baby if we enjoyed any ice cream. her first ice cream. she takes it to the head. throws it in her face. 9 month old emma trying ice cream for the very first time. >> we also have this thing that many say is just wrong. >> amazing. >> an ice cream parlor does their food combo that's similar to this. >> ah! >> no? >> you dip it. >> is
3:26 am
so they, where they do this combination of french fries and and ice cream sundae. >> i'm telling you, when i was a kid, my favorite treat to go to a strawberry shake and dip those nice, thin, golden fries in it. >> why don't you try one. >> it's all good. you try it. >> hey. i know jack, you were begging for ice cream. >> let's move on to something that's happening. the toilet paper wedding dress contest. which is going on right now. >> right now. look at these beautiful creations. can you imagine? these are made with tp? it's the 2017 toilet paper -- >> those french fries are out there. >> these are the 2017 toilet paper wedding dress contest
3:27 am
look at this gorgeous train on this dress. they're all going to head to new york city on july 20th and compete in a runway event where they will be judged by a panel of experts using a point system. the grand prize, one lucky winner receives $10,000. $10,000. >> that's a nice one. >> did we nail it? >> what happened there? >> so, anyway. why don't you talk about the next topic? your dress is terrible. >> you know, this is the only way i'll get married. if i wear something like this. so this dinosaur spends, this designer spends 14 months making an epic, 150-pound godzilla kos actual. what do you think? it cost $3,000 to make. but -- >> i want to know what he does for a living to -- i don't want to say waste, but to spend $3,000 on anything that you're only going to be able to wear on like halloween. >> looks pretty
3:28 am
costume design. >> i think he's the greatest of all time. speaking of goat. >> i don't think
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now." severe storms turning deadly. a wall of water sweeps away a group of swimmers as torrential rains cause flash flooding. the latest from that scene and where the severe storms are heading today. and mourning the loss of a hollywood legend. martin landau passing away at the age of 89. a look back at his career spanning seven decades. and the latest celebrity thinking of politics. >> caitlyn jenner thinking of running for office. where and when we might see her name on the ballot. and winter is finally here. so many tuned in to watch "game of thrones," they crashed hbo's main website. we'll have the latest
3:31 am
spoiler-free fan reaction ahead in the skinny, it's monday, july 17. from abc news, this is "world news now." caitlyn jenner is not the only celebrity considering a run. we'll talk a little bit more about that later. >> that as well as game of thrones. >> who can ignore it? >> let's just say that "game of thrones" had a beginning and it had an end. that's all we can say that's spoiler free. >> there's a little bit more than that. >> including a celebrity sighting. but first, we begin in arizona with the frantic search to find at least one more missing person. >> at least nine people are dead. the group was swimming in a creek when a thunderstorm far upstream sent a flash flood right into them. abc's kenneth moten is there. >> reporter: fast moving water, sweeping away a group of swimmers in northern arizona. >> trying to rescue this guy and this 1 month old baby.
3:32 am
>> reporter: one woman capturing the horrifying moments on camera. >> there's a son over there and the mom in water. >> reporter: water, mud, trees and debris rushing down a mountain, flooding the creek below. >> finally got rescuers on site. >> reporter: at least nine killed, four of them children, but the search for three still missing. >> one of the witnesses said he looked up and saw a wall of water coming toward him. >> reporter: choppers scouring the rough terrain for survivors. the flash flooding triggered by torrential rain, beating the windows of this restaurant. that blinding rain bending trees, sending people running for cover. >> when it rains up here, it really pours. and not only that, it knocks down trees. >> reporter: this dust storm near phoenix packing 40-mile-per-hour winds. visibility less than a quarter of a mile. this land spout tornado tearing across the highway.
3:33 am
missing swimmers. officials telling us that wall of water that swept them away, more than six feet high, rushing at nearly 30 miles per hour. kenneth moten, abc news, dallas. and overnight there is a flash flood watch for nearly the entire state of arizona lasting through most of today. >> and this is monsoon season in the southwest. the weather service saying while thunderstorms are isolated and scattered, they can still bring torrential rain. which can trigger more flash flooding. be careful out there. meanwhile, in southern california, the concern is for fire. crews are using a backfire to combat the whittier fire. crews setting offer an intentional burn to get rid of all the grass there to fuel that fire. and keep it from spreading. the huge blaze has grown now to more than 18,000 acres. 2600 people have been evacuated. 17 homes destroyed and the fire is only about one third contained.
3:34 am
now the whittier fire near santa barbara is one of just 50 active wildfires in more than a dozen western states. there are red flag warnings out for parts of the west and the hot temperatures are shifting to the east. >> you can see it, 102 in dallas. we're going to shift to washington now and president trump who's back in d.c. and his approval rating has dipped to a record low, worse than any president in seven decades of polling. >> a new poll, 36% of americans approve of the president's performance, and 58% disapprove. the president slammed the poll as inaccurate, saying a rating of almost 40% is not bad at all. >> the poll does show that the controversy over russia is taking a toll, as for that preelection meeting when donald trump jr., jared kushner and campaign chair paul manafort sat down with the russian lawyer who was expected to provide some dirt on hillary clinton, nearly two out of three americans say
3:35 am
that that was inappropriate. you see the numbers there. and some lawmakers in the meantime are calling for everyone who attended that meeting to appear before congress. president trump's attorney insists no laws were broken in that meeting, but the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee expressed concern about donald trump jr.'s changing accounts of what took place. >> to accept the attorney's representation that no crime was committed here you have to accept don jr.'s representations. if there's any kind of an understanding that comes out of that meeting, you get us the dirt. you start leaking dirt on hillary clinton and we will look favorably on the magnitsky act, that is a crime. >> we now know that a former soviet military officer attended the meeting as well. but donald jr. did not disclose his presence. a night of
3:36 am
friends and family of four young men who were murdered after a drug deal gone wrong. their bodies discovered last week in deep graves on a farm in philadelphia. ♪ hallelujah >> reporter: a rendition of hallelujah and what organizers called a night of healing, a vigil for these four men. prayers and songs filled the evening's event. >> i can't speak for the families personally, but i know they are all turning to the lord. i know at this point, i'm turning to god, asking him to give us peace, hope and consolation. >> reporter: after searching the solebury township farm for days, authorities made the discovery. the men murdered and buried on the property. cosmo dinardo admitted the crimes. his cousin was also arrested. dinardo said he set the men up when they came to the farm to buy marijuana. not all the victimkn
3:37 am
in recent days the community has shown overwhelming support for their families on social media and in person. >> it is overwhelming, but it is meaningful to know that so many people cared about these boys. >> it's comforting to know that everybody, you know, decided to come out and support not just meo but all four of the kids. it's a tragedy. and it's a process. we're all healing. together we're stronger in numbers. >> our thanks for that report. we're going to move on now, and hollywood is paying tribute to acting legend martin landau. the academy award-winning actor died in los angeles. he was 89 and was perhaps best known for his role on the tv series "mission impossible" but appeared in dozens of movies, winning an oscar for bela lugosi in "ed wood." >> how a character hides his feelings shows who he is.
3:38 am
no one shows their feelings. bad actors are the only ones who show their feelings. i tell you a racial joke and you laugh, you're going to tell me something about yourself that you don't want me to know. it's all an audience wants to believe, and they know this. what's going on between two people, happening for the first time ever. that is about acting. >> landau actually turned down the role of mr. spock on the tv series "star trek", which was made famous by leonard nimoy. nimoy replaced landau after he left "mission impossible." >> nice little two degrees of separation there in hollywood. and speaking of celebrity, add caitlyn jenner to those considering politics. she says she's weighing a u.s. senate run in california.
3:39 am
station she'll decide in about six months. she is a life-long republican. a run in 2018 could put her against senator dianne feinstein. and this comes a few days after kid rock declared he would run for senate. and it is no joke. he is not play'in. >> and the rock is considering a presidential run. >> we'll see. >> 2017. so coroners. i can tell you the last time i started a sentence like that. they see some of the worst the world has to offer. they handle the dead, all the time not even flinching. >> this is gruesome. but anybody hard as nails has their kryptonite. >> come on, you're a coroner. >> yeah, exactly. come on, you're a coroner, get it together. >> that was a california deputy coroner amy thureau, whimpering as she tries to pick up a dead snake.
3:40 am
she toughened up and tossed it from the road. >> i defend their. because she didn't know if it was dead, you know what i mean? it's a big snake. it does not look flat. >> you're saying if she -- >> i would like to think that a coroner would know when something is dead or alive. >> we all get freaked out by critters. coming up, the new role for oprah winfrey. plus the driver and close call. a giant hunk of metal crushing his van after it fell from a truck. how he survived. and new details in the case of a woman who vanished at sea with her husband. what new court documents are revealing and why they're raising questions about her husband's story. but first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol.
3:41 am
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3:43 am
an incredible story of survival from orlando, following this freak accident on the highway. a 7,000-pound pipe fell on top of that mini van that you saw there. the pipe tumbled off a scrap metal truck.
3:44 am
overpass. it fell 40 feet on top of jesus escobar's mini van. he suffered a cut on his head and received a few stitches. and now to the case of a mother who slappished at sea two months ago. >> she was sailing with her husband at the time of her disappearance. but there's a new revelation raising doubts about her husband's story. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: newly released information placing the spotlight on the husband of a missing florida mom once again. new court documents show lewis bennett requested a statement from the coast guard that his wife be presumed dead, days after going missing at sea. according to the letter, the coast guard wrote to bennett on may 19 saying it received his request but was not authorized to issue a letter of presumed death. >> there is not an indication as to why he would wanted this letter, particularly in light of florida law which says a person is not presumed dead that goes
3:45 am
has elapsed. >> reporter: the letter now part of a tense legal battle brewing between bennett and hellman's sister who says she should have control of hellman's finances. this all began in the early morning hours of may 15. the newlyweds were on a catamaran in the caribbean. bennett told investigators he was asleep when their boat hit something and started sinking. his wife of three months and mother of their baby girl all of a sudden gone. bennett rescued from a floating life raft. friends of hellman's tell abc news that the couple had gotten into a fight about moving to been bennett's native australia. >> she said no, i'm not moving. so he was upset about her not wanting to go with him home. >> reporter: the coast guard spent about 138 hours searching for hellman but came up with nothing. >> the family is extremely destroyed, extremely hurt.
3:46 am
abc news, new york. up next, a little show called "game of thrones" is back. and new secrets of the last jedi revealed. "the skinny" is next. revealed. "the skinny" is next. . is they can be removed... easily. spray and wash's... powerful formula... removes over 100 stains. spray and wash. better on over 100 stains.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny this is your favorite time of the day. it is time now for the skinny and we'll start with one of the most highly-anticipated tv events of the year. >> so many people logged online to watch "game of thrones" it crashed hbo's website. it wasn't restored in the final airing of the east coast airing. >> there will be no spoilers, especially since i'm still hanging out watching king joffrey in season three. >> oh, you've got catching up to do. >> but there's no lack of fan reaction.
3:49 am
one says it felt like the quickest hour of my life. >> keeping with the time flies when you're having fun motif. larry tweeting, did the episode seem to end in no time, despite being an hour long. >> an ominous warning from dennis, as long as one wolf is alive, the sheep are never safe. >> is that your dramatic voice? your "game of thrones" voice? no spoilers, no spoilers, but it's already widely known ed sheeran played a cameo appearance. this is what he looked like. pretty on point. >> in other related news, game of thrones jumped the shark last night. you have ed sheeran in game of thrones? the singer? >> i know. >> just because one of the actresses is a big fan of his? >> yes. >> i mean, i love game of thrones, but -- >> are you done now? >> i love the show. unless he's hanging out with
3:50 am
king joffrey. >> all bets are off. >> joffrey's dead, isn't he? let's talk about the countdown to the new "star wars" movie? >> producers have been tight-lipped about episode eight, "the last jedi", but a new behind the scenes video was released over the weekend that gave us a few more teasers, including carrie fisher's final role. >> it feels like the story line has become more, you really get to know these new characters. also with the characters that we know and love we're seeing this lives change. >> ah, rest in peace carrie fisher. the last jedi panel showing us that episode eight will delve deeper into the main characters' families and a new look at an ascension tribe of alien creatures that suggest we're not on planet indoor anymore. >> get your calendar's set, it hits theaters friday, december 15th. and we're getting a look at the new movie "a wrinkle in
3:51 am
time ". >> starring oprah. it follows a group of children as they travel through time. >> you're going to be tested every step of the way. >> trust nothing. >> darling. time for dinner. are you lost? >> ah-oh. i've got nightmares. a wrinkle in time hitting theaters next march. >> i don't know if that's -- >> that looks so good. >> it looks scary for kids. >> i'll take my nieces and nephews there. >> good uncle. and beyonce's fans have been working overtime trying to recreate the portrait she released last week. our first look at her newborn twins. >> of america's twins. queen bey shared this image on social media of sir and rumi. and now they're trying to mimic her over the top style, includinth
3:52 am
gave birth to twins and said shy was amused at how unrealistic the images were. this is more real. more realistic, i'd say. >> keep it real.
3:53 am
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♪...bounce, to dry. ♪he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.♪ ♪ someone saved my life tonight ♪ ♪ sugar bear ♪ sugar bear >> i never knew they were saying "sugar bear." >> i assume that's what it is. >> let's go in that song to this really compelling story. an army vet who's taken it upon himself to feed a million other veterans recently found himself in dire need. >> and it is also talking about saving a life. but just in time for the fourth of july he was given a life-saving gift and a very precious second chance. here's gloria rivera. >> reporter: an army veteran dedicated to serving his brothers in arms. ernest walke
3:56 am
vets on motorcycles and runs his feed a million veterans campaign at home with his wife debbie. so far, a modest start, 3,000 given dinner and a connection. >> the best way to eat an elephant is one spoon at a time. >> reporter: walker taking on that mission to help while he was in desperate need of a new kidney. on independence day, finally, he got the call. >> she said the kidney is four hours away. you need to get here. >> reporter: he did. after a successful kidney transplant, ernest walker was reborn on the fourth of july. >> i feel worthy, i feel almost, i feel like a whole man again. >> reporter: his only regret, making his doc work the holiday. >> he was very apologetic, having, making me do this on the fourth of july. >> reporter: while they disagree about how long his recovery will be. walker says six weeks, debbie, his wife a register nurse says nine. >> i'm looking at nine. >> reporter: they are in gratitude to the donor who they will never know, but through walker. will touch so many.
3:57 am
>> i have a responsibility. someone died for me to have this new lease on life. >> reporter: gloria rivera, abc news. >> i love stories like this. because, you know, he was generous his whole life. and when he needed something, it was that moment of him receiving, and it's just beautiful, you know, it's better to give than receive. >> uh-huh. >> and the circle of life, really. >> so his feed a million veterans campaign started when he was refused a free meal at the chili's bar and grill in cedar hill, texas during veteran's day observances last year. and now look at what it's turned out to be. is that why i don't get anything, because i don't give? >> i'm not going to comment on that. don't be stingy. >> i am. well, don't miss our updates on facebook and we're very grateful. >> wonderful story, thank you to gloria rivera. more news coming up from abc. happy monday, everybody. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
two decades. "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the deadly monsoon season, flash flooding in arizona. the search for the victims who were surprised by a very leapt surge of water. dangerous conditions still a threat. president trump's poll problems. our new polls show him at an historic low but doing well among his core supporters. the new numbers as senate republicans are forced to delay work on the hemnani. ann coulter in a fight with delt airlines about seating on her flight. the airline not having it firing back at the pundit, in unusually personal terms. teen versus a great white. her surfboard


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