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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> gunfire erupting i wrote in alexandria. shot. john gonzalez is on the scene first in alexandria. what is the latest? >> this was a morning rush hour nightmare and it has been confirmed by police this was indeed a case of road rage. a tremendous amount of police activity on eisenhower avenue. ey
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closed off. up.can see the vehicle shot the vehicle getting ready to be towed away on the back of the flat bed right now. alice are telling us this was road rage incident involving two vehicles, several shots fired before it :00 this morning. andman was shot in the neck of the back. she is currently in serious but stable condition. person was also in the suv unharmed. you can see both front windows shattered. a couple of bullet heart -- bullet holes in the windshield. believe there was aggressive interaction between both vehicles. at least one of those shots were heard. >> i heard a shot. i kept working.
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somebody it was closed shot somebody. >> the manhunt continues this afternoon. the suspect or vehicle description, they do not believe they were in the area any longer. they had been talking to police and providing as much information as they can. john gonzalez, abc seven news. thanks for the update to police are still searching for another man caught on surveillance video exchanging fire in northeast last week. one of these bullets hit a one-year-old boy. a woman accused in the shooting will appear in court. he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and
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for another man involved. happening today to crack down on violence, trayvon hosting a town set for 6:30 tonight at the town hall education arts and recreation campus. developing now, a story out of prince george's county. hasme invasion and shooting left a man in critical condition. police are looking for at least one person involved. following this story from district heights. >> he is a mess. i don't know what happened out here. >> around 1:00 this morning, he received a phone call no parent wants. your son was shot, get to the hospital. >> gunshot wounds everywhere. everywhere. twice in the neck, once in the face. a hole in the back of his head and a hole in his leg. >> the first 911 call
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shooting came to police around 12:30 this morning. up and found 20 rolled pay von martin critically wounded. investigators quickly learned this was a home invasion robbery. whetherer does not know he was a robber or an innocent victim. >> i know one thing. if it is a group of y'all, all yell should have been shot. >> there were several people inside at the time. knows somebody saw something. leroy: no one can to the hospital. -- came to the hospital. >>'s father says he had been in trouble be orbit started working a construction job. >> my son is in fighting
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life. i have got pictures here. he does not even look like -- look like himself. >> he is in very critical condition. police say one suspect is on the run. princerict heights, george's county, i am sam sweeney, abc seven news. sticky dayhot and out there. temperatures expected to push the upper 90's. doug is herelogist looking at the forecast in the brutal heat wave. doug: the past few days have been hot and humid temperatures under control. upper 90's over the next five days at least. degrees,, 85 fairweather clouds mixed in with sunshine. light wind and you will not get much of a breeze out there. at the moment, temperatures at 91 in reagan national, 92 degrees in baltimore. that is part of
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outside. factor in the moisture and this is where it feels like at the moment. 94 in leesburg, 92 in hagerstown, and the numbers continue to climb as we head through the afternoon. a day planner for you, the way it looks and the way it will feel, we will get up to about 103, similar to tomorrow. throughex common friday saturday and it is a heat wave. the wind is not much of an issue here. the wind will blow hot and humid air on you. meantime, we keep you looking for the possibility of more of these pop-up showers and thundershowers to develop in the afternoon like they have in the past few days. that develops this afternoon will be gone by later tonight and it will be a muggy night. air temperatures probably staying 80 degrees
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we will check the weekend and when the heat wave will and coming up in 12 minutes. >> thanks. you can get to the minute about the forecast right at your fingertips by downloading our app. right now, h a fully sterling is back open after health scare. 40 customers are poorly got sick with symptoms similar to a virus. the doors reopened. >> they tell me they are awaiting results of tests being conducted thinking about why so may people got sick after eating at this sterling chipotle over the weekend. the restaurant opened in time for the lunch rush after being closed monday and tuesday. customers saying they became nauseous, vomitg,
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here. people got sick. chipotle issued a statement saying we are working with the health authorities to understand what the cause may be to resolve the situation as soon as possible. -- haveental health been here today to make sure the restaurant is safe and ready to open for business. in sterling, abc 7 news. >> republican leaders are heading to the white house for lunch with the president. he is hoping to convince the gop to take one last shot at repealing and replacing the affordable care act. mitch mcconnell still plans to hold a vote to repeal obamacare. democrats are protesting the idea and some republican's are backing them. this. indefinite hold on it just creates more chaos. >> to go forward with repeal again
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not only insanity. it is a disservice to the american people. >> some in the white house are looking past health care and are hoping to have better luck with tax reform. drivers, you will want to ease aftere cast -- the gas hearing this. nearly one million speed cameras tickets were issued last year come over $100 million. my collected in revenue. withtal, drivers were hit nearly 2.1 billion speed camera tickets last year and since 2007, d.c. has its root 5.4 million speed camera tickets and collected $536 million. traffic officials are considering a new way to ease congestion. they will talk about adding another bridge over that river. the bridge will connect virginia with parts of maryland just north of d.c.
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should go to work i to 70 and the american legion rich. coming up next, incredible video out of missouri. a high-speed police chase ending with a car on top of an suv. the reason why the driver fled from officers in the first place. >> how can a woman out in the street seeking assistance from the police be struck like that? it is a shocking killing. >> australia's's demanding answers. more on what he had to say in a probe in the police involved shooting death thickens. first, a check on traffic with eric smith. >> good afternoon. it will be a good ride out there toward -- for the most part. looking south here, you can see in both directions, running quite well. no big delays in either spot. d.c.
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toward maryland just before the baltimore-washington parkway, you are in good shape as well. a bit of an issue for the beltway both ways. you can see the exit ramp is blocked for the interleukin and same for the outer loop. this is for a police investigation off the beltway here. you need to avoid this. the beltway itself is not directly affected so you are looking good. be aware of ramp closures for both exits off of the beltway. , it will a bit slow in toward vienna.
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>> you are watching abc news at on your side. >> a high-speed police chase ending with a car crashing with a parked suv. take a look at this. down, landing on top of it. the entire incident started over inspired tag. an update on the daily police involved shooting in minnesota. after helian woman call 91 said he was stunned when a collie called inside the squad car. hundreds gathered on the beach in memory. an officer says he was begin to her when his partner, mohammed, opened fire through the patrol car of the fire -- driver-side door. just rain prime minister stepped in demanding answers on behalf of the family. >>
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how can a woman out in the street in her pajamas seeking assistance from the police be shot like that? and we shocking killing are demanding answers on behalf of of her family. >> overnight, police released the audio, one of whom said there was a female screaming behind the building. we are learning more. we know he spent two years on the force and had three complaints against him. one was dismissed. from o.j. day away simpson's next court appearance. the 70-year-old former star will be asked to read -- will ask to be released from jail and could be out since -- in early october. the man in las vegas that he robbed
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protest his release. right now, an american doctor examining an 11 month old abc from from a debilitating disease. his parents are in a bitter fight for what happens next not only for his survival but against the hospital where he is a patient. the case that has gripped the world passes attention. a little boy whose parents refused to let him die. >> everything today, with we would take him home. ofhe has undergone today's examination by a team that includes this man, a specialist. anti-doctor, he has assessed the 11-month-old roy as well as medical records and met with u.k. clinicians. a severe genetic illness and he cannot see, hear, or even breathe without health. british doctors want to turn off life support.
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right as parents to decide to give him a chance at life. >> then, a twist. american doctors offering an experimental treatment here in the u.s. last week, a judge agreed to let the and -- the american neurosurgeon see if charlie can benefit and travel to u.s. hospital for care. all of the different competing evidence will be sent to the tomorrow so you can finally make his ruling. >> in los angeles, crews are working to expand a subway line and they make an ice age discovery. take a look. some of these fossils are at least 10,000 years old. crews found bones of an adult mammoth and teeth of a mastodon. they are set to be taken to the natural
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could be fun to see. no way to sugarcoat this. it will be uncomfortable for a while here. the strongest heatwave of the summer, the highest heat index. feels like temperatures, that was a practice session. beautiful camera view from national harbor. the wind is light and the sky is loop. from inside the air-conditioned building, a looks nice. but you will feel the heat and there and elsewhere 91 in washington and 92 and bwi thurgood marshall. now inees right cooler in a little annapolis. , mid 90's for thermometer temperatures. feels like temperatures fe
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federal burg, a feeling 95. high humidity levels. as far as the heat index goes, the measure of how we feel outside, putting it together in an hourly plan for you here, the heat index could spike as high as 107 this afternoon. definitely in the 100 degree all night in the 90's long. heat index values will stay in the mid 80's. stay as cool and hydrated as you can. dsl relaye end carnival. reporting live on abc seven news later. hot but cool in the pool. maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. 99 friday and saturday. into sunday, a little better chance of isolated thunderstorms but the summer, sizzle will continue.
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90's. we still think we will break heat and humidity tuesday through wednesday and even thursday through friday, something we spotted monday on , it might push down the east coast. it looks like it might be the case. outlook and the which one do you choose? next week. >> absolutely. thanks. noon, up on abc 7 news at dog danger. nfl star's pet snatched from its home. what you need to
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>> back now with a frightening story for pet owners. a victim of dot -- dog napping. jesse has the details and tips you need to pay close attention to so you do not fall victim to the same thing. >> full steam ahead. >> at home, dallas cowboys wide receiver lucky white held -- whitehead is all about the blitz. the 16 month old pitbull puppy. instagram postings may be a little too faces -- two famous. texasday, he was home in being watched by a close friend when he was dog napped. he merely took to instagram. demandedtole him has ransom money. i strongly advise you to stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse. >> i said to show me that the dog is ok.
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>> according to, up to 2 million pets are still in each year and only 10% are returned. with more pet parents turning their -- turning the restaurants to social media stars, experts have warned you could turn your pooch into a target. >> posting a picture of the dog is fine but you want to be sure you do not give andy -- identifying information about where you live, where the dog can be found, or the cost of the dog. it opens up a world of options. >> reunited tuesday without having to pay the ransom. a man returning the puppy claiming he bought him from an anonymous source, not realizing that he was stolen. a little too trustworthy and i have got to be more aware of people's actions. come, the heat wave continues. a final check of the forecast coming r
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>> all right. hot and humid. >> outside, not so much. it is ok here. not ok outside. we climb into the mid 90's. .aybe a pop-up thunderstorms 97 tomorrow and 99 friday and saturday. better chance of afternoon storms toward the weekend. >> the air-conditioning feels good today. thank you for joining us
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