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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fall. 97 on the thermometer. the moisture levels to make it feel warmer. stilling like 110 now. 99 in washington. 107 in annapolis. overnight is warm and humid. inside the beltway is around 80 degrees. but it's feeling warmer than that. tomorrow is right back in the upper 90's. the heat index values over 100. a better chance of storms for saturday. next week is when we see the relief. michelle: thank you. local camp like camp wright in stevensville are taking precaution. there is a mandatory two-hour rest period in the heat of the day and the battery powered fans for the campers. but not all the heat risk easy to spot. ahead, what we found when we
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playgrounds to protect the children from the hot spottings ahead at 6:15. alison: now must-see video from capitol hill. >> this is the aftermath of the water main that burst on east capitol street six blocks from the capitol. two home basements flooded so bad that the rescue teams had to check to make sure no one was trapped inside. several buildings are without water. michelle: plains, trains, automobiles. not compare to the promise that elon musk is making about the future. he says he has preliminary approval to build a system to get people from d.c. to new york city in half an hour. abc7's transportation reporter shows us the hyper loop. >> 30 minutes to travel from d.c. to new york. >> i would do that. >> shorter than many daily
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the quick trip could be more of a possibility. >> like a fast train in paris. but one to d.c. >> today, elon musk tweeted his company received verbal government approval to build underground hyper loop from d.c. to new york. but what we still don't know is where the verbal agreement came from. did it come from d.c.? or from the federal government? in a followup tweet musk said a lot of work still needed for formal approval but i'm optimistic it will occur rapidly. >> the hyper loop vacuums out the air of a tube and uses the magnet to lever state a pod at high speed. reportedly up to 700 earn many. the fa
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three hours. kemp travels for work but currently he takes the bus. as chief financial officer of the company he is not sure that the cost to go high speed would be worth it. >> it would depend on the price point. and your personal career and urgency of the meeting. >> in northeast d.c., brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: that will be amazing to see what happens. alison: o.j. simpson seeking freedom after nine years in prison. >> i do vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> that was the result of an hour long hearing where he admitted he was wrong to rob men inside las vegas hotel. >> reax was mixed -- reaction was mixed.
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i hate to see it. >> did the man serve his time? >> at this particular time parole was just. >> his place in history preserved at the newseum. there is the suit he wednesday wearing in 1995 when acquit -- wearing in 1995 when requited of the murder of his wife nicole and her frand ron goldman. michelle: the white house says trump has confidence in jeff sessions december white he told the "new york times" he never would have appointed sessions if he had known he would recuse himself from the russian investigation. >> how do you take a job and recuse yourself? if he recused himself before that i would have said thanks but i'm not taking him. it's unfair to the president. that is a mild word. >> in response sessions says he loves his job and plan to keep doing
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nancy: senator mccain show nothing signs of slowing down after the diagnose know silas of brain cancer. cheryl conner has more on the road ahead. >> the nurse was a patient facing the same form of brain cancer four years ago that senator mccain has. >> i couldn't keep up with the details of my life. >> diagnosed with glioblastoma but she is back to living a healthy life. >> this is a very aggressive,
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tumor. cheryl: the director says half of the patients with a glioblastoma survive 15 months. age and health matter. the arizona senator is 80 years old. tony is 20 years younger. >> there is no reason to think he wouldn't be able to come to capitol hill to work in the future. senator mccain tweeted -- ly be back soon. stand by. >> i say i'm cured. my incontrol gist told me i don't have to come back anymore. >> carol says the only difference now and before her diagnosis is she gets more tired. michelle: caught on video a man's wild ride when he confronts a carjacker. how it ends and what the victim is saying. nancy: amazing video of a pin point landing. why a pilot put down his
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alison: a horrific scene where a woman is dead after crashing dump truck she was driving this morning. it happened white house road and largo. preliminary report indicates 28-year-old higgins of falls church lost control of the
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michelle: we have a crime alert for you after someone shot a car on i-95 in howard county. this happened early yesterday near route 32 in columbia. a driver heard a loud noise but didn't realize his car had been hit until he arrived at work. this is similar to when a man was shot and killed on a beltway on pennsylvania avenue. but the incidents don't appear to be related. the man accused of shooting a woman in a fit of road rage yesterday on alexandria's eisenhower connector is headed back to virginia. ernest stickell turned himself in yesterday in frederick. he faces a list of charges. the victim is expected to survive. just-see video from long island where a pilot is earning high praise for this. look at this closely. watch the landing here. the plane had mechanical problems and the pilot set it down on a highway
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every car and managed to navigate under a bridge before pulling to the side and finally coming to a stop. no one was hurt. the plane was towed away for repairs. alison: goodness. incredible. out in california there is an unexpected side effect from the massive dam overflow at the orville spillway. a modern day gold rush. sediment being disrupted from the water flow, plus a wetter and a warmer winter means the nuggets ands the flakes ripe for the picking. >> there are so many people going in to bring us gold. >> these were brought in this week. >> so, so far, it's not enough to retire on. the average fine was $30 to $40 of gold. michelle: treat you to a nice dinner. coming up at 6:00, a man fights back against a carjacker. it's caught on
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and how he says he ended up on the hood of the car ahead. scott: i'm scott taylor in the best place to be with the heat. but over here, the playground is a different story. we will test how hot the playground equipment is coming up next.
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michelle: a georgia man fought back against a carjacker but he paid the price. he jumps on the hood of the vehicle. he says he stepped in front of the car to stop the carjacker. the thief floored it. >> i couldn't show down. >> he was thrawn off. breaking his ankle and getting road rash. the thief is still on the loose. alison: back at home update on a story you saw first on 7. arlington's neighborhood making changes after a rash of the raccoon attacks. the homeowners association plans to start capturing
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if they will change the policy that allow garbage taken to the curb in bags instead of trash cans. michelle: the d.c. police trying to find six members of a robotics team from burundi missing since tuesday. they were in town for the robotics competition at constitution hall. they were staying at a dorm at trinity university. d.c. police say two of the teens were seen entering the canada. no foul play is expected. >> we all know the dangers of the dehydration and overheating. but there is a risk that isn't easy to spot. scott taylor has more on that threat and what to do to fight back from this. scott? scott: i got the experts here who told me everything else on the playground is ok
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slide here is hot. that is when mom and dad have to pay attention to danger zone. look at this. see how hot it is. 118 degrees. just below 120. earlier we were all over the area to double check if the mom and dad should be safe for kids at the playground. >> this is what the summer fun is supposed to look like. when the temperature soar, you couldn't ask for better relief. we are talking playgrounds. "7 on your side" test the area playgrounds to better protect the tiny ones and we are armed with an infa red thermometer. the results are dangerously hot. we tested several playgrounds.
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at 115 degrees. some sides were 115 degrees. the sand was 105. the blue was 158. the hottest part of a play ground we found was a black rubber surface at 174 degrees. >> normally in heat of the day we stay inside. most are deserted for most part. >> a child can be burned at the temps of up to 120 or higher. kids that are 2 years old and younger are most at risk because the skin is delicate. we found several warning signs about playing barefoot on the equipment. >> you would think they come one a different material or something. >> if you do not have a laser thermometer handy, you can go old school. use the hand. put the
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the slide. if it's too hot the child should not been on the slide. >> non-guys. michelle: he has new friends. alison: going in. he makes a good point. >> you have to be careful. this is prolonged. it's not just one day. it's ongoing process. that is good advice. national harbor is hot and humid. 98 is the high at the reagan national airport. that is the highest number we have had all year. officially the hottest day of the year. will there be other days at 98 or higher? it's a possibility. the average high
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low this morning was only 79. the air temperatures are low to mid-90's but it feels warmer than that. we will be in the 90's by 12:00 noon. 97 and 98. somewhere in there in the afternoon. high humidity levels and the thunderstorms. the heat values. the feels like temperatures will be back 100 degrees or higher for sure. looking ahead to saturday. thunderstorms become more of a concern. not only in our area but northwest to western great lakes to minnesota. large area of the atmosphere. that is a conveyor belt of energy to the hot and the humid air where the severe thunderstorms are possible including our region as well. then beyond that more garden variety thunderstorms are expected sunday afternoon. pool
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over the weekend. saturday thunderstorms have a possibility of turning severe in some areas. so look ahead. for tomorrow 30% chance of the storms at 97. d.c. united hosting houston saturday night. there will be thunderstorms and it's brutally hot. sunday, chance of storms but the break will start to occur on monday. 92 on a high with a front coming through. tuesday and wednesday delightful, mid-80's. dry air. this is into thursday. a slow ramp up and the temperatures get to seasonal normal, not way above normal. nancy: good evening. i'm nancy chen. coming up at 11:00, senior investigator lisa fletcher spotlights heartbreak in america caused by vladimir putin. he is keeping
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from the adoptive parents they have met and fallen in love with. this is a powerful account of what happens when children are used as politi
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erin: everything was clicking for jordan spieth who jumped out to a share of the
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virginia open. he made five birdie, no bogey. pick it up on the par 3, 14th hole. 20-footer for birdie. never a doubt. he would finish the day at five under. k apeka out of the bunker and shot of the day. gets it to fall for eagle. a great day for the americans. not a great day for this american in this story. the u.s. won 2-1 but it's weird for altidore. he appeared to be bitten among other things. this is a strange seen. rome areeo got handssy and did his b
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impression trying to agitate altidore but he handled it well. listen to the reaction after the win. >> it is what it is. there is on tv, there is no place for the game. i'm disappointed but it happens. this is another experience for me. michelle: my gosh. hopefully never experience it again. alison: my 2-year-old does that. [laughter] doug: heat and humidity for a few more days. next few days, mid-to-upper 90's. afternoon thunderstorms could be heavy. saturday especially. humidity levels make it feel warmer. brian in for steve at 11:00 to talk about the weekend heat waver and the storms possible saturday. michelle: thank you. alison: thank you. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. alison: join us back here for the news at 11:00. no biting. we
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tonight, o.j. simpson will go free. the parole board asking him today what he has learned in prison. was he humbled by his time behind bars? and millions across this country watching as simpson said this. >> i basically have spent a conflict-free life. >> today, where does o.j. simpson plan to live now? how much money is he making from the nfl and the rules he'll face to while on parole come october. breaking news for the first time. pe hear from the police chief in minneapolis after that bride-to-be was shot and killed just a short time after calling 911 for help. yf the police been silent? president trump's


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