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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a big shake-up. sean spicer resigning after president trump naming anthony scaramucci as the communication director. alison: scaramucci insists there is no bad blood. >> it speaks volumes to who he is as a human being and team player. he wants to clean the sleet for anthony. i appreciate it and love him for it. this is a difficultvation to be in. i applaud his efforts and i love the guy and i wish him well. i hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money. >> meanwhile, today anthony scaramucci named sarah huckabee sanders as the new press secretary. michelle: but it is the departure of sean spicer that has the city buzzing. jeff goldberg has reaction tonight from northwest washington. jeff? jeff: you could make the case that sean spicer was the most well-known price secretary in modern history. his daily press briefing became must-see tv for millions of americans.
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alike. outside the white house today, feeling that the news was inevitable. >> i'm not shocked. >> i'm not surprised. jeff: that sean spicer on the job six months and a day resigned as press secretary. >> he had to portray stories i don't think even he believed. jeff: he called it an honor and pleasure to work for president trump. but he designed after strongly disagreeing with the decision to appoint anthony scaramucci as communication director. spicer sparring with the press corps began day one with the dubious claims about crowd size at president trump's inauguration. >> this was the largest audience to witness an inauguration period. jeff but sean spicer became a household name with millions tuning in daily to watch him battle with reporters. >> that is the power of politics these days. jeff: and the now
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melissa mccarthy on "saturday night live." >> what will happen to melissa mccarthy? >> spicer has been a dead man walking for a while. part of it is a continuing stream of blunders. jeff: nicky teaches media and public affairs. >> his key role so to make things more comprehensible. he generally did the opposite. jeff: authorities in the "new york times" president trump asked sean spicer to stay on as the press secretary but spicer declined. earlier today on twitter spicer said he will continue to work at the white house through august. live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: snapshot of the white house communication director shows he has a long history in the spotlight. anthony scaramucci founded sky bridge capital and for a time co-hosted "wall street week."
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law degree from harvard. he is also a vice chair for the kennedy center corporate fund board. alison: president trump is about to ban americans are traveling to north korea. this follows the death of u.v.a. student otto warmbier who was imprisoned in north korea and died shortly after he returned to the u.s. the ban will take effect in one month from now. after that, americans who want to travel to north korea will need to apply for a special passport on the humanitarian ground. michelle: this weekend could be far for relaxing after a wicked hot end to the week. we are now is facing a chance of severe weather. brian van de graaff is tracking it from the weather center. it sounds like we are not getting the weekend off when it comes to this. brian: no. we have chances of cooling showers if they develop but they could be gusty to strong or severe. let's talk about the map. we have a heatwave in effect for the last few days and it's
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next week. monday. that is when the next chance of a break will happen. strong storms possible. we talk about the storm chances it's not everyone is in on the action. isolated to scattered. they could pack a punch. it could be overnight warm and muggy. more of the same. we talk about the weekend and the relief in sight coming up. michelle: thanks. good time to duneload if app. get severe weather alerts wherever you are. go to right now to sign up. to have stormwatch7 weather alert sent to your phone. join us live outside the kindercare.
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>> employee must have just accidently brushed up against the girl, he says. well, after ten months of investigating, police say this was an intentional act. >> society have people like this who hurt and harm innocent children. >> for the last 13 years, raul tuban reported to work at the kindercare and served as the lunchroom cook and helped drive kids to and from the daycare facility. then came october when a 3-year-old girl told her mom tuban molested her during naptime. tuban denied the accusation, claiming he merely placed a blanket over the girl. but the cops say the 56-year-old married man kept changing his story and so they arrested him last week. >> i don't trust anyone with my kids. people say it's safe but
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hear all this stuff on the news. i don't think it's safe at all. >> today, tuban's father-in-law answered the door at the town home telling us that tuban wasn't home. back at kindercare, the employees described tuban as a "sweet, loving and mild-mannered man." one staffer saying he has been wrongly accused. but this gaithersburg grandmother isn't buying that. >> i feel that he is not is innocent. the child is innocent. the child is always innocent. especially at 3 years old. she can't come one a story like that. >> in the last few minutes, the kindercare's corporate office in portland, oregon, e-mailed me saying that tuban is no longer allowed in the building and is on administrative leave. distinction to make is the allegations again first for raised in october. and tuban had access to the building through april. live in gaithersburg, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. arrest in an abc7 crime alert. d.c. police sa
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banks in less than an hour in northwest washington. it happened around 9:00. the thief was only successful in one of those robberies. police captured him just before 4:00 this afternoon. caught on video by the man behind the wheel. the crazy, chaotic police chase through the sand and what brought it to an end. nancy: also caught on video -- alison: a restaurant just explodes. what was inside that may be to blame? that is coming up at "abc
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michelle: a devastating explosion in eastern china. two people were killed and 50 others hurt. the search for a cause is focused on bottled liquefied petroleum used in the restaurant. alison: the navy failed to take action to prevent a collision off the coast of japan. seven sailors were killed when the uss fitzgerald collided with the cargo ship. navy crew failed to understand and acknowledge that the cargo ship was approaching and did not take evasive action. michelle: two people confirmed dead following an earthquake in greece overnight. 500
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the quake struck a resort island. 13 people were air lited to athens 250 miles away. two people killed were tourists and they died when a building collapsed. damage reported out of turkey not far from the quake's epicenter. it was a magnitude 6.7. alison: a terrible case of déjà vu for a family in michigan. this is a family cottages along silver lake. the wind blows it to a piles and normally winter is cold enough to stop the process but not this winter. >> you live through this. we'll keep digging ourselves out. alison: the family spent $10,00
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bay. the nearby golf course is trying to help to remove sand and using it for bunkers. michelle: just ahead -- [music] you have to stick around for this. why doctors told the guitar player he needed to strum through brain surgery. alison: inside a police chase, down a tourist covered beach. z2e2bz z1a2z
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y2e2by y1a2y
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michelle: a man leading police on high-speed chase streamed live on facebook. >> we're live, bro. michelle: the witnesses saying the man was driving 40 to 50 miles per hour.
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this is truly must-see video from the operating room. you have never seen this before. trust me. >> this is unbelievable video. this is what it looks like when a man was playing guitar from brain surgeries. they were triggering muscle cramps so this allowed hem to know more about their work. michelle: magic. fans of the kendrick lamar got a cance to buy the rapper's clothing and the other merchandise today. some waited for hours for a pop-up store to open on m street in georgetown in the heat. he
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q mccray has more on the weekend summer sizzle. q: we are live at the bullpen. this is now down to 119 so it's cooling down. the number of the people here gone up a lot. when it comes to the firefighters,
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working. >> the heat this the summer, either you are fighting in it or you are training in it. >> hydrate. stay ahead of the game. wait until you get a break. >> a must for the trainees. they have 50 pounds of gear on. >> we are getting acclimated to it. >> these guys wearing the bunker gear themselves. you the air packs and the tools that you are carrying. >> like a saw. >> chen you incorporate the -- chen you -- chen you incorporate the flames. they have more pressing things on their mind. >> we do
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complain. we get paid to save lives. >> they could use a break here at truckaroo. reporting live, i'm q mccray. abc7 news. michelle: thank you. this is a flight like yesterday where it was 100 degrees? brian: i think so. >> even at 10:00. >> this is hot and humid both days. it's not a washout but do something together and it could be strong to severe. keep a close eye heading to the weekend. we talk about the numbers today. yesterday was the hottest day of the year. 98. today is 97. tack on the hot days. it's not just temperature but the humidity. if you factor it together it feels oppressive out there.
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many. that is why the heat advisory is still in effect until 8:00 tonight. sun down is 8:29. back up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. show you the radar. most of the action we are watching to thewell/northwest is fizzling out. not much to hold together. clear spring to hagerstown. the showers are moving due east to thurmont. that is all she wrote. show you satellite picture because the clouds are out there. but not the rain clouds. showers have fallen apart. clouds will trickle on in here. there is a milky sky. 90 in leesburg. 86 in culpeper. 93 at quantico. luray is cooler because of the showers they had earlier this afternoon. this is the feels like number. manassas feeling 103. same for fredericksburg, 103. feeling like 101 over pax rivet and it still feels like 100 in
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a warm and a soupy evening. we may dip in the upper 70's briefly downtown but some of us may hang out around 80 degrees tonight. we do it all again tomorrow. the future cast, tomorrow when you wake up a few scattered clouds. warm and muggy through the afternoon. mid-90's. some thunderstorms are coming together so watch out for strong storms on saturday and hail and sunday afternoon. both feature a risk. not everyone will get it. but if you see storms it could pack a bunch. d.c. united taking to field tomorrow against houston dynamo. that is something to chasm live there. could be storms tomorrow night. keep an eye out for it. if you don't see it live, you can catch it on newschannel8. the weekend at the shore both days in the 80's. hot and a muggy weekend. matter your home or at the shore.
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next week will be in the 90's. but by tuesday we start to get a break. keep in mind this weekend a weather alert weekend. keep you updated on tv. keep up to date on the app. we'll take a break back with more at
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erin: we begin with the british open. jordan spieth was impressive. remember when he lost the 2016 masters in shocking fashion? it appears he is ready to overcome that and prove doubters wrong. weather had something to prove as well. ew! rainy, windy. in other words great day for golf. the chip to save par. what a save. spieth was one under, six under for the tournament. not a good day for this guy. he couldn't get out of the rough. erin: max scherzer is on the mound tonight. he will face the team that drafted him. the diamondbacks. it's looking like another cy young caliber season for scherzer. he is
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e.r.a. barely over 2.0 and he leads the national league in strikeouts 183. the nba finals m.v.p. and the prince george's county native kevin durant took a break and surprised 20 kids in austin, texas, yesterday at a basketball clinic. the kevin durant foundation helped to build support where it was held. it's one of his acts of kindness and i love that. it appears that barrington irving does not want -- that kyrie irving does not want to be in lebron's shadow. he has asked the cavaliers to be traded. apparently lebron was shocked about that. he wants to go to the spurs. one of the top teams he listed. keep an eye on that. alison: one last word about the weather. hot and humid this weekend. brian: weather alert. gusty storms each and every afternoon. alison: thank you, brian. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. see you at 11:00. have a
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tonight, the white house shake-up. press secretary sean spicer is out. spicer, who famously sparred with reporters in defending the president, becoming instantly famous, suddenly resigns. who's in? and why was the west wing blindsided? the outrage tonight. the man in desperate need of help in the water. teenagers recording him from the shore. laughter as they do nothing. the man does not survive. the tornado touchdown in the northeast. now three confirmed tornadoes. the severe storm threat as we come on the air. just in tonight. the wife who tried to hire a hitman. the moment she cried for police. what she didn't know was, her husband was still alive. the decision from the judg


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