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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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y downpours, gusty winds, downed trees and power lines. we're on storm watch and not done with the wet weather just yet. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. a one-two punch of rain and storms swept across the area from mid afternoon into the early part of the evening. now round three. rain falling across our area at this hour. it seems like once we dry out, another wave of rain sweeps in. storm watch 7 begins our live team coverage. josh: at least for us tonight the third round is going to be the final round so we won't have to worry about storms through the overnight hours. at least once we get to about 1:00. after that things do
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you can still see rain on the lens at the national harbor. we've had rain and lightning pushing across the southern part of the district. and through parts of the beltway. a bigger picture shows a lot of lightning showing up. it's remarkable for how late it is and how much there is across the entire region. we have a few severe thunderstorm warnings predominantly outside of our area. back toward roanoke, another one toward charlottesville and this one just south of fredericksburg. i want to start off around d.c. you can see we have some of the wet weather closer to the national harbor. in general, dry on the norg side -- north side of d.c. but further to the west heading down interstate 95 we run into more of the heavier rain. a similar story into southern maryland with quite a bit of rain coming down in calvert county. let's work back farther to the west. charles county is hanging on to a lot of it. there is a lot of red on the map. manassas another place where we have another
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still the rain in the shenandoah valley has to push across the area. we'll deal with this until about 2:00 in the morning. on future cast, at 12:po, by the time we get to 2:00, 3:00, we see big improvement. tomorrow a quick look. temperatures back into the 90's and more thunderstorms. some severe again. we'll time it out and talk about the specific threats we'll be dealing with in about 10 minutes. kimberly: pepco crews scattered through the area tonight fixing power lines and trying to restore power. we've been following their progress tonight and continue with our storm watch 7 team coverage live from northwest d.c. >> some of the crews will be heading out here to the 1300 block of jonquel street in northwest. this old tree split and pulled down the power lines and pulled the power pole down. been like this a couple hours now. earlier tonight we were in another part of d.c. where another giant tree toppled,
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power line and knocking out power to hundreds of homes. pepco sent out a crew to assess the damage and right now crews are still working to restore power to folks in that area. then they'll be pulling the tree out of the roadway. now, back out here live, pepco crews as i said are heading to jonquel street where we are right now to repair the power poles and pow line and restore power to the few homes out here who have lost power. they do want mae to remind you, if you see downed power lines, stay away. don't touch them. use the mobile app or call their hotline to report the damage. kimberly: good advice there. storms rolling through the area are remnants of powerful storms that smacked the midwest. torrential rain and gusty winds created a lot of trouble in iowa, illinois, and wisconsin. the storms split tree trunks, downed trees, flooded roads. the water is so high it turned a baseball field into a lake and
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stay connected with our team of meteorologists. when the weather gets bad get the forecast online at or down load the storm watch 7 and look for instant updates on our facebook and twitter feeds. bad weather is not blamed for a serious three-car crash near bowie state university. prince george's county police say the driver of the vehicle traveling southbound on 197 crossed that center line, swiped a car, and the car behind that one was hit head on. the driver at fault was critically injured and four other people hurt. police say it is too early to say what charges the driver will face. a somber night tonight for the d.c. media family and for you. jim vance, a legendary broadcaster, lost his short battle with cancer this morning at the age of 75. vance had been on tv since 1969 and was a calming voice during some of the most
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times. he was known for his unique style on the anchor desk. our former colleague and long-time anchor said, vance was a leader and understood the challenges of being african-american. >> he met people. he talked to people. he was open to people. they responded to him in kind. > it was like a family member. spot on news. kimberly: just last month vance's face was featured on the famous ben's chile bowl. he earned numerous awards over his storied career and left a lasting impression on all washingtonians. three days after the world learned of his brain cancer diagnosis, senator john mccain went for a hike. daughter megan tweeted a photo of the two dressed in hiking gear looking out over the arizona landscape. the former presidential candidate and one-time prisoner of war is weighing treatment options but says he'll be back in washington soon.
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new developments are expected next week on two fronts, first on russia. white house adviser jared kushner is going to testify in private before the house and senate intelligence committees on monday and on tuesday. also, on tuesday the house will likely vote on a bipartisan deal for new sanctions on russia. in the meantime the senate could vote whether to begin debate on the republican health care bill. the parliamentarian has ruled certain parts of the bill, including restrictions on abortion coverage, violate senate rules and need 60 votes in order to pass. anthony scaramucci the new white house communications director is purging his twitter feed. he deleted tweets where he has said the president had, "no judgment." other tweets go against the president's views on climate change, gun control, and illegal immigration. in a new tweet, scaramucci says his positions have "evolved" and he did not want the old tweets to be a distraction. on the topic of pres
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whether to work with or challenge the administration, hovered largely over virginia's first gubernatorial debate of the general election. here are the big moments of today's debate. they were no more than four minutes into their opening remarks when they were interrupted. a heckler yelled at both candidates about not opposing controversial pipeline projects in the commonwealth. she was eventually ushered out before the gubernatorial candidates, democrat and virginia lieutenant governor and the republican candidate tackled a burning topic, president donald trump. >> i don't agree with everything the president says or tweets and i've made that clear, but my focus is on virginia. >> i believe our president is a dangerous man. i believe he lacks empathy. >> this was the first live debate between the candidates for governor. speaking to members of the virginia bar association. >> it is time to ignite
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>> virginia should be first in the nation and we can be with the right policies. those are my policies. >> they covered a variety of issues including tax policy, the affordable care act, abortion, immigration, and gun rights. both making their case for why they are the best choice for virginians come november 7. in virginia, abc 7 news. kimberly: up next on abc 7 news at 11:00, more fallout from the deadly pleas shooting of a bride-to-be in minnesota. tonight who protesters say should lose their jobs. that's next. and it's take three as another wave of rain pushes across the area. keep that umbrella close. josh has your storm watch 7 forecast coming up next. >> want to make sure they know that the police are there to help. >> plus, the creative and beautiful way one woman is helping police help children through traumatic events.
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kimberly: an investigation is under way after a u.s. air strike killed 16 police officers in southern afghanistan. it is believed the incident was the result of friendly fire. the air strike happened as u.s. forces worked with the afghan military in an operation against the taliban. more outrage tonight over that deadly police shooting in minneapolis. a bride to be, shot by an officer after she called 911. the mayor now demanding and getting the police chief's resignation. reporter: tonight the firestorm over the police shooting of the 40-year-old woman escalating to the minneapolis mayor's office. >> the police department has terrorized us enough. we do not want you as the mayor of minneapolis. we want you to resign. repo
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defiant. >> i will not be resigning. > mohamed noor the officer opting not to talk. last friday she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home. they were startled by a loud noise moments before she appeared next to their car. he fired through the open window. the deadly encounter coming one year after a man was gunned down by police outside st. paul during a traffic stop. investigators talked to one person who stopped at the scene as the two officers were administering c.p.r. they are asking other potential witnesses to come forward. abc news, new york. kimberly: a quick arrest in an
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district to tell you about. police say 32-year-old shamica jones was shot and killed and police have arrested and charged ronald randolph jr. no word yet on a motive in the deadly shooting. new information tonight about the mishap on new york's east river. the national transportation safety board is deciding wh to investigate the sea plane's hard landing after aborting its take off last night with 10 people onboard. all were rescued and declined medical attention. tv producer bill lawrence from "scrubs" was among the passengers. an ntsb spokesperson says the agency is collecting information before it makes a decision. one of our news photographers stuck out on the rappahannock river earlier today says very -- it was very, very hot and good samaritans came along and rescued her. >> very hot and stormy. three rounds of those storms coming through. a lot of times we get one and it'll settle
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rest of the day. there is just so much potential energy out there that just keeps kicking back up. that's what we have at this point as well. a few more storms and temperatures hanging around please 6 degrees. it's been one of the nice things at least with the rain. the temperatures dropped, unfortunately, though, so muggy it's not like it feels really refreshing but it's at least not still hanging in the 80's. the last few nights we had trouble getting out of the 80's in the district. so the showers continue to move through the area for still some thunder. you can see all the lightning flashes showing up and relatively light rain as we get further off to the west. zoom into a few areas around fred ricks bug right now. we have another downpour. there was a severe thunderstorm warning for spotsylvania county. that cell right there has since gotten a little bit weaker. we've lost the 60-mile-per-hour wind gust chance. with that now just a strong thunderstorm and still another line going from manassas stretching right under to the bottom side of the beltway here just south of the district. we'll hang on to this chance of
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morning right around here when things really start to break down and we lose that chance for thunderstorms. we go through the day tomorrow and we start off dry with quite a bit of cloud cover. not the prettiest morning but at least not a wet morning to get things going and get to church or if you want a nice, long walk before the thunderstorms move back in. here we are at 4:00. we see quite a bit of them moving across the area. heavy downpours and then again the chance that some of the storms could pack the damaging wind gusts again like we saw today with the downed trees, downed power lines. something to think a real possibility for tomorrow. great to have the weather app especially if you're out and about. here is the good news. they end a little earlier tomorrow night. not going to be an overnight thing like we're dealing with right now. for monday i think more of us will stay dry, see a mix of sun and clouds and just a few showers that pop up. a lot less green and certainly less of the yellows and reds showing up. not quite as strong. tomorrow again scattered thunderstorms firing up, just after lunch time
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still hot thoughment before the rain gets there back to the low to mid 90's across the area. in other places we'll be a little bit cooler. not quite as warm as we get further to the west. hagerstown, we top out around 87. 94 for d.c. 94 for fredericksburg. i want to point out our entire area is part of the slight risk from the storm prediction center. it's not that high but what it tells us is there is a decent chance we'll see at least a few severe thunderstorm warnings tomorrow and most likely that is for that chance for damaging wind. this is why we have our weather alert day in effect for tomorrow. sunday in red. 60% chance you'll have to deal with wet weather. keep the umbrella handy if you'll be out and about. monday, the chance of rain goes down quite a bit. by tuesday we lose our string of 90-degree days. back to 88 and lower humidity. still hot but compared to where we've been it is going to be a drastic improvement. >> if you watched the d.c. united game toni
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were just pouring. >> called soupy, right? >> swampy. >> exactly. in desperate need of a win tonight, d.c. united looking for three points against houston. plus is the nats back on the diamond vs. those diamondbacks. we'll take you out to arizona for baseball action.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local
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toyota dealer. >> marquee matchup in the desert. nationals and diamondbacks with two of the thee best records in the national league. arizona delivered the first punch in last night's walk-off win. washington trying to respond tonight in game two of the series. the nats wasted no time getting on the board. first inning, bryce harper crushes one to deep right center. that ball is way out of here. number 25 for harper. 1-0, nationals. washington scores two more in the sixth. ryan zimmerman drills one deep to center. that's over the center fielder's head. harper scores, 3-1, nats. they go on for the big "w" 4-3. at camden yards the orioles hosting houston. bottom five. jonathan schoop says, good-bye, baseball. number 21 for schoop. 4-1, baltimore. but the astros strike back in the sixth. down 4-3, marwin gonzalez hits a high fly ball deep to right. that's a three-run shot. 6-4,
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right now the orioles behind, 6-4 in the ninth inning. golf's four majors each have their own unique traits. the masters a tradition unlike any other. u.s. open is golf's toughest test and the pga championship is this season's final major. none really compare to the oldest championship in golf. the open championship. it's golf and it's in its purist form taking place at some of the most iconic links courses across the pond. branden grace made history today in the third round, shooting a 62 at royal birkdale. it's the first 62 in a major championship. grace finished with eight birdies, no bogeys. he shot eight under for his round. he's now four under for the tourney. tied for fifth. moving 41 spotsment incredible. jordan speith has led the open from start to finish. had another stellar round, finishing in style with a
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speith with a five under of 5, three strokes ahead matt kuchar who is eight under. the young texan is going for a third major title tomorrow. the d.c. united head coach ben olson was sitting in the seat right now, it would be getting a little hot. olson's job not really safe right now. the black and red struggling this season. wednesday, a complete disaster in seattle. up 3-0 in the second half to only give up four unanswered goals in 27 minutes. not good. united coming off a stunning 4-3 loss. against houston tonight not much better. down 2-0 already. rodriguez on the header and the black and red black and blue tonight by the dynamo, 3-1 the final. gold cup semifinals, the u.s. facing costa rica. 37th minute. costa rica on the attack. tim howard comes way out of the box with a beautiful
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not many chances for both teams right now scoreless in the second half. arena football action, baylor battling baltimore. less than 10 second to go the valor down 3-28. shaun bracket looking and finding tolliver. touchdown, valor win an absolute thriller inside the phone booth. 34-30. and tennis fans, get ready. we are about one week away from the city open in d.c. tremendous field this year in both the men's and women's tournament. that tourney will get started on monday, july 31. looking forward to it. kimberly: i know. you're a tennis player yourself.
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>> the wife of a washington police officer has come up with a unique way to help children dealing with traumatic situations. >> i actually used almost all of the uniforms. >> eva gray uses uniforms from retired police officers to make teddy bears to help kids. the pants become the bear's body. the shirts the bear's coat, the buttons the bear's eyes. it takes her about two and a half hours to make each one. >> kind of popped into my head, why don't we make teddy bears for children who are in incidents that they need a little extra something special? >> in times of critical
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incidents, children become very upset. sometimes they can get the view that the police might be against them and we want to make sure they know that the plea agreements are -- the police are there to help. kimberly: officers will give the little bylaw bears to children involved in incidents like car crashes or if they are experiencing family trouble. a special day for the future king of england. prince george celebrated his fourth birthday today. the family released this portrait of the young prince after wrapping up a five-day trip to poland and germany. he got an early birthday present before leaving hamburg. the duke and duchess of cambridge arranged to let george and charlotte climb aboard a couple helicopters at the air bus facility. every 5-year-old should celebrate their birthday that way. a final look at your
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