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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. adrianna: breaking this morning, maryland in the crosshairs, a night of devastating storms. larry: winds gusting above 80 miles an hour, and right now all signs pointing to a tornado. adrianna: veronica johnson is tracking the latest, but we start with john gonzalez on the ground in the hardest hit area.
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right now? john: well, people describing their neighborhoods as war zones, adrianna, and we are carefully driving around in mobile track 7 here in stevensville, maryland, surveying some of the damage. take a look. this is the ellen dale neighborhood. you've got insulation from homes that are over 300 yards away and trees are down, fences are down, and take a look. some of these new homes under construction completely flattened. residents say there's no doubt in their mind that airs tornado came through here. look at this. a heavy metal shipping container was thrown at least 100 yards right into the middle of the road there. emergency services with queen anne's county tell us they had the severe weather event, tornado-like activity. and if we push over to roman coke roadway over there, you have trailers that were
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many crews, several crews on the ground, assessing all of the damage, and now that we are getting daylight out here, they will be able to really get around, try to figure out exactly what happened here. for now, they are asking people to shelter in place, because they do not know how many trees are down, how many power lines are down. veronica, at last check, about 8,000 people without power in this area. julie: the national weather service will be taking a look at the damage early this morning. of course, if they see that some of the trees are down with more of a circular motion, that, of course, is an indicator to them that this is quite likely, just that a tornado. you're looking at little circles from kent island westbound toward anne arundel county. this is where most of the damage was during the overnight period. should say early this morning, around 1:00, 2:00 this morning, reporting winds nearly 70 miles per hour.
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again, that's around stavensville and bay city. national weather service going out early this morning. right now, showers on the radar. stafford, fredericksburg, all moving towards waldorf, then eventually back into areas of st. mary's and calvert county, more spotty showers. there could be a isolated thunderstorm today, but no severe weather. it will be a hot day for us and pretty humid. it's the last of our heat wave as we get ready to wrap this up. but humidity drops later today during the overnight period. with temperatures going up to 92, it will feel more like we're at 97, 98 today. we'll talk more about the feel-like temperatures for the remainder of the workweek coming up. julie? julie: storm damage this morning, as well as problems on metrorail. earlier we mentioned that there had been reports of smoke in the tunnel out near medical center. now what we're learning is that the red line, service has been suspended between grosvenor and friendship heights until
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issues. we are outside told that shuttle bus service has been requested to help out with that red line. all right, over here on 50 out at the bay bridge, traffic moving again with wind restrictions in effect each way between kent island and annapolis. the tree down, we saw just one of many in this area along maryland 8, roman coke road between 50 and the bay bridge. authorities are encouraging everyone to stay put until you absolutely have to be out. there's a lot of clean-up to be done. remember, if you have to be out there, you're likely to encounter signal let's that are not working, so please treat them as four-way stops. flooding in anne arundel county along 450 between 424 and crownsville road. rock creek parkway between virginia avenue and ohio crive is blocked off. i'll be back to update the roads and rails. sam: 6:04. as we continue to follow the damage from last night's storm here at home, parts of the midwest are still devastated and still in harm's way. in kentucky, the search resumes today for a man who
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after his house was swept away. up to half a foot of rain in kentucky overwhelmed streets and caused cars to pile up there. in fairbank, iowa, similar situation. nearly the entire town has been filling sandbags trying to barricade their homes. this is the same storm that hit our area late last night. we are working to find out when the national weather service will confirm that tornado over in stevensville. as soon as we get that, we'll pass it along. adrianna: thanks, sam. the storm watch 7 weather team is always on your side. make sure you get your free app to stay safe whenever severe weather strikes. larry: breaking news just coming in -- president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, saying just moments ago that during the election last year he had no additional contacts with individuals who were or may have been russian government representatives. beyond those contacts that have already been publicly disclosed. he'll obtain hot seat today testifying in a closed door meeting with the senate intelligence committee, all this part of the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
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curber? likely to be asked about a meeting that he attended last year with his brother-in-law, donald trump jr., and then-campaign chair paul manafort with a russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on democratic candidate, hillary clinton. adrianna: today democrats in the house and the senate are heading to virginia to announce a new economic platform. >> it's called a better deal t. has three components. we're going to raise people's wages and create better paying jobs. we're going to cut down on their everyday expenses they have to pay, and we're going to give them the tools they need to compete in the 21st century. adrianna: chuck schumer said he hopes the platform will bring together progressives and blue-collar workers who voted for president trump. and also this week, the senate votes on whether to begin debate on the embattled republican healthcare bill. it remains unclear if there's even enough support to have that debate. >>y told them, i will vote for a motion to proceed
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proceeding to the clean repeal vote f. it fails, they can put up their monstrosity that they want to put forward. but i'm not for that. adrianna: today we know now president trump will be stepping in to try to get action. he's set to speak to the press at the white house today following a meeting with what he calls "victims of obamacare." of course, stick with abc 7 for details on that. larry: the white house affecting your ride on the rails. the personal touch that trump is putting on metro today. one couple, why they say their employees will actually benefit from getting microchipped by their bosses. but first, we're following a night of heavy damage in maryland, a potential corn doe by the bay bridge. veronica has the
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veronica: monday morning, just after 6:10. if you've got to be somewhere this morning, know that from the overnight, heavy wind, high winds. there could be trouble in your neighborhoods before you even
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we've seen some branches down. we've even had reports of trees down and standing water this morning. i really think that we'll have some issues around the area until late morning. by lunchtime, we'll just deal with the heat. it's another hot day for us. this will be the last hottest day out of the workweek today. getting you out the door right now, 7:00 a.m. temperature, 76 degrees. by the time we get to 9:00 a.m., we'll be at 80e. we're moving through the lower to mid 70's right now a. lot of reports with the storm system across the area. for us here, during the overnight, most of that was around prince george's county, as well as anne arundel county. later throughout the hour, we're going to check in with eileen whalen, who's around stevensville area, where a lot that have damage was. we're left with some light showers right down i-95. expect some clouds to part, a little bit of sunshine, as temperatures push past 90 degrees starting at 1:00 today. last hot day out of the work week. we'll check in with the 10-day in 10 minutes.
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metro this morning. this is where we've had some problems, and this is due to reports of smoke in the tunnel over near medical center. i believe that situation has been resolved, but again, service suspended on the red line between grosvenor and friendship heights because of track problems outside of medical center. again, shuttle bus service has been requested, but the red line, the service suspended until further notice between grosvenor and friendship heights. also eastbound 66, as you make your way past the rest area coming out of manassas, the accident over to the shoulder, lanes are now open. but about a 27-minute ride headed in towards the capital beltway. still dealing with standing water along the rock creek parkway, shut down between virginia avenue and ohio drive. if you encounter standing water, don't drown, turn around. same for those along 450 between crownsville and 424, blocked off for standing aurt. stevens victims, there's a portion of 8, one of many areas blocked off between 50 and the bay bridge due to trees down across the highway. that's
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back within the next 10 minutes to update your rides on the rolls.
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>> you're watching "good morning washington" on your side. larry: breaking here at :15, a tremendous amount of damage overnight. storms spawning potential tornadoes on kent island. our john gonzalez is on the scene right now, talking with police and gathering more information. but the same storm is also leaving a mess that right now in d.c., jew slee following all that for you in terms of the traffic, how it's concerning your commute this morning. we'll have details. don't forget, you can stay connected as abc 7 is covering every angle of the storm damage. stay in tune with us on air, online, and also with our free storm watch 7 app. this is just how you do that,, and you can sign up. sam: 6:15 right now. we are following breaking news out of the white house. in just the last few minutes, white house senior advisor jared kushner releasing an
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11-page statement ahead of his capitol hill testimony later today. the statement detailing four contacts he had with russians during the campaign. kushner denies any collusion and says, in part, requested i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. i have tried to be fully transparent with regard to the filing of my ss86 form above and beyond what is required. hopefully this puts these matters to rest." kushner will address members of the senate later this morning in a closed-door session. he will not be under oath. we'll continue to follow the new developments in this story all morning long. adrianna, over to you. adrianna: developing right now -- a court appearance is set for today for that man accused in the deadly immigration smuggling incident in san antonio, texas. a vigil was held last night for the nine victims. eight of them died in the back of that sweltering tractor-trailer. the other victim died at the hospital. authorities say more than 100 undocumented immigrants may b
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18-wheeler. the truck was found yesterday parked outside a wal-mart. >> folks were literally baking in the heat of the texas sun, and did not have access to water. >> mass casualty situation for us, so we treat it just like you would do an airline crash, a major incident. adrianna: authorities found more than 30 people in the abandoned truck, all suffering from various injuries. mexican and guatemalan officials do confirm people from those countries were found in that truck. larry: a car engulfed by fire at a fairfax county gas station, look at this. firefighters quickly putting out the flames. officials say the car drove into a gas pump, and that caused the fire. all this on richmond highway in alexandria. the good news is that driver was not hurt. new this morning, an international recall expanding to another country. a watch dog magazine in australia said this morning it found carmakers were refitting faulty it takata air bags in cars already recalled. they were doing it as a
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temporary fix after questioning 14 car manufacturers in australia. they're now trying to figure out how many of the 2.3 million recalled cars are now being fitted with these potentially deadly air bags. adrianna: some pit bulldogs are now being trained to be police dogs, and they're proving to be pretty talented. one of these dogs is at the national association of school resource officers convention in northwest d.c. justin is a police officer in poughkeepsie, new york. he's worked with this pit bull for a few years, and the dog is trained to find narcotics. >> you're basically getting a free dog from the pound, and you're not costing the department thousands of dollars. >> the public has got it all wrong about these dogs. these dogs are the exact opposite behalf they're painted to be. adrianna: the dog's handlers are urging police department as cross the country to rescue pit bulldogs and trying to change people's perception of pit bulls. when treated well, they have sweet personalities, they say, and they have the ability
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outstanding police dogs. there's a company in wisconsin with a crazy idea. larry: sam sweeney, they want to microchip their employees? sam: yes, it's kind of a genius idea, if you're comfortable with it. [laughter] sam: three square mark is offering for the low price of just $300 to surgically embed a chip the size of a grain of rice into your hand. the procedure is entirely optional. the company says it's just a quality of life improvement. you can use the chip to buy snacks in the company break room, log on to your computer, and print from the office computers. and boss stressed that no g.p.s. tracking is involved. see, i would be up for it if you could get into the building, if i could get into my house, and if he could just keep it in my phone. you know, maybe not surgically imprinted, but you always have your phone, so why not put it right up to the door? we have all these cards to get into the building. adrianna: true. i just say big brother is already way too involved. i don't need him under my skin. sam: let my
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house, computer, work, put it all in. larry: i'm with you. the phone, that's a possibility. because after friday 5:00, i can leave the phone on the desk. my weekend is mine. sam: you don't. larry: i don't, but i could. adrianna: i don't want to be tracked anymore, and they're with waze, trying cut it out -- they're with blades, trying to cut it out. kind of a bad scene out of a movie. sam: yeah, i'll show you. larry: lots going on. oh, my goodness. veronica: yeah, we were tracking the storms while a lot of folks were sleeping. maybe you woke up with the sounds of thunder, even some wind. right now, where most of the damage is eastern anne arundel county, toward kent island, stevensville area, bay city. you're seeing the circles, just over the bay bridge. for a while, they even had the bay bridge closed. listening to the radio coming in, just about how strong those winds were. indeed, they topped out around
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when the national weather service goes out to assess the damage, if it's a tornado, look for signs if a tree was twisted off at the top versus just directly snapped off with some of the straight-line winds. either way, you see there's quite a bit of damage there. so really doesn't matter much in the way of what it's going to be classified as. right now, showers from waldorf to colonial beach, all eastbound right now. temperatures today into the 90's. 92, we're back to the 90's at the end of the workweek. so it's the book ends here where we're talking about heat, some humidity, even some storms coming back into the forecast at the end of the workweek on thursday and friday. as far as mid week, that's going to be your best day. wednesday, big improvement in the temperatures, big improvement in the humidity, what it's going to feel like outside. here's a look at your storm watch 7 10-day forecast. thursday, friday, saturday, back to the umbrella. but then wonge sunday, it will be our best day,
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problems on the roads and the rails this morning. again, this is where we have service that has been suspended on the red line between grosvenor and friendship heights. this is due to a track problem outside of medical center. that's also where we had reports of smoke in the tunnel earlier. i believe that situation has been resolved, but again, between grosvenor and friendship heights, no service on the red line. shuttle bus service has been requested. 66, the crash that we had east of the virginia rest area, that's been pulled over to the shoulder. a 29-minute ride from manassas all the way towards the beltway. the flooding, however, continues to block the rock creek parkway. that's closed off between virginia avenue and ohio drive until further notice. we also have some problems as you continue out in anne arundel county. flooding closing a portion of 450 between crownsville road and 424. and, of course, just one of the areas that is faced with a lot of heavy damage, and that's going to be in stevensville. this is maryland 8. that's roman coke road blocked off between 50 and the bay bridge due to a tree down. as we're hearing from eileen,
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and wires down within this glare bay city. that's our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the sandrodse rails. adrianna: time right now is 6:22. a dream vacation ending in tragedy. a 20-year-old ending up unconscious in a pool. now the new push to keep a wear of a specific threat at resorts. that's coming up.
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>> you're watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: at 6:26, in the aftermath of a death of a college student in mexico, a growing number of people are claiming they became blackout drunk after drinking very little alcohol. reporter: in this morning's first look, after just two hours in playa del carmen, mexico, abby connor ended up unconscious in the resort pool and died just days later. her family questions whether tainted alcohol at the resort contributed to the tragedy. now other american families are coming forward. >> i thought i was dying. reporter: jimie and rick stayed at another resort in 2015.
6:27 am
journal sentinel" they both blacked out after just a few drinks. maureen webster created a website, mexicovacationawareness. she highlights potential risks at these resorts after her 22-year-old son was found unconscious in a resort pool and later died. webster claims the resort medical staff wouldn't help her son, saying he was just drunk, something webster denies. coming up at 7:30 a.m., the families are searching for answers, so this doesn't happen again. with your g.m.a. first look, this is abc news, new york.
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>> now "good morning washington," on your side. adrianna: breaking right now at 6:31, our team is spread out across kent island after a storm carved a path of destruction. roofs on homes, trees in roads, boats in yards. this morning, all signs point to a tornado. we begin this half-hour with storm watch 7 meteorologist eileen whalen. eileen: all right, well, live here in stevensville, maryland, where we're just really assessing the damage after a
6:32 am
around 1:00 a.m. last night. still yet to be determined if it, in fact, was a tornado or straight-line winds. i don't care, it's not that i don't care, but i do care what it was, but this is what people are waking up this morning. we have storm track 7 out here, and it looks like a war zone out here. this is route 8, roman coke road, which is actually shut off. the sheriff's department is helping the people that are, you know, in the neighborhoods that are trying to get through, also emergency crews as well. just met up with jasmine here, who lives a few miles down the road. jasmine, what was it like? did you hear the storm come through last night? jasmine: i was up all night. i haven't been to sleep yet. i heard the storms and the lightning and the rain and everything, and i heard the -- the power went out, and i was kind of slipping out, because i don't like storms and stuff like that. when i'm in the middle of it. and then my aunt called and said that her tree literally almost fell on her house, so i was flipping out even more then. and then we like rode up here to see everything that happened, and my mos
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like, completely messed up. it's a mess. i wish i could help out everyone here, but god forbid, i'd probably cry over a branch or something. eileen: well, i know you're out here with your mom, trying to check out neighbors to make sure they're ok. veronica, i'm going to show you a little bit more of the damage. in fact, there's one sign that ew a road sign, so i'll talk more about that coming up. but veronica, this really is unbelievable, so we'll await the damage reports once the national weather center gets out here for a full survey. >> i know you guys got out there early this morning. eileen, one of the trees we saw there, and what i mentioned earlier, twisting and torquing that you typically see with a tornado, i saw a little bit of that in one of the trees there in the distance. so coming up in about 20 minutes, i'll show you the difference in what it would look like, some of the clues that the national weather service will
6:34 am
that damage. now, on the rails today, you're not going to have any delays, but for the roads, yes, some standing water, a few pockets still left behind from last night's storms. as far as the air goes, new york city to boston, if you're flying up in that direction, there could somebody heavier showers, even some more storms up that way. here, can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm. 78, your temperature. feels like 80 degrees right now. still dealing with slightly higher humidity until our weather front comes through, which is still making its way through west virginia. so it will cross our area later today during the afternoon hours. there's your shower showing up around mechanicsville area. next rain chance comes at the end of the workweek. we'll track the temperatures and when it's going to start feeling much better around here coming up in 10 minutes. julie: we have sky track 7 in stevensville right now. and we just want to show you, we saw live pictures from john gonzalez and eileen whalen from the ground. we kind of wanted to show you what it looks like from the air. again, sky track 7 in stevensville rightow
6:35 am
do we have the pictures? this is just one of the homes that we've seen them fly over. and it is just remarkable, the damage that was done by this storm last night. you can see, that was like the root of this particular house. but this one, like in the backyard, not touched at all. so, again, this is just one of many homes that you're seeing that have just been, unfortunately, demolished by these storms. we were reading tweets earlier from anne arundel county, and shed say, from queen anne's county, there were fortunately no deaths as a result of this storm, and it is just god's blessing they weren't, because these homes are heavily damaged. you'll also find a number of streets that are blocked off because of wires down and tree debris that is knocked down in the highway. remember, if you have to be out on the roads this morning, if you come up to an intersection where the signal lights are dark, treat it as a four-way stop. the rock creek parkway is still dealing with flooding. it's blocked between the virginia avenue and ohio drive. also, an incomes virginia
6:36 am
northbound 95 near the prince william parkway, follow police directions to get by. back within the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the rails. larry, over to you. larry: back to team coverage in just a moment. but breaking news right now at 6:35 from prince george's county. a house going up in flames overnight in glendale. those flames forcing a ceiling to collapse, taking two firefighters with it. they were injured, but we are told now they will be ok. that's the good news. there's no word just yet on what started the fire. sam? sam: larry, thank you. 6:36. covering metro, the trump administration plans to replace two safety experts on metro's governing panel later this week. "the washington post" reports carol carmody and david strickland will be replaced. the obama administration appointed them last year as the voting representatives on metro's board. it's unclear who will replace them. the 16-member board consists of eight voting and eight alternate wrecktors. there are two votes, each from d.c., maryland, virginia, and the federal gove
6:37 am
story. back over to you. adrianna: thanks, sam. at 9:30, the national park service plans to issue a progress report on the beach drive repairs. the section of beach drive between rock creek parkway and tilden street is expected to open any day now. when that happens, the stretch of roadway to the north will close. the three-year project is on track to be completed by fall of 2019. larry: on monday morning, a live look outside at the capitol. we'll get back to the storm coverage, but coming up, weather and traffic once again. veronica talking about the last day of this heat wave, but what's in store for the end of the week that may get your attention, next.
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julie: we still have cloud cover around. here's a look at the capitol, where you see the subpoena coming up. not much in the way of rain across the area, considering we had a deluge over the weekend. still plenty warm out there, too, this morning. check on temperatures, we're at 78 degrees right in d.c. other locations, low to mid 70's. this morning, you're still going to notice the humidity when you get out the door. you're also going to n
6:41 am
if you're down here south of d.c., around charles county, st. mary's and calvert county, all getting a little bit in the way of rain. i have lightning turned on, and that's one thing i am not seeing this morning. so pushing just east of 301 toward prince frederick, of course, all the damage reports across the bay bridge around bay city and stevensville area. we'll have another report from eileen whalen coming up. now, by late morning, we'll be be at 82 degrees. notice the breaks in the clouds, a little bit more sunshine each and every hour. that will take us up to 92. it is going to be warm for us, and then we get the cooldown by the time we get to mid week, so your coolest day of the week, tuesday, your wettest. friday, we'll talk about the next storm chance coming our way in 10 minutes. julie: out here on the roads this morning, we are still dealing with flooding along the rock creek parkway between virginia avenue and ohio drive. this is where we had a portion of the parkway completely shut down because of standing water. now, remember, if you encounter standing water, don't drown, turn aroun
6:42 am
travel through it. again, this portion of the rock creek parkway is still tied up. also, beach drive, a large tree is blockeding it between wise road and bingham drive headed into northwest. 16th street still open. and then metro's red line between grosvenor and friendship heights, service has been suspended, and that's due to track problems outside of medical center. we are told that shuttle bus service has been questioned. back within the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the rock creek parkway. kidd: michael if helies fans are waking up disappointed after his race against a shark last night. but it's not because he lost the race. we're going to tell you why fans are so frustrated this morning, coming up. >> we are live in stevensville, maryland, just east of the bay bridge this morning, right in the thick of all of the damage. take a look. this is exclusive video on the ground you will only see right here on abc 7 news. coming up, more of this ellendale neighborhood. was this a tornado? we're still waiting for confirmation.
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the students of strayer university. time has taught us, the strength in them is in us all. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america. larry: as we come back on her
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slamming the d.m.v. homs are destroyed, trees are down. the people who live on kent island describe it as a war zone. this morning, all signs are pointing to a tornado. our team is spread out across the region this morning covering the aftermath. veronica johnson and sam sweeney is getting ready to discuss his part of this. meteorologist eileen whalen is in the elements as well. but john gonzalez, let's start with you right now and what you're seeing on kent island. john: well, we've been told, larry, that there are two communities that were hit the hardest, the bay city community and ellendale. this is where we are. it's a new development, where you have some homes that are now occupied, others that were still under construction. take a look. some of these homes completely leveled. that's how strong these winds were early this morning. residents that live in this community tell us they have never felt anything like this.
6:47 am
exclusive video you will see only on abc 7 news, as my photographer, joe and i, carefully walked a little bit through the neighborhood as best as we could. look at these homes. i mean, you've got roofs and walls completely ripped off. a tremendous amount of debris on the roadways. cars have been damaged. windows from the cars, from the homes shattered. fortunately, we are told that the homes that were leveled are unoccupied. they just finished up construction, and some of the homes that are occupied have a significant amount of damage as well. emergency services here in queen anne's county tell us there was severe weather event, tornado-like activity, even though they have not confirmed it yet. but there are a number of crews on the ground assessing the damage. they are asking people to shelter in place because of all the trees and power lines that are down in the area. and it's just unbelievable, the amount of damage in the area. in fact, we were escorted out by a maryland state trooper just moments ago, not w
6:48 am
neighborhood. but eileen whalen, i know you're also not too far from us, surveying the damage. what are you seeing? eileen: really does look like a war zone out here. we are right off of route 8, roman coke road. you can see, you know, 20-pound log here. look behind me, this massive tree just snapped in half. that's a common theme here in the stevensville area. i'll show you another house right here, more trees, just snapped, and everyone here without power, lots of damage. so route 8, as we were just talking about, is actually close the because of these trees. there are still emergency personnel trying to get through. vanessa, cab irful as you're walking through here. we've got homeowners now kind of trying to get out, now that it's light, trying to, you know, assess the damage. one thing that we found that i thought was pretty interesting is we have this sign her
6:49 am
you know, it was flattened on the ground, thought maybe -- i'm going try to pick it up here so you can see what we're talking about. one of these road signs, this is irene way. we looked at it, and it's about 250 feet away. so this sign was probably thrown with the wind for about 100 feet. so just kind of gives you an idea of how strong these winds were, gusts anywhere between 65 and 80 miles an hour. so crews will be out assessing the damage a little bit later so. far we haven't heard about any injuries or fatalities, still trying to get more information, and we'll continue to see when we switch over to news channel 8 on "good morning washington." for now, back inside to you. adrianna: thanks for the update. the storm watch 7 weather team is always on your side. make sure you get our free app to stay safe whenever severe weather strikes. larry: breaking news on metro this morning, service is suspended right now on part of the red line. our suzanne kennedy live at the friendship heights station with
6:50 am
more. suzanne? suzanne: larry, monday morning commutes can always be a bear to begin with, but especially so when you've got issues with metro. take a look behind me here at the friendship heights station on western avenue. we have a lot of people who are waiting for shuttle buses. why? there was an arcing insulator this morning at the medical center stop. montgomery county, fire and rescue confirming that is the reason why they had to -- why metro had to shut down its trains there. as a result, all of these people are working to get on to a shuttle. shuttle bridges set up within the hour to get people from here to friendship heights, up to grosvenor, and then back down south. we have seen buses coming southbound as well. no word yet on when this situation will rectify itself, when they'll be able to put the trains back in service. we do know that the arcing insulator incident, the fire at least has been extinguished. metro officials there checking out the situation. for now, these bus bridges will stay in place. reporting live in montgomery county, suzanne
6:51 am
morning washington." kidd: 6:50. sam: we are following breaking news out of the white house. we are hours away from white house senior advisor jared kushner going before the senate intelligence committee. in the last hour, kushner released an 11-page statement outlining four meeting he is he had with the russians during the campaign. in the statement, he denies any russian collusion. kushner will not be under oath today, and the session will be closed to the public and the media. don jr. and paul manafort are also scheduled to testify later this week. they will also do it in private as well. back over to you guys. larry: 6:51. this morning, we're remembering d.c. news anchor jim vance, who lost his short battle with cancer on saturday at the age of 75. a legendary broadcaster, he has been on tv since 1969, was a calming voice during challenging times. vance, an incredibly journalist , but if you knew him on person or tv, you certainly knew him for this. >>
6:52 am
you're wearing that pink skirt and orange platform shoes, never quite recovered after that. here she goes. >> hold on! [laughter] adrianna: that was jim vance and george mike, and they could not get it together after that. it was hilarious. that was one of the things about vance that we remember so well. he had a great sense of humor. in&his laugh. adrianna: i don't know what was so funny. it was both. that's one of the things about vance, they had great sense of humor. it was kind of infectious. then he was also, you know, a great journalist, but just a very humble man who was able to connect with
6:53 am
that was just one of the tweets that i is not out when i found out early saturday about the passing of our friend and legend in this market. so he will be missed. we are going to be you can about vance all through the morning over on "good morning washington," over on newschannel 8. there i am with him at my farewell party, or transition party, from nbc to abc. you know, coming over to the competition, but he said, oh, no, no, we got to do you right. one of the things he said on the air was unlike what any of accuse ever say on the air. he had a way of really putting things into context and bringing it down to be real. larry: yeah. he will be missed, no question. making a transition to weather. you were saying over the weekend, the skies opening up. i think everyone kind of sad at jim's passing. looking ahead, this heat wave is finally coming to an end. veronica: of course, we're talking ab
6:54 am
this morning. eileen whalen doing a fantastic job in kent county, looking at the damage. here's one of the things national weather service is going to look at today, how the damage looks from the air. is it a twisting, twerking action? are the tops of the trees, but also how the trees are scattered. if they look like that, it's likely to be tornado damage versus the down burst coming with what you get when you have straight-line winds. the winds funneling out of the base of the thunderstorm. but it really doesn't matter what it's classified as when you see damage like that. we're talking about straight-line winds, where they can be upwards around 80 miles per hour, versus tornado damage, anywhere from 65 to 85 miles per hour. well, again, all the heavy weather east, we're left with showers now around charles county, st. mary's area, there could be more showers today. here's the location we're talking about. stevensville area, bay city location, just south and west of there. later today, our temperature willet
6:55 am
look the at the cooldown north, in the 80's. later today, by the end of the week, we're at 92 degrees. hey, it's the citi bank open, where temperatures will be in the mid 80's. much lower humidity come our way. we'll talk more about that over on news and had channel 8. julie: right now, we are looking at delays, courtesy of our friends at traffic watch 7. our waze'ers, this is where we've got the delays for those coming inbound on the b.w. parkway as you work your way inbound this morning. you're going find delays from laurel head back down towards powder mill road. all lanes are open, but about five miles, cost about you 11 minutes' worth of travel time. college park headed back to silver spring, over to our maps, we have accident activity on the outer loop now at river road. you can see the fire truck there tying up the right side of the road. stay to the far left or right to get by. flooding still on the rock creek parkway, blocked off between virginia avenue and ohio drive. we also have a tree
6:56 am
large tree blocking beach drive between wise road and bingham drive in northwest. metro's red line, as we just heard, still suspended service between grosvenor and friendship heights with shuttle bus service there to help out. again, in anne arundel county, 450 is closed off between crownsville road and 424 due to flooding. that's our trausk watch. back in the next 10 minutes. back over to you guys. kidd: michael phelps fans that tuned in to watch him race a shark last night are a little disappointed, mainly because he didn't race any sharks. instead he raced a computer-generated shark and tweeted andeens the sharks' trial times. fans aired their frustration. the best responses, phelps versus shark is the biggest letdown ever. really, sweetheart? here's another one. i thought they were going to have michael phelps swim right nokes a real shark. sad to say i'm disappointed. and jim boeheim said it best, sign of the apocalypse and confirmation of the i
6:57 am
they did say up front he was not going to race a real shark. now, the way they promoted it made it seem like -- but if you watched the video, and you don't know it's c.g.i., it does kind of look like he's racing. i mean, they did a good job with it, i'll give them that. but also, if you sat down and that was going to be the ghlight of your weekend -- adrianna: yeah, and if he had any common sense, he would know he's not in the water with a shark. kidd: by the way, he lost the race by two seconds. sandoipped that's not real either. larry: there you go. we're done here on abc 7. but join us on news and had channel 8 for more on the storm coverage as we continue here.
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good morning, america. desperate rescue. 17 hikers trapped by dangerous flash floods including a 4-year-old boy. a helicopter swoops in airlifting them to safety. the race to save those still stuck this morning as the flash flood emergency spreads from the midwest to the northeast. cars in neighborhoods underwater. breaking new details in that deadly human smuggling case. at least nine people dead. dozens more fighting for their lives this morning. the driver now heading to court after more than 100 people were discovered packed into this tractor trailer in a walmart parking lot. jared kushner on capitol hill this morning. his new statement overnight revealing what he'll tell investigators in th


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