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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 25, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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soldiers have taken cover. there's an exchange of gunfire at close range. when the shooting is over, two american soldiers are dead. they're in that front truck. a third, james moriarty, is fatally wounded in the final shootout at those barriers. this happened last november, but the tape is just being released. the assailant, the jordanian soldier has been sentenced to life in prison with hard labor. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and there is a drastic drought in italy affecting the vatican. the vatican has shut off all its fountains. it's in the keeping with pope francis's teachings of clean drinking water. it may be the beginning of the end for a core part of the windows operating system. windows says it will no longer update the paint program. the software giant was q
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will still be available as a free download. it had been part of windows since the first version in 1985. >> yeah! >> do you remember paint? >> absolutely, i lover paint. >> like do you log onto your aol account. checking, update your my space page. >> it was the poor man's photo shop. instead of writing this oh, snapchat. you can put text on photographs. we've been doing that since the '80s with paint. >> under commodore 64. and a teacher has come up with an enterprising way of helping her students, panhandling. >> she has taken to a tulsa street corner to ask for cash for school supplies. financial help has been coming in from all across the country. she is receiving so much support that she set up a go fund my page. >> the third grade teacher says the outpouring has inspired
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generosity and love i'm getting from the community. it matters to me to be a good teacher, and i'm angered that does not seem that they're important to our legislation. >> now the go fund my account has raised about $13,000. she says that she spends about $2,000 of her own money every year on school supplies. she earns $35,000 a year. that is a complaint of many, many teachers who say they have to end up spending their own money. >> yeah, one of my friends who was a teacher said they didn't have pencils for the classroom. she had to buy them herself. en the chicago bear who's given a whole new meaning to being a football hero. and growing up we're all told not to eat the raw cookie dough, but now we can. we're checking out how to make it in a way that's delicious and safe to eat. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather,
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s so you're looking at a black bear near knoxville, tennessee that just figured out the best way to cool off, i guess. unfortunately, his new favorite watering hole just happens to be a back yard kiddie pool. no one was injured. the family says the bear has returned though, several times. >> very gentle getting in the
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>> he's enjoying that. >> yeah. the obamas had the dog. after generations of seeing beloved first pets invade the white house, the trump family is showing no signs that a new addition is coming soon. the first lady says they have no plans to have a pet. that means a trump white house may be the first without a pet since the james polk administration. to what somebody off camera's like, who? our intern. that was nearly 170 years ago. in 1849. they were in office, the polks. of course succeeded by the tylers. >> of course. >> taylors, sorry, taylors. >> let hino whme know when you'y to move on. >> sorry, sorry. so the natio
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released information about president kennedy's assassination. they include 17 audio recordings with a soviet agent who claimed to have knowledge of lee harvey oswald's time in the soviet union. a commission found oswald solely responsible for kennedy's murder. and a case of a hiv child becoming symptom free may prove helpful in the virus. it is the third known case of a child contracting hiv without the drugs. a cancer survivor has come up with a way to make life colorful for others. >> she is bringing band-aid boxes to those struggling with the disease. the boxes made her feel better when she was being treated for cancer. >> cassie's goal
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1,000 boxes of band-aids every year. >> you're going to keep doing this all the time? >> yeah. >> for years? >> yeah. >> and years? >> yeah. >> cassie hassan about taking donations wherever she can, including on the front porch of her house in long island. last year she donated to the cancer hospital for children. >> great initiative. coming up, the latest dessert craze. it has customers waiting in line for hours. >> find out how raw cookie dough is satisfying sweet tooths nationwide. you're watching "world news now." try mr. clean magic eraser. simply add water, to remove soap scum and grime. try mr. clean magic eraser. what does life look like during your period? with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest.
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♪ c is for cookie ♪ that's good enough for me ♪ c is for cookie ♪ that's good enough for me
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♪ that's good enough for me ♪ oh, cookie cookie cookie starts with c ♪ >> does it? >> i watch sesame street. while watching sesame street, i used to love to chow down on raw cookie dough, but we were warned it could make you sick. >> we call those people buzz kills. they've come up request a safe to eat recipe that has people waiting hours in line. >> janine elliot heads inside our insomniac kitchen to see what all the hype is about. >> ooh, it's good. ♪ >> reporter: as a kid, the best part of making cookies was sneaking raw dough when your mom wasn't looking, but here we can enjoy raw cookie dough confections. i'm here with the owner of the shop, kristin tomlin. tell me how you
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this idea. >> a light bulb moment with my girl friends, we decided to forego fresh cookies and opted for the cookie dough that the shop was selling, and i thought why is this not a thing? >> you left your corporate job to take a chance on dough. was it hard making that transition? >> it was a rafisk, definitely. i didn't know how it was going to go. things were snowballing and picking up. and i thought now or never is the time to follow my dream and do what i really love. >> reporter: do you think you could show us how it's done? >> absolutely. let's go. >> reporter: let's dough this. >> we're going to start with unsalted butter already softened to room temperature. next we're going to put in our sugar. brown sugar and white sugar. >> reporter: what makes this recipe safe to eat? >> it's because of the heat-t
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pasturized egg. those two ingredients, the egg and the flour, you're not supposed to eat raw. but our heat process kills any potentially harmful bacteria. once that is combined, we turn it off, mix it all together and transfer it into this bowl to mix in the chips. >> reporter: got it. >> this is a single serving, just mine alone. we'll have to make you a batch. we go through 2,000 pounds of cookie dough a day. so we're going to pour these in. and you're going to fold it together. imagine this is the clock. 12:00. you're going to go around. until 9:00 and fold it over and turn the bowl. start at 12 c:00. >> reporter: sorry, i already screwed up. >> go around in a circle. the evolution of this is our confetti flavor. >> reporter: good. >> put those in here. white chips.
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sweating. massacring this. >> it's okay. it still looks delicious and it will taste delicious. >> reporter: that is good. that is really good. >> awesome. >> reporter: it tastes like traditional, real raw cookie dough. you made the confetti, but you have 20 flairvors. what else do you recommend? >> give me s'mores. >> reporter: that is delicious. it really a tastastes like an s. >> right. >> reporter: the line is already forming outside. my mom told me i couldn't eat it, now i can enjoy it guilt free. >> enjoy! >> proof -- >> don't drop it. >> proof that i have dug in. i did. >> this is delicious. i love it. >> jean has not stopped eating this stuff. which is your
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>> hold on. >> cake batter. >> cake batter. and it's diet food, right? you can treat and it's like -- >> why don't you taste that on camera! >> i did. >> why don't you taste it again. >> here we go. we'll dig in.
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. >> what? >> jar jar. a linebacker was enjoying a meal before boarding a flight when he noticed a man in distress and took action. >> liz nagy from wls got a chance to speak to freeman. >> reporter: off the field en route to chicago, he was an average guy at the austin airport barbecue hot spot. he didn't have long to enjoy that brisket sandwich. >> a guy like two seats over stands up abruptly and like runs around inside of the table and everybody's looking up like what's wrong with this guy? >> reporter: marcus ryan was choking. >> it was just like pointing to his mouth. >> reporter: after another lady tried but couldn't help, the 6 foot linebacker leapt from the table. >> everybody had stopped all around, like the whole section we were in and i don't know. i didn't really know what to do. >> reporter: even with all 236 pounds of muscular force behind it, once didn't do
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and he was like, i think something's still in there, but he said it in a raspy voice. >> reporter: so he gave it another go. >> when i put the guy down, he was like oh, my god. you just saved my life. >> reporter: marcus ryan is likely more than a little sore today but grateful the bears linebacker who shares his love of brisket was there to save him from it. >> he said he thought i broke his rib. i was like, it was either your rib or your life. >> i think he'll take a broken rib in that situation, right? >> yes, you absolutely will. it seems to many chicago fans that jay cutler has been on life support while playing many times, you think he'd help him out. >> if i choked on the cookie dough, would you help me? >> no, but i bet you would if cristia cristiano choked. >> yeah, can i demonstrate? >> so he was heading back to training
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>> my arms don't fit. can i do it side wise?
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this morning on "world news now," the president's son-in-law front and center in the russian probe. >> jared kushner returns to capitol hill today for a second day of questioning. hear what he said about his russian contacts after emerging from the first meeting with congressional investigators. and john mccain's come back. we just learned about the senator's plan to return to washington today, this after his cancer diagnosis. why he's heading back in a matter of hours. and then new video of a police-involved shooting. see the suspect emerge from a suv, gun drawn, and hear why investigators are releasing it now. and then good vibrations. a des tillry is


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