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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 25, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the president's son-in-law front and center in the russian probe. >> jared kushner returns to capitol hill today for a second day of questioning. hear what he said about his russian contacts after emerging from the first meeting with congressional investigators. and john mccain's come back. we just learned about the senator's plan to return to washington today, this after his cancer diagnosis. why he's heading back in a matter of hours. and then new video of a police-involved shooting. see the suspect emerge from a suv, gun drawn, and hear why investigators are releasing it now. and then good vibrations. a des tillry is
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serenade its barrels. does that make which skey bette? >> i think we should manisample to really know for sure. >> we are digging deeper in the investigation. brian ross volunteering for this assignment. from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ good vibrations ♪ come on, come on ♪ such a sweet sensation >> it's almost as if we've already had the whiskey. >> no, but we haven't. sadly. we're still waiting on that one, but we going to start things off with president trump's son-in-law heading back to capitol hill today after taking questions from investigators for more than two hours. >> he detailed four meetings with russian officials. now kushner insists he did not collude with russia and has nothing to hide. >> and this morning, kushner will speak
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abc's jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: the president's son-in-law was all smiles as he arrived on capitol hill. >> did anybody with the campaign collude with russia? >> reporter: the behind the scenes ho scenes power player is now front and center in the russia investigation. he is the first trump family member and highest white house staff member to be questioned. he released a 11-page statement that he said fully accounted for his russia contacts during the campaign and the transition. his conversations with the russian ambassador, the russian banker, and that trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer arranged by don jr., who in an e-mail chain was told she was a russian government attorney who had dirt on hillary clinton. part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. don jr. forwarded the e-mail
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subject line, russia, clinton, private and confidential. but kushner says he only read the part of the e-mail directed to him, listing just at the time of the meeting. kushner called the sit-down itself a waste of our time, saying in a few minutes into it he e-mailed his assistant, can you please call me on my cell? need excuse to get out of meeting. he was still smiling as he left the capitol. >> how candidadid the meeting g? >> reporter: back at the white house, the notoriously private kushner made a rare appearance before the cameras. >> my name is jared kushner. >> reporter: he said all of his actions were proper. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. >> reporter: he also
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that whatever happened with russia, it had nothing to do with his father-in-law's victory. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. and that is why he won. su suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. >> reporter: the new white house communications director predicted this will be the last time kushner talks about the russians, but democrats say they want him back on capitol hill to testify in public. we asked him about that. >> thank you. >> are you willing to testify in public and under oath? >> reporter: jared kushner will be back on capitol hill tuesday, this time meeting with investigators with the house intelligence committee, another closed session, still no word on when or whether kushner will appear in public testimony. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. senator john mccain is returning to washington today for a crucial vote on health care, just days after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. >> republican leadersre
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mccain will give theme them the majority they need to take up the legislation to abolish obamacare, but it's still not clear exactly what version of the legislation they're voting on. but president trump turned up the pressure on republicans as he made a public pitch for the bill. >> the senate bill protects coverage for preexisting conditions and you don't hear this from the democrats. they like to tell you just the opposite, and they didn't even know the bill. they run out, they say death, death, death. well, obamacare is death. that's the one that's death. and besides that, it's failing, so you won't have it anyway. >> well, the president declined to comment when he was asked about the fate of attorney general jeff sessions. but new reports indicate he has spoken with advisers about firing sessions. last week, the president publicly berated sessions for recusing himself from the russia probe, and now mr. trump in a tweet referred to him as our beleaguered attorney general. that was actually followed by an
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eye roll. >> mr. president, should jeff sessions resign? >> so the president posing with white house interns there, telling them the reporter was breaking the code, but it's actually quite typical for reporters to call can out questions to the president, and he often answers them. a florida man is facing the death penalty for a human trafficking tragedy in san antonio, texas. the driver, james bradley told federal investigators he didn't realize he was hauling human cargo. at least ten people are dead and nearly 30 others clinging to life this morning suffering from extreme dehydration and heatstroke. one survivor says he was charged $5500 to travel from mexico to the u.s. authorities say 25 of the undocumented immigrants found frin side that sweltering tractor-trai
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mexico. and a long legal fight to keep a terminally ill british baby alive is coming to an emotional end. instead of bringing little charlie gard to the u.s. for experimental treatment, his parents are saying good-bye to their 11 month old baby boy. >> reporter: charlie gard's battle is over. >> we are truly devastated as charlie's devoted and loving parents. we've decided it's no longer in charlie's best interests to pursue treatment, and we will let our son go and be with the angels. >> reporter: through tears, charlie's mother, connie yates said her son is not brain dead and earlier treatment would have improved his quality of life. >> had charlie been given the treatment sooner he would have had the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy. we will have to live with this that will haunt us for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: was there more to be done to give little charlie a chance at life as his parents
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or should he be allowed to die with dignity as the hospital argued? it's every parent's worst nightmare. the pain on their faces recognizable across the world. 11 month old charlie suffers from a rare mitochondrial disease. it's a condition without a cure that causes muscle weakness and irreversible brain damage. a pioneering treatment in the u.s. led them to court and to an american doctor. dr. michio hirano flew to examine him. but it was too late. in two weeks, charlie would have been one year old. and now he's being put in pal yeahtive care and being allowed to die. his parents say they'll spend every one of these last precious moments at charlie's side. abc news, london. >> our thanks to molly for that heartbreaking story. back here, some of the storms are packing an extra
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strong punch, because they're moving so slowly. there were at least ten water rescues of drivers in the birmingham, alabama area. when several inches of rain fell in a short period of time, as it did in alabama, it can overwhelm storm drains, especially in urban areas as you can see. streets flooded in phoenix after a second round of storms dumped more rain, more than two inches fell in just one hour. it was especially severe in apache junction. drivers ignored road closed signs. and in southern arizona, officials say they were very lucky they were able to rescue all 17 hikers from a flash flood. the first group that was rescued included a 4-year-old boy. his father was holding him above the water. the helicopter rotors got within 20 feet of this canyon wallace it lowered a deputy to where the hikers were stranded. the operation took all
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>> grad it wlad it was a succes. getting to the altar is the top priority for a groom. having your tuxedo pretty close second. >> that's true, but the guy in this picture went without his tux after delta airlines lost his luggage. >> he and his bride were getting married in ice land. his bags with the tuxedo landed 1500 miles away in germany. >> that led to the tee shirt with the message, this wedding suit courtesy of delta airlines. you know, did he not have pants on the flight over either? >> the picture was captioned, if you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfit don't pfly delta. >> they plan to use that as part of their new slogan. >> there were some reddit users who said you know what? knowing how important it is to have your tuxedo, why would
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put it in your carry on and keep it but. >> but we're not judging him, it's a good photo. coming up, the distillery using music to make whiskey better. and a group of rollercoaster riders trapped high above an amusement park. we'll let you know how they finally got those people down. and a woman under arrest, accused of causing a crash that killed her sister. all of it actually broadcast live on social media.
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several people in arkansas had to be rescued after a rollercoaster got stuck for about an hour. the riders at the hot springs amusement park were trapped about halfway up the 150-foot ride. crews had to bring riders water before manually returning the coaster to the station. the temperatures were in the 90s but nobody was hurt. a fishing rod became
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lightning rod. the five people were on a boat fishing for bait when the lightning struck blowing up the rod. this is what is left of that fishing rod. >> ooh! >> can't even recognize it. so they think the rain jacket that one of the folks there was wearing actually saved her life. >> wow. unbelievable. and authorities have released some dramatic dash cam video of a fatal police shooting in atlantic city, new jersey. watson led police on a car chase before crashing into another vehicle and opening fire on police. you can see him exit the vehicle with his gun drawn. the police responded by shooting watson more than 40 times. a grand jury found the officers' actions justified. but earlier this month, the state's top court ruled that dash cam footage of fatal police shootings should be made public. now to that deadly california highway crash that was live streaming even as t
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>> authorities are asking why the driver kept live streaming as her sister was dying in front of her. >> reporter: police say sanchez live streamed her alleged drunk driving joyride in central california. in an earlier video from her instagram page, she barely missed that black suv, with music blaring, a young woman believed to be her 14 year old sister, jacquelyn screaming, she's going to kill me. she drifted off and overcorrected. the car tumbled. three girls screaming. the buick smashing through a barbed wire fence, ejecting jacquelyn, and now this video going viral, shockingly, the driver picks up right where she left off, live
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>> this is the last thing i wanted to happen, okay? >> reporter: police say she was under the influence and both of her passengers unbuckled. pan chez continues. >> baby, wake up, baby! >> reporter: sanchez has been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. if convicted she faces a max number of ten year prison sentence. but what is certain is that she will be sentenced to a lifetime of guilt. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> that's horrible. coming up in our next half hour, a courtroom bombshell with the woman accused of murdering her fiance during a kayak trip, did to avoid life in prison. how one police department is trying to slam the brakes on road rage this summer. why highway flareups are getting out of control, next.
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the angry scale, and the result can be really bad. >> but one police department in texas has the initiative to crackdown on road rage. >> reporter: this is what happens when maddened motorists are pushed to the edge, driven to the point of making an irrational, sometimes deadly move. >> we're not going to tolerate behavior like this.
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department has had enough with rage on its roads, after teenager dillen spade was shot and killed over an improper merge. police in arlington, texas are launching a hotline to monitor flareup which officers say are getting out of control. these three 911 calls were all from this sunday alone. >> reporter: to help combat the problem, drivers will be urged to call a special number to report incidents. >> we will investigate that case further. we'll generate a letter, basically saying your vehicle was alleged to have been involved in a road rage or aggressive driving incident, and we don't tolerate that type of behavior, and here's sotips to remain calm in traffic and drive friendly. >> reporter: across the country, road rage incidents like this
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>> they were jostling for position and unfortunately, this gentleman took to the decree that is unconscionable. >> reporter: or this where a young woman was shot in the head. incidents like these are on the rise. according to the national highway traffic safety administration, reported deadly crashes stemming from road rage have gone from 70 incidents in 2006 rising to 422 in 2015. and according to the gun violence archive, highway altercations involving guns have more than doubled in the past three years. with the road rage hotline, drivers would directly report any incidents of aggressive driving that they witness. and after that call is received, the perpetrator would then receive a warning letter in the mail. they've also created a task force of 100 officers solely dedicated to monitoring aggressive driving. the hope of course that everyone will get from point a to point b safely. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and they say fatal car crashes i
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climbing over 500% over the past decade. >> maybe it will help. we'll see. coming up, the mix and those good vibration whiskey. >> now we're talking. >> yeah.
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♪ ♪ don't stop till you get enough ♪ ♪ ♪ keep on ♪ >> all right, it is mix time. >> music can totally change your state of mind. >> yes. >> energy level. sometimes your emotions. >> yes. >> apparently the same is true for whiskey. not only can whiskey do all those things to you, but music can do all those things to wheski, apparently. the spirit works distillery in california has been experimenting with using music to change the feel of their whiskeys. they separated 12 barrels for the music barrel experiment. six
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speakers. they get to listen to music all day. then six control barrels that get no music. apparently, the barrels that listen to music taste better. >> get out of here. >> yes, and they've done this by the way in tuscany, there's a vineyard that does this with wine. they play mozart for some of their wine and the grapes receipt under tright under the speakers do bert. >> this makes these taste a lot better. by the way, the folks who were taste testing the whiskey who said their whiskey tasted better, they already had a head start on the other folks. the other folks were sober. >> oh. >> we love michael jackson, but this was one of the songs that they played for it. so let's move on from whiskey to a dog that's in a little bit of trouble you might say. so there's this wedding cake that was
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liam's wedding, and then they wake up one day and notice this. >> ah-oh. >> their little black lab, bella, sitting next to the wrecked wedding cake. they have left the door of the cage open where the dog sleeps and she ate some of the cake. >> oh, no. >> and 20 freshly-baked cupcakes. >> oh, bella, licking her lips and all. >> licking her lips. >> looking guilty but licking her lips. >> oh, my god, but it's red velvet. >> oh, bella. >> bella's like, wait a second, velvet? >> luckily, they did get a baker to bake a new cake in time to get it to the wedding. >> yeah. on to the worst friend award nominee. check out what happens when several women gather around. they find a slug. one pretends to kiss the slug and then flips it right onto her
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friend's forehead. >> why? >> listen to the sound effects when the slug actually
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this morning on "world news now," john mccain is making his return to washington today, just days after being diagnosed with brain cancer. the senator's announcement comes as senate republicans are hoping to repeal obamacare with a vote today the we'll have the latest. and cleanup gets under way today after a rare tornado tears through a maryland neighborhood, plus a closely-watched river that's expected to crest today. and new this half hour, the football phenom. >> nearly 300 pound middle schooler who's already getting a scholarship offer from the best programs in the country. and he's the highest-paid athlete in the


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