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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 27, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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on this. just creates more chaos and confusion. >> the president tweeting, senator lisa murkowski of alaska let the republicans and our country down. too bad. >> we caught up with senator murkowski. >> are you concerned about political retaliation here? >> my vote yesterday was -- from my heart, for the people that i representative. i have to focus on my job. i have to focus on, what, what i came here to do. >> no second thoughts? >> no second thoughts at all. none. >> reporter: republicans are still in the thick of this debate. this free-wheeling process could go on for days. but right now, republicans, still haven't agreed on a plan that can get enough votes to pass. mary bruce. abc news. capitol hill. congressman, steve scalise has been released from the hospital. six weeks after he was shot and critically wounded during a congressional baseball practice. scalise is now in a rehab facility. doctors say he made excellent progress and is looking for ward to returning to work once he
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completes his treatment. >> male fertility in developed countries dropped by more than half in the past 40 years. an international team gathered 200 studies. involving, 42,000 men. the new study doesn't explore reasons. previous research. blamed a variety of factors including exposure to chemicals, smoking. stress. as well as obesity. experts say the drop infertility may indicate broader health problems. and, south florida police officer, alfredo vargas, the right man in the right place when a resident complained of an alligator blocking his front door. the action was caught on his body-cam. before he became a cop. vargas learned to wrestle and restrain al gray tors. that's what he did. first making -- noises. to soothe the alligator. >> he doesn't look soothed. >> looks calm there. then putting his jacket. on it. over its head. >> okay. >> then. >> that's
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we have to just click. >> we put a jacket. we are good. >> yeah. just have to. >> we should try it. >> go alligator wrangling. >> you first. >> you want to do that? >> all right. >> well we all know that mike skal fe michael phelps didn't race a shark side by side. apparently people are still upset about this. elps, may have made those lks, a little bift angrier on facebook live. he said, i had fun racing a shark. and seeing the animals up close and personal. he got snippy when fans kept harping on the fact that you didn't actually get in the water next to the great white, michael. >> you know some body who wants to get in the water and race side by side with a great white. go ahead. you are not going to get the shark to swim in a straight line. yeah, interesting to see. we'll leave it at that. >> all you have to do is mike cam, click. throw your jacket over the shark. that's it. now we know. >> the whole thing was -- made very clear. on the show, of course. then he wouldn't actually be
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shark. they timed the shark. and then, created a digital form. but, he says he was honored to be able to do it. anyway. as well she should be. >> did he get in the watter? >> yeah. >> ha-ha. >> that's my -- >> re-created michael phelps. phelps was in the water. the shark was digital re-creation after they timed an actual shark doing it. >> i've don't know if i believe it. >> but glad that michael its addressing these people who are genuinely upset about it. >> next say will say we landed on the moon. coming up, the new rules set to go into effect at airports involving our electronic devices. >> the u.s. state department issued a rare warning to americans heading to mexico for vacation. what the government is telling us about consuming alcohol, south of the border. first here is a look at today's temperatures.
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>> reporter: the state department issuing a warning over allegations of tainted or substandard alcohol in mexico. this family from wisconsin, believes their adult children could have consumed it just six months ago. 20-year-old abby connor and 23-year-old brother austin were found unconscious, floating face down in the five-star resort's pool. >> bartender pours out a line of shots. and lights when out. woke up in the ambulance. >> reporter: you went from, fine, to blacked out. >> yep. >> reporter: in seconds. >> lick i said i felt normal. >> abby had a broken collarbone and passed away on thursday, january 12. the family is convinced this was no accident. and they're concerned the resort didn't conduct more of an investigation. they say they haven't interviewed the bartender or guests and there is no video. abby and austin's blood alcohol level its said to have been .25. austin can't remember how many shots he had. >> is it at all possible that you ju
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>> i have thought about it. and, i mean it is a possibility. but, how, how if we are in a group of people do two people at the same exact time, just pass out in the pool. and no one sees it. >> the hotel insists they did everything they could for abby and austin. saying in a statement to abc news, from the moment in which the guests were found, iberostar personnel acted with urgency following protocols. the on site doctor, security personnel and paramedics responded. iberostar takes this matter seriously and has remained cooperative. abby and austin are not the first people to report having suddenly blacked out after a few drinks during visits to resorts in mexico. >> i thought i was dying. because i couldn't get out of whatever state of mind i was in. you just couldn't wake up. i remember thinking how are my six kids going to find out. you know? what's going to happen to them. >> jamie and rick told the
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their vacation to mexico all most turned deadly when they say they both blacked out after a few drinks at another resort's beach bar. >> the next thing that i remember is -- my husband screaming. i scud hecould hear him scream, couldn't see him. >> i believe the resorts are trying to hide the fact that dangers exist. >> she created mexicovacationawareness about potential risks of traveling to the resorts after her 22-year-old son, unconscious body was pulled from ape waist deep resort pool and heap later died. she says a nurse tried to help her son. but the hotel doctor pulled him away saying he was just drunk which webster denies. >> all the cases that i have received on my website. the resorts are quick to blame the guests. so i am not stopping until something changes. >> mexican officials tell us they have no record of tainted alcohol at iberostar resorts. the family plans on filing a lawsuit in hopes of getting more
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gio ben spichlt tez, abc news, new york. >> austin connor says he scant remember exactly how many shots he had. the investigation continues there. >> coming up. of what you will need to start taking out of your bags at the airport. >> plus, new rules that will soon be rolled out, all across airports, all across the country. you're watching "world news now".
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♪ i only fly away ♪ i don't know where my soul is ♪ >> i don't know where my soul is. where my home is. >> like where my homies are. >> i don't know where my soul is. i don't know where my home is. >> thought sunny was saying
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homies. >> i don't know where my homies at. >> fly away. we are learning new details this morning about the time line for a new set of rules if you are planning on flying away at the nation's airports. >> it involves what will be forced to take out of our bags once we hit the security lines. abc's linzie janis has more. >> the new tsa electronics policy, revealed. passengers already askus tumed to taking out their laptops will be asked to remove all electronics, larger than a cell phone. for individual screening. already tested at 10 u.s. airports including boston and los angeles. the new requirement will be rolled out across the country in the coming weeks. >> so now in addition to removing your laptop, you will have to pull items like this tablet and this camera out of the carry-on placing them in separate bins. the concern, terrorists including isis are focusing on taking down planes. and they're getting better at it. a laptop bomb blowing a hole inde
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year. the department of homeland security saying, they have tested these devices, and the results were deaf state we test. on the airplane. on the ground. pressurized. destroyed the airplane. >> the tsa says this should not increase lines at security. by taking out electronics at the start. fewer bags need to be pulled for secondary screening. linzie janis, abc news, at la guardia airport. >> tsa instagram page loaded with stuff people thought they could get away with frying to bring on board the airplanes. >> the best follow by the way, instagram page for the tsa. take a look at some items, folks thought. >> that's not a knife. that's a knife. >> in case you have a steak on board. >> how else will you get through the filet mignon. hatchet on the plane? >> not allowed? >> how about this guy. when did that change? i see no problems with that. >> it looks like a grenade.
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>> a sculpture. >> a sculpture. you sthuhouldn't bring anything that looks like a grenade vapor. >> dodge the whole grenade thing. the bowling ball candle. blow dryer with a scope. >> is there a vapor for everything.
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prestige eye cream for better hydration. and your best look yet. olay eyes collection. ageless. ♪ ♪ >> a bit of a baby boom hitting, sweet home chicago. peculiar length of time. >> yeah, so if you do the math. you will realize it was nine month as go that the chicago cubs pulled off their historic world series win. >> yes, they did. >> our chicago station has the story. >> a maternity ward is a busy
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but bring the babies conceived under the stars when the cubs won it all and it is bedlam befitting history made that night. >> i think we were hopeful it would work out that way. when we found out we were pregnant made it that much more special. >> born july 17th, the hading errs, named their world series baby, theo. >> great leader. somebed to look up to obviously. what the cubs representative for us. >> baby booms ebb and flow. when something overwhelming happens. the north american blackout. there are noticeable waves, especially now at the hospital closest to wrigley. >> have the folks beat the odds to be able to have a baby in the way they seem to have planned it. >> there is definitely luck that comes into the fact that they all got pregnant around the world series. some times people get lucky. >> if a 0 woman consults her care giver, a conception date can be determined. >> we found out the day after the
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were pregnant. a huge moment to us to celebrate. >> they say they didn't plan this. but their july 16th baby is named, addison. wrigley would have been the name had he been a girl. >> really looking forward to being able to share this moment with addison once heap is older and go to many mob cub games with him. a dream come true. kind of. >> with the world series trophy twinkling, the little boy, born monday, basked in glow of being a world series baby. even if his father says his name means soccer player. >> their excited and emotional. >> our thanks to our chicago station. >> not a common name. ivy was popular. as well. >> addison. >> addison. probably a good name because of the location of where it is. was there, was there a baby boom in portugal after they won, like -- what did they win? >> a lot of p
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christiano in portugal. lot of people. off awe all his babies. ha-ha. that's because they're all
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breaking news this morning on "world news now" -- horror at the state fair. >> an apparent ride malfunction turns an evening filled with family fun into a scene of carnage. one person was killed. others were rushed to the hospital. we'll have the latest just ahead. >> the president surprise announcement banning all transgender service members from the military. citing health care costs, spa sieve tubing transgender people, as a reason for the ban. but, how much of the defense department's massive budget will actually be impacted. >> then the new development for the california teenager accused of live streaming while driving. just before crashing and killing her younger sister. how she is pleading and what her lawyer is now saying


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