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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 27, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on world news now, the commander-in-chief swift move, barring transgender people from the military. the president's announcement comes after past promises to protect both service members and lgbtq americans. so why the new ban? >> breaking news from ohio. where a ride accident at the state fair left a teenager dead. others hospitalized. witnesses describing bodies flying everywhere. the new details we are just learning. >> new this half-hour, angelina jolie is opening up for the first time about her painful split from brad pitt. >> what she is telling vanity fair about a new health scare,
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and what she and brad are doing to heal and move their family forward. >> rihanna goes to work, work, work, work, work. what she did during a big day in paris meeting with the france's president and first lady an what they had to say about rihanna. >> all coming up in "the skinny" on this thursday, july 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we are going to start with the sudden surprising announcement from president trump banning transgender people from serving in the military. in any capacity. >> as a candidate, donald trump promised to protect, gay, lesbian, transgender rights, never talked about those rights in relation to mill fare service. >> protesters are hitting the streets like these in new york's time square who say they're outraged by the president's move, but not totally surprised. here is abc's correspondent. >> reporter: 69 years to the day, preside
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desegregated the military, president trump is making his own change jes. but ignored questions about his tweets that are making headlines. in a series of tweets announcing mate your change to military policy and huge blow to president obama's legacy, tweeting that the u.s. government will not allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military, citing tremendous medical costs and disruptions. >> it is a very difficult decision, not a simple one. but the president feels the best one for the military. >> doing it on -- on the 69th anniversary of president truman's integration of the military. is really a particular slap in the face. we are preparing to see if this becomes real policy. >> many critics are pointing out the fact that the president received several deferments to avoid serving in the vietnam war. and what some are calling a giant step back, is leaving a giant question mark. >> what happens to transgender service members now, immediately thrown out of the military? >> that's something that the department of defense and the
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white house will have to work together as, implementation takes place. and is done so, lawfully. >> i don't think there is any question that this is going to increase the danger factor for transgender folks who are already serving. they will in all probability, once again, become something of a target of witch hunts. >> former defense secretary ash carter remains choosing those who serve on grounds other than military qualifications is social policy and has no place in our military. >> thank you. >> the president's decision is rocking transgender people now serving in the military as well as those who have already served. >> one veteran speck tonight line's juju chang. >> it really saddened me. took the air out of me. i really couldn't, i was shocked and in disbelief. one of the reasons that held me back so long was fear of losing my job. i didn't know what was going to happen when i told them i was transgender and needed to transition. they have been brave and courageous, those publicly out
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right now. been on a path to being accepted. they have been accepted within the units. and, their commanders accept them. they're able to serve for who they are. >> the american medical association says there is no medically valid reason to bar transgender individuals from the military. >> there is a recent study by the rand commission, rand commission, department of defense, that found the military spends ten times more on erectile dysfunction medication than it does on transgender medical expenses. >> now to breaking news from the ohio state fair. a teenager is dead after a ride broke apart midair. >> the ride is called fire ball. looking at it right there. but as the ride was swinging and spinning, some sort of malfunction, cause caused it to fall apart. the footage too graphing for us to show you. >> an 18-year-old man was killed.
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the fair opened for business before the whole thing took place. all ride were shut down. fair officials say they'll remain closed until declared safe by inspectors. we did not rush inspections. >> our inspections take place, amusement ride come in they're checked several times, why they're being put up. and each and every day. you know the fair is about -- the best things in life. and -- and then tonight with this accident, it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> similar ride in a southern california fair was shut down and reinspected. rides half been part of fairs and carnivals more than a decade. the last 15 years in fact. >> turning now to the midd
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east and the fight against isis in syria. there is progress being reported by the u.s. backed forces battling the terror group for control of city of raqqa. one estimate says isis is still only in control of about half of its self-styled capital. thousands of palestinians r.g this morning are celebrating a victory at a holy site in jerusalem. israel removed some of the recently installed security measures at the temple mount which muslims call the noble shrine. muslim leaders aren't satisfied. they want israel to remove more of the equipment and installed after recent attacks from within the compound. >> developing overnight. the new white house communications director is already on a war path. threatening to call the fbi on a leaker. anthony scaramucci sparked confusion tweeting in light of the leak of my financial disclosure info i will contact the fbi and justice department. and he tagged the white house chief of staff. priebus in the tweet, fueling speculation he was implying that priebus is the leaker. scaramucci says that is not the case. deleted the tweet.
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public notice to leakers all senior administration officials are helping to end illegal leaks. more republicans are coming to the defense of attorney general jeff sessions after yet a broadside from president trump. senator bob corker declaring, i wish he would stop. lindsay graham saying the president's efforts to pressure sessions to resign instead of firing him is a sign he says of weakness. the white house insists the president is not trying to push sessions out. we get more now from abc's pierre thomas. >> the attorney general, under intense scrutiny. capturing jeff sessions leaving the white house after what they're calling a routine meeting. president trump was not there. what sessions is facing is hardly routine. the president again, hammered sessions with a tweet. why didn't ag sessions replace acting fbi director andrew mccabe. this after calling sessions beleaguered and weak in recent days. >> i am disappointed with the attorney general. >> the white house pressed why
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fire his attorney general, if he is so unhappy with him. >> look, you can be disappointed in some one. still want them to continue to do their job. that's where nay are. >> we're learning the two men haven't spoken in days. >> make america great again. >> a stunning reversal for the first u.s. senator to endorse candidate trump. sources tell abc news, session has no intention of resigning. some republican senators have been lining up behind the attorney general, not the president. >> jeff has been very loyal to the president. i think he deserves loyalty back. >> jeff sessions is an honorable man. >> for the first time we hear from a u.s. attorney inside the sessions justice department. >> does he have support in the justice department? >> i can say that the attorney general in, enjoys wide support in the u.s. attorney community. and-in times like this men and women of the department of justice continue to do our work. >> sessions has been at the white house twice this week. easy for the two men to eat. but it is pretty clear that the president does not want to talk
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he would rather tweet about him. sources tell me, sessions plans to keep his head down, and do his job. pierre thomas, abc news, at the justice department. >> amazon has announced plans for a massive job fair. it hopes to hire 50,000 new employees with 40,000 working full time. the job fair next wednesday will be held at a dozen locations around the country. ten of them amazon warehouses. amazon is calling august 2nd. jobs day. and promising to make on-the-spot offers to thousand of candidates. chinese electronics giant, foxconn bringing jobs to the u.s. as well. building a factory in wisconsin. it will make display panels used in televisions and products and employ 3,000 people. the announcement was made at a white house ceremony, president trump, is taking credit for the deal. saying foxconn's decision was the result of election
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ptd trump's direct negotiations with the company for the project. >> it will be built in speaker paul ryan's district as well. >> when you go to a job interview, do a little research on potential employer. >> exactly. go back to anthony scarmucci appears to have done a lot of his research. so much so he and the president look like mirror images. the daily show taking note. putting together this montage that shows he has his boss' hand gestures down pat. >> scaramucci, point, palm wave, and kiss to the room. here is the thing. i'm from long island. this is just how we talk. >> well, no, but, a, first of all you dropped the g on the long. isn't it more. >> i'm from long island. this is just how we talk. i don't understand what is so strange about this. >> but the president. >> notice when i do my long island accent. i automatically move my hand. see. it goes with the whole thing. yes.
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>> base like you have the same moves. >> yes. >> it is, a part of choreography. this is just, automatically do this. >> the president is from queens. where did he get the moves? >> people in queens do it too. a whole new york thing. this is how we talk you, know what i am saying? >> all right. well coming up. breaking news, actually, involving justin bieber. we are learning something new that he may have actually hit a celebrity photographer with a vehicle. it is unfolding right now. >> in "the skinny," the titanic reunion of one of hollywood's most famous love triangles. what brought billy, leo and kate back together again. first, here's a look at today's forecast.
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>> quite a celebrity scene. kourtney and khloe kardashian at the scene but they were not involved in the collision at all. more as we get it on that one. >> angelina jolie in the meantime is opening up about adjusting to life as a single mom now. her divorce as well. and another health challenge. >> jolie appears on "vanity fair" looking stunning by the way. but revealed, last year, she battled bells palsy which caused one side of her face to droop. jolie tells the magazine, that she and brad pitt care for each other and family and are working toward the same goal. >> she talked about set noolg her new l.a. home. with her six kids. saying it has been the hardest time. and we are just coming up for air. this house is a big jump forward for us. and we are all trying to do our best, to heal our family. >> we wi w
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>> absolutely. >> when we come back, rihanna, the ambassador, meeting with the french president. >> ooh-la-la. >> reunion of titanic oportions. literally. "the skinny" is next. reunion of titanic proportions. literally. "the skinny" is next. sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with 0% bleach. adding newy lysol. what it takes to protect. because my teeth are yellow. these photos? why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for two times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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time for "the skinny." we are starting with working girl. rihanna. her music. and, a diplomatic role. >> she was welcomed at top of the steps of the french presidential palace by dressed down first lady. so, rihanna wearing an oversized coat though by dior was invite ford a sit down with the president macron to discuss education, funding, she happens to be a global ambassador for education. >> macron tweeted he is committed to help
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challenge of 264 million worldwide people being out of school. he mentioned social action platform represented by rihanna global citizen and referred to the nonprofit she founded. ♪ work work work work ♪ work work work work ♪ work work work work >> she has come into her own on that. where she has taken on education. good to see her. two world leaders there. at the palace meeting. macron/rihanna. >> keeping it mellow. just hanging out. >> just me and my girl. besties. >> next, they may very well have been the most explosive love triangle in hollywood history. >> this year marks 20 years since we met billy zane, leo dicaprio and kate winslet on board the titanic. >> i have an arrangement, on the other side of the ship. jack and i can get off safely. both of us. >> safely? >> i got my own boat to catch. >> hurry.
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we're almost full. >> step aboard, miss. >> so it didn't work out too well for them. on board the titanic. >> wait, no, no, no, no. i don't know how much it turned out. don't tell me. >> however. they are back together in real life. this happened yesterday. at leo dicaprio foundation annual charity auction in saint-tropez. awe zane wrote, gang is back together now. we are saving icebergs. go figure. >> ah, comes all around. >> last i saw jack was there on the iceberg. just kind of look on the clinging to the boat. he survived, right? >> i didn't want to finish it. at that point. the movie was like, two hours. >> hanging out. >> okay. they're good. >> they're fine. yeah. >> cool.
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most explosive love triangle by the way? >> think of another. >> vicky christina barcelona. >> off the top of your head. >> next question. >> next. star for a star whom we watched grow up on tv. >> jason bateman started out as a child star back in the 80s. on little house in the prairie. the family. well now after 30-something years, he finally has that hollywood star on the walk of fame. >> he was roasted by his office party co-star, jennifer aniston who couldn't reap cyst reminding him of his humble beginnings. >> i mean you remember this little guy. then there was this cutie. come on. oh, and then, this little muppet. i mean, who doesn't love, honestly. i mean, once you have made it on the cover of "muppet" magazine, haven't you done it all? >> so the 48-year-old bateman brought his wife and two daughters to celebrate his special honor. >> usually in those things who ever speaks
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all these lovely things about you. and your accomplishments. in this case, the jason bateman roast. >> guess what? coming up, a c list actor in a movie with an a list one. >> what?
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it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits it is a sequel that has been 35 years in the making. >> unbelievable. now we are actually counting down todays before the release of blade runner 2049. abc's jesse palmer scored interview with the stars including the a list actor harrison ford and his intern, ryan gosling. >> reporter: blade runner 2049 poised to be one of the biggest movies of the fall. featuring two of the biggest stars in hollywood, harrison ford and ryan gosling.
3:56 am
>> things were simpler then. >> reporter: who we caught up with at comicon. the original blade runner released 35 years ago, a sci-fi classic. >> he say you blade runner. >> about police officers called blade runners, hunting down androids or replicants. >> you do not know what pain is. >> what can fans expect from blade runner, 2049. how is it different? >> it is just a fantastic ride. visually stunning, moving. complicated. intensely developed plot. and character relationships. it is a fantastic experience. >> i think i found him. >> that's not possible. >> gosling was 2 years old when the original was released. as for his new role now. he isn't revealing much.
3:57 am
>> tell me about your character. he is an lapd officer. a blade runner. all i am allowed to say. that's it. sound like he has got a mystery. he is almost obsessed with trying to solve. >> yeah. initially starts just as any other case. it becomes very personal. >> they know you're here. >> for sci-fi fans the enduring mystery is whether ford's character is or is not a replicant himself. >> there is a test you can take. it turns out. >> i'm not, i'm not authorized. not authorized to reveal the source. >> well, human or not. ford's character is back. about as much as he will tell me. jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> thank you. at least tried to get a little info out of them. >> yeah. >> very tight-lipped. >> really think ryan reynolds should have starred in that though. they wanted like, an actor, who, with gravitas. >> instead of harrison ford. >> personality.
3:58 am
>> the intern. >> the understudy. >> that one. don't miss our updates on facebook. lots more about ryan gosling. intern. >> the
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a ride malfunctions at a state fair sending people flying through the air. the details on injuries and the concern at other state fairs. there are new protests after the president's announcement that transgender people will not be allowed in the military. the new reaction overnight and what's next for the thousands of transgender military members already in service. breaking news, justin bieber involved in a collision. allegedly hitting a member of the press with a vehicle. the new video just coming in. and what happened nine months ago in a particular city that is causing a baby boom.


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