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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 1, 2017 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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♪ don't be afraid of the fear that's a played out trap man ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, anthony scaramucci out as white house communications director after just 11 days. why the white house says he crossed the line. and we take you inside an indisputable political circus. politicon in california. where thousands of political junkies come to get their fix. the drama at the main event. conservative firebrand tomi lahren going head to head with comedian chelsea handler. plus, behind the curtain with straight outta oz entertainer toddrick ha.
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journey from "american idol" finalist to youtube phenom. getting a boost from the likes of beyonce and rupaul. now he's stepping out on the live performance stage, redefining what it means to be a social media sensation. and the man behind what may be the most infamous fan blunder of all time, potentially costing the chicago cubs a world series appearance, now receiving one of baseball's highest honors. but first the "nightline" 5.
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good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm rebecca jarvis. after 11 days of bluster, dramatic accusations, and colorful language, anthony scaramucci is out of the job of white house communications director. the announcement coming just days after he backed out of his appearance at this year's politicon. and with tomi lahren and chelsea handler squaring off in the main event he missed a heck of a show. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: politicon, the unconventional convention. costumes. >> just the next president trying to get a hot dog. >> reporter: booths. >> comic-con but for politics. >> reporter: like a comic book convention but dragging political juchkies of every hue
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>> you wanted to star with iran and russia. that's insane! >> reporter: the daily drama in d.c. means there are more of those junkies than ever. interest is high. passions are hot. >> i'll take the question. >> reporter: anthony scaramucci, the president's brand new communications director here in spirit, was supposed to be here in person. pulled out friday morning. today the mooch, as he's known, resigned after taking office just 11 days ago, july 21st. >> i love the president. i obviously love the country. >> reporter: beleaguered spokesman sean spicer then resigned in protest and scaramucci, a swaggering multimillionaire wall street veteran, made the sunday show rounds. >> we're as strong as our weakest leak. >> what's going on right now is a high level of unprofessionalism. >> reporter: next day, monday july 24th, his wife gives birth to their second son. scaramucci is not present. then wednesday july 26
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scaramucci calls a "new yorker" reporter who just tweeted the guest list of an intimate white house dinner. next morning the story drops. scaramucci claims he's not in this for media attention. "i'm not steve bannon. i'm not trying to blank my own blank." scaramucci suggests chief of staff reince priebus might be a leaker. reince is a blank paranoid schizophrenic paranoiac. president trump announces john kelly as his new chief of staff. reince priebus has resigned. this morning trump unveils kelly -- >> general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> reporter: and this afternoon scaramucci resigns. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession.
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at the white house." much of our discourse these days is online, but here at politicon it's face to face. more than 10,000 people showed up here over the weekend, an attendance record three times the gate of the inaugural politicon back in 2015. it's getting bigger, right? >> it is getting bigger and it's getting more conservative this year. >> reporter: this is pasadena, california, far from the beltway and deep in a state often thought politically monday o'chrome. it's not. >> l.a., there's a lot of mexicans. it's just i feel like they're bringing in drugs and bad things. >> okay. >> reporter: the public is engaged. a recent pew survey found nearly 6 in 10 women say they're paying more attention to politics since president donald trump won the election. >> it is energizing to be in a space where so many people care so passionately about politics that they would wait in a line for a long time to get into a panel about po
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conversation but at least they can start listening to each other. >> reporter: wear a costume, get a half price ticket. >> we're looking for a new fbi director. might you be interested? >> i'm a foreigner. >> it's fine. we work really well with foreigners. >> reporter: that is actually roger stone. >> i relieve in limited government 37 that's my main thing. and i think in some ways that's libertarian. >> reporter: 24-year-old tomi lahren in the right corner versus lefty liberal chelsea handler. >> i understand about limited government. i understand the argument. but what about human decency? with people who cannot afford -- >> reporter: this conversation hyped as the heavyweight title fight of politicon. a little earlier we were backstage as the main attractions met. >> we've never met. >> reporter: tomi lahren doesn't hold back on tv or in her internet offerings. >> i'm getting pretty sick and tired of the failing mainstream media. >> your husband was a drug dealer. >> it protects your right to be a whiny indulgent attention-seeking cry baby. >> reporter: last week lauding the president's tweeted transgenders in th
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>> the military is not a social experiment. it's a fighting force. finally we have a commander in chief who understands that and isn't willing to put feelings and political correctness over military readiness and the mission. >> reporter: confronted about that backstage. >> unfortunately some of the stuff that you say even though you may not say it from that place there are people that are listening to that and they interpret it in the wrong way. >> reporter: elsewhere, plenty tomi fans. this guy all the way from michigan. >> she got me into politics. >> he could be into kim kardashian and lady gaga but he's interested in politics so i'll take that as a win for me. >> reporter: and here she tops the bill. >> should she have that platform? >> no. i don't think a professional racist should have a platform. >> you genuinely believe everything you say? >> absolutely. >> this isn't just -- you're not just a media creation? >> no. >> you're not just promoting yourself and taking these positions because they get you attention? >> absolutely not. no. for me there are so many out there, law enforcement and military in particular, they can't speak out on these issues. so if i can be their voice and i get letters from around the world -- >> but that's a huge presumption that you want to be the voicef
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>> if i can be a small voice i'm going to do it every day. >> i think politics and entertainment have always been mixed together. i can imagine that julius caesar was a very good communicator. >> reporter: that's politicon's organizer simon sidi. 30 years a limee live music producer working with the likes of depeche mode and kanye west. ♪ ♪ no man meant to have all that power ♪ >> don't cheer after every [ bleep ] thing we say, please. we're not at a football game. >> do you think the two sides actually listen to each other? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: remember young dwight? >> if there was proof of collusion with russia, would you withdraw your support of president trump? >> there's no -- >> if there is. >> no, no, no. there's no proof. >> let's hear a little more from chelsea and tomi. >> do you have a health care plan or no? >> well, luckily i am 24, so i am still on my parents. [ laughter ] >> yeah. you can laugh. >> reporter: tomi admitting she's still on her parents' health insurance, a tenet of
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one point chelsea. but this. marco rubio has cropped up. >> he's just like -- you know, he's like a non-man. >> he's a what? >> like a non-man. >> chelsea, how do we go from talking about the feelings of transgenders to you saying marco rubio is a non-man? >> maybe he should cross over. >> reporter: minus one chelsea. and this about trump. >> how did he lie? >> and he lies every day. >> what did he lie to you about? >> what did he lie to me about? i mean, where do i start? >> reporter: she didn't know where to start. another handler fumble. there was a lot of sound and fury. but for me this conversation is a metaphor for the country. >> we refuse a -- >> reporter: the unwavering passionate views standing their ground and frankly getting nowhere. >> we have people like you on the right. we have similar people on the left. do you think you're actually helping this country or you're just actually tearing it further apart? >> you know what, that's what's so frustrating to me about the left and what liberals say is they think that conservative voices shouldn't be allowed to spk
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divisive. >> i spoke to somebody earlier today who described you as a professional racist and said you shouldn't have this platform. >> that's unfortunate. i think that first of all i'm a supporter of free speech. i'm not a racist. the left does this to us all the time. the right has to be strong enough to say i'm not a racist but i have policy positions and i have agenda items that i'm going to speak to. and i'm not going to be afraid to do it. >> reporter: this is the new normal. politics right now. >> this is how i wake up in the morning. >> reporter: the best entertainment we've got. i'm nick watt for "nightline," pasadena, california. next -- straight outta oz youtube sensation todrick hall blowing the doors off the music industry with sheer talent. the self-made social star caught the eye of beyonce.
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he's got more than 100 million hits on youtube, a live tour and a clothing line but no car. that's because todrick hall says he reinvests almost everything he makes into his career. and if you've seen the elaborate costumes, set designs, and special effects in his videos you'll understand where all the money goes. here again is nick watt in our series "social stars." ♪ because i just want to be a ♪ >> reporter: straight outta oz. todrick hall's super sumptuous star-studded 71-minute-long autobiographical concept album released on youtube. a little self-indulgent millennial? ♪ hello, i'm rich ♪ nice to meet you
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todrick hall is very, very different from the rest. ♪ who do you think you are he's not chilling at home counting coin from his youtube hits. flash mobs do particularly well. getting him noticed by queen bey herself, who invited him to choreograph her video "blow." snoeft must be good to you ♪ >> reporter: he was just in "kinky boots." he's taking "straight outta oz" on the road around the globe. >> back here is where the beds are. >> reporter: on the road around america, sleeping on this tour bus. with a dozen other people. >> this is the bathroom. and there are very strict rules. you can read them. that's the most important one. >> that's a pretty solid rule. i didn't mean that. >> reporter: he's a youtuber who also kills it live. >> i think you were the first person i met who does the youtube stuff, the social media stuff, and this which is
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>> touring small towns. >> yeah. >> it's a strange combo that i've not seen before. >> well, i'm a strange combo. you've never seen me. have you ever seen somebody that was half black and half green in your life before today? >> reporter: and hall finances everything, everything, himself. there's no company behind this apart from you. >> it's toddy inc. is the company. >> you could have people backing you. you could have -- >> i could have people backing a version of me. i don't think that you can truly be an artist if you aren't willing to put every dime in your account on the line. >> you're risking everything. >> everything. >> reporter: we joined hall and his friend slash collaborator slash employees for a couple of california legs of the u.s. tour. >> just more oomph because right now it's like really sloppy and looks tired. >> reporter: tonight in beverly hills he is knee deep in everything. >> need your policies. we -- >> reporter: from writing all the music to the
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choreography. everything. >> london tomorrow. >> yeah. one second. >> you're going to go chat with somebody? >> reporter: why is he doing this? apparently for fans like these. >> my friend showed me a video of him when he was at like a drive-thru. one of his first videos. ♪ mickey d's and please i'm dubbing ♪ ♪ pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, i'm loving it ♪ >> reporter: views 10 million plus and the most popular almost 20 million. >> i've always been on the feminine side a little bit. so to have someone older take look up to like that and to have him almost be the same as me and having someone to relate to i think that's really special. >> you get to actually meet people, hear them say like you changed my life or i've come out of the closet and been able to accept who i am and i wish i'd had that growing up. ♪ look into my fantasy >> reporter: one of todrick's tv sidekicks is guest judge on rupaul's "drag race." rupaul also appears in "straight
12:57 am
bad [ bleep ] ♪ >> i bumped into him the other day on an entirely unrelated story. >> let me just tell you about todrick hall. todrick hall is one of the most creative people i've ever met. i'm so impressed with this kid. >> reporter: ru showed up at the beverly hills show. so did a couple of old school friends of todrick's from back home in texas. >> i mean, i do slightly worry for him that he needs to chill. >> he's never going to. >> i'm not worried. it's a problem if he doesn't do anything. that's when i'm afraid. if he's not doing what he loves. >> that's a good point. >> okay. >> that's when i'm afraid. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> reporter: here's another reason todrick hall is different. his is not a seamless, stratospheric rise. >> i've worked so hard and not eaten and overdrawn so many accounts, gotten my cars repossessed. i mean, everything that you can lose that would make you want to not ever make a youtube video again i've
12:58 am
was "american idol" in 2009. ♪ i try and i try and i try he made it to the final 16 but no further. ♪ just in case you didn't know in fwf he h2014 he had his own , "todrick." back then "nightline" met up with him while he was filming what he thought would be his big break. >> i want to be really involved in every aspect. the costumes, the hair, the makeup. >> reporter: but it didn't survive beyond the first eight episodes. he worked with super manager scooter braun, he of bieber and ariana grande fame. they split, hall says before "straight outta oz." >> this is the scarecrow, the tin man. >> this wizard of oz stuff is deep in you. >> it's very deep. it's my whole life. ♪ this is just the way it could be ♪ i was waiting for years and years and years for scooter to say okay, you can be an artist now. and i didn't need him to do that. i could just be an artist. and once i did it he said, okay, i see
12:59 am
hopefully working together again. >> isn't that dope? >> reporter: his life is featured in a new documentary "behind the curtain." >> i know what it's like to live in a town where people don't understand you. >> reporter: his goal, the fabled egot, emmy, grammy, oscar, tony. >> from now on everything i go into, much like i learned on "american idol" and with the mtv show, people have to take my opinion and my artistic decisions and hold them at the same level of weight that they would hold steven spielberg's. >> reporter: a kid who in between writing, choreographing, singing, directing, takes time after every show to meet the fans. >> how are you? thank you so much. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in beverly hills. >> todrick is reportedly in talks to bring "straight outta oz" to broadway. next, the chicago man forced to get police protection after a notorious mistake, now forgiven with a special man.
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and finally
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a good-hearted cubs fan, but after a rookie mistake he became a baseball pariah. now the team is extending an olive branch. >> the cubs win the world series! >> it was an epic victory for the windy city. the cubs winning the world series. their first title since 1908. made only sweeter because of a bitter incident in 2003 simply known in chicago lore as "the bartman ball." and this diehard cubs fan was the face of it. steve bartman reaching for a foul ball during game 6 of the championship series. interfering with a catch that many say altered the course of cubs history. the marlins go on to win it all. bartman instantly becomes chicago's most infamous fan. even getting death threats. but today, 14 years later, forgiveness. the cubs adding one more to the team of ring holders, giving bartman a world ser
1:06 am
his own. the team wrote in a statement, "we hope this provides closure on an unfortunate chapter of the story that has perpetuated throughout our quest to win a long-awaited world series." the reclusive bartman issuing his own statement. "although i do not consider myself worthy of such an honor, i am deeply moved and sincerely grateful to receive an official chicago cubs 2016 world series championship ring. my family and i will cherish it for generations." as they say in chicago, go cubs go. >> go cubs go! >> live at w. thanks for watching abc news. and as always, we're online at and our "nightline" >> i can't say for sure that someone's going to win the $1 million today, but i do know that if they do, you're not gonna want to miss it. so stay where you are. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, e
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welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all last week, we were playing getaway week where contestants, in addition to playing for $1 million, were also playing for a getaway package for someone special in their life, and one of those players is still going strong in his game. so from bay ridge, new york, let's welcome back dan pawson. [cheers and applause] dan? >> good to see you again. >> see you. [cheers and applause] welcome back, dan. yeah, we were playing getaway week where, you know, at $5,000, you could earn and win a getaway package for someone you love dearly, and you were playing for your mom. >> mm-hmm. >> someone who obviously means quite a lot to you. >> yes. >> and at the very least, us kids, we could give our mom a little getaway. >> it's--if that's the least we could do. >> but you're also now in the middle of a great game. you've taken care of mom; now it's about you. you're at $7,000. [cheers and applause] you're 8 questions away from the million. just 4 away from that next threshold of $50,000.


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