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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  August 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer: now, good morning washington on your side. fairfax county left in the dark. the power outages you are dealing with. trees down and another round of rain moving in. they: trump is hitting road. the announcement last night that took everyone by surprise. getting kids back-to-school on the cheap. why this is the weekend to get out when the new school year is around the corner. happy friday.
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you said there was change for the weekend. it has been hot. it will be refreshing. mid-80's. sunshine, we are going to have dry days. today, wet weather. switch to the other computer, i will show you the zone where there is a possibility of being rough weather. with a possibility of downpours, high winds that could bring down branches, could lead to ponding on roads. , -- like yesterday, we could have the possibility of scattered showers. off
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look at things later today. the stormwatch team is in from the morning hours. it is the same cold front that brought the rough weather to chicago, illinois. it is making its way through indiana and getting into tennessee. take time to arrive. when it does, the wind will come up in a hurry and humidity will come down. mid-60's in manassas, leesburg. for high temperatures. i want to take you through the future weather so you will get an idea of what is taking place. rain is cominghe down. midnight to 2:00 a.m. in the morning. puddles on the roads early tomorrow morning. find lanes are open each way
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bridge. there are no accidents to report at the american legion bridge, but fog out there. that in mind. a seven minute commute from 270 to 66. down are open south on 270 to the lane divide. just a 19 minute ride from 121. a crash on the outer loop of the beltway near the dulles toll road. back to you. breaking right now, a aftershed to the hospital being run over in northwest d.c. it happened in front of the f street.n 11th and he was stuck under the car for a foot and had a nasty injury. no word if the driver will face any charges.
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left in the dark after the storms. sam sweeney is live with the repairs going on. sam: 1300 people are without power in fairfax county, hundreds more in loudoun county. wentat the damage that through. this is from the storms yesterday. some people saw nothing, but some people saw the damage like this. the homese of damaged. this is a tree that crashed on bedroom.on's it does major structural damage. trees and branches are down. dominion is trying to restore power. they have been working through the night. this is some damage crews captured last night following the storm.
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nothing, other saw major damage. there will be a long cleanup process ahead. reporting live, sam sweeney. sad update out of maryland. storms claiming the life of a 14-year-old after a creek crashed on a carpet -- after a tree crashed on a car. a craneters had to use to get the tree off the car. three others in the car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we have another round of rain heading our way. grab our free weather app to stay ahead of the storms. are investigating a deadly quadruple shooting in northeast. it happened last night at an of 18on the 3400 block street. four men were shot. havef the four victims died. police are searching for three
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involved. they are issuing a lookout for a black chevy vehicle. contact police with any information. finallyrews in dubai getting this high-rise fire under control. in an 86-story tower, sending debris to the street below. it covered 40 floors. the building was evacuated and no one was hurt. we are waiting to hear what caused the blaze. onianna: we are keeping an i a story out of d.c. we expect an update on the condition of a firefighter who truck. iby a ladder dane smothers had been getting the hose ready to adal flames when another -- to tackle flames flamesother -- to battle when another fire truck came around the corner. larry:
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virginia. trump touched on stock market gains and putting call mark -- coal miners back to work. he talked about russia and the investigation into russian meddling in the election. he reiterated it is an attempt by democrats to downplay his victory. most people know there were no russians in our campaign, there never were. we did not win because of russia. we won because of you. larry: the big announcement was jim justice changing his alitical affiliation to be republican, saying i cannot help you being a democratic governor. virginia readyin to shop until you drop as tax-free weekend kicks off.
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tax-free holiday runs august 13 through the 18th. why anthony scaramucci is pulling the plug on his first appearance after leaving the west wing. hell on earth. the scorching new heat record and where it is located. goesica: severe weather past maryland into pennsylvania and the south past virginia into north carolina. what will a mean for your
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adrianna: death valley has recorded its hottest month ever. 107.39tures average degrees, making it the hottest location in
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that is the average of the high and low temperatures. 119average daily high was point six degrees. we see higher temperatures continue across the area. for the upcoming weekend, not going to be quite as extreme through the area. that kind ofee heat. we will be lucky to see more 90's over the next 10 days after today. will, the heat we have feel isolated, hefty thunderstorms, especially during the overnight hours. that is our best chance. what that will leave us with is a weekend the light. charlestonwn towards and even areas around frederick, and 68,, along i-81 there will be stronger storms. could bring downpours and do damage across the area. in a couple of minutes, i am back with more
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events. itie: i can't wait to get started. on the capital beltway, some delays. an 11 minute commute from the american legion bridge. 7 above the a couple of cars collided. one is facing the wrong way on the outer loop of the beltway on the exit before the dulles toll road. this has an effect on the toll lanes. the far right lane at the exit, that is blocks. the left lane and the mainline is blocked off. delays are starting to slow. maps, right now on the silver line, there are delays towards largo town center due to an early train malfunction. that is our traffic watch. st
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. new developments out of illinois. an airport tower camera catching the moment an airplane engine explodes. in a massivemes amount of smoke pour out of the engine. firefighters attacked fire within minutes. the ntsb is trying to figure out what caused the fire. a stafford county deputy is recovering after an accidental drug overdose. the deputy arrested two people found unconscious in a van out side a preschool. they were suffering from an opioid overdose. deputy continued to collect evidence and suffered an accidental overdose due to being exposed to fentanyl. time one ofhe first our own have fell ill from an opioid overdose.
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the symptoms at the hospital and he was immediately treated. timeis not the first something like this has happened. in may, an officer in ohio was rushed to the hospital after he brushed sentinel off his uniform. you context, fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than more fun -- than morphine. a few granules can kill you. larry: police departments are taking action to protect officers from carbon monoxide fumes. fleet managers are paying attention to warnings from across the country. several problems tied back to ford explorer interceptors. believes theynty
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>> they are getting into the driver compartments. larry: up to 80% of the ford interceptors in montgomery county have cracked manifolds. we are covering metro for you this morning. there is work on two separate lines, that means your weekend could look different. ryan hughes is tracking the changes. at this hour, we are seeing people hop on metro, getting ready to head to work. if you are getting on that train tomorrow, plan ahead. changes and several shutdowns on the green and red line. let start with the 24/7 shut down on the green line starting tomorrow, lasting two weeks. grand avenue and
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sewall and stations will be closed until august 20. crews will be replacing rail ties. running free shuttle buses to and from naylor road. it will be open this weekend and through the week, but it will be closed next weekend and the following weekend. let's head to the red line. buses will replace trains between friendship heights and the gross station medical center and bethesda will be closed. metro was testing a water sealant to keep water out of the tunnels, which has been a problem for decades. blue, and, silver, yellow will have regular weekend service. live outside the metro station, ryan hughes. larry: from arizona, monsoon like rains in phoenix.
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boat through a walmart parking lot. once the weather cleared, the lot looking more like a lake. shopping.t even when the parking lot was pulled in ands out of spots like nothing was going on and people continued going about their day. nothing keeps folks from their walmart. amazing. this is stuff going on across the country. here, no different. it has been about the storms. they have been coming through with a punch. you can hear the thunder in the distance. when you do, make sure you get inside. flood threat for today. a chance of seeing some hail. doing --s could beat could be doing a bit of damage. here is the way it
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will play out. between 5:00 and eight :00 p.m., hagerstown, woodstock, arrisonburg, you will have heavy line coming through back behind the isolated storms. 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., isolated areas including warrenton. probably the highest wind coming through. a high of 91 and 82 for saturday and sunday. there is a live look at rojo both beach. 79 for a high temperature on sunday. when it is 79? that is kind of cool. i don't think you get in the water. outer loop of the
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capital beltway. , sky track 7ide above the scene, giving a better view of what is in store for you. left lanes onwo the mainline blocked. delays coming from the american legion bridge. let me move you back to the camera. right now, a 14 minute ride from college park to 270. this morning, shock in a massachusetts courtroom. >> michelle carter sentenced to 15 months in jail. larry: the judge
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surprise order
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announcer: you are watching "good mo
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your side. surprise twist in a massachusetts court room. a teenager sentenced for convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide through text messages, but then she is set free. kendis gibson has more. in as: a shocking decision massachusetts courtroom. michelle carter sentenced to 15 months in jail for her role in of her boyfriend, conrad roy. >> i am satisfied she is mindful of the actions. kendis: her weapon, text messages, urging roy to take his own life. >> see manipulated and deceived his family. kendis: the judge granting the request for carter to remain free while the court of appeals determines whether to reverse the conviction. it brings more anguish for
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roy's family. >> we sat here in this courtroom for three years to what? to watch her walk away.
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adrianna: it is 6:30. an investigation is growing. the latest look into the alleged russian meddling into the election. larry: gear ready for rain. veronica johnson tracking storms pushing their way towards the dmv. let's get
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details. veronica: watch your flight times heading out of town, watch the roads, too. there could be storms after 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. they will fill in as it gets later into the afternoon and evening hours. duringgest chance comes the late evening, early part of the night. rails are fine. this morning, we are quiet. 4:00, easy to see the line from pittsburgh down towards western portions of virginia. richmond starting to see showers and storms ahead of it. that is what we will have ahead of it. this is 11:00. around d.c., the green. once we get these storms through here, the weekend will be delightful. this morning, haze
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and fog. julie: it is a rude awakening on the west side of town. we see red on the map due to a crash. only two right lanes getting by. coming from the american legion bridge heading towards the 66. traffic is able to squeeze by to the right as you continue on the capital beltway. they are picking up the cones and moving everybody to the shoulder. outer loop of the capital beltway from the american legion bridge to tysons, slower than usual at this hour. on the silver line, delays towards the largo town center due to a train malfunction. i will be back to a a you're right on the northbound stretch of the fairfax county parkway. adrianna:
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president trump kicks off a 17 day vacation with a campaign rally in west virginia. questions about the ongoing investigation into the russian election meddling. maggie rulli with the latest. >> we did not win because of russia. we won because of you. >> surrounded by supporters, trump cannot escape russia. russia story is a total fabrication. it is an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that is all it is. in washington, all signs point to the investigation into russian investigation meddling ramping up. the wall street journal reported a grand jury has been secretly working for weeks in d.c., phaseting a new, elevated in the investigation into whether trump or any of his associates colluded with the kremlin. the president's
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indicates there is no reason the president is a target. the white house says they are committed to cooperating with the council. the president has been trying to discredit mueller. people hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. the whole thing is ridiculous, if you want to know the truth. in another sign robert mueller's investigation is expanding, the special counsel appointed an expert in fraud and bribery cases. anthony scaramucci has had a change of heart. canceled the online event he was planning on holding today in the wake of his exit from the west wing.
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the event to focus on family and his work in the private actor. #movingforward. a major crackdown to tell you about. the fcc is hitting philip rosa with an $82 million fine. he used a method called spoofing to make calls look like they were coming from different numbers. he is responsible for 21.5 million robo calls. at one point, there were 200,000 in a single day. employeesructed his on which consumers to pick on. larry: regulars want -- regulators want consumers to be on higher alert. 200 bags at an airport in
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after sewage from abe back -- from a backed up toilet leaked on them. a toilet got clogged with paper towels and overflowed, spilling 12 water on the floor, on to the bags. theypeople were so mad left the bags behind. no bags were allowed on the plane until after they were sanitized. larry: they still don't want them back. adrianna: what about your close? -- clothes? house apparently broke free of its mooring during tropical storm emily. that is almost 500 miles away from where the boat was spotted. arielhoping the owner was from the little mermaid. larry:
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veronica: we are seeing some fog. around frederick, maryland, and everywhere you see the whites, east of i-81, skies are clear. allowed temperatures to drop close enough to do point temperatures. you get the fog starting to form.
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no rain to report currently. there will be isolated storms later today. a 50% chance of rain. starting this weekend, lower humidity all week long. low to mid 80's next week. the outer loop of the beltway is starting to slow. you are looking at a seven-mile backup. the4 minute commute from dulles toll road. hoping these delays will outipate quickly, heading towards tysons. we want to update the ride
6:42 am
the silver line. we had delays due to a train malfunction. first, let's say good morning to sam sweeney. sam: and storms moved through our area. hundreds are without power. there is severe damage. a major cleanup underway. larry: we are covering metro. a changes are on the way for the green and red lines. what you need to know to plan ahead. a key weekend for getting your kids ready for school.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. more than 1000 people left in the dark and fairfax county. larry: the storms lasted only about 30 minutes, but left behind hours of cleanup. a hectic morning in northern virginia.
6:46 am
officials have been working around the clock to get people's power back on. look at the damage. this massive tree crashed on top of the bedroom. no one was inside at the time. one of the homes in this area, a number of trees fell down, branches fell down. aninion cannot give us estimate of when they will get power restored. a long road ahead. reporting live, sam sweeney.
6:47 am
truck clipped a line. a cable to snap and a poll to bend. it blocks people from getting in their homes and cut off power to the nearby community. adrianna: another round of rain heading our way. 7ab our free stormwatch weather app. ac. police are investigating deadly shooting in northeast. it happened last night at an exxon. four men were shot after being suspects. by three police are searching for the suspects. they are issuing a lookout for a black chevy vehicle. contact police if you have information that could lead to
6:48 am
update on the condition of the firefighter who was hit by a ladder truck. was getting a hose ready when another truck came around the corner and did not stop in time. jeff sessions and the director of the national intelligence committee will hold a briefing on the efforts to combat intelligence leaks. forions argued consequences the lakers should be strong. this comes after transcripts of heated conversations the president had with foreign leaders. one was about building the border wall with mexico's president. the other was with australia's prime minister.
6:49 am
according to transcripts, conversations got intense with australians prime minister. trump was furious about inheriting and obama area deal deal-- and obama era accepting refugees. larry: many are ready to shop until they drop as tax-free weekend kicks off. it includes clothing and shoes under $100 and even energy-saving appliances. prince george's county getting ready to go back to school. they will host a free clinic today. the clinic runs from 9:00 until 4:00. requires alle law students to have proper immunizations before classes begin. adrianna: safe
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need to know about the green and red lines. >> a lot of people are up and out, heading to work. we are at the branch avenue station. miracle has been handing out these papers. she goes through the stack and about three hours time. big changes coming for the green and red line. let's start with the shut down here on the green line. the branch avenue and soon stations will be closed through august 20. crews will rebuild a crossover. they will replace rail ties. metro will run free shuttle buses to and from naylor road.
6:51 am
plan ahead. let's head to the red line. for the fourth and final weekend, buses will report least -- will replace trains. they will replace a water sealant to help you to water out of the tunnels. it has been a problem for decades. a lot of changes. you will want to plan ahead. the orange, silver, yellow, and blue lines operating normal. larry: what to do when you are a rain delay. out why not a dance off? >> watch this work in performance art. this is beautiful. a four-man bobsled, here they go.
6:52 am
larry: watch this, the cubs try to respond. a little deep-sea fishing. here goes. screen, side of your the 710 split. it goes down. the cubs applaud. >> how long did it take them to come up with those routines? that was hilarious. i may go -- who are these people? later up during the sat down and
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chance to sit down without gore. he has a movie out called " inconvenient sequel." scienceout taking the and acting. we are seeing a lot of .evastation how can we switch to more renewables? movie.cenery in that we will get a chance to see what the directors had to say about the movie, as well. we could see some storms that bring heavy rain and isolated storms to the area. a more moderate threat and high threat after 11:00. impactot just going to this area, but pennsylvania to western north carolina. 91 is behind here.
6:54 am
80's to 90 down south. so unusual. we are going to back off the weekend. on monday,midity tracking showers for monday morning. as we get into the afternoon hours, clouds start to build. there is a look at what the sky could book like. by 11:00, there is the rain. temperature, may be some rain. we will clear out and it will be a nice weekend. some of the acts kicking off saturday at 2:00. 86 degrees on sunday. more on that, coming up. we will talk about the forecast for citi open.
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julie: right now, checking out issues around the capital beltway. from 370 to the southbound spur. backupalmost a half hour towards 66. now, just and eight minute ride. toll road at sunset hills, tying up the right lane. checking in with delays southbound kenilworth avenue towards east capitol street. nearrash on the outer loop to 14 has been pulled over to the shoulder. to the maps, this is the green line. it will be shut down at the branch and susan stations. the red line, you will find closures. more info on my twitter feed.
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sing and a sing our theme song. the front ofe at the audition line and get right to the producers and maybe get to be the next american idol. adrianna: there is she music .here kidd: whatever it takes to get our attention. larry: that doesn't for us here. -- that does it here for us.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly storms coast to coast. a daring helicopter rescue in the west as flash floods take over the streets, massive downpours forcing thousands to evacuate in chicago in the middle of the lollapalooza music festival lorde forced to shut down her show midperformance and more dangerous storms on the way. new overnight, president trump taking aim at the russia investigation. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. >> rallying his supporters in west virginia. >> are there any russians here tonight, any russians? >> as abc news learns a grand jury has


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