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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 15, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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returns mid to late week - still looking dry & nice this weekend - 6 days until the eclipse today: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly before noon. highs: 82-85 winds: ese 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. patchy fog. lows: 68-75 winds: s 5 mph wednesday: partly to mostly sunny. hot and humid. highs: 88-92 winds: nw 5 mph
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developing now--
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the violence in charlottesville feeding fiery protests in new york. thousands of people demonstrated in new york city, as president trump visited his trump tower for the first time since january. the president, still under fire for waiting several days to directly denounce white supremacists, following a deadly attack at the "unite the right" rally. abc's emily rau is live with more. good morning emily.
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country -- several memorials have been targeted, as emotions run high following the attack in charlottesville. in boston - a memorial to holocaust victims was smashed - and a teenager charged. in baltimore - two of four confederate monuments defaced - the most recent, a 114-year-old statue -- covered in red paint. the mayor, now vowing to take down all four of those monuments.
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florida, a confederate statue known as "old joe" - has also been removed. it is just one of many in our country... being taken down. meanwhile, an unlikely company is coming out to publically denounce racism-- "tiki brand". the company was thrust into the headlines last weekend, as white nationalists -- carrying their torches marched through the streets. tiki brand put out a statement-- saying it's not associated with the protest - and it does not condone the violence. it added that it's torches are intended for positive events. count on abc-7 to stay on top of the situation in charlottesville, every step of the way. be the first to know of any new developments... by signing up for news alerts at wjla-dot-com, slash text. developing now-- north korea's state-run media reports kim jong un has been briefed on his military's plans to send missiles toward guam. but last night -- the wall street journal citing state reports saying kim jong un is backing off his threat to fire those missiles. as kim made inspections -- he revealed he is planning to watch the actions of the u-s- before deciding whe
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this all comes as a top u-s- general lands in south korea. the u-s- and south korea are planning to start military drills next week. while the u-s insists those drills focus on defense -- the north believes it's in preparation for an invasion. happening now.. fairfax county police are searching for the man who ambushed a woman in reston.. dragged her into the woods along north shore drive.. and tried to sexually assault her. it happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. police say the 22-year-old woman was walking home from the metro when the man grabbed her, and threw her into the bushes. he then began pulling off her clothing. the woman's mother says her daughter refused to stop fighting, despite the man's threats. the man let go, got up, and ran off. her mother says her daughter is ok physically, b
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emotionally traumatized. also happening now-- police in fairfax county are trying to find the man who attacked a 5-year old girl. it happened sunday on tower drive, in alexandria. police believe the person responsible is a complete stranger! authorities are still working on a composite sketch. we will bring it to you - as soon as police release it. we are learning new details-- about the closure of the maternity ward at united medical center in southeast washington. the washington post now reporting that the unit closed because of quote "dangerous mistakes" made by staff. in one case -- the post says staff members did not take steps to prevent h-i-v from being transmitted from a mother to her newborn. the obstretrics ward at the hospital was closed a week ago. coming up-- taylor swift shakes off a major lawsuit, but you wouldn't know it by her bank account. the details.. ahead. plus, business leaders taking a stand. coming up-- what's behind a mass exodus from president trump's manufacturing council.
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- another grey day; showers mainly before noon - summer-time heat returns mid to late week - still looking dry & nice this weekend - 6 days until the eclipse today: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly before noon. highs: 82-85 winds: ese 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. patchy fog. lows: 68-75 winds: s 5 mph wednesday: partly to mostly sunny. hot and humid. highs: 88-92 winds: nw 5 mph
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a fatal mistake on the set of a big budget film. what the stars are saying as production is shut down.
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high-profile ceo, leaving president trump's manufacturing council. the head of intel, brian krzanich krannitch, is now the third ceo to quit the panel. he said in a statement he resigned to quote "call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues." earlier yesterday, the ceo of merck pharmaceuticals quit the panel. so did kevin plank -- the ceo of baltimore-based under armour. developing now, a man is in custody this morning after allegedly trying to bomb a building in oklahoma city. the f-b-i says 23-year-old jerry drake varnell tried to build a vehicle bomb and destroy the bancfirst building. the f-b-i received a tip about him in december. an undercover f-b-i agent then posed as someone who could help him. the agent provided
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that were inert, to help make the bomb. varnell was arrested saturday, shortly after he allegedly tried to detonate the fake bomb. court documents state.. varnell was acting out of hatred toward the u.s. government.. and there's a local twist. authorities say varnell previously expressed a desire to blow up the federal reserve building in d.c. but he eventually chose the bancfirst location in oklahoma city to target. taylor swift is celebrating a victory this morning. a former denver radio d.j. whom she accused of groping her lost his civil case yesterday. david mueller had sued swift, her mother, and swift's radio promotions director for getting him fired. on friday, a judge dismissed swift as a defendant. and yesterday, a jury found swift's mother and promotions director not guilty. the jury also ruled in favor of swift, in her countersuit. mule'-er will have to pay her one dollar in damages.
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today britain is expected to propose keeping the same customs rules with the e-u for an interim period, after brexit. britain says it might seek to remain in a customs union with the e-u, to avoid border chaos after leaving the bloc. countries in the customs union don't impose tariffs on each other's goods. but during this period, britain also wants to be able to negotiate its own international trade deals.. something it now can't do as an e-u customs union member. happening today-- another chance to be a multi-millionaire. nobody's hit the powerball jackpot since june 10th... and that means it just keeps on growing. tonight's drawing will be worth at least 430-million dollars. if you have the lucky numbers and choose the lump sum... you'll bring home about 270-million bucks. but don't plan how to spend your winnings just yet... the odds of hitting the jackpot are pretty extreme... one in 292-million!!
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at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - another grey day; showers mainly before noon - summer-time heat returns mid to late week - still looking dry & nice this weekend - 6 days until the eclipse today: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly before noon. highs: 82-85 winds: ese 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. patchy fog. lows: 68-75 winds: s 5 mph wednesday: partly to mostly sunny. hot and m.
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a stuntwoman
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"deadpool two." it happened during a motorcycle stunt in downtown vancouver. according to tmz-- the victim was identified as joi "sj" harris, the first licensed african american female moto racer. harris reportedly lost control of her bike during a stunt, and sent flying through a glass window. she was not wearing a helmet. "deadpool 2" is a sequel to the 20-16 film -- starring ryan reynolds. he released a statement, saying he and the crew are "heartbroken, shocked and devastated." production on the film has been temporarily suspended. new developments -- when it comes to concerns about tainted alcohol in mexico. authorities seized 10-thousand gallons of drinks from a company... that supplies alcohol to tourist resorts. authorities say it's because of "bad production practices." health inspectors also suspended two businesses. one of them - a lobby bar at the resort where a 20-year-old american tourist died months ago. that bar claims its
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nothing to do with the woman's death. the family filed a lawsuit against the resort. a different kind of consumer alert to tell you about now. costco, getting ready to pay up big, because of a dispute over a simple word. the wholesale club will have to pay more than 19-million dollars... for selling rings that were labeled as "tiffany" -- but didn't come from the luxury jeweler! costco claimed -- it was using "tiffany" as a generic term, to describe a ring's setting. and it says it never sold rings using tiffany's iconic blue box. but the judge wasn't buying it. there is much more coming up on good morning washington. suzanne kennedy is working on breaking news... suzanne?
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to the streets overnight. the growing frustration as violence spreads to new cities.. plus - a woman kidnapped and attacked walking home from the met


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